Why Fitness Together?

I’ve tried a couple of different gyms and
some at home stuff. I’m a business owner, so I travel quite a bit time is always my challenge. If there’s one thing I know I’m gonna skip in a day it’s my workout. I’d be motivated some days, some weeks, and then sort of take some time off… I didn’t really have a routine before I
started at Fitness Together So what makes Fitness Together different
it really the one-on-one approach It’s just you and your trainer in your own
workout suite, focused completely on you your goals When I work out at Fitness Together, I have someone there who’s holding me accountable, helping me set goals; but they don’t make me feel awkward they make me feel at home… The greatest thing about being a personal trainer is helping clients reach their goals, building that relationship with them. I’m definitely motivated to come back
because of the people. I love the trainers – they’re fun and challenging, and they push me… Time is always my challenge and the fact that they’re able to customize
everything to me, it just makes it perfect scenario for me to come in and
work out… Whether it’s a time constraint, whether it’s kids, traveling… we’ll keep them on track, no matter what. So the most important thing to me was – as I’m aging, as a woman, to keep as strong and healthy as I can be. Some of the results you can
expect at Fitness Together are increased energy, you’re going to feel better about yourself and how you look, you’re going to lose weight, you’re going to gain strength The staff is professional, educated, and they’re just fun. I started coming to Fitness Together for the One-on-One training. I stayed because I got great results with my fitness trainer. When someone steps on that scale and they reach that weight loss goal… I’m jumping up and down just as much as they are, maybe more. I’m stronger now in my sixties than
I ever was before, at half my age. People always say to me, “You look so much better! You look so much happier! You have more energy…” and I love that. I’ve achieved all sorts of goals that I never thought possible. Two days ago, I ran my first 5k, ever. In some ways, I’m probably in better shape today; than I was 10 years ago The benefits aren’t just what you look like, the benefits are how you feel.

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