Why I Haven’t Done a Fitness Update… + new body shots


  1. Wow thanks for all the encouraging feedback everyone, it means a lot to me T_T ❤️I hope I can do the same and inspire you guys as well!! 🙂

  2. Your progress shows. Keep it up. Start where your at.

  3. So impressed with your dedication! I needed to see this, I have been struggling to get back on track for so long!

  4. This was so inspirational! I'm trying to figure out what works for me as I'm living in residence again, going to try to use the free services offered at the schools gym

  5. love your hair!

  6. Muscle weighs more than fat.
    My cousin was almost 200lbs in high school and she was ripped and skinny. She played ball and got a scholarship. So you cannot tack weight and health together.

  7. This is awesome, I'm so happy for you Sharla! Man I wish I could go to the gym 😢 I'm still recovering from a spine injury from 2 freaking years ago and can't really work out. All I'm allowed to do is these gentle stretches, light walking, gentle swimming and max 15 minutes of leisurely biking on a recumbent bike. It's so depressing. I want to work out so bad. I want to lift weights! Every physio appointment I ask and he's like… Not yet. I've re-injured myself a few times now from pushing myself too fast at the gym so I'm trying to listen to the physiotherapist this time… Ugh.

  8. Holy crap girl! You look beyond hot. Your shape is incredible! Please appreciate your body at every stage it goes through. One day you’ll look back and think “oh, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was at the time.” I’ve been there before. And please, don’t get too caught up in the internet model stuff. I’ve seen many friends nearly fall apart trying to be like these other people. We’re all unique works of art and we shouldn’t try to look the same. The world would be so boring that way. I think you look incredible and you’re doing a great job. Keep celebrating all your efforts! ❤️

  9. hey sharla! I know you are on a vegan diet, but often vegan diets have to eat high carb.. maybe your body gains weight with a high carb diet? I know this is different for everyone – some thrive off high carb low fat, while others lose weight doing high fat low carb. Maybe you could try high fat low carb (which is hard as a vegan).. but it is possible this could be the better option for losing weight. Just a thought, you know your body best! My friend lost 10 lbs after she stopped being vegan and did high fat low carb. It is also possible there is a thyroid issue.

  10. Can you do a Video how you meet your husband story time. If not I totally understand.

  11. You look great! Weight is nothing to focus on too much as muscle weigh more than fat in volume. As long as you feel good you are on the right way 🙂💪

  12. Damn girl! I def see a difference! Can we talk about that hot ass bootay of yours SHII

  13. your hair looks fabulous.wow gorgeous supermodel bod WTG!

  14. Aslong as u keep that booty and them thighs, everything will b ok

  15. I didn't realize that about sleep! Over the years, I've become a light sleeper and it sucks (and once I'm up I'm up :/). It's a serious struggle for a light sleeper to sleep with a big family and 3 dogs.

  16. Stop the horrible stigma that having extra body fat is shameful. Being in the public eye you have more control over doing so. I hope you'll promote healthy living and not focus solely on weight. Thank you.

  17. It's SO admirable you never gave up!! <3

  18. Better questions??? How,,, do you stilll look like a teenager??????

  19. Your boobs are nice but your butt looked a tad flabby. Keep it up.

  20. Wow you look amazing!

  21. Sharla you should totally buy a Body-Mass composition scale cause like that you'll be able to see how your muscle increases and your fat decreases. With normal scales it would look like you gain weight!

  22. girl you already have a really nice body! your butt and thighs are already amazing

  23. Sharla is looking the best she has ever looked in her videos. The gym and healthy eating is working Keep it up🤗. From Australia

  24. Do you have an eating disorder? I have the impression you are always fixed with your diet and weight! Maybe its not „inspiring“ for a „healthy“ way of body „acception“ for girls who are young and watching you.

