Why I Don't Intermittent Fast Anymore… + Healthy Meals I Eat Daily & At Home Workout!

I can feel it somewhere inside hon seems like a drug I keep on wanting there's a love that fits so perfect it's hard to believe I can feel my heart stops beating does that washing machine really laugh I've literally just forgot so sorry for the puffy face also not wash my hair in about a week and it is currently up in a little like Han law so I've slept in last night but I thought I would pick up my camera this morning and before I do anything make your breakfast workout and basically just film kind of like a daily life but more so focused on weights like getting back into the gym I should have seen my last year I was away and we just fully like indulge in all the good foods which was like literally the best thing ever so I had about two weeks out of the gym and I went back to the gym the day before yesterday and did that cavity leg session and oh my god literally all of my quads and my bum is just like beyond so sore but honestly I really enjoy that like I love feeling so after workouts I just feel so satisfied anyway Shay's a Monday so I want to get back into a really good routine with working out yes anyway I feel like I've talked her way too long so it is now time to head on into the kitchen and make some breakfast all right so as I said I want to get all back into my workouts and just getting into a good routine again however today I really feel like going to the gym so I'm gonna do something that I literally do it all the time when I have no motivation to workout and that is literally just looking up a video on YouTube as I said already my legs are so sore so I don't want to do anything involving legs so I just looked up by 30 minute arms and abs workout and this one it's the first one that popped up it looks good never done it before so I thought you know what why not let's do it it's 30 minutes it'll get my heart rate up and also just make me feel productive for the day and it's just so good for those days where you just have no motivation because it's like you've got your own personal trainer I've got my workout clothes on I'm obsessed with these types they're just matched and they're so comfy and I got them for like twenty four dollars it was so good and progressing let's go Tommy's under cuz I know you're out there somewhere patience waiting a new we're feeling like your grip my tips but I'm chasing speed I'll be right there all of a sudden believe me straight through I today's lunch is literally the pinnacle of like a miscellaneous lunch that I've just chucked together from ingredients in the fridge basically a little rundown of everything I've got in here this is like a creamy coconut tomato based curry sauce we're just like some veggies in it also had dal for dinner the other night so I just mix that in with some quinoa that I just cooked up with some baby spinach for a bit of greenery and their nutritional yeast and sesame seeds on top and honestly it smells so good with sometimes lunches that you literally just chucked together and it's just so many random ingredients are the best kind of turned like a miserable day so this is well warm because I just heated all of that up so I'm very excited it smells amazing now after washing it it feels so soft after having that hair mask in for like 24 hours I need to like brush it out but it feels really just like healthy still got no makeup on and haven't left the house but this is lunch and I'm very excited so what you're saying this is mine just write it up a couple spreads around you've emphasized how we never touch but who can bother with this kind of fire when we've been walking this client frustrated out anybody drove all this hard on the me places what what you find when we've been walking this bag so all right I've actually gotten dressed and I'm a makeup for the day now Sam's gonna pick me up am I going to go see a movie soon but beforehand while I wait for the muffins to cook I thought I would just sit down and talk about intermittent fasting for a second because honestly my opinion about internet fasting has kind of changed over the past month I want to say that is a very kind of hot topic at the moment and myself included like when you hear all these stories about like all this amazing stuff that just like you kind of expect it to work you and yeah I mean I really do think that it's all different for everyone everyone's body everyone's mind everyone is different and so obviously different things are gonna work for different people but after giving you go for probably like a month I didn't do the whole sixteen eight so it's sixteen our fasting eight hours eating a lot of the time I did like fourteen ten so like fourteen hours fasting in town eating a lot of the time because I didn't feel like that just suited me a lot better but honestly think intimate first thing can sometimes actually not be very good and not being very beneficial for certain people who do struggle with certain eating disorders or just disordered eating in general for myself and someone who has struggled with binging I honestly feel like intimate of fasting kind of not right at worse but did kind of make me obsess a little bit more towards food when really with trying to recover from binge eating I wanted to do the absolute opposite of that so I do think the intimate fasting is good and you can see great results from it I know that when I did it I did like that seven-day trial which I can link up in the cards I definitely did see results from it I definitely did feel like a bit leaner every morning however I do not encourage it or recommend it just personally like I obviously don't have any professional background or anything but for myself personally