Why Fitness Actually Matters HD (58-97 years old) by Mike Vacanti

one of the top reasons why a person
checks into assisted living is because they can’t get off the toilet because
they can’t do a half rep of a bodyweight squat to get off the toilet and so they
have to have someone taking care of them I want to make this video specifically
because fitness is marketed towards young people fitness is seen as abs and
sex and vanity seen on magazine covers and no one is paying attention to what
matters and that is staying stronger and maintaining lean tissue as you get older
and moving around and keeping your diet on point is gonna help you live longer it’s
going to make your life better I’m not feeding you with bullshit either
this isn’t like I don’t want this to be a hype-y video I have trained an 89 year
old man in the gym and help to modify his squat to strengthen his quads and
hamstrings but so that his knees hurt less when he watched that he had better
lung capacity so he felt better when he was moving around this is real I’ve trained a 68 year old woman via the
internet who over the course of three months lost 12 pounds gained a
tremendous amount of strength and if she can continue building those habits and
continue implementing those habits she is going to be better for the rest of
her life because of it you have a huge advantage you also a
huge disadvantage my advantage is that I’m 28 years old I’ve spring in my step
I’ve you I don’t have an artificial hip that’s my advantage that you don’t have
your advantages that you have gripped you were born in the generation that is
completely unlike today’s generation where you have grit i was given
everything on a silver platter I don’t have that hunger right you have that
you’ve had hardship in your life you haven’t been given things that create
strength diamonds are built under pressure like you can do this and you
can dig to that like piece of your body and your soul that you have in it put
out the effort to make this change like the people who are so obsessive about it
are chasing abs are chasing a butt or should like they’re 22 year old girls
like trying to post up on Instagram or their dudes like us even just trying to
get stronger and look better but that isn’t the population where it matters
where it matters is the 57 year old woman who’s postmenopausal and his
metabolic rate is slowing down and who’s gained six pounds of body fat per year
and who is going to lose time on the back end of her life
whether that means dying earlier like straight-up that’s just what’s going to
happen on having mobility issues having strength issues that is preventable that
is something that three days a week 35 to 40 minutes of strength training
powerlifting that Arnold Schwarzenegger stuff not steroids stuff not picking up
500 pounds literally doing what you can that can be body weight that can be
modified half rep bodyweight work to keep your muscles and your joint strong
that’s 10 extra years that 77 to 87 on your own rather than having to live in
this community that you don’t really like that’s why this video has to be
made because you and me and getting like lean and posting shit on snapchat that
doesn’t matter the 58 to 97 year old that matters yeah


  1. Mike Vacanti. you're spot on. I work in a nursing facility, and the biggest issue is I see is mobility. None of these senior citizens exercised in their mid-life. Thanks for taking the time to acknowledge this. Your message is brilliant, genius and leading-edge

  2. I've never looked at it like this. I am a 42 year old gal who is a runner and I am getting into the best physical shape of my life. Thanks for the reminder that this goes beyond vanity. 🙂

  3. I've been training with older adults for the past 20 years and this is an excellent video. Towards the end you mentioned living in a place we don't like…….the cost of these places is insane. My father-in-law is paying $7000 a month to live in a semi-private room at such a facility. Thanks for posting this Mike.

  4. a good man with a good heart right here ! knows whats important ! and good consensus on what heathy eating means i saw this video after someone posted it on Facebook and i had to re-share. I just disagree with this guys philosophy of counting his macros (as seen in other videos) because some macros are better then others (but you do seem to mention that a lot in your equals videos) but if your always on the go and have very lil control over what you can eat its a good way of looking at things

  5. This is an awesome video! and SO TRUE! I'm ALL about my 45 minute cardio racewalking here in SW Florida in the heat…but I don't always do my strength training afterwards … planks & squats are involved and I need to add back in my free weights. THANK YOU…am posting this all around Facebook especially targeted to my high school classmates as we approach 60 years old.

  6. This is gold.Thank you.

  7. Really inspiring video, Mike – thanks for posting! At V!VA Retirement Communities, our Community Members participate in our V!VAfit wellness program for all the reasons you listed. Each person receives 1:1 coaching from our specially-trained team, and they can swim in our saltwater pool, exercise on pneumatic-resistance equipment (same stuff some NHL teams use), or join one of dozens of fitness classes. Suffice it to say, they all love it and appreciate the benefits of exercise as they age. You can check us out on YouTube: https://youtu.be/CZ2IUE3ndQk. And the next time you're around Toronto or Ottawa, feel free to stop by for a tour!

  8. Awesome video Mike! I watched my grandparents decline to that state then die. I'm now watching another loved one do the same. Life isn't always a straight line. It's not always a clear cut way to get from the womb to the grave. There are a lot of psychological barriers that we sometimes put up ourselves, that seem so heavy and overbearing that it's hard to get off that metaphorical "toilet". Help people when you can.

  9. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing this and for being you.

  10. Someone has to say it. Thank you sir, this was a beautiful message!

  11. Awesome video. Definitely a point everyone needs to start to think about. Thanks for making this!! Great channel

  12. as a person in this age group who's experienced these issues I think this video is necessary

  13. You are awesome! I am not in that age bracket yet, but I needed this kick in the pants. I have not been exercising for quite a while and there is no reason for it. I love to exercise and I need to get back in the habit. Thank you!

  14. Never a truer statement has been made. I can't wait to recover from my knee surgery and start going to the gym.

  15. Hey Mike. Just discovered you today about 20 minutes ago! Glad to find someone who actually realizes the real power of fitness. We discuss these things in class. currently 3 months out of my associates in sports medicine then off to a bachelors. That last line made it all man. "getting lean and posting it on snap chat…doesn't matter!" love it man. keep doing what you do and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your YouTube videos! be easy man.