  25. Thanks for sharing
    I hope emotionally you’ll feel refreshed

    Sometimes it super hurts
    I have eaten healthy and the medically correct way and on a daily basis, daily gym and daily exercise (dedicated 4-5days a week.. with additional physical activity)
    I did this for over 6 years…
    I suffered emotionally as i never received cosmetic results.
    I began to get abused by strangers and family as they viewed me as fat.
    I changed to 3 years of over extensive workouts (6hours a day+, 6/7days a week) and although the type of food was healthy, i ate smaller and smaller…..
    No cosmetic results.
    I became worse. I have never given up weight training, gym, etc…
    But eating is now such a scary issue. I know scientifically, eating smaller will not get cosmetic slim results…but i resist food because of incredible guilt. ..Because for years i saw no reward and daily told by others that i should “think about going to the gym to get slimmer”
    I lost a job position (was told i was perfect for the job, but my physical appearance may promote obesity)….
    And i lost relationships.
    I was told by boyfriend i was everything he wanted as a person and he loved how happy i was and personality, but looks were too important for attraction and status… i was just not slim enough …eventually this was often confessed by men.
    Although we all say then the person wasn’t the right one… but it doesn’t erase the painful fact that humans want beauty more than the person.
    I know something may be medically wrong with me, so when i was in Canada, i went to ask a couple doctors if it was a sign of something wrong with me (at the time was more concerned about health than slim in regards to asking doctor), but unfortunately, one doctor yelled at me and was very angry at the question (i found out he has a reputation of being emotionally unprofessional with clients), the other doctor said there could be but basically expressed i wasn’t worth the money in the medical system to check it out.

    Why I’m saying this is, i know it can be frustrating.
    Now when i look in the mirror i see what i think others see…an ugly fat human that “could be so pretty if i lost weight”….

    In korea….health is not a priority, beauty is the goal to prove we are worthy, beautiful, and cosmetically healthy.
    I know this because although i live between japan and Canada, my relatives/family are mostly Korean.
    I grew up in korean family and community.
    I hope you wont suffer as i am… don’t let those around you become the painful voice in your head.

    Keep having fun …. you are so so lucky you got a chance to see results.
    Keep fun and goals, because emotionally…. you will never get there. There will always be something that makes us sad.
    Your are so slim and lovely,
    and having goals to look great isn’t bad, it is so fun, and i hope you keep it up, but also keep joy and your wonderful glow you show others here on video, and to those you love in real life

  26. Damn girl, you look fit!

  27. Hi, I recently started watching your channel due to a video on abroad in japan :D, me and my wife love how you are so positive and happy, I showed her your pokemon lucky bag the other day and she loved it lol :D. Please don't put too much emphasize on weight, diets are weird one minute you loose a big chunk, the next time you have put weight on. So please for both me and my wife just be happy and keep on doing these awesome videos :). Society puts too much emphasize on peoples weight, especially woman :(. Have fun :D.

  28. I can see a difference! And you look so healty, your face has a nice glow, healthy glow to it <3 And your body looks great too! 😀 It's true what you say about cravings for sweets! I don't have cravings for sweets anymore, just salt cravings like popcorn, can't get rid of it hahah D:

  29. You look amazing Sharla! You look amazing regardless though 😊 I really need to eat healthier as well. Maybe it will give me more energy through the day 😴

  30. I know cause😨😨 stressed or stress will help u to gain weight 😁😂

  31. Awesome with the sugar "detox"…read more on the gut bacteria on why you crave less of the food you used to love.

    I would focus less on stretching. I've seen so many people got hurt because they got too "loose" from the stretching. Before every set of exercise, just use a lighter weight/empty bar and do 1-2 set of 8-10 reps of the exercise.

    Weird you said you have bad knees yet you do 40-60mins of treadmill?! Focus less on cardio, more on weight training. You burn a LOT more calories post workout from weight training than cardio. If you really want to sweat, bring a stopwatch and only rest for 30-60 seconds between your set….that will sky rocket your heart rate. I use an app called JeFit to track on how much weight I use and it has a timer function as well.

