Why I Don't Look JACKED

what's cracking guys only you saw a fair back with another video out on the outside here taking out trash cuz we're talking about Instagram today I posted a photo two days ago got 10,000 likes people are freaking out saying you actually don't look like shit and I want to talk about why I don't always look like that like that photo here's the truth people thought it was a recent photo it's not it was taken three months ago before I really got serious about this current strength phase and since that time I've put on about five almost six pounds I'm actually not as lean right there that photo represents me at about 184 pounds in the morning no breakfast a flat stomach feeling great and doing more hypertrophy training so there's different blocks of training and that's what I once again want to try and emphasize when I took that photo I was doing more volume now I've been peaking and I don't think I don't think you could run those two together and optimize them especially as a late intermediate middle intermediate late intermediate definitely an advanced person where the amount of volume necessary for me in order to build some muscle it's quite a lot I will be able to recover for my strength workouts and so what essentially happened I did 12 weeks of more hypertrophy oriented training so that means once again more reps more volume training six times per week and then after that where I thought to myself you know this hips actually feeling good I think I can make an all-time squat PR attempt and I did high bar squat for 95 and then on the bench press – I'm like you know I mean do a calculation here 370 I actually felt pretty good I think I'd go for 375 so I changed my training for a 12-week period while I did less volume higher intensity I gained some weight and so now I'm actually around 189 pounds about to take the same photo I wouldn't look as good because I haven't been doing the same training the accessory movements I've minimized once again because I want to save that energy in order to lift more weight and this might not apply for beginners where they think this is like ship where I can do 20 sets and I feel fucking great it's like well in an absolute sense as weight goes up things become more difficult to recover from it's a lot different doing 80% when you're 80% 600 pounds then when it's 300 pounds and that's why for my so I really have acknowledged the fact especially after speaking to very smart individuals like Eric Helms when it comes to training of . izing your training for different functions in order to optimize them and really focusing on that and so this is me announcing basically that I've hit my goals that immediate goals when it comes to strength training so the 12-week block is actually ending I have some stretch goals I can extend it by another six to eight weeks or I could transition over more towards hypertrophy training once again bring up some legging areas really do a lot of volume so I'll be training between sixty-five percent and eighty percent gain a few more pounds and then cut back from there but it all depends in that photo this is a sneak peak I guess you could say if the condition I hope to bring once again when I start to lean down I'm eventually going to be with the help of Eric probably high 160s strength will not be there and so you have to accept that fact but my larger point for everyone out there is I don't look like that 24/7 and I don't think anyone should be looking like that 24/7 because simply put it's not sustainable so there's a time and place for everything when I'm doing more hypertrophy oriented training when I want to lean down that 184 pounds represents also a two week mini cut well I just thought to myself yeah I can lose some extra body fat so I did and look better right and that's how you have to organize your training I see too often people will try and do everything all at once get lean or get strong or get bigger and my number one advice once you leave the beginner stage would be to period eyes that training and really figure it out your week to week training should not be the exact same year-round and I'm a larger advocate of personally building strength first testing strength by and large anyways that's all I really want to talk about in this video today I like to keep things transparent where I'm proud of that photo but I'm telling you I don't always look like that photo and that photo – it's a it's a good pose for me right where I'm holding it where the love handles are kind of covered up a little bit so it makes me look a little bit leaner the chest has really been grown once again doing higher volume doing a lot of low income and you have to pick also your best poses because this is Instagram okay we're judged not by the content of what we say but how did you see the look so sometimes you gotta take them yucky photos but I want everyone watching this video to really think about their training and their goals and try and plan it out because a short-term lifter only thinks week to week oh what am I do next week and I think you should plan out your entire year or Lisa's several months you know once the hernia I've started feeling a little bit better this is about six seven seven months now ago I thought to myself okay I could start training seriously again I planned out these last six months and that's why I've gotten great results when it comes to strength the hypertrophy is coming along you'll really see that complete package in the future but this represents intelligent consistent training and that's what I hope to impart for everyone out there no fancy gimmicks no bullshit no crazy expectations just consistent work and showing that progress over time anyways thank you so much for watching this chest up goddamn crow not today bro if you liked the video make sure to LIKE the damn video I'll be responding to some of your questions in the comment section below so if you have training questions just hit me up and I'll see all you guys my rascals in that next video peace these vegetables eat your vegetables eat your fucking vegetables


  1. The photo I posted on Instagram was taken 16 weeks ago (end of January). I think I was 184lb there. I had just finished my first 12 weeks of hypertrophy oriented training (6x per week frequency, higher volume).

    Since that time I have gained about 5lb and transitioned to more of a strength peak. Minimal accessories and a focus on the bench/squat. I have hit two big PRs on the bench & squat but clearly I look better 16 weeks ago.

