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Dec check what is up iron crew welcome back to another episode of the iron Crew podcast I am your host Danny thank you for tuning in to episode number 45 I am joined today by Sean Cronin Sean is the founder and owner of a supplement company called life ready foods which is a supplement company that is committed to providing you with supplements with no fillers no preservatives no hormones antibiotics and no other bullshit that you're gonna find in the majority of supplements out there and in a world full of supplements that are geared towards just selling you something making it look cool on the label and having a big-name athlete backing it Sean is not about that at all in fact one of my favorite parts of this conversation is when Sean goes into the fact that some people will come to him and want to get advice on hey what's up laments should I take hey what's this supplement that you have he'll be like hey are you getting a good night's sleep hey are you drinking enough water hey are you getting enough Whole Foods in your diet and so he's not trying to sell you shit he's trying to make you healthier Sean is a kind-hearted person and I love his mission because it is geared towards one thing and one thing only making you healthier now with that being said he definitely had his ups and downs when starting this company and those are some things that we talked about we talked about the FDA and their involvement or I should say lack of involvement in regulating supplements we talked about the supplement industry as a whole and we talked about the ups and downs that he had when it came to actually finding a manufacturer that jived with the same things that Sean did so this is an awesome conversation ton of insight ton of inspiration and just a whole heck of a good conversation between Sean and I and I am excited to bring it to you but first I want to get into my week that was My Week that was is supported by Kings Field Fitness which is an online health and wellness company committed to providing you with the proper tools to live a healthy pain-free life now I gravitate towards their vibrating foam roller yeah you heard me correctly there is a vibrating foam roller it has four speeds and there is research and science backing the vibrating feature I checked this thing out it did wonders for my ankles my calves my shoulders I had little impingement here and there that seemed to go away and I reached out to the owner David parity know had him on the podcast he answered a ton of questions on why the vibrating foam roller works and why it's better than your traditional foam roller so I fell in love with it so much I partnered up with David he was kind enough to give listeners of this podcast a fat discount that's 20% off and Arres already reasonably priced vibrating foam roller if you go to Kingsfield fitness.com order that for speed vibrating foam roller use iron Cru all one word at checkout for 20% off once again Kingsfield fitness.com use iron Cru all one word at checkout for 20% off the four speed vibrating foam roller okay real quick I want to tell you guys a little bit about some things that might affect your listening and viewing of this podcast Shannon and I are going to be hopping on a plane soon to go over to New York visit some family then we're gonna be shipping up to Boston to visit friends and tote around they're hopping on a plane back to San Francisco the very next day early in the morning we're gonna be doing a five-day camping trip in the Mammoth Lakes area out here in California so all that really means is I'm gonna need to be distributing this podcast on all the channels and platforms at various dates and time now if you're on Spotify Google Play Google podcast iTunes it's probably not going to affect your listening it's going to be released on Wednesday as per usual but the website iron crew athletics calm that distribution might be a day or two early so if you want to get a little sneak peek as to what's going on on the podcast go to the blog iron core athletics calm hit the follow button enter your email address and you're gonna get notified anytime a new podcast or blog article goes live same thing with the YouTube channel YouTube I can almost guarantee that that's going to be at least two maybe even three days before the typical release date so now would be a fantastic time to subscribe to the YouTube channel that is iron crew athletics hit the subscribe button you will also get notified when new videos pop up you can also see me and watch these on the YouTube channel you're gonna see this little man bun ponytail thing that I got going on right now you're also gonna see me rocking this badass LGBT Pride Month t-shirt to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City back in 1969 hell Shannon and I may even visit that site and get a little history dropped on us but nonetheless happy LGBT Pride Month and once again if you want to check out this podcast on the YouTube channel this would be a fantastic week to subscribe to it and watch them on YouTube so for those of you who follow me on my social media specifically Instagram and Facebook might remember a few weeks back when I sold my Harley yes I owned a Harley that thing was bad ass it was a 2001 Harley Dyna FX DL lowrider this was a motorcycle where if you wanted to cruise down a busy downtown street this is the bike you wanted to be on if you wanted to go rob a bank this is what you wanted to do it on if you were gonna go bar-hopping this is the bike that you wanted to do it on if you were gonna go steal someone's woman this is the bike you would do it on yes this was one of those quasi midlifecrisis post-divorce purchases where I needed a little extra confidence boost and I needed to feel like a badass and so I went out and bought this Harley and it just really wasn't me it was definitely a temporary fix to some things that were going on internally and the longer the sort of it is I am NOT an auto mechanic type person I do not like fixing mechanical things I don't like getting underneath the hood figuring out what's wrong with the wheels figuring out what's wrong with the carburetor and the engine and the oil and all that crap it's just not me I'm a fantastic motorcycle rider because I was classically trained in the police force but I'm not a motorcycle guy it's just not what I am not who I am and so I put up an ad on Craigslist and this guy reached out said hey I am very interested in this motorcycle I'm coming from about two hours away but I really really want to check this bike out so I'm like sure come on down so he makes the trip on a Sunday in traffic he spent probably two hours in traffic he brought his trailer he brought a buddy and they were geeking out over this thing they were looking at it up and down getting under the bike checking the tires taking the seat off looking at the battery looking at the engine asking a ton of questions that quite frankly I didn't even have the answer for and it was very clear that this was the type of person where this bike belonged this is the type of person who needed to own this bike now this bike is it's I want to say it's vintage quite yet but it's definitely a rare bike that isn't made anymore they only made this specific bike in the specific model two years o 1 and O 2 so it's a relatively unique bike and so he was getting real geeked out so we made the the exchange he purchased it signed over the pink slip and I couldn't help but think of all of the interactions that I have at the gym and when I see somebody at the gym I can almost instantaneously based on the way that they project their feelings on to others I can tell if they are truly satisfied with their life outside of the gym and what I'm getting at is this do this motorcycle lit him the fuck up he was clearly a motorcycle guy he clearly belongs in a motorcycle scene that's what that's what gets his juices flowin that's what lights him up and so I told them that I said hey look I I come into contact with strangers and people from all walks of life and I can almost instantaneously tell what lights them up and when they're doing something that doesn't light them up and I can tell that this motorcycle lights you up he's like yeah man this bike is like I love this bike I can't wait to make it my own i already have vision in my mind of what i want it to look like and how i want to modify it to make it my own it's like I got two other Harley's in the garage right now and all is I'm like man this just confirms and I'm really really excited for you to have this bike and what I'm really getting at is that life is too frickin short to not be motivated and not be lit up by what you're doing on a daily basis so sure I understand you got to pay the bills and you might find yourself in a job that isn't quite what lights you up but it pays the bills but on the side you got to do something that lights you up whether it's fixing up Harley's whether it's the gym whether it's crafting whether it's going on long walks whether it's art it doesn't matter what it is that lights you up find the freaking thing that lights you up so that you can have passion in your life because without passion life I'm not sure is worth living so go out find that thing that you love and just do it I had the opportunity to drop into an orange Theory class last week and I've been meaning to do this for quite some time and finally got around to doing it now most CrossFitters are orange theory haters and I can see why number one it's a direct competitor and number two it's a little bit cheesy and from a coaching standpoint it's really not coaching it's more cheerleading from a coaching standpoint so I think a lot of CrossFit coaches laugh at it because the instructors don't really coach they just kind of facilitate the workout but nonetheless I want to share my experience and give you some pros and cons of orange theory so what is orange Theory orange theory is a group exercise class geared towards easy movements and they do a ton of running they do a ton of roam they do a ton of bodyweight calisthenics and some lightweight dumbbell work so some of the pros are the fact that they are easy to facilitate movements there are movements that don't require a lot of instruction and most people can do on their own now I'll get to why that