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please give me the ball yes while you look today proud you you got that ball hmm okay now give me the ball okay you said what you do is he's not smart enough to understand that if you throw a second ball he can't hold both of them his mouth it's like that moment you throw the second ball he drops the first one and he just like an infinite wait he's just holding them oh all right okay he's holding to take note of that failure so when I was younger I mean even now I'm really really bad when it comes to Korean names I don't know why and so I never near my uncle's by their names instead I called him like bald uncle or handsome uncle or the uncle that gave me like a dually doll does it bald uncle get jealous of handsome uncle wait that's sex I would hate to be your own cool honest I was a handsome uncle then I'd be your uncle wait that's fine and were you a kid well yeah that's fine that's a giveaway actually you were the see me crying you ever see a grown man cry before and like non-stop shit RV if it worked for us the ultimate Vegas trip man take care of black do with it all back I've batted that ended our trip and it's just like don't go alright let's go that shit blew up her skirt like in a movie too just see that yeah it's a 700 shit no wonder the chat thought I'd look like you would you ever would you ever did an actual fan veer if they are not crazy they're normal there are all the things you look for in a guy yes 100% like people don't understand this the reason why I've been single for the past three years it's because I don't care about dating somebody because they're famous or popular I never have I never will I've never dated somebody ever since I started streaming a hundred percent I can say this publicly and literally no there's no closet boyfriend who will just pop up and be like she dated me like no there's none of those boys over there like I just haven't dated since I started stripping because I really don't care about a guy being popular or famous or rich I'm looking for a specific guy and whether they're a viewer or an influencer or whether I don't care what they are if they fit my criteria then I'll like them / TLDR you go over there and scream all my anger out ah you name it I've been there Winchester Mystery House I've been there Valley Fair I've been there Valentine's Day I've been there I want that but I'm taking me to that that desert place oh yeah then you brush and I'm not Yvonne posted an Instagram story and I'll type in annual exam check everything everything checked out I do have a fast a small fast key targetable my EKG doctor said keep an eye on it I love Stata said probably lipoma keep an eye on if it hurts or moves or anything like that no but they did give me a stomach x-ray my first one ever where I had to drink some stomach my stomach expand then drink somebody to make my stomach whites Lincoln's like codeine so I can get an x-ray and they did find a gastric which is this in one sitting year in diameter go to a specialist to get it examined to make sure something serious so that is actually true I'm not sure how but it you know the doctor said don't worry foosley asked me to judge on food spam Got Talent and then when I did her audience really liked me and really enjoyed me so like ah I'll try streaming again so I tried and then clumsy Jessi hosted me and then I had like 40 viewers and that was like the most I've ever had and then from there like I was able to get like 30 viewers and then slowly it just grew more and more and it's just like it's honestly a really big help thanks to like fousey and Kimmy and as much as like I don't talk to them like I appreciate them why don't you talk to foodie and Kimmy anymore they're so busy with just friends I don't want to like like hit them up it's like they're so busy you know you know when you see your friends like doing dope shit you don't want to just like hit them up cuz then it seemed I don't want to ever feel like I'm riding someone's wave I hate that shit I I don't ever want to feel like that which is why I like a lot of times I'll turn it down if people reach out to me a big no I'm cool I'm cool cuz I don't ever want to be like I don't want to seem like that so yeah how do I break it I I got it in some sticky stuff and I can't remember what the sticky stuff was but did definitely some sticky stuff got in the ear I can see it and it was like on the back and then in the speaker so just like scuffed sticky stuff no not like that kind of sticky stuff like sugary sticky stuff like I don't know syrup or something in my phone Edison wait are you sub to me Edison wait Edison where's your sub badge Edison you know you used to be to three sub to me and then you untii three sub on top of just on subbing altogether now when your own boyfriend's not sub to you cool asked to answer after you meet someone in person especially without offending them but like I I'm not interested I'm sorry I don't know how to say it though but I mean if you ask me on my stream publicly a year expecting an answer that's my answer I'm not interested in you if you're being serious but if you're trolling that a trolling haha yeah basically yeah it's okay I'm just an orc a left voi I'm just trolling have fun planning fortnight thanks dad is spying Europe honestly as a friend as a person as somebody who is he just came up and like asked for a picture and whatnot you're awesome but if you're expecting a serious answer after copy-pasting 20 times in my chat and donating for a response I think even you're ready for the repercussions so I mean I don't feel bad but the same time you're still a cool guy and I'm very I give mad props to you for being able to handle the heat so build you okay who killed you Panna who was it oh hi Lily you


  1. whats the song the girls were dancing to at 0:00

  2. Does anyone knows kimi's criteria? just asking……

  3. 6:22 this guy looks so familiar 0_o

  4. who are these girls with jake hope

  5. YEET

  6. She's not dating anyone, because she want her thirsty boys to think they have a chance and donate to her.

  7. Best intro ever for any youtube video.

  8. i don't understand how people can watch streamers who walk around outside. it's always so awkward.

  9. Kimi is looking for me.


  11. Because she hasn't found someone who has more money yet.

  12. Why is this news?

  13. Im late on this cuz idrc but pretty sure she just repeated what most(every living being) was thinking….shes looking for the perfect dream prince what a fucking cliche.

  14. 3:11 yw

  15. 6:00 Left girl ufff <3

  16. 2 balls in one mouth

  17. She looking for someone who can stream 160 hours this month

  18. Jesus box box, keep it PG with the rage.

  19. i love meet fresh

  20. this is proof jake is guay

  21. who is scarra?

  22. I lowkey think that Kimi has a dick.

  23. YellowPaco is the realest… choke god

  24. 8:26 nice Kimi transition lol

  25. People don't wanna date kimi cause she's got a bitchy attitude. I've been watching her streams for over a year and she gets bitchy a lot. Her attitude is very stuck up but nice. Idk tho it's from what I've been watching for a year.

  26. Who's that white guy why is he always around random Asian girls LOL

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