Why is World Mental Health Day important?

World Mental Health Day is important because
it provides us a forum to communicate with the public and to our patients concerning
the nature of mental illness. World Mental Health day is important for several
reasons. First of all, globally we now know that mental
disorders account for approximately 25% of the disability that affects humanity. Secondly and related, what we also are observing
globally is a shift towards the so-called brain economy. That is an economy that’s largely influenced
by brain capital. What we also know is that we have good treatments
for many mental disorders. And the challenge globally is to have the
access and availability to these treatments. And Global Mental Health day I think allows
us to provide advocacy and to provide accurate information around good treatments that are
available. So, they can not only feel better themselves,
but also in fact contribute to the larger society. I think World Mental Health Day is extremely
important because the more time passes, the more we realize how much mental health is
key to general health, is key to quality of life. Why is mental health day so important? Because mental illnesses continue to be highly
stigmatized. Not just in the general public, but within
medicine. All physicians, not just psychiatrists, should
be championing the importance of mental health day because mental illnesses beget serious
physical illnesses, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, inflammatory illnesses such as
rheumatoid arthritis. Not all mental illnesses can be prevented. But developing an understanding of the value
of good mental health, which is really the key to the maintenance of overall mental well-being
and how to return to mental health once you’re facing a serious mental illness, these are
essential and worthy goals.

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