can be a con but that is easy because it's like hey go run hey go row hey go do a push-up hey go do a squat and most people know what that is as opposed to CrossFit where it's like we're gonna do the snatch and we're gonna take 10 minutes to dissect the snatch before you actually ever move so you waste a ton of time moving in CrossFit we're Orange sir it's like boom boom boom you're just going going going the other thing that I liked was everybody is hooked up to a heart rate monitor so you can see exactly where you were percentage-wise based on your individual heart rate max and the whole theory behind orange theory is they want you to stay in what they call the orange zone which is essentially your heart rate right before it red lines so they had like green yellow or I think it was like blue green orange and red or something like that and so the goal was to have you teeter-totter between orange and green and then every now and again get you up into the red zone so you're like max sprinting on the treadmill so the goal is to keep you in the orange as much as possible because that's the quote unquote fat-burning zone so that was kind of cool where you can kind of like see where you are in the class see if you were in the orange see if you were in the red so kind of became this little game they throw your name up onto this big screen in the room the instructors hooked up to a Mike and he's motivating people he's helped telling like hey we got 10 more seconds till we're gonna do an all-out sprint you guys can do it boom three two one and go and he was like shout out your name like Danny you got one more you know you got one more mile per hour and you on that treadmill and I'm like fuck he's right so I cranked it up to one more mile an hour so you know there's there's that which is the motivating aspect so those were the main two pros in my opinion is number one be easy to facilitate movements that didn't require a ton of instruction so you could just get out get get in get sweaty and get out and then number two is the heart rate monitor so you can see where you are during class some of the cons I can see I could see a lot of injuries with plantar fasciitis and feet and ankles and knees because of all of the running that they do and it's a common misconception that there's no technique to running you just run where that couldn't be further from the truth if you are not running properly you're not running on your toes you're not running flat-footed you could definitely get injured and I could see a lot of plantar fasciitis happening I could see a lot of ankle and knee injuries because of the excessive amount of running number two not once did I see the coach make a correction or instruct people on what they were supposed to be doing he basically demonstrated the movement told you what to do and how many reps to do it and then on another screen was like a demo guy repeatedly doing the movement that you were supposed to be doing so we were doing air jumping air squats and so the coach just demonstrated it told us what to do and I didn't see him make one correction to anybody's form so that's one thing is that if you are not doing these movements correctly you could potentially hurt yourself so there the pro is also the con right so like the pro is an easy to facilitate exercise program but also something that there is no instruction being given so there is a likelihood that somebody's going to get injured if they're doing these things wrong but I would recommend it for someone to look to change things up someone who's kind of stuck in a rut maybe wants to try something new I will tell you I was drenched in sweat I think it burned like 750 calories and I had a good time and I probably will go back I won't make it a part of my regular exercise routine but I definitely will go back I also have the opportunity this week to meet with somebody who is planning on opening up their own CrossFit gym and this person reached out to me and said hey I want to get together with you to talk about some things that I should be looking for when hiring a coach and looking to interview a coach and I was like yeah absolutely man so I wanted to share some of the things that I shared with this person on what I think are good qualities of a CrossFit coach number one is at the end of the day they have to be people people they have to crave connection with other people they have to care about other people they have to be intrigued and curious about other people and they have to really really want to help people if they don't have that at the end of the day they're going to get burnt out they're not going to care and it's going to show in their classes they're not going to be as invested in the members they're not gonna care if Joe gets low enough in the bottom of his squat they're not gonna care if Suzy's shoulder is aching when she's going shoulder to overhead I'm not gonna care if no Timmy's back is rounded when they're doing a deadlift all of these things are going to play out and manifest themselves in the class if at the end of the day they don't crave being around people number two having emotional maturity and this is a big one and the reason is because if if a coach does not have full and complete control over their own emotions then it's going to be a crap shot it's going to be one of those things where they might have really good days and really bad days and it's going to show in their classes so for example if you're having a terrible day you have to be a master at being able to control those emotions surrounding the terrible day because when the members come in to take your class they don't care about you as a coach and your terrible day they want to forget about their shitty day so having emotional maturity and being able to control the emotions is a big one and also the emotional maturity is big because coaches are going to be on the receiving end of some really awkward conversations I've had conversations with members about the abortion they just had I've had conversations with members about the hemorrhoid that just popped nasty as it sounds it's fucking true I've had conversations with the the breast reductions that a woman had and that they can't do push-ups because they're not going to be able to do that or the breast implants or pelvic floor issues and that's why they're urinating when they do jump rope or the miscarriage that they had I mean tons of really really personal things that they wouldn't normally share but they feel like they trust you they want you to know because it could be a medical situation so it'll affect their exercise in their movement and if you're not emotionally mature enough to handle that type of thing then it's gonna make for some very awkward conversation and your members won't be able to trust the coach that's coaching them so emotional maturity a big one and then lastly and I talked about this with my coaches is preaching what you practice or practicing what you preach however you want to describe it I call it preaching what you practice because you should be practicing this and then going and preaching it you shouldn't be preaching it and then going and practicing it should be the other way around and what I mean by that is your CrossFit Coaches should do CrossFit there are tons of CrossFit coaches out there who have never taken a class with their members there are plenty of CrossFit coaches out there who only do Olli lifting there's tons of CrossFit coaches out there who only do comp train and they don't do the programming that the gym has so hopping in a class does a bunch of things number one it shows that you do what you are coaching so you do CrossFit number two it shows what a model student looks like it shows this is what this is how you should look like when you're warming up this is how serious you should take the progressions this is what intensity looks like this is what proper scaling looks like this is what a model student should be and hey I have a lot more you know coming from a member standpoint I have a lot more respect for my coach who's willing to hop into the classes that they that they are also coaching because it makes them a little bit more human so I can't emphasize this one enough and also it really creates buy-in from the members that the coach is buying into the program that they are coaching so there's a lot of CrossFit coaches out there who only do other types of programming not the gyms and that's a big mistake because then it sends a mixed message that the coach is coaching you in telling what to do but same time they're following a completely different program so number one being a people person number two emotional maturity and number three practicing what you preach or preaching what you practice alright my listener question comes from linked freaking in you know I love me some LinkedIn it comes from Brandon he says I was wondering if you could go over some strategies of dealing with bad coaches while at the same time not being an asshole in class that just does their own thing within the workout because they know better than the coach essentially what he's getting at here is he starts to go on about how he's a proficient mover he's strong and he can do most things but doesn't feel like he can be doing them under fatigue so he gives a muscle-up reference he gives heavy barbell movements as a reference and he basically says hey my coach keeps telling me to add weight during the workouts and he doesn't think that it's a good idea that this guy Brandon doesn't think that it's a good idea for him to do that because he doesn't think that the risk outweighs the reward when it comes to lifting heavy weight while under fatigue and breathing heavy so there's a bunch of different things within this question it's hey how do I handle a coach that's constantly trying to get me to do more when in reality I just want to do like some light weight I want to breathe and I don't want to get hurt that's a great question because I think that it happens all the time in CrossFit gyms which is what gives CrossFit coaches a bad name CrossFit coaches are constantly trying to press the intensity we're constantly trying to get a little bit more out of you and that's by design but at the same time if your goals are to breathe move well move efficiently and not get injured then it then it is on you to