Why is men’s and women’s health before conception so important?

So epigenetics is a term that people are
hearing about more and more and it turns out epigenetics is kind of the
explanation for why this time of conception is so important. So the genes
we get from our mum and our dad that come through the sperm and the eggs into
the embryo, well they can’t really be altered, you know they’re kind of the
pattern of the DNA which is set in stone and that’s the genetic code, but there’s
an extra layer of information that comes with the DNA structure and it’s a small
change in the physical structure of the DNA that’s caused by this epigenetics,
that can modify the way the genes can be turned on and off in the embryo and then
the baby. So the structure of the DNA this epigenetics that we’re talking
about it can be responsive to things in the environment in such ways to have an
impact on the health of the baby. And there are several things in the
environment that can change epigenetics. One of the main ones is whether or not
you’ve got enough folic acid in your diet so lots of these you know fruit and
vegetables to make sure you’ve got good vitamin and mineral exposure and
especially the folic acid is really critical for getting the right
epigenetics in the embryo, but then there can be some exposures that aren’t so
good for epigenetics and that’s where these chemicals and especially the
endocrine disrupting chemicals come into it. So if people want to find out more
about how to prepare for healthy pregnancy and plan for a healthy baby,
that should take a look at the website Your Fertility website has a lot of
really wonderful information on it.

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