I don't recommend doing it if you are trying to recover or suffering from binge eating or really any disordered eating in tomato passing does kind of promote a little bit of restriction basically just with the time so you obviously have like times where you can eat in times where you cannot eat and you're like fasting obviously but and as I said just before for me it kind of did make me obsess over food even more I would just be constantly thinking of food and when I could eat and just like constant looking at the time then when you can eat I feel like because you've not restricted but kind of like put a restriction on yourself through not eating for its certain amount of time I felt the need to like eight and eight eight and I found that say I stopped eating at 7 p.m. at night I found that like it would be like 652 I'd be like shoveling in food because it's like I knew that I couldn't eat to a certain time the next day I kind of felt like it promoted the binge eating in that last like 10 minutes or the last half an hour of the day where you're like just finish your meal and you know that like you can't eat even if you're hungry if you're sticking to the typical like fasting period like you can't eat too like midday the next day so you're like oh I'm trying to get in as much food as possible which is kind of similar to binge eating for me anyway like you just kind of want to get as much food in you as possible so yeah so yeah that's basically why I have right now decided to stop intermittent fasting I do like to have maybe like a 12 hour like break between evening like dinner and breakfast but if I'm hungry before then I'll obviously eat and if I'm not I won't and I think that's the most important thing if you're trying to recover from any eating disorder but binge eating for me it's not putting any restrictions on yourself so not being like okay I can't eat til 12:00 p.m. the next day or I have to stop eating at 8:00 p.m. at night like it's just putting that extra bit of restriction on you and making you feel like you can't really eat when you're hungry and I feel like that can just lead to binge eating because you know you're putting restrictions on yourself so then you're like oh my god like I just wanna go crazy but yeah that's kind of all I have to say I think I hope I got all the points that I wanted to say basically just opening up a little bit of conversation about intermittent fasting I still think it's great and I think it's great if you don't really suffer anything you're just kind of like trying something new but yeah I just think in terms of binge eating and any kind of like disordered eating kind of putting any restrictions on yourself you want to completely avoid so yeah that's kind of my new opinion on intermittent fasting and is why I'm just kind of stopping it altogether at the moment at who's now terminus I mean talking so that is perfect time to go check on my muffins hard-on I traded me places why what'd you find when we've been walking this plan all right so I'm with this guy now we have come out to see Shazam actually like packed my rubies take them out yeah I'm definitely getting the attendant to check your bag vanilla chocolate and I've also packed my own little banana muffin that I made yeah that's all Germany USA so cute I do all the followers out there something interesting make sure you like comment and subscribe hit the battle icon are you excited for the movie yeah I may not you know not who you know it's not one of these movies sound like froth tonight yeah I don't know let's go find out it was actually really really good like it's one of those feel-good movies that you walk out of the cinema z'm just think feel really happy afterwards oh my movie snacks were delicious I was like she like pulling out my muffin pulling out my chocolate Sam was having these popcorn and it was just a fun time if you're into like a superhero movies but also into like feel-good movies I really really recommend it just been sorting out this whole mess and going through my entire wardrobe but trying to not sure if you can see but I have literally just organized all of my activewear I'm kind of like half organizing all of this trying to get rid of as many things as possible just because I am going away on a very exciting trip soon and kind of planning on doing like a little bit over there so I'm just kind of trying to clear out a bunch of things and also adding a lot of things to my d publication I can link in the description bar and like pop up some photos here of some of the clothes I'm selling but I'm currently uploading a lot a lot of clothes you're all mostly hardly worn at all or just like a completely brand new just not the right size to me or something so if you do want to check out any clothes wanting some cheap clothes I will link my D pop in the description bar so just kinda thought it would be good way to get rid of some nice clothes and also make it a little bit more money alright so this may or may not be my fourth banana and muffin but they are so good or just going to sit here now and do out of work on something exciting that is probably gonna be coming out pretty soon and eat some more of my banana bread muffins and just really have a chill afternoon so I might end the vlog here because I feel like it's pretty long I don't want to make it too long so I really really hope you have enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you did and if you want more just like what I eat in the days and healthy meals and everything and also just like healthy recipes for treats and everything because they are honestly like my favorite things to do I post videos every two days if you would like to subscribe for more and I will see you in my next video