relay that message to your coach I have been on both ends of this I have been the coach who tells and I have this one female client in mind I'm constantly saying hey you gonna add a little bit more weight and she's like no not today and when I first started coaching this person I would do that often and I could tell she was like a little put off by it and going back to the emotional maturity piece I was emotionally mature enough to understand that and read between the lines so I had a side cover a side conversation with her I said hey like what are your goals in here and she essentially was laying it out there just like this guy Brandon is hey I just want to move well I want to make slow progressions I don't feel like breathing heavy is something that I want to do while lifting heavy weights so now what that does is that opens the door to allow me to understand what her goals are so I suggest that if you're in this situation Brandon is to say something like that to your coach Hey look like I don't mean any disrespect coach but like I don't feel comfortable breathing heavy while lifting 300 pounds hey no disrespect coach but I know I can do muscle ups but I don't think that I'm proficient in them to be able to do you know 12 of them while breathing heavy I don't want to get injured I have a life outside of the gym I just want to move well and get out of here and I think that if you say that with tact if you say that with kindness if you say that with all due respect I think that your coach will receive that very well and if they don't then it goes back to some of the advice I was given to my my friend who's thinking about opening up a gym is then that coach might not be the right coach for that gym might not be the right coach for you and you might need to start shopping around for a new gym but I think that most coaches would respect that angle and respect somebody who's like hey these are my goals and this is what I want to achieve out of it and I just don't think that going heavy are doing more reps in muscle-ups is for me so great question Brandon I hope that answers it and if you have anything else that you need answered please reach out to me and for those who also want to have questions answered you can reach out to me on any one of my social media platforms as well as the email address that's iron crew podcast at gmail.com all right before I kick you off to this conversation with Sean Cronin I got to talk about that ruble motherfucking roasting what is ruble roasting it is a roast to order Coffee Roasting Company three things you need to know about ruble roasting number one it's roast to order so nothing is sitting on the shelf waiting for you to order it everything is roast to order so when you go to their website ruble roasting calm and order a bag of their beans they receive your order they roast the beans and they ship it to you as soon as possible so it is the freshest coffee you can get your hands on number two it is single origin so what that means as there are no filler beans so if it says Ethiopia on it all of the beans are from Ethiopia if it says Guatemala on it all of the beans are Guatemala oftentimes these larger coffee companies will throw Ethiopia on the on the label and over half of it maybe 60% of it will be from Ethiopia but then the other 40% will be really crappy shitty beads that just fill the rest of the bag so they can save money and then number three they are committed to the freshness of your coffee because freshness really does matter when it comes to coffee I just got a bag of ruble roasting the other day and I can smell it from across the room it does make a big difference I will never go back I have a hook-up code for you it is 10% off your next order of rouble roasting go to ruble roasting com slash coffee when you go to order your bag of beans enter the discount code iron crew all one word at checkout for 10% off once again that's iron crew all one word at checkout for 10% off and without further delay here is my conversation with Shawn Cronin after college didn't know exactly what I want to do but I knew I liked people and being around people so I went to a job fair and like a sales company popped up I was like okay so what's what's the gig that guy you just talk to people figure out what problems they have and then try and help them with solutions like all right so I did that for a couple years for like a industrial company and then I got recruited to like the dental world space and I've been doing that for 5 or 6 years or so yeah so that's 9 to 5 yeah and then what is the stuff that you do on the side so I do some nutrition coaching for people so I myself went through like quite a few I'm sure it'll chat about it like different competitions yeah and wait cuts and stuff like that and so nutrition coaching and then I also have a protein company that my buddy and I started quite a few years ago how did that start we couldn't find it was it was pretty organic we looked around it wasn't protein at first it was a pre-workout okay and so we looked around and we're like man every time you pick a pre-workout how do you feel I feel terrible I feel really good for a while and then I feel terrible it's like everything at GNC had 1400 ingredients right it was it was really out of necessity like well we can't find anything that's organic and simple and doesn't leave me feeling terrible why don't we just create it on a pre-workout level yeah okay yeah and so that's what dr. Anthony Gustin who now went on to do equip and he's run in perfect keto we did that originally that was like the first thing was like hey can we let's see if we can do a pre-workout and then after that it was for me I don't do really good with tons of dairy and tons away and tons of caffeine and like on and on and so as can we find like a nice good clean non-dairy protein alternative and we couldn't so again it was like alright well let's just create er up yeah so would what are you looking to start you have this problem right you're like GNC sucks yeah they're just trying to sell you shit with a cool label yeah and you want something that's actually real and organic and and doesn't make you feel like crap like where do you start it's easier said than done yeah yeah it's really hard it was I mean it was amazing initially it was just trying to find a manufacturer that that was on the same level as what we were thinking like hey clean good sustainable or like organic like let me in so it was okay we can't do way what's an alternative okay like bone broth like a beef doesn't have dairy in it so can we do a bone broth protein that doesn't have a lot of stuff in it but tastes really good and that's pretty easy to do with most most manufacturers but reaching out to manufacturers was a whole different story so it's interesting to see how many of those companies like we'd have an initial conversation yeah that sounds great and then we're gonna cut it with this and then we're gonna add chemical emulsifier so it doesn't foam up too much and then we want some we'll put some anti binding ingredients and chemicals in there so it doesn't bind that much and like on and on and on oh by the way like you want 30 servings in a two pound bag okay well we're gonna cut that with some like other stuff so you get 60 servings like all this just jargon and nonsense from a manufacturing standpoint because they need to make money on their bottom line – right and so it was like yeah I don't I don't want that in there and then I cool that's just how we do business and like that's how like chemical emulsifiers don't need to be put on the label but it makes it so doesn't foam and so I was like it was trying to find finally a manufacturer that would at would actually be aligned with what we wanted to do because like if you can think you have something that foams a lot well a chemical emulsifier will take those bubbles and it'll it'll kind of stick it in a capsule essentially and then you drink that down so when you shake it nothing foams but when you drink that down there's now foam that your stomach it's expanding in your gut why everybody is like oh man I feel garbage or feel bloated at an hour after drinking like this protein that's got you know 40 ingredients in it it may be the way right also might just be all the shit that's yeah totally so that that must have been a frustrating process finding a manufacturer that jived with what you believed in it was not and it actually opened me it opened my mind to be like oh this supplement world is crazy because I think there's like 14 thousand supplements that come on the market every year and the people like well they're FDA and I was like the FDA gets to like 800 of them or something like that it doesn't even get to it no like so it was really important to us and myself to find somebody that actually care yeah a smaller kind of mom-and-pop manufacturer and then be able to try and educate people on on kind of that so is that actually was that for you guys step one was finding a manufacturer or was step one actually creating a product yeah we wanted to so step one like all the logos and all those like the fun stuff the creative that's great like that I can do that all day cuz it's fun right right but it doesn't at the end of the day doesn't actually kind of amount to anything totally I can make logos and websites I can do all this like stuff but if there's nothing there then and I've learned the hard way of just you know expending hours like messing around on websites and stuff to then just be like oh that was a good waste of time that was a cool website for us it was important to like find a quality manufacturer and then you do the next step was okay we got to do flavor profiles like I want it to have a few organic ingredients and that's it how do we make that taste good yeah right how do we make cacao powder and organic stevia leaf taste good without tasting like stevia or without you know right and again that was another kind of hurdle a lot of the manufacturers yeah yeah we'll just put all this like natural flavoring and stuff in there I'm like what is that well it's just you know natural flavoring natural flavor what the fuck is natural did you ever get to the did you know what that is so natural flavoring a couple of things that you can technically say in the United States on your label you can use the