    I had torn both my ACL, so I know what you mean by bad knees. Give reverse lunge a try, it's easier on the knees and balance out any imbalance you have. Most people favor one leg over the other and lunges really fix that.

    AMAZING job you stuck with it even though you saw no results in the beginning. Now that you past the hurdle, keep it up 🙂

  32. When you said "hummingbird-!" at the beginning of the video, it was sooo cute!! :))) Xxx

  33. I have iffy knees too! I find using the elliptical is much gentler on them than the treadmill. It also gets me in cardio range more consistently.

  34. You look AMAZING!!! Your figure is so gorgeous, great butt and thighs too!

  35. Dear god… you look fine, I see nothing wrong…well there was nothing wrong with you in the first place

  36. Way to go. Be sure to have a stopping point and study how to maintain so that you don't wear out your body when you reach your goal. You look great!

  37. For lower body exercises that dont put ANY stress on knees, look up simple ab exercises online where you lay on your back! So proud of you for sticking through everything! 🙂

  38. Hey Sharla, could you please share your playlist with us? 🙂

  39. I’m glad you’re finally seeing the results you want! You always look beautiful to us ❤️ When you said about getting an air fryer I cheered 😂 I have two and I absolutely love them!! I’m addicted to sugary drinks and snacks so maybe for September I’ll try a month of sugar free and see if that helps 💪

  40. Your body is goals!! :O

  41. Bit late to the video, but building muscle can cause inflammation which might have made you gain weight? It causes you to retain water and become…puffy? Regardless of the reason, I'm glad you finally started seeing progress after all your hard work!

  42. Whow great job Shar, have you considered meditation? Makes wonders, my sleeping patterns improved drastically 🙂

  43. Girl I gasped when you did your body shot, you look amazing! I thought you looked great before but wow! Take time to be proud of yourself for sticking to it, you deserve it!^_^

  44. Okay Sharla, you have a nice shape and booty already! You look great!

  45. Im lazy as fuck… I want your motivation 😑 I don't have any when I'm coming home from work… its too much… and I have a cat with hyperthyroidism and heartdisease… she needs medication and I'm tooooo lazy to go out at 7pm to do sports. No. . Noo

  46. Congrats! Can you post your workout playlist? Ty!

  47. hi gurrrl
    are you calorie- restricting ?

  48. Muscle weights more than fat. Just wanted to point that out in case your audience isn't into fitness. Not looking through 700 comments. Haven't been here since you left Japan… I will say since the last time I saw one of your videos, you look freaking amazing. Keep the good work, it is truly paying off!

  49. You look really good!  Seriously goals Sharla o_O I just started working out to a few times a week and am not seeing result yet. I was feeling sad about it but your video just gave me such a boost now. Thank you! 😀

  50. awesome to hear and see you going strong!! i also agree with not focusing on the weight gain aspect. because even if you get lean, you can actually weigh more – thats a good thing because its your muscle mass that has grown! muscle weighs more than fat in terms of volume size. so if you focus on how you feel, how your clothes fit, that is a better sign than the numbers on a scale.

    you look amazing nonetheless, so please keep us updated when you can! even show us some workout vlogs would be cool! i follow naturally stefani on youtube, shes a vegan weightlifter in the uk, she shows us her workouts and they're easy to follow! i recommend her 🙂

  51. Do you still use the 8fit app?? Do you think it was worth it?

  52. LMAO I was letting your videos autoplay while I walked around the house and when I glanced over during this one I spit out my drink bcs I thought you were straight up naked 😂Anyhow lol, keep up the great work/attitude.