  1. i intermittent fast and i cant tell if its helping or hurting me. i start eating around 2 or so and end at 8 and im not realizing that thats a pretty small window. it did help me in ways that im a highschooler and i do play a sport so eating around 2 when my practice starts at 2:45 is good fuel and then having dinner around 7 at night. i do often end up eating a lot of dinner bc i feel like ive missed out so idk if im doing it wrong or making myself worse.

  2. what was the hair mask you did btw your hair looks so good thats why im asking haha

  3. hey girl!! found ur channel recently & just wanted to say i’m loving your videos!!!! i make similar stuff & it’s no where near as good but i’d love for you to check it out ♥️

  4. Love your videos!! Also, feel exactly the same about intermittent fasting, I mentioned it in a video also because there’s definitely not enough people who give warning on the restrictive component of it
    Sending love 🌞✨

  5. Where do you get your bowls?

  6. how long did it take you to get abs?

  7. can you do a workout video of how you got a smaller waist and abs please?

  8. See? That's why i never make cookies or anything, i eat them al in once😂

  9. just subscribed!!! love your video content

  10. I think IF made my hair fall out 😳

  11. from a professional stand-point, I am aware that Intermittent fasting is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body inflammation and body weight-wise. BUT from also being a general human being who has struggled with binge eating, it can be such a negative influence on the mindset, I completely agree! I am aware of the medical side of it and preach it to some clients in specific circumstances, BUT i choose to ignore it and focus on my mental health and happiness by not doing IF! what works for your body might not work for your mind, and ultimately your thoughts and emotions control your body so take care of your brain first! you're such a good role model sophie!

  12. 100% agree with intermittent fasting, i don't think it's healthy at all in the long run!

    Congrats on 10K 💖

  13. i loveeeee sydney cunning. i follow her workouts like everyday to get an extra workout in. shes so good. higly recommend.

  14. Nutritional yeast is my LIFE !!!💛

  15. Intermittent fasting caused me to develop a binge eating disorder .. it also made my bulimia a lot worse. Hence I gained 20 pounds packing in vegan whole foods in a 4 hours sitting. Eating every 3 hours and eating within the hour or 2 after waking up has kept me healthy. So girl I feel you

  16. what is the topping you put on the smoothie?

  17. have a history of binge compulsion, I find that intermittent fasting sometimes helps and sometimes hinders. I definitely have to set parameters either way!

  18. love your channel! <3

  19. Sophie, you are so wonderful! Thanks for the inspo 💗 PS Do you ship to the US? I tried to place an order earlier and was told to contact you 😊

  20. i LOVED the idea of I.F at first and was so excited to try it out, but i had a similar experience as you 🙁 i think it was beneficial for my physical body by narrowing my eating window, but it screwed me up a lot mentally. it ended up making me really obsess over food- like i was always thinking about when my next meal was etc and then feeling frustrated when i was super hungry first thing in the morning. i also workout everyday and i didn't like how i had to workout fasted in the morning or vise versa, and not be able to eat after a nighttime workout. i definitely think I.F can work for some people, but it ended up just making me feel unhappy and like my whole day had to be structured around my meals.

    thanks for doing this video soph!!! so happy your channel is getting the recognition it deserves ❤️

  21. also you kind of look like myra asmr !

  22. love you so much ! your videos help like no other ~ 💜

  23. Girl yes. If you struggle with not even an ed but just disordered eating.. intermittent fasting is something that should be done!

  24. Do you have a recipe for the curry sauce?

  25. a couple of months back I started intermittent fasting just to try it out. but I got so obsessed over it and it quickly led me to anorexia. luckily I've had friends around that knew a lot about disordered eating and for the last 3 weeks I've been finally actively working on recovery. so intermittent fasting is not smt for me obv but I can see the benefits it has but and agree with everything u said about it!!

  26. I love your channel ❤️❤️❤️ It has helped me a lot

  27. I have found the EXACT opposite to be true! Intermittent fasting has reduced my cravings and has taught me that cravings come and go on their own. I think you were just being a little obsessive about the timing… you don’t need to be so strict about sticking to the exact eating window. It can just be the general idea of waiting to eat until you’re genuinely hungry in the morning, and not snacking at night. It doesn’t need to be “restrictive” lol. Anything can be restrictive or unhealthy if you make it that way.

  28. Your channel is like a hidden gem!!!! You’re so close to 10 k! 🎉🎉🎉 I’ve been here since 6k! And I’ve been obsessed with your video every since! Thank you so much for all your help and motivation that you’ve given me!

  29. Haha love how you were wearing the same top in your intermittent fasting trial video:D love your videos so much, you are such an inspiration! Definitely deserve waay more followers<3

  30. Thank you so much for talking about this topic. I heard so much about intermittent fasting that I tried it out for a few months and found that it lead to binge eating tendencies and mentalities. I felt so bad when I ate during the fasting period but if I was hungry during that time it was all I could think about. Like you said I think that IMF can be really good and I did feel better in the mornings, but the strict schedule isn't for me. For the past couple of weeks I have been doing what you mentioned which is having more of a 12 hour "fast." Sometimes I end up fasting for longer but if I'm hungry I will eat. I am so glad I found your channel where I can relate to someone with similar attitudes towards health and eating.

  31. Love your videos so much, so inspiring and you"re beautiful!!!

  32. Youtube workouts + runs is all i for working out lol love its! Intermittented fasting works so well for me so it interesting hearing someone elses thoughts on it. love you girl

  33. Literally 443 subs until 10k. GO GIRL 😍

  34. your skin looks amazing !!

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