word natural like sprite does well maybe I shouldn't say probably you can make the perfect natural like big companies do as long as you squeeze something natural into a big vat of something gotcha I can take a squeeze a line putting it into a huge thing and then call it natural right another thing you can do is add natural flavoring technically that's a blanket statement for I can put anything I want in there herbs and spices and and and chemicals if I call it natural fighting on the label good enough yeah and you didn't want any part of that you wanted to be like legit real like because a big part starting for me was I might like it was just everything would upset my stomach so like is it actually the ingredients or is it a mix of the ingredients and just all this other garbage that was my goal was super selfish find a protein that I can use for myself that doesn't mess my stomach and it actually turned out that that was a lot of people's problems oh absolutely did yeah yeah so so it so from so from the very beginning it wasn't just uh hey I wanna like make some protein for myself and make some protein so I can give like my friends like you wanted something that was gonna be like something that could actually make monetize for one right and like where people could go to and like purchase these things yeah that wasn't just like something like a hobby like you said that website that you had worked on for hours that was just kind of a cool website you wanted something like real and something that people could purchase and some of the people can like actually use on their day to day yeah but that and that's kind of down the line it was the idea of starting a company and starting a business like that's fantastic but kind of scratching my own itch first like looking at my mm what was at 12 or something credit card and being how much I spent on protein is here yeah could I do this a better way right it's like that was the initial thing and then the flavoring and all that kind of stuff and making sure the label was was something that people would want to buy it was kind of like the secondary but you're running a business obviously like having something that's profitable being able to reinvest that revenue back in the business is important yeah absolutely because it's not that it's just hobby so it's called thrive protein thrive work life ready life ready is the company thrive protein is the the grass-fed beef isolate protein powder so the fun stuff how did you get to the name of life ready I don't know I mean it's kind of self-explanatory but there's got to be a backstory now I think for me it was like always trying to live your life ready was kind of like something that was in my head like getting into CrossFit and like being able to jump over a fence if I needed to or whatever right just kind of being we have one life as far as you know okay trying to trying to just be ready for anything that life will throw at you it's kind of where the name it's like something I've always I've always just kind of resonated with me yeah always be in a state of readiness yeah look here you're constantly in that ready state yeah that's cool life ready and then thrive just it seemed like that was a decent way to like I you know there's if there's a gradient of being sick and then normal what most people think is normal and then being like actually thriving on this side of the spectrum that's where I kind of wanted to get people to was normals great but you're you're you're real close to sick when you're normal you don't think about it yeah you're one in bad night's sleep away from being sick and so and you know and so if you can if you can push yourself to the other side of right being a little above normal or a little bit above average then that one I'd sleep might bring you back to normal yeah you know what we consider normal that's freaking cool dude yeah what about the logo it's just as it's just an LR is that kind of all are for life ready yeah yeah and that was just kind of doing with some research and seeing okay when you have stuff on the social media like actually showing it to people like sometimes it's easier to just have some type of easy logo that doesn't have text all over it yeah so yeah just like your your iron crew eyes like you could put those eyes just on on something and you wouldn't need iron craft legs and people would know that's you right it just kind of pops out yeah by the way I don't I wanted to ask you how you came up with that cuz that's that's pretty wicked I wish it was me oh yeah no in an about I don't know four weeks I'm gonna have the guy who created it on his name's Kevin McMahon a little plug a little feature plug here I'll seven McMahon former Olympian US Olympian hammer thrower oh great – so standby to standby on that but he also does graphic designing on the side as well cool and he's a graphic designer so if you listen to episode number one of this podcast you'll hear the story behind why I started I on crew but also you'll hear the story of like what I portrayed to Kevin and said this is what I want it to look like yeah what do you got and he came back with this and I was like fuckin nailed that was good first iteration ok second so the first one was just him this guy's good yeah the first one was just iron crew ok and then I was like ok well I might parlay this into something more than just a quick t-shirt yeah and then I was like ok I incur athletics and then when he went back to the drawing board with iron critics he kind of had this vision and it was it popped out I was like that's fucking cool dude yes yeah yeah anytime you have a barbell on something I'm gay here's my money yeah yes that you had mentioned you were drinking a lot of protein shakes in 2012 yeah was off-the-charts of protein like what were you doing in 2012 that was requiring too so much protein I think it was just starting it's like all little kids right you get I was picked on a bullied a lot and so I think that's kind of how I found sports in the gym I was like all right well if I can get big and jacked and won't get picked on so much and you start to go down that trail that's how cool proteins important yeah and then how important is it can we do it with supplements it's hard to eat all this protein so I think just growing up probably like outta high school through started at college and then Casey ology yeah just mixing and matching and trying different protein supplements right I think that everybody should literally get as much as they can from Whole Foods because you can and then the only reason maybe you shouldn't like this is a convenience product in my opinion most supplements are yeah like you the reason that people supplement most of the time is okay we're gonna add all this human modern nonsense to the mix flying and traveling and working and I just spent 10 hours on my feet and it's hard to get in maybe like food food and so in my opinion supplements are a good convenience at totally I mean it's a supplement it's a supplement supposed to be supplemental to your regular diet we just supposed to be Whole Foods fresher yeah and that's even that's you know that's maybe the wrong way to go run itself but I tell people that all the time like actually shouldn't be having much of our turn I literally tell people a lot like what are you doing fer cuz a lot of marketing will say like hey take this and then you'll like take this magic pill and when you start chatting with people and then okay should I take a protein supplement that's usually a pretty loaded question and it's usually comes from hey is there a shortcut that I can use to not do the hard work so when you start digging down like into a nutrition client it's like what is your current nutrition look like and then I call it's garbage okay yeah don't take a protein so I don't need protein no you don't need pre-workout you don't need you need a good night's sleep some water and vegetables yeah and literally depending on where where nutrition clients are on that spectrum it might be as simple for us but is challenging for them to say hey we're gonna do a 30 day challenge the only thing you're gonna change is you are not going to drink coke for 30 days and like that that literally might be the only thing you change for an entire month if you're not going to the gym right now that's fine we're not going to start there if we're not gonna mess with protein supplements all the kind of stuff it might be you know you drink too coca-cola's a day let's there it might be simples let's cut down that let's cut that down to one right and then do that for 30 days okay awesome we hit that goal or even a week and then once you hit that goal okay now we're gonna do it for 30 days okay now we're gonna cut it out all the coca-cola for 15 days so like it's meeting people where they're at and staying with you know coaching and stuff and then write like oh man I've never done crossing over the CrossFit Games yeah awesome let's chat about that meet you where you're at and then get to sustainable like you know short-term goals along the way right so let's aim with this it's like you you know when somebody usually ask that question should I take a protein supplement a lot of times there's a lot of extra behind to deaths that we need more people like you running supplement companies yet I mean because you know sure they might not be making millions of dollars but the world would be a healthier place because of it yet I mean yeah I mean it's it's so fascinating to hear you talk about that like sometimes you say that like you might not necessarily need protein you just need some whole food like chicken and eggs yeah how often do you sleep what do you what is your recovery look like especially as people age like I remember I hit 30 I know it's not that old but for me it feels older I was like oh like sleep and mobility is a pretty big issue yeah maybe I should start looking into that a little bit more yeah so your athletic background is water polo correct yeah well I grew up playing as a little kid I played land sports like I sat on the bench in basketball I was the husky kid in soccer so I played goalie yeah and then I never swung the bat in baseball and so I had the most walks in our league but I was never good at land stuff and so I started swimming competitively and I could swim my mom always said