  53. Motivational! I just started working out again after like 2 weeks. You look fab by the way!! xx

  54. Hi Sharla!!! We definitely can see progress! You are doing it so good! You know everybodies react different, I can suggest your next step? Read about Bulking,Cut and Shred, or try to look in to your MACROS so you know you are getting enough carbs, protein and fats for your goals! If you eat less your new muscles may no grow or stay, If you don´t want to go too strict you can check the MACROS formula with you body info and learn what you need and go intuitively! Im bulking for now and I track my MACROS with MyFitnesspal (not calories) Also if you can check your body fat, muscle weight, water on body instead your general weight better! Your body is changing that booty u are already building is gonna add weight 😉 so just don´t go crazy with the numbers! just consent!Hugs

  55. Usually people say, if you gained weight. It's because you're gaining muscle..

    You need to use that machine that test your weight, muscle, and water.

  56. You look really good! I have just gained a lot of weight over the past year due to stressful conditions (my Ph.D. and living so far from home and being less physically active…UGH! I used to walk about 4 miles a day) but I'm hoping to lose it this year! Thanks for the inspiration! XO

  57. Supplement collagen for ur knees and use a straping sleeve for your knees !
    Collagen+c pomegranate liquid !

    U didnt gain fat weight u gain muscle; Muscle weights more than fat and thats why u think u gain weight, but u shouldnt be looking at the scale but to how u look and how ur clothing fits you !

  58. You look amazing!! Also, I definitely recommend checking out Blogilates 😊 she has lots of great toning exercises, stretches, recipes, and tips 😁

  59. You looked amazing before, but you can definitely tell a difference. Keep up the good work! 💕

    Do you think you’ll be posting a video or video clips on your Instagram of your stretching, workouts?

  60. You look amazing !!!

  61. Sharla looks so stunning here. <3 That hair though. <3


  63. wheres the vlog that eexplains her move to korea? anyone?

  64. It's not just doing cardio. A combo for weight lifting and portion size of food intake. These are 3 main factors for weight loss.

  65. Phew, I'm on month two and I was feeling disappointed because I'm lifting weights and reducing cardio and I'm definitely feeling bigger!! I'm trying not to be too disappointed

  66. This video really made me want to start going to the gym again!! I miss it soooo much, but I'm not allowed to work out at the moment 🙁 Can't wait until I can get back at it though!

  67. 2 years ago I gained 15kg because of depression! I never really diet but I started to eat healthier! Cutting the snacks was hard but I’ve always ate what I wanted just healthier. And I also started to workout and it took over a year to lose that weight. I was learning at the same time and trying to find some workouts that will work for you is not that easy. Even tho after a year I lost the weight I gained, I was still not satisfied I lost some volume on areas I didn’t want like my butt but not too much around my stomach area 😒 pretty annoying! And I started to do HIIT workout to burn fat and building some muscles (booty) and now I’m getting there, not far from my goal! I workout 6 days a week (workout addict). Just you have to find what works the best for you and keep going! Cheer up 💪🏻💪🏻

  68. You look AMAZING!!! Always have! You know, muscle actually weighs MORE than fat! So, if you exchange an equal volume of one for the other, you will weigh MORE! Don't get too fixated on the number! much love!

  69. You look sooo beautiful in this video!!

  70. You look absolutely amazing.. keep it up!

  71. Your current results are my new goal pics.:)

  72. noh don't slim down your butt lmao. It's definitely not needed

  73. The sugar gives fat and energy. Stop sugar. And take many, many vitamin B-s (all of them) and Magnesium to compensatr, plus more friuts and vegetables, of course. If your work is a physical, take some sugar and proteins.

    The watch – 20 euros on the chinesse web site, super quality (with built-in blood pressure meter too). The health is not numbers – sometimes yes, not obsession to check every day every stat.

  74. you look the best, and you look the happiest here…. but you've always looked amazing regardless! good luck on the continuing journey! wooooo

  75. you look great! best of luck to reaching your goals. i would love to tour Japan someday but i'm not in good shape and i hear they hate that so i gotta get in shape. of course not just for that trip though, obviously for myself mainly but i understand that that can make things difficult when visiting Japan.

