Why Perfection Isn’t the Key to Nutrition Success (WAG Q&A Ep. 33)

Answering some questions about tracking your macros how changes are made and what you can do to stay motivated tune
in and you’ll get those answers Nutrition is a really complex thing
we’re working with the human body and there’s a lot going on so some reasons
that your macros might change are one you’re losing weight too fast so we’re
gonna increase your macros so that you can slow down that weight loss that’s
happening two maybe your exercise routine changed maybe you got injured and you’re not exercising as much maybe you just had a competition and training is going
to come down until it ramps back up for the next maybe a competition’s coming up so that you’re tapering those things might make it so that we have to change
your nutrition to compensate for the level of exercise or changes in your
goals that’s just two really simple reasons amongst probably 500 to 200 million different reasons why your macros might change One common misconception when you’re tracking your food is that you have to be absolutely
perfect in order for this to work it’s not necessarily true and for some people
being absolutely perfect can just drive you crazy you can’t really expect to weigh
and measure every single grain of rice or a piece of cereal and not expect that
to drive you crazy eventually so you don’t necessarily have to be perfect and
just keep that in mind you’re human and that’s totally okay what this is really
about is being committed to yourself having integrity to a goal that you’ve
set and being the healthiest and best version of yourself so tracking 100%
perfect and being 100% precise doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be
healthier and a better version of yourself so keep in mind that this is a
process and this is really about your entire life not about just this moment
in time and just this diet so keep reminding yourself of why you’re doing
this and remind yourself of different markers of progress not just hitting
your macros every single day and not just the body weight on the scale those
especially the body weight on the scale is kind of outside of your control try
and focus on your hard work and effort every single day and be proud of
yourself for just staying committed to the goal that you had to being on top of your nutrition This question my answer is yes but also no it really is a hundred percent individual to you and what your goals
are if you’re trying to make weight for a specific competition consistency might
be the most important thing just so that you can see what is actually making these changes happen in your body if we want to make sure that you weigh a
specific amount on a specific day the more consistent you are the more
accurate we can be and the more we can make sure that you’re eating and that
you don’t have to do any last-minute drastic weight cutting techniques if
you’re just trying to feel better in your skin and perform better in your
workouts then of course consistency is going to be much – it’s going to help in
making you feel amazing and perform better in your workouts but it might not
be the most important thing maybe the most important thing is getting to the
gym every single day or maybe the most important thing is
having really high quality meals and eating more vegetables every single day
it really just depends on who you are and what your goals are but what I can
say is that you cannot make progress without any level of consistency so
consistency is something that’s necessary in order to make progress in
anything in your life whether it’s your jobs your relationships or your nutrition consistency is going to lead to progress You don’t have to be perfect consistency is really important when you’re trying to achieve your goals but
what’s the most important is hard work effort and just staying committed to the
things that you said you would be committed to next week we’re going to be answering a bunch of your questions that you put in the comments of these videos
if you have a question put it in the comments of these videos and maybe I’ll
answer it for you


  1. Tracking macros for people who want to cheat on their diet!

    Train hard, eat healthy and you'll win at life!

  2. Fronning and Fraser never tracked their Macros and they win the games! Macros are a novelty! Even Tia-Claire Toomey doesn't track macros……such a stupid diet!

  3. Great one again, Adee 🤗
    Maybe you can do another episode about
    1) calorie cycling (carbs and fat or even protein), why, when, how 🙂
    or 2) about reverse dieting- how quickly do you increase calories, how much weight gain is okay, which macros go up first and also the mental aspect with gaining weight 🙂

  4. carb & fat ratio when losing fat while building muscles ? is it a body type thing

  5. I know it’s different for everyone but how long would you say it takes the average person to get comfortable weighing and tracking macros? I’m on my second week and barely getting the hang of it. I try to preplan the day’s eating, but little things always pop up. Thanks, Adee. Loving the quick videos. They are a boost of motivation.

  6. Good morning! Question for u.. I'm not sure if you use fitness pal.. if so I do and I always get confused as to should I go off of my new macros after working out OR just stick to the normal everyday macros.. watching your videos it sounds like you stick to the normal, no matter what but its kinda confusing to me.. what's your thoughts??

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