I could swim faster than I could like jog and so and then in fifth grade I found water polo and I was like okay this is fun like this is something I can get behind and so it was it what so fun about it it was hard it was a house swimming background to begin with I think that's pretty important cuz you're swimming a lot and you're treading water and you're eggbeater and you're not there's no bottom in water polo so it's just you water and other guys kind of series yeah it's diff I mean if you don't come from a swimming background and the water is scary to you probably not the greatest sport to get into but yeah I think just starting finding that in fifth grade and then and then going dr. Bagley and I went and played college water polo and so that was a it was a that was a night and day difference from high school collegiate level yeah well now you're playing against you know 220 pound like grown Croatian men with their hair down to their back and I think we copped like we topped out and college it like a buck 60 yeah I'm so fascinated with water pool except he's a commonly misunderstood sport in the United States at least I don't know how bigger see yeah yeah but what kind of an athlete you just mentioned a 225 pound behemoth basically right like what kind of athlete gets out of the water from water pool it was like an Olympic level guy it's like just like most sports there's a couple of different positions so you have whole set which like your big boys there are the guys that go in the middle and they beat the shit out of each other and everybody on the outside throws the ball into the middle and then they just score Happ and usually you have a couple of real fast sprinter II type guys and they'll play like the the long ends because they got to get back and forth to the pool and then you have like guys like me not the biggest not the fastest but I'm a southpaw so I'm a lefty so I'm what's called utility and so they would stick me out on the right wing because my angle being a lefty on the right that goal stays in the same place and if I'm right-handed I'm gonna throw it into the side of that goal the entire time but if I'm left-handed I have a better angle so being lefty for me kind of helped Trump some of the unathletic system besides that I that I lacked right so being a lefty important kind of like it in baseball like a first first baseman or even a pitcher a like yep but also it sounds like a little bit of rugby yeah it's kind of like this rugby and soccer like breath wise but just played in the water yeah and there's either a ref or two depending on like how high level you are so and there's six guys on each team in the water so it's pretty much what the ref can't see goes and what's under the water that can't be seen goes so what kind of shit is that they're just punching kicking grabbing if there was a lot of bruised and broken ribs when she got to the college level and we had a couple of broken jaws from heel kicks if you would imagine because the only thing you have on is the speedo and you have headgear to kind of protect your ears that's it yeah so I mean if you got a team that that's how they played they you would get rough that's a fucking gnarly sport but it's not it's hard to then chat about it and it's hard to do something after college because you know it's not like pro yeah water polo over here yes he hang up so I hung up the cleats in football what do you hang up in water polo you still have one if I could get out of the water you're naked once he got to college and even in high school a little bit you wore two suits because chances are depending on how all that suit was one would get ripped off every game not every game but that's good Marley because you it's the one thing you could grab that's tangible like just like in football and stuff if you can get away with a jersey pole or something like that you're gonna do it you're gonna do it yeah same thing horrible so you hang up the suit or suits and then what was next athletically then it was just kind of getting back into the gym and hitting the weights and stuff like that that was still so that was 2,000 and like six or so something like that okay so I think when it crosses are like oh four was like that yeah I want to see it was like oh one was win like.com got released me I mean like flat out mm not sure but somewhere in that range and then I mean I started to pick up steam like a few years later like yeah 405 oh nine was the first aromas Oh 707 was first 107 was the first games where I believe it was uh James Fitzgerald it was yeah yeah that was oh seven okay so you were you said oh six yeah I think that's so that's when I stopped playing pole and it was just like I hit the gym break it like you know three by ten yeah it's like they just the the gym stuff growing out growing out go to London Shay Arnold do back in the day what Dad I mean if it's five by five program twelve sets of twenty tricep extension maybe that was Arnold do get your arms Baker but I think it was like six months of just that by myself and then being like this is hate this this is terrible or fast it yeah just got repetitive my my brain is too kind of all over the place to say like okay you're gonna do this on Monday and then a Tuesday you're gonna do this and then next week you do this again like it's just so I was at the local YMCA which was in San Luis Obispo was a kind of a it was a old let's just like we had that metal weights that were falling apart but it was great like it was a great place to be vintage yeah and I saw this kid running around because it was a two-story I saw him running into like a tennis court area and then going over and doing pull-ups and then running into another room to where the barbells were and like doing deadlifts so I bought that bar you don't use it ya know just yell and luckily the YMCA hat it was like me and him a couple kids and then right everybody was in their 80s and 90s so most of the time he had the place to himself but it was him just running around and so of like a week of seeing this guy doing this I went up to own after he was you know was on the floor in a puddle breathing heavy by himself no music like hey man what are you doing and he turned out to be this Army Ranger kid he found this thing called CrossFit calm and he's like you should try it and I was like yeah it looks it looks fun actually but it also looks kind of scary right so he brought us in the first CrossFit workout I ever did was Karen 150 walls for time it was in a racquetball court at the YMCA against a target that we didn't know what it was it was just throw it as high as you can because there's no lines or anything like that and we did it with hard twenty pound or might have been 16 pound medicine balls hard ones so every time you missed or that thing knocked you in the face you went down it was rough and I think Karen however fast is supposed to be I mean it was like a 20-minute workout for us we have you're getting backed in the face advice yeah I get a banded bloody nose but it was something as simple as like 150 reps one one movement and it kicked the shit out of me and I remember thinking like I think we found something here this is cool and so ever since then we started doing the Y kind of grew out of there I think rogue at the time was real news like hey man you know 800 bucks set up your entire garage gym set up yeah the barbell and and rings and all that kind of stuff and so we used his single car garage we had to like individual kind of setups with one squat rack and then just went from there that's fucking cool yeah see that's how you found CrossFit how did you find you're a bodybuilder for quite some time right or some sort of figure competitive yeah I did a bodybuilding competition a couple years ago it was actually after CrossFit and stuff like that oh it was active after I competed in a few weightlifting meets and so I think it was just the weightlifting was like because of CrossFit got into weightlifting and I was like oh this is fun it's challenging it's different let me compete in this because after you like you know after you hang out the cleats like you're always kind of looking for something to put on the calendar right I think it's important for a lot of people put something on the calendar if it's a 5k awesome put on the calendar if it's a some kind of fun run or competition or Tough Mudder put on the calendar because it gives you an incentive that's kind of outside of yourself to hit and when people like peers or like hey man like you should go out and get hammered with us this weekend like whatever the the thing is that doesn't align with that calendar goal it's very easy to to say like I got this in three months and so I think after sports when there wasn't anything calendar goals it was just finding weightlifting and then finding other stuff the bodybuilding was I think came because I just with a bunch of friends when we were in CrossFit we made fun of it and oh man this is like you know the the buzzwords not functional like this is silly like you know and isolation isolation movements and it was more it stemmed from yeah I think it stemmed from making fun of it and I was like ride if we're judging nobody likes to be judged and so I really try and not not judge because I've been judged every judge it feels terrible and so I when I realized like we're making fun of this there's God there's something there right like there's if we're making fun of it is because we their fear of it or we don't understand it or right we're just we're not from that world and so it was it was that and I was like alright well I'm gonna try and understand it the best way to do that for me is to just sign up for a competition get a coach and see what this world's about yeah that's kind of how that stem you know this was a bodybuilding competition Sabido yeah you're in more than speed oh yeah more you're in like a man thong bikini if you were calling yeah I mean it's like a speedo if you rip the sides out see but ass you can see you know okay okay the judges have to see you do you got to see the shreds dude on the glutes man I see when that I ordered that online the I had a funny story and that actually came in and I was all excited I busted out the package like I held up the little sides and my wife looks at me and she goes oh cool cuz know you're getting