Why the Left Wants to Sabotage Trump’s Health Care Plans

the left is desperate to sabotage president Trump's healthcare plans when Trump took a stand and said the GOP would be the party of health care why the liberal media pounced claiming that he had no health care policies to offer but the truth is conservatives have been working with lawmakers and the president's administration since 2017 and now that these policy proposals have surfaced leading liberals in the House are rushing to condemn them and call them jump claiming that Trump is leading an effort to take health care coverage away from millions of Americans but here's what's really going on Trump's new policy ideas are the opposite of that he's offering health insurance alternatives only to Americans who want or need them and plans like the health care choices proposal for example build on the regulatory relief that the Trump administration provided and could actually help reduce premiums by up to one-third in the individual market it would keep coverage numbers stable and would even modestly reduce the federal deficit both liberals and conservatives agree that Americans should have access to care especially the sick and vulnerable but we cannot surrender every health care decision to the government what's best is for Washington to give more flexibility and authority over to the states so that they can offer every resident even those on Medicaid the choice of the right health care coverage option that works best for them even as liberals and Congress are admitting that Obamacare has failed their answer is a complete government takeover of health care under Medicare for all essentially doubling down on a policy that skyrocketed premiums and pushed more than three million people out of their private plans Congress owes it to America to help make our health care the best in the world and right now the stakes are higher than ever


  1. There shouldn't be commercials on t.v. for drugs and what other industry avoids telling you how much their treatment or services will cost you and/or your insurance until AFTER they have have performed them and charged you for them? Also, the drug companies have become super greedy!

  2. https://youtu.be/7Aa7LimjXRE

  3. https://youtu.be/dbwEqyFgqEQ

  4. https://youtu.be/ko5qpaqzFSk

  5. He hasn’t got any. There are NO policies. The is complete propaganda. It’s nonsense. If you are conned by this because you don’t follow these issues in detail or you can’t be bothered to find out the truth of it then you deserve all the shit you get in life. Go do yourself a favour and educate yourself and look at credible across the board information from lots of sources and find out what is true and what are lies and free yourself from the propaganda of channels like this and media and news outlets that want to control your thoughts for political and monetary gain. Go free yourself.

  6. We need some way of controlling price fixing by Big Pharma–and legislation to prevent them from pulling cheaper generics off the market so that patients are forced to buy the new patented medication for their condition. Also, having Big Pharma do most research means that many new uses for generic drugs and non-patentable treatments are never studied. These cheaper treatments could save the average policy holder and taxpayer a fortune for a relatively modest investment. Private funding for these alternatives is inadequate. The government needs to pay for studies about things like cancer suppressing qualities of common drugs and the use of parasites to stop autoimmune diseases. It's a better alternative than having to pay thousands for specialty drugs with many side effects.

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  9. This garbage is typical of the Heritage Foundation, which is and has always been underwritten by millionaires and billionaires looking out only for themselves. Heritage's dark-money donors are discontent with the masses demands of fair wages and health insurance as a right (don't even get them started on how intolerable they consider LGBT folks to be).
    1) IF TRUMP HAS A HEALTH CARE POLICY, WHAT IS IT? Why did Trump himself announce that yes indeed he had a policy but he wouldn't tell a soul till after the 2020 election? People with policies want to see them implemented, Heritage. If Trump (and Heritage) thinks Obamacare is such a failure, why whistle in the wind, keeping a BEAUTIFUL health care policy under wraps, when Americans (who, to be crear, are strong proponents of much of Obamacare) suffer so?
    2) Heritage's statement that even Liberals agree Obamacare is a failure is a ridiculous lie, which is par for the course for Republicans these days. Look back at the 2018 election. The GOP lost the House because it their REPEATED, FAILED attempts to repeal and replace. Voters were outraged by their attempts to take away coverage of pre-existing conditions and coverage of children up to 26 years old and were stunned when Trump and Republican candidates LIED and said that, actually, Democrats had tried to take Obamacare away and the GOP had fought them tooth and nail, saying, "NO, DEMOCRATS, we WON'T let you you strip coverage of pre-existing conditions from hard-working Americans!"
    Conservatives are a joke. Plain and simple.
    Start telling the truth, Heritage, if you want to get back in the game.

  10. Lies, Lies Lies & More Lies!!!

  11. What health care plans? Generalities do not equal a plan. President Bone Spurs stating that the GOP will be the party of health care doesn't make it real. C'mon people!

    Even Mitch said that the Senate won't be doing that until after the election. He's smart enough to leave it to Shithead and Nancy Pelosi to hammer it out. If the ACA gets overturned, he knows that there's every chance that they'll lose the Senate.

  12. Those Libs don't want to lose their slush funds, which are hidden in Obamacare. Just like Liz Warren lost her cash cow, the CFPB. #Winning

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