Why Is My Girlfriend Eating 4000 Calories A Day? | Couple's Leg Workout

whoa this is just a snap I had breakfast already gotcha I had protein and oatmeal two bananas her breakfast this is my dad we got Ronnie Coleman bulk all the new merch is lit check it Steph just launched her merch all right so guys here's my pre-workout meal you guys have seen this from me so much I'm currently tracking macros that Kris Barakat gave me I'm not sure if I've said that in the video but I'll put my current macros up here on the screen I've actually been hitting them really well which I'm loving at the moment also for my Australia people I am just now finishing up my presentation for the ultimate evidence-based fitness conference in Melbourne so I'm gonna be a guest speaker there amongst a totally stacked lineup of speakers I'm actually super excited for this talk I'll have more information about that in the description box below some of the speakers that are gonna be at the event so dr. Eric Helms I've interviewed before Meno I've interviewed before dr. Mike Ezra tell James Krieger these other guys are super smart to have been on Danny Lennon's podcast before and absolutely stacked lineup and one of the coolest things is that on the third day Eric Mike and myself are going to be doing an applied seminar so how to modify technique for hypertrophy it's gonna be totally hands-on and interactive so I'm really looking forward to that you guys are interested it's actually going to be one week from the day that this video goes live so if you want to check it out if you're in Melbourne and interested I'll have tickets just for true box below all right babe so what's up why why are you eating 4,000 calories a day so I have basically gone all-in you don't know what that means because I would there you have to watch my all in video to kind of get some context if you follow Jeff you might have an idea that I can eat a lot of foods I'm always hungry so I am going all-in in an effort to fix that hunger at least try to rescue my hunger cues and in the process I will be gaining a lot of weight but it's going to be ok because eventually I think my weight will plateau I will hopefully have normal hunger cues at that point and then hopefully try to slowly lose some of that weight I don't it's not gonna be the end of the world but that's the idea as long as I can live my life without always thinking about food and always being hungry I'll be happy and I can attest it uh so you've been eating about on average 4000 calories a day for how long now the point is since Memorial Day so it's been over three weeks okay so every single day some days it's been 6000 calories some days it's been like around 4 but on average around for 4,000 yeah and like she's gonna do a full update on her channel but I just wanted to like make you guys also aware of this too because I feel like it is something a lot of people in fitness struggle with in terms of like extreme hunger and then a lot of the symptoms yeah food focus and a lot of the symptoms that go along with amenorrhea or hypothalamic amenorrhea which she did a video on as well but you didn't technically have what happened did have some of the symptoms right so anyone who's been in the caloric deficit probably knows these feelings you're always cold you're tired your recovery is not great in the gym and you're hungry and you're really focused on food so I think mine is a little bit elevated due to the fact that I think I have a very large capacity I can eat so my extreme hunger is very high and it was getting to the point where I couldn't sustain like my everyday life without just like going to bed so hungry every single night I love this idea how much weight are you up right now what does it pick or should we give that'd be 15 pounds so I think you look amazing I love the way you look right now and I think I think it's a very positive thing so anyway I won't go into any more detail but that she's gonna do a full-blown video on and if you guys like to check it out if you'd like to get her first video explaining more of the rationale I'll have that linked down below as well probably gotten this because I've noticed this in your comments sometimes and it's always God is who are like oh you don't need to bulk on that many calories and it's like you're not bulking like it's not a physique driven thing the idea is to like increase your metabolism reduce your hunger reduce food focus it's more of a psychological thing than like oh I'm trying to bulk up to gain muscle even though you will do that you are training heavier and you'll see that today when we go for our workout but I just want to disclaim that it's not like she's like 115 pounds or I was like I need 4,000 calories the bulk is like a totally unique scenario there's nothing for a human to picture to do with physique gold building muscle nothing to do with that I've actually taken any Norma's step back with my training it's just the days that I do train I have so much energy that I do try to lift a little bit heavier but in terms of how many days a week that I'm training and like doing zero cardio but in terms of how many days that I'm training it's substantially less than I was I'm just trying to rest recover my metabolism and just like I don't know enjoy the process awesome we going for a workout two scoops down I just remember this I know people are gonna comment on this to me so the all in experiment the only reason why you know your average calories is because you're tracking for an experiment you're gonna document on your channel the idea isn't to hit a calorie target and try to eat 4,000 calories is just you eat to satiety it's like true intuitive eating basically if you have extreme hunger they have you just so happen to eat a lot and that's kind of the way it worked out so the way that I'm treating it is more like a scientific experiment so I'm trying to detach myself from numbers so when I weigh myself every morning I feel like I'm documenting it as if I'm like a subject not me like I'm like imagine it being somebody else more or less and then documenting what somebody else is eating is how I'm like detaching myself so I document everything that I'm eating but I only focus on the number at the end of the day when I need to write down like how much I actually ended up eating I just went on new people McGuire's why is the targets so high or whatever but it's it's not that there is no target there's no target I'm actually surprised that I don't eat more because you eat mostly of all foods anyway watch for her video from on now see over the gym all right guys so I'm gonna update you on my program so I'm now on day three of week seven so I know some of you guys got ahead of me I got a little bit delayed just because of some of the collapse that I had to do while I was in Toronto it kind of threw me off the program a bit so I'm starting the third and final wave there's no technical D loads in this program but there the volume and intensity waves so it goes up reaches a maximum in week 3 and then comes back down and meet four and there's three three week waves if that makes sense so that's kind of the periodization of it so now I'm at a low wave so this is a lower volume workout here now I don't have a chance to do this at home so I'm writing it out here now on the platform I've got two starting with two sets of five on the deadlift at 85% of my one rep max I'm gonna be a bit conservative still with my deadlift match that's gonna come out to 375 I think I can actually handle a bit more I'm gonna put 385 on first based on how that goes I'll probably throw 405 on there because my deadlifts been going well lately so yeah we'll see start with deadlifts he remitted my way up is my first working set at 385 pound guns bar see how this goes and then adjust from there for the second set it was pretty good the only thing is I've got no chalk so my brook was kind of slipping a little bit it's not the prettiest bar some are on scraps for the second one but I think with scraps this will be way too easy so I'm gonna go up to 405 and hit that for my second set so something eating a lot more food I'm feeling a little bit stronger today so I'm gonna try to see what I can do with some deadlifts I haven't done lifted in a minute I can't even remember last time I did Douglas so we're gonna see what I couldn't see what I could pull today all right so that's it for Daedalus just two simple sets feels kind of low but the volume is gonna accumulate now in the next two weeks I will say I'm pretty happy with this I mean I've done four or five a bunch of times now for five or six reps so I think I'm ready to start advancing the weight from here I'm gonna increase my one rep max that I mean putting into the program start handling a little bit heavier weights because my back feels great which is fantastic another thing I found really interesting was steps example of how nutrition impacts on recovery since she's gone all in has been eating more calories she had this hip issue that was really aggravating her when she deadlift her squat and like no opinion today or basically since I've been eating as much as I had been every single time I did squats I have no pain so it's really interesting and crazy how much my nutrition has been impacting my recovery and like aggravating and injury I don't know it's pretty sick yeah that's a good side effect we got front squats all right so guys to finish out the workout which is still like half the workout we're gonna do three sets of knee banded leg press we're gonna put the hip circle around our knees to activate the glutes a little bit more Steph is doing these on the machine back squat or the reverse machine squat which is a similar movement pattern we're just doing that so I don't every time then after that we're doing three sets of twelve on the single leg leg extension I'm really just focusing on mind muscle connection with the quads squeezing the quads to move the weight over there and then to finish off the hamstrings we're doing a really unique exercise the sliding leg probe so there are three ways you can set this up if you have sliders and access to turf you can set them up set it up on the turf or if you have a really sleek slippery surface you can lay a towel down and do them that way or I often like to do them on the rowing machine so you put your heels up on the seat of the rowing machine put your back on the floor and then curl the seat in toward you it's a really different type of movement pattern you want to keep your glutes extended throughout the range of motion and it's gonna really target the hamstring so if you haven't tried those Stephani try it out then we're finishing off the two sets of 20 on the leg press calf raise basically just controlling the weight on the way down pausing at the bottom and squeezing the calves to move the weight back up and that is gonna be a wrap for the workout so hopefully you guys enjoyed it we're gonna go get a post-workout meal after I finished this workout so technics you guys happen all right guys finished that was a workout now we're out here on this rainy day looking for the best ramen in Kelowna according to Yelp so we both just like watch my Timberwolf video and at the end we had ramen and Steph was like some of that that's all in Stephanie was it was saying I need some of that there it is legit kind of okay here's the appetizer we always get just to get the protein up this is actually a really big bowl of edamame looks for context it's pretty big it's gonna be the starter all right baby what you got I got their original broth with chicken and extra vegetables that looks so good yeah and I got curry ramen with extra chicken in here so let me show you guys look so good we're gonna dig in well that's a wrap for the meal how would you describe it in one word noodle II I think that the ramen that I had in Toronto with Kane just ruined me for all ramen for the rest of time anyways there's gonna be end of the vlog leave it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if you haven't already check out Stephanie's channel put a button to it over her face and I'll see you guys in the next video