another one right like no I'm gay I'm using this one this is awesome school now you get a look the inside has stars on you know baby when I'm done with it you can wear it what color was it blue blue like a like like it like a like a light blue like a deep blue and then when you turn it inside out which nobody would ever SAS kill in blue yeah ask you how stars that's fucking great part of that sport is the is the flash that I learned like part of that a big part of that sport is how's the tan look how you know for for women it's how shiny things are and like that's still part of that sport and it might be a little bit silly but as part of the sport yeah what was the most challenging part of that work I think for me I had never been I've been in court deficits like two to get down to weight lifting weights and things like that but I think sustaining a caloric deficit for that long I think that prep for me was like around 4 months if you include peak week and so it was sustaining like a slight caloric deficit just very structurally for an extended period of time mm-hmm you know without like in even a few weeks leading up to it we were in Tahoe for a good buddies bachelor party and I didn't have a sip alcohol because and I mean at that point it was pretty easy because easy to say when guys came up I'll have a drink with us and stuff it's like I'll have a drink with you if you step onstage with me in three weeks in your underwear yeah that squash you're pretty quick dude yeah that puts in perspective right yeah but if I didn't have something on the calendar sustaining a caloric deficit for that long it would you know it probably wouldn't happen yeah and so so you would mention like the caloric deficit is that the entire training phase so you have that you have the the competition on the calendar so now you have about what you said four months or so how much of that there's different segments of a training cycle right of four months walk us through like what a typical training cycle looks like for somebody who has a competition on the calendar yes so for me I kind of changed from I was still doing crossfit wads but I brought that down a little bit like maybe to a week or something like that and if it was something that would rack me like a Murph during those four months especially when I started to get lighter like I just I wouldn't do that right it would be more am wraps and small kind of like quick cardio base segments still trying to keep strength up but I also kind of switched to a like a push-pull legs type split to just keep that part of it out of my head uh-huh I really didn't want to like put too many pieces together and now you're talking about programming and like all this like super complicated stuff cuz now you don't have like it's just too much the specialist stuff that you hate right let's set the cycle on Monday and Thursday you're doing this yeah and not just that but even on those days it's it was like if you're like okay I'm going to do bench 3 by 10 and then incline but then last week was decline and it's a lot of pieces to put together I just want to keep it simple you got a pulled a you got a push day you have a lower split day you're gonna do a couple of days across fit here and there and then you're also gonna do some mono structural low intensity steady-state cardio crank the treadmill up to 15 or as high as it goes put it to a pace that you can walk and walk for 30 minutes now what's what's that all about cuz I see bodybuilders even shit all the time yeah they're on some sort of incline and they're walking again something I was like once I caught a cross I was like oh man this long low steady stuff is garbage right like it's it but there's something to be said about going for a long jog there's something you said about that using that part of your engine and like kind of getting good now the walking thing is just because alright if you know how many calories you burn how much you need to be in deficit you know exactly what you're eating and you're relatively know like okay doing a CrossFit WOD or doing a strength piece probably burns about this many calories the walking uphill on the treadmill type thing it's as simple as like I need another 300 calories that's very easy to measure right I can measure that very easily I said least on the machine if you stay on a consistent machine now it may not be 300 perfect calories but if the week prior I did two of those sessions at 300 calories on that machine and I didn't lose weight then I know next week on that same machine I'll do 400 calories and it's very easy to measure right if I do Karen I don't really know how many maybe or if I do a random metcon but for a bodybuilder or maybe someone who's just trying to sustain like a very systemized deficit for extended period time it's easy to measure so it's it's more it's more the measurability piece it's more of like is it it's not necessarily because you're at an incline you want to work like your hamstrings and glutes a little bit more it has nothing to do with that it's more like I need 300 calories I don't care what I do I just want to make sure it's 300 calories yeah and I know like hey if I had it like but that takes a long time to write I think it takes time but if I knew hey if I've five minutes and I pumped that up to Incline and I put it on three miles per hour 3.2 I think is where I hit like I would hit 300 calories and I would I believe I'd be done with that piece uh-huh and so I think that was that kind of now when you start to see like the Stairmaster and the the you know the glute kicks and all that kind of stuff like I think part of that is like oh I saw this in a magazine yeah I think the other part of that probably just boredom like if you've ever walked on a Stairmaster for even ten minutes I gotta get out of here man yes not only is it hard but it's boring it's like at least go outside the line Street stairs in San Francisco or something and walk those things for sure you know like go do something outside so you've created this baseline you you know you're training it sounds like you're doing a little bit of everything yeah it's that typical or is that just because it kind of you have like a you get bored easy yeah for me I think I kind of do it with hobbies too I'm like kind of like a hobby hopper I'm but what I learned over the years now as I get older is I I really enjoy learning new things and so for me when I kind of figure something out I kind of get I get bored of it it's wouldn't be a good operator for your business like I wouldn't be the guy that's like hey Sean these are the things we've figured out on Monday you need to post this on social media on Tuesday you need to do this plot like and once I figure that stuff out then just knowing myself I kind of need to to take that off my plate and give it to somebody who loves doing that stuff right right who doesn't like figuring something out but loves the structure of knowing what they do on Monday Tuesdays and Wednesdays and that I think that's just figuring out what your personalities like becoming aware of that and accepting that like hey man that's okay yeah right maybe that maybe that's not the best thing for you to do and there's other people that are really good at that yeah so if you can outsource that or bring somebody on that loves to do that they're just because they love to do it they're gonna be better than me at doing it yeah it's good I mean it's it's it's it's great to hear you talk about that because like everybody's different right everybody has their strengths and weaknesses and just accepting the fact that that's who you are and being self-aware of that is very important because so many people would listen to that and oh well he gets bored easy like it's there's a negative connotation to that yeah oh I get bored easy as opposed to shifting it and being like I just like to learn new things and I want to learn as much of those new things is it you possibly can not because necessarily I get bored I'm just fascinated with a bunch of other shit that's kind of happened it's like the bouncing ball type thing right and now it's like there's pros and cons of that pros you can learn a lot of new stuff cons you never really get good at something and or like in a business if there isn't somebody there that loves doing that like then it's really just okay now I need to buckle down now even though this isn't my go-to piece I still need to get the work done yeah and so just butt in if you're not first aware that that's kind of how you operate most of the time you know people will then either procrastinate or they'll do something else because they don't know that that's themselves and they don't know they're the one that likes to do the stuff so it usually manifests itself there's a book that I reread all the time called the war of art by Steven Pressfield and he labels it as resistance so he's like the creative people the people that are doing new things wake up every single day and there's a sink called resistance and resistance is I mean it comes like it's this force it comes internal to where I should write this blog or should do this thing but right there's a laundry list of stuff I can do instead and he was saying like until you become aware of that it's really hard to start doing work if you're that type of person and the other thing is resistance will be there forever like there's people that are still performing into their 70s and 80s it still get nauseous before they do the perform there's a super famous people right it's just always gonna be there so it's kind of like accepting that and then getting past that whether it's every morning or every week kind of how it creeps into you know your life or other people's lives getting past that resistance and just knowing like okay no I'm a professional I show up and I do my work have you run into some problems of that with with your supplement company yeah of course like even just even just something as simple as like okay you know I want to try and educate people on health and nutrition and that's that people usually learn in a consistent manner so I need to put out these posts consistently even stuff like that and there's technology nowadays which is great because I can sit down and block a three-hour block of my time and use things like HootSuite right which is right looks like