Why horsing around wins at wellbeing

Hi, we’re here just at the Coona Expo
just to talk about the community and friends and family. Being with the horses makes us feel…
I don’t know, just really connected with all the horses, and it’s really nice to
have someone like that doesn’t actually talk to you but you can just know
they’re there and things. Yeah, they like calm you down a bit
get your more thinking a bit of like headspace. I’ve just been around horse of my life
and just feel freedom and it’s good when you’re just galloping along and
you got wind in your hair. It’s good fun. It makes me feel like nothing else
really matters, like that’s all I have to concentrate on. I get to see all my friends
from my old school and catch up with them and meet new people, and I do compete
a lot, so I get to see all my competing friends as well. Competing you just enjoy the… it’s like the rush and you get to win and when you win it feels really good. It’s nerve-wracking, but at the same time
very, very exciting and gets your adrenaline very high. You can be it with
the top one day and then at the bottom the next and it’s just so good to be
able to be there for other people and help other people. I like coming to these
events because I see a lot of people I know, I’ve grown up with, and that’s a
really good community around here. Yeah, I’ve got friends from other schools and
I like catching up with them. You get yo find out what they’ve done in the past
year that you haven’t seen them. At night time you have a good yarn around fires and that. Everyone looks out for each other cause everyone’s kind of in the
same situation and you know you’ve got good friends who look after you
they look out for you and you can rely on them. Ijust really love coming to these types
of events because you never know what’s gonna happen and you can never get too
full of yourself

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