  1. What's up guys! Hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start! If you're interested in hearing more about Steph's "all in" experiment, make sure to check out her video and show her some love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DotlyWhBhak

    Also, if you're interested in getting conference tickets in Melbourne next weekend, here's the link: https://theuebc.com.au/


  2. You know, for someone like her who got crappy luck of the draw when it comes to butt genetics, Steph did a hell of a job doing literally everything physically possible to mitigate her flat-booty genetics.
    Because if she was just a thin or lazy chick, it would be flat as hell.
    Good for her man!

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    Having coached more than 500 people, the eating disorder pattern has become so common and its extremely sad to see that. It becomes 10 times more difficult to explain it to them, thanks to social media!

    Thank you so much, both of you!

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  10. Answer: Because Jeff likes em Thicc.

  11. I think it’s particularly more difficult for women , they have been cursed with craving food while simultaneously requiring very low calories to maintain their body weight

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  14. Hi Stephanie, perhaps you should also try fasting and one meal a day. For me it's easier to eat nothing than to eat on a caloric deficit. Might be worth a try. It helped me at least..

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  21. Hey you said that her eating 4k cals+ per day was to benefit from the mental things which i agree but then you added to also boost her metabolism and as far as i know wouldnt that again make her more hungry? Also eating in that surplus for so long wouldnt that make her more prone to eating large amounts? which means if she does cut down would make her hunger be worse? im not a doctor so these are all questions

  22. Stephanie is talking pure sense being hunger all the time while putting on weight and still a lot of fat with it. can make you feel like your fighting a losing battle good on her .. always try and be the best version of you in mind and body how ever you get there just keep grinding. It's not about being the best it's about been the best version of you if you have agoal of getting better just concentrate on getting a little better every day and you wont know yourself in a year.. great content as always you pair of bosses

    Ps serious man crush jeff

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