an automatic poster type thing and I realize it's not the it's not the coming-up a sufferer trying to like helping people I love helping people so I love that part in educating I just don't like doing it every single day at a specific time over and over again I don't like that yeah yeah but I do like sitting down grabbing a cup of coffee putting in headphones and spending three hours on a creative content block right that's awesome I think most people would like to do that stuff so yeah it's a finding finding finding balance and finding where your nits not a niche but like you where you thrive best with the skill set that you have yeah and I'm sure like like I was chatting with Nicki the other day about this so much d-danny is one of those guys that like he's like a just a natural podcaster somebody that if I was like hey Danny you got to fill this hour of talking let go and you weren't prepped for it like you could do it because you're good at it and you're like you're curious and intuitive right it's like questions I feel like almost maybe just pour out of you versus I don't know other sides of the business you might hate doing yeah yeah that well neither does gassing me but I mean it's it's it's true like you know you have to find like what your good ends and it all boils down to self-awareness you know me know and and you've identified the fact that you do get bored easy or however you want to frame it whether it's that or you like to learn new things I feel like I'm the same way too like I reach a certain level of mastery and I'm like what else is out there yeah I mean so yeah it's just it's all about the strengths and weaknesses part but come on full circle shred phase I'm talking about like how you train for these bodybuilding competitions I've always been really fascinated with the Shred phase and like a prep week is like a like a week or two before you know you've reached you put in all the work and now you have to get show ready when you're what did you call it is it a thong buddy guys call it a thong yeah you could call it I don't know what they call a suit or something but it's pretty much man you have a man thong so you're ready you're getting ready to put on the man talk what do you do like is start two weeks out or so it's kind of different for everybody and it's good for people that do a lot of shows and stuff like that but for most people it's like a week out maybe ten days out I think for me it was about ten days out and the crappy part is I was flying to Florida for work and back during prep week which was terrible I would not recommend that yeah cuz you're hungry you're irritable now you're messing with water and all that kind of stuff ten days to two weeks out you're probably as lean as you're gonna get honestly it's not like right because at that point you're maybe losing half a pound a week so like that half a pound of tissue hopefully body fat like that lasts 10 days it's not going to make a difference now we're gonna prep your body and kind of manipulate water a little bit to rid yourself of some water so once you do get on stage like you can kind of show off how lean you are it's okay and it's kind of a weird aspect of the sport but I think a lot of people don't use science and kinesiology and exercise physiology and they do it improperly so they're like I'm just gonna cut all my water and get super dehydrated and then step on stage and like sure you could do that but you're gonna be miserable during the week and you're not going to look that good on so you're gonna look like a shriveled up human being yeah when you step on stage so the other way to do it that makes more sense from our physiology standpoint is to hypo hyper hydrate water in the beginning of that week so I was drinking and flying an airplane or flying on an airplane for like those first ten nine eight days I was drinking two gallons water a day which is a liver hydrate on over yeah listen right there and it's her so easy crazy high on an airplane his like seven thousand every is terrible it's only a five-hour flight what he did that was that was probably the hardest part of prep was getting in water honestly like the food and stuff didn't really change that much kind of manipulated carbs a little bit but hyper hydrating and then throughout the week bringing that down to a regular level and then kind of the day be two days before the day before the show now dehydrating a little bit and bring that down to small levels now you're bought your body else wants to stay at homeostasis this line right here so if you don't drink enough water it's gonna want more water to bring that up if you drink too much water you're gonna pee a lot to bring that down and so but it never your body just doesn't go like this and go back to homeostasis it always overshoots a little bit and then comes back and so if you if this is homeostasis you have a ton of water and you bring that down to homeostasis through it your body's gonna go like way down here so if you time it on Saturday when the show was you're still way down here like trying to be on the way back up so the over hydration piece is as is putting your body in a state of trying to get rid of the water once you bring that back down so I second technically on Saturday I was kind of dehydrated but I didn't feel like it felt great because I didn't dehydrate myself I hyper hydrated brought that back down to baseline then dehydrated it a little bit like for a day a half a day and I peed all that out yeah so come Saturday I was just having a good time just eating candy and stuff and trying to get in sugar before like the posing and all that kind of stuff now you're not the only one that said that is it is candy like right before getting on stage what does that all about it just gives you a real quick form of carbohydrate the form of glucose and sugar that your body can utilize right away and it brings a little bit that water back into the muscle so carbohydrates carry or allow your allow your body to bring muscle and so it's like when somebody goes on a keto diet right away they're like oh man I lost like 10 pounds the first week it's like mmm you just didn't carry the water that carbohydrates have I mostly yeah I'm at a loss a little bit but that's water weight right and so once you get to the point where you hydrated you don't want to be to hydrate on stage you want to look puffy a full hole and right kind of muscular or vascular or whatever yeah and so part of that has to do with manipulating water a little bit I didn't mess with salt some people do but I don't what is the salts supposed to do it's I think people think that you can trick your physiology a lot more than you can your body's a lot smarter than you are so a little bro science going on here yeah yeah because I'm it's the same thing right like I'm just not going to very much you might get a few days of that but you're not you can't trick your body your body is gonna be like I'm smarter than you dumbass like I you're gonna feel like garbage I'm gonna make you feel like garbage kind of the same thing with us all like we might be getting down into like the onesie twosie percent eyes stuff but yeah it's just another layer of complication I think people are that you don't need right yeah so the sugar and the candy and all it you don't need to but it's I mean it's a little treat it's kind of fun and it's the easy way to get in some sugar and some carbohydrates to bring that water back through into the muscle are there any long-term damages that occurred during these trances I mean bodybuilding is a sport it's like so stepping onstage you look a certain way even pros that are on tons of gear and tons of peds and tons of steroids like throughout their career look a certain way on stage then it look that way throughout the rest of the year I think that's what a lot of people don't understand getting your body never about human body doesn't want to be lean because if you're super lean and you get put in the force where you don't food for a couple of days you have no fat so you're gonna die you know you're like I don't want to do that so taking your human body from a place of homeostasis with a little bit of fat and some muscle on it where it likes to be do and bringing that to a place where it doesn't like to be it it it's challenging to do and it does kind of I meant I didn't really have a full hormone profile or what felt like one to me with testosterone stuff for maybe like a month or two after maybe in a few months to where I'd like I it took me a good amount of food and kind of time for my body to recover to where I felt like hey man let's get back in the gym and hit it hard again so I think for people that do that over and over especially if they're drug free drugs helped quite a bit but if you're a good compete and bodybuilding is drug-free athlete and you do that over and over and over again it there are small hits and stuff I think – your hormone levels and things like that now long-term can you probably get it back sure but you're kind of getting to a place where your body is not comfortable doesn't want to be there for very long yeah it sounds like it just messes with your with your just your hormone balance and circadian rhythm even like you I mean like you have certain levels of hormones that are supposed to be certain levels during different times a day and if you're fucking with that whether it's diet nutrition sleep what-have-you yeah it's it could definitely throw you off yeah I didn't sleep I think that two weeks out I wasn't sleeping very well anymore really like it was like my body was to a certain place where it was like hey you're not supposed to be here and I'm gonna try and tell you as many ways as I can that you're not supposed to be here yeah and one of those was like I'm gonna mess with your sleep until you start like giving me some food and you know give me some some stuff like that yeah some sustenance that's funny so yeah but it was funny but so I learned a lot like great experience and I don't talk shit about bodybuilders anymore because I realize how discipline one needs to be to get their body to look a certain way for a certain day in a certain time and in front of judges that are that are judging you based on what they think is the best and it taught me I mean I honestly taught me a lot of discipline with food to