Why Should You Eat Flaxseed? | Healthy Food

You might want to start including more flax
seeds in your diet, because we are missing those great Omega 3 fatty acids from our diets,
and flax seeds are a great source. Now we need those Omega-3 fatty acids because
they provide incredible protection for our brain cells, they also are anti-inflammatory. We need a proper ratio of Omega-3s, Omega-6s,
and Omega-9s in our diets, and we need more Omega-3s. Flax seeds are a great way to get it, they're
inexpensive and they're easy to use. Flax seeds also provide a lot of fiber, which
we are also missing from our diet. Most people only get half the daily fiber
that they should be getting to help clean out our intestines, and keep our digestive
system healthy and running smoothly. Now, there are three main mistakes that people
make when consuming flax seeds. The first is that they need to be ground. You don't get the access to your Omega-3 oils
in the flax seeds unless they are ground up. So either pulse them in a blender or use a
little spice grinder or even a coffee mill to grind up the flax seeds before you put
them in a recipe or sprinkle them on top of your food. The other mistake people make is by not keeping
their flax seed in the refrigerator. They need to stay cool, and they need to be
protected from light. So keep them in a dark bottle in the refrigerator
to protect those very delicate Omega-3 oils. The other mistake is that we shouldn't heat
our Omega-3 rich oils like flax because they are very delicate and heat destroys the benefits.


  1. Wanna know a good source of REAL omega 3's? Eat fish and grass fed beef. ALA from flaxseeds ain't gonna cut it folks.

  2. So if I bought seeds from a store that just had them in the bulk section and not refrigerated, are they likely bad?

  3. if she had her breasts covered up she would have gotten a thumbs up

  4. If heat destroy the benefits, how do u benefit from using it as a egg replacement in baked dishes

  5. Is too much lignans that are in flax seeds bad for your testosterone?

  6. their snacks to me

  7. Q. Is flaxseed high in estrogen, and therefore bad for men?

  8. what if you just swallow them down with water??

  9. I'll try drinking water with flaxseed ,starting tomorrow.

  10. I'll try drinking water with flaxseed everyday,starting tomorrow.

  11. I dunno that they shouldn't heat before grounding

  12. you say flaxseed needs to be in the fridge but when I buy them at whole foods they are stored in a big barrel in the light. does that ruin them?

  13. where can i buy this

  14. Just want to make sure ( Im thinking No)….Do I need to grind flax seed meal?

  15. Why do young woman today have receding hairlines. I watch all these health videos in see the same consistency.

  16. damn it. I've been eating the actual seeds chewing them, but not ground. so i didn't get any omega3 fatty acids?

  17. This woman is seriously passionate about flax seeds.

  18. I put them and chia seeds in my protein shake. Love em!

  19. Hi,i have something to say about flaxseeds too it's very important to ground your seeds few minutes before eating them,never ground them to store,i can't explain in english iam so sorry but i had to give you this information,flaxseeds has oil and this one can(i don't how to say it may be evaporate) try to ground them before use,1 tbps in yogurt every morning or in salad,they are great for weight lost.i hope you'll understand me.sorry.

  20. Thanks for the info, it´s very helpful; very well done.

  21. I eat it whole

  22. Thank you

  23. This would have been perfect if she had made a suggestion of how much flax seeds we should have. 

  24. I love flax, thank u

  25. I didn't know flaxseed is very delicate yet full of vitamins.. I will start to add it on my meals

  26. 1:25 got up from couch and moved bag of flax seeds to fridge.  

  27. This lady acts like she was trained to talk that way or something. Wierd. Fake emotion and emphasis. Informative, though.

  28. great in oatmeal, I put some ground hemp seeds in my oatmeal too,
    with brown sugar and almond milk


  29. Just eating it right now 😀

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  31. ground flaxseeds vs flaxseed oil pill form; which is better? i just bought flaxseed bread by healthy living. is that okay vs the ground or pill form?

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