    Don't follow the illusion that being your MOST aesthetic self will coincide at your strongest. It won't. Instead understand your training can progress in different phases. This has been working very well for me lately.

  2. But you do looked jacked

  3. that "Please flatten cadboard boxes" sign would sell well on your merch, just saying

  4. Jeff Cavalier would disagree

  5. That Mohawk flag though

  6. You do look jacked, you just don't look juiced. People have such a skewed image of what natural mass looks like now because of all the fake natties and liars in the fitness industry. Your video title is fishing for compliments like some twitter thot. Next you should release a flexing selfie video where you talk about how you want to surround yourself with only positive people and you want to work toward self improvement through honesty and acceptance.

  7. You are jacked.

  8. Why you hanging around the bins always?

  9. I can do more dips than u

  10. Holy shit man really appreciate your honesty

  11. How’s the calve transformation going

  12. You are jacked right now but you said you will cut weight,so you won't be then.Whatever your goals are,i personally don't care about a six pack,i like to be very strong and i'm aesthetic by society's standards,not fitness's ones,so i feel really good.On the other hand,i don't feel the pressure of having a big youtube channel and being criticized continuesly.


  14. Self-deport.

  15. You make a video like this every year

  16. It's called Natty it's not a big deal. leaner is not stronger, to be more Lean is to be more weak

  17. Get on that nattyverified

  18. Woah, the internet is judgmental? Who knew.

  19. Shut up and keep flattening cardboard boxes.

  20. Omar makes a video where he finally gets to the point?!? Must be fake

  21. Why I don't look jacked

    Jacked as fuck

  22. A comment I hear often bout Omar is that he looks more jacked in person. Im like shiiiiieeet homeboy already looks jacked on camera tf lol


  24. u are jacked, u just have small forearms

  25. cuz you natty 😀

  26. that's what fucks me up about Olympic Weightlifting I love the movements and how it puts pressure on the body but my biceps, triceps aren't anything impressive it's almost as if theyre not proportional

  27. 😴😴😴😴😴

  28. Right on! Thanxs for honesty and no BS.

  29. U don't look jacked because u took steriod….. need stop the gears bruhhh

  30. your jackedokay..

  31. You dont look jacked because you have the worst genetics. Half paki, half albanian.

  32. SUMMARY:



  33. I have a question, my goal is to be explosive, so what im trying to do is squats, Deadlifts, bench you know in one week but that's in a span of three days. The 4 remaing days, one day i would do jumping and running exercises the other is conditioning and the other 2 days would either be a rest day or an active rest day and the other is just rest but going back on the lifting topic for bench, squat, and Deadlift, I do pyramid sets 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, for all of them the first 2 sets it would do normal reps, but for bench I would do like a spoto press for the 6, 4, 2 and when im done I do 20 reps light weight to get a nice pump. For Deadlift I do 10, 8 regular reps but for the 6, 4, 2 I do fast up and slow down. And for squat this is were I have a problem I do 10, 8 regular reps but for the 6, 4, 2 I don't know what to do because I want to do pause reps but I heard box squats help for explosiveness so i want to do that too but i dont know which one would help my goal. But also can you tell me how my program is if it's nice, if im doing too much, if i need to split some stuff up, or anything. But my question is one how is my program and two which squat variation should i do more?

  34. Cause you aren't?


  36. So I'm 17 and I've been lifting for a few years now. I'm 5'11 and 178lbs, which are similar numbers to Omar. Except I still look a little smaller than him in some areas and I'm not nearly as strong as him (245 bench, 280 squat, 330 deadlift). Any explanation as to why? I'm fairly lean, and naturally I'm an ectomorph/mesomorph body type.

  37. I have a question about the pin press. Where in your workout did you perform that exercise: at the beginning, midpoint, or very last?

  38. You have bad genetics. That’s it

  39. because you are not

  40. i try to lean bulk from Sept>Feb and lean out from Feb till the end of summer > September. Works well for me. Gives me enough time for both until I get bored of doing either one and then switching. Around Feb I'm feeling fluffy AF so I don't mind switching over to leaning out again.

  41. Usually people who are jacked are also really lightweight like 150-170 lbs. I notice when I’m around that weight I look good. I’m 5 foot 9 or 10 and 165 is my point where I look ripped. Currently 173, still see my abs and feathers in my quads. It’s hard to balance both strength and muscle building. When I train high reps I lose most of my strength but once I start doing my heavy sets it goes back ip

  42. That is easily sustainable lol

  43. Lol even with ur not as lean as u say you're still more jacked than 80% of the guys where I live lol. Ppl here are mostly fat to skinny fat

  44. Light weights will get you jacked

  45. Genetics …. yours are shit

  46. Because you are not on tren

  47. Like if Omar looks better then ogus. Minus all the tren burritos. 🤷‍♂️

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