be honest like and that helps me with CrossFit and everything else I do in life it taught me like you don't always need to eat when you're hungry that might be something else might be bored you might be a little depressed you might be you know and food can be manipulated in order to reach goals if you look at it as like a fuel source and not a source of comfort because you eat emotionally and things like that yeah so I think that was like if like a they're always a running joke right how do you cross her all the time I have no ABS type thing well if you know if you knew a little bit about food kind of maybe like from a bodybuilder perspective you could probably get that pretty easily you know but it's just because if you want specific results you just have to do things specifically yeah and it goes back to like you being like this jack-of-all-trades maybe master of none like you know sure there's things that your master do you have mastery a mastery level skill set but like you dabble in all these different things you are just a wealth of knowledge for so many different things whether it's nutrition but no it's it's good that like that's the case because some people who might not be that way or not might not be wired that way might drown themselves in that one thing until they're perfect at it but then it's like they don't have any other buckets full you know they just had that one things yeah it's it's good picking your brain on the stuff well it was good I think – no but there and there's always a Bloggie mentioned there's always a balance yeah and so if we had nobody that mastered that one thing people like me wouldn't be able to pull knowledge from that person like a dr. jimmy bag of their dr. Tanney kalpen or a Gustin type person right like it's like if I didn't have dr. Bagley I couldn't pull all this physiology stuff from him right because he would just kind of be at the level I am so I think it's important to know that like both of those kind of personalities and types of people are important because yeah you know if like we were all in the same level like nobody mastered anything in a specific range then we wouldn't be able to pull knowledge from those people yeah and then maybe guys like me that kind of relay it to like the like the lay person like the public I think that's important too sometimes you get a room sure you do with dr. B you start talking about muscle just like I don't know what you're saying I had yeah but that's like that's the that's the you talk about the forest and being out in the forest like that said that's the Tribune I mean like if you had a tribe out there in caveman land everybody has their strengths and weaknesses right like any but you put them all together and it's like this well-oiled machine yeah but yeah it's it's fascinating man you had talked about some other projects that you've been working on in the futures they're like you got to thrive protein life ready you've got your your nine-to-five what's what's next in the future any any crazy ideas brewing in your mind yeah man so I think coming up with we've had quite a few questions about like different flavors and stuff like that so trying to find again like a good sustainable very simple like maybe a vanilla bean from an actual plant type flavor and different stuff with with the the protein because chocolates great but the downside of chocolate it makes everything taste like chocolate you want to mix um banana my chocolate protein great it's gonna taste like chocolate banana yeah yeah the cool part about vanilla it's it's kind of that right like kind of that that bland Vannelli flavor to where if I mix it with strawberries or something it's gonna mainly taste like strawberries so I think coming out with a couple different lines and things like that for for life riding through thrive will be a good and then yeah I've always messed with I mean still doing nutrition coaching for people and is important and then I've always just it's again it's like finding the things that bug me and kind of get me rattled and one of them recently is is a like kind of tearing and and trying to figure out good callous tools and stuff like that especially a crossfitter seem to like mess their hands Aborn anybody I don't know what it is yeah between gymnastic stuff between that between barbell stuff like your hands get fucked up oh yeah it destroyed and I was talking to one of the gymnasts at somebody who had done gymnastics back in her youth we're talking about how like the bar is actually even different right like when you look at a the high bar or whatever on a gymnastics floor it bends you know so there's a little bit of give to it we roll up bars that we do like the same gymnastics movements that we're supposed to be mimicking huh and they'll in gymnastics we're doing them on fucking hard-ass bars so it makes sense that your hands go to shreds ya know that mean it's true and we you know we probably don't take care of them as much as like it we're not gonna take care of them like a gymnast does right and like so I think that's and we have there's a tons of good products out there for like I have I think the bare grips fantastic for kind of protecting your hands a little bit but even with those like if you have a bunch of kind of extra skin that's on here it's not necessarily like you're ripping the callous but you're like you're pinching that extra garbage and that's creating enough force to where you start tearing up your hands so part of it is yeah using tools like a bear grips but the initial part is just taking good care of your hands yeah it's it's almost like this the the hand care for supplement like how are we going to make it so that you can use the supplement yeah but at the same time you have to have the solid foundation before you even use a supplement yeah and and there's there's like hankers not that hard but I purchased every hand callous smoother type thing ever and like they're all have some good qualities but there's a bunch of there's stuff that just still hurt me so I have a couple cool ideas about like a just a simple portable whether you want to take it with you or like leave it in your shower hand care product that it'll probably kind of probably a lot of CrossFitters might like take that mark at first but there's a lot of other markets guys at work and gals at work all day with their hands like yeah there's a lot of markets like that that like a little portable callus thing that that fits well in your hand and that can actually do the job well I think that that's missing a little bit so I'm messing with that to see if I could bring that and help first help myself again but then I'm sure there's a lot of people that right there look down there rip hands and they're like man this has got to be a solution of this I mean it takes you out for four it's not the ripped hands that sucks yeah it hurts and stuff but the worst part is like oh now I potentially can't go to the gym for X amount of days yeah it's an injury yeah yeah it's an injury and if you treat it like an injury then it might shift your perspective a little bit on how to properly care for your hands maybe take two minutes and then have some hand care and not have to worry about being injured yeah have you always had like an entrepreneurial spirit even as a kid I think I've always yes yeah I've always I had a paper route when I was like 12 years old 11 years old something like that I wanted to go to the movies mom said great how much does a movie cost I told her how much it cost she goes great figure out how to get that much money and so I shout out to my mom my god yeah I think that was all right well paper wrap makes as much I got good at being a little 12 year old I had to collect delinquent payments from adults I think that was scary that like that's crazy knocking on a door and seeing an adult like hey I'm here to collect yeah on paper I was like a what couple dollars back then a week or something I think and then it was just always I'm just I'm kind of an ass when it comes to like if somebody tells me to do something my initial gut visceral reaction is to just not do that thing mm-hmm and so I think you can channel that in a negative way and get into trouble or you can channel that in a positive way and start kind of bucking the system and looking at things differently right it's not that like I don't I just don't really like to fit into i've never have molds yeah just it just it me and I don't again I don't know if that's something that I was just born with to wear like it's just this visceral like if somebody tells me to do something I don't want to do a spy but it I if you channel it into a thing like business on preneur ship things like that it actually fits pretty well because there's this this status quo of it for instance supplements this is house quo right and my initial thing is I don't want to do it that way you want to reject it yeah I want to reject the status quo and there might be good reasons there might be bad reasons probably a lot of good reasons are there's a lot of nonsense and supplements but that's the status quo this is we put chemical emulsifiers in it because that's the status quo we cut protein like this because SQL my initial visceral gut reaction is yeah I don't know I'm not gonna do that I'm gonna do a different way so I think that's helped on like the business aspect of it is just like constantly questioning all right well if you do it this way why do you do it this way like how is this done why is this done this way it could it be done a better way like you know how many people are you actually helping just having those like kind of questions that pop up in like a little fun rebellious ways seems to be pretty good for business yeah yeah I like it dude but toning it down to the level where you're not being a dick cuz you could do that too right yeah right on dude we'll appreciate your hour my friend where can people find you yeah I meant on the socials on the social media and for webs you can do that you get at life ready foods on socials at Cronin CRO and an Shawn sen on the socials life ready foods calm so where you can find all the supplement stuff yeah right awfully anyway all right all right thank you for time thank you sir legend the man the myth no no it's not Shawn Cronin 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