  76. Omg you look so great! And that curves girrrrl

  77. careful with those "fitness" model babes on IG. A huge lot of them are slowly getting exposed for using fake weights, and mostly having surgery to obtain their body. I think your body looks great right now, but its good you push yourself.

  78. You're hot AF! Don't lose to much weight! Always remember that guys (like myself) prefer girls to have some meat on their bones. Oh btw you have a really cute butt! 😜😚😊

  79. Diet is more important than actually working out. It's good to eat healthier but regardless of what you eat, you just need to eat less of it to slim down. Keep it up

  80. I noticed you are a lot slimmer! This makes sense then! Good job Sharla! I'm motivated now to try this out.

  81. You're gorgeous, so really worrying about nothing.

  82. Love air frying almost anything !
    Especially chicken nuggets ! 👌

  83. To run without hurting your knees run barefoot, or as close to ot as possible. The idea is that it changes the way you run. You'll run on the ball of your foot so your ankle will soften your fall and it won't be jarring on your knees.

  84. Can def see a difference in the thighs area. I'm jealous.

  85. Gorgeous as ever. Everyone goes up and down in weight….no biggy……..

  86. The more lean muscle mass your body carries, the more (exponentially more) easily your body burns calories. So once you built back muscle, your basil metabolic rate raised.

  87. Hi Sharla, I was thinking when you said you have bad knees and you like to be on the treadmill, it's not good for your knees it will make it worse due to the hard surface when you put down your feet. Try to go on a cross trainer instead because you do circle motions and is softer which is much better for the knees :). Plus you can change how hard you want the resistance which help you train the butt and thighs. Sorry for my English because it's not my first language. Love your videos <3

  88. Fuck. Sharla you are the reason I love lululemon pants. That ass ❤️

  89. Sleep can lower stress so sleep also helps in weight loss. Also reduces stress eating.

  90. You probably needed to go on a calorie deficit during the time you were gaining weight.

  91. Proud of you for sharing this with everyone! I go to the gym with my friend 4 times a week and it helps so so much to have a friend. We do stretching for 5-10 minutes, LISS cardio for 15-20 minutes, and then weight training for roughly an hour. As someone who has been lifting semi-regularly for two years I highly suggest you don't focus on cardio too much. Cardio is great, and you should definitely incorporate it in whatever way feels the best for you but the weight training is where you'll see the most results (from fat loss to muscle). And obviously what you eat is also a huge factor- just make sure its healthy 85% of the time and that you enjoy the things you eat! I also recommend trying the GraceFitUK gym guides- we started doing that a few weeks ago and LOVE it.

    Keep it up girl!! 🙂

  92. 果物の取りすぎは糖分の取りすぎになりやすく、油の摂取量減らすとビタミンの吸収が効率よくされないらしいですよ! I'm sorry, it's too difficult for me to explain it in English😅

  93. Hey, I'm just coming back to your channel after some time away and we are crazy similar. I have horrific knees as well and can't run so hae to do quick walking on the treadmill and I have the same thing with my weight, I have been exercising and cutting out all the bad stuff from my diet but after 6 weeks, I am still at only a 4/5 lb loss!!

    Oh, and I have the exact same FitBit xD

  94. I'm not Canadian but I do live there and you're about one of the most perfectly in shape Canadians I've seen so don't worry. You're not exactly loading up on burgers and Timmies!

  95. highly recommend not using the treadmill, especially with bad knees. trade it in for bur-pees for better health and higher calorie burn

  96. More videos like this please

  97. Like I said earlier. Thicc. Don't worry too much about your weight. From what I just saw you looking perfect. Great set of boobies and a lil junk in the trunk is perfect. I would focus more on toning what u have rather than dropping fat and turning it into muscle. Them little geishas gonna be jealy as hell when they see you twerking down the sidewalks.

  98. For that title ima call you idiot

  99. Reduce fats it will help. Also eat inly around 1300 cals a day and just work out lightly

  100. thats a nice butt

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