  16. amazing dude, love the honesty about generations. sending to my parents as we speak

  17. Very impressive video … I've copied and shared the link many times already.

  18. love the video, it made me cry because it's so true.  I am not in your targeted age group but one day I will be (sooner than I'd care to admit).  It makes me for sure want to take better care of myself now.  I will for sure share this with everyone I know because even if they aren't the target age group EVERYONE knows someone who IS and would love to see them in better health.

  19. Having lost my grandmother a few months ago (and she didn't take care of herself at all for all the years of my memory and was "only" 77 when she died), this video and this message is only one of the many reasons that I respect you as a trainer and a human, Mike. Great point!

  20. I loved this message! I am a CPT who has taught seniors and they were having trouble getting out of a chair. I am 59 years old and I teach Spinning, Insanity LIVE, P90X and Cardio Boot Camp. My message is always "Get Moving!" Like Jack LaLanne once said " I would rather wear out than rust out!"

  21. This is awesome and the TRUTH and exactly why I'm so grateful that my 58 yr old brother started me running 35 years ago and now at 59 I've training for my 6th IM 70.3 and at 56 I finished my first full IM 140.6 and I'm going to visit my 85 year old Father who bikes 50 miles/week. Just. Keep. Moving.

  22. Great video mike! I really love this respect! Did D-Rock help with this one?

  23. 52 Years old. Two years into my return to cycling and racing. Dropped from 250 lbs to 180 lbs. Back into my size 31 pants I wore when I was a junior in high school. Functional Threshold Power of 255 watts and rising, Sprint over 1000 watts and rising. Plank for 2.5 minutes at a time. lunges with 60 lbs. and the list goes on. I am still improving and am excited for my future. Cycling/Training to immortality. 😉

    Sir YOU know what you are talking about and I wish I had a strength coach like you.Keep it up with the same passion you are now. You will make a huge impact. As far as I am concerned you already have.


  24. Thank you for the video. This is why I have subscribed. Because you share such strong messages. I feel that there is a massive gap in the market which does not target the 50+…
    Parents are not as motivated as they feel fitness is for 'young people'. Please make more similar videos.

  25. I am 73 … I work out three times a week with a weight machine … I still ride a motorcycle and stay on my feet as much as possible. I do all the cooking, grocery shopping, many other household duties. I retired at 68. I am relatively fit and healthy, prostate cancer notwithstanding …. The man is correct. Fitness matters especially when you are old and fading.

  26. Grit? Buddy, you're the one with grit. Keep it up. You'll go the distance.

  27. Not to mention depression: working out makes you less likely to be depressed, less likely to waste time sitting on coach, less likely to become asocial… I have read very powerful stories of both young and older people, where fitness literally saved their life: like they found the strength to pursue their dreams or to ask their future wife/husband out or to sponsor a good cause like make-a-wish-foundation or to have the confidence to meet new friends or travel or find a new job they would truly care about and so on. It's a way deeper than physical transformation when you get from unfit to fit.

  28. Nice. What my sister "preaches." 🙂

  29. Nice, something people need to understand.

  30. Keep preaching this!  My generation needs it – we automatically think we are going to need new knees and hips, why?  Because it's easier to sit than exercise, that's why, and everybody feels that way…  I turn 60 in two weeks, go to Zumba twice a week and strength training twice a week and have never felt or looked better.  I would much rather sleep in than go to my classes, but once you're up and moving it gets a whole lot better and you feel great 🙂  Teaching people how to eat and exercise would save this country billions in health care costs every year, unfortunately it's easier to give someone a pill.  Not me.

  31. So true!

  32. Love this. Whenever I get to the gym I'm thinking long term instead of short term.

  33. Came here after seeing your instagram post. As a 16 year old, of course I got into fitness as a way to "get big", "picking up chicks", and basically as a simply self-serving egoistic pursuit. But your video has definitely opened my eyes, and allowed me to see further than just getting a shredded six pack and huge biceps. Fitness is much more than obtaining a shredded physique and having aesthetics, as I first came to believe. I've bookmarked this video and saved it in my favorites in hopes that down the road, possibly 5 – 10 years later, I'll continue to remember why fitness is such an invaluable part of our lives, and continue to see what's truly important. Thanks Mike.

  34. LOVE U!
    I work with this, and other, demographics to improve their mobility at about 700 appointments and approximately 50 unique clients per year. Sometimes I feel like I'm about the only one who gets it. I'm their therapist, their trainer, their coach, their cheerleader, their teammate, their chef, their conscience, and anything else they need. Whatever it takes to get them to get IT.
    Thank you for being on the same team!

  35. Mike this video should have way more views than it has right now. The message is just so powerful!
    Shared it so it could break the bullshit barrier in youtube and have the impact it deserves.
    Hope this helps, keep killing it dude

  36. Such a good video!

  37. Always keeping it real, Mike. Talk about an inspirational video.

  38. How about 58-110

  39. I've been a personal trainer for 20 years and this is one of the most profound things I have ever seen on YouTube. It turned me into a loyal follower of your channel. Great work Mike. Thanks for making this video. Inspirational.

  40. This is such an important message! You are a light worker brother! Keep it up. I will send this to my aging mom because she is tired of hearing it from me. I don't think you mentioned bone density. Resistance training is starting to be recognized as THE biggest factor in keeping bone density and even increasing it as we age. You are great man!

  41. Every time I watch this, it moves me. Thank you.

  42. Love this!

  43. Awesome stuff great communicator too

  44. Mike I'm 63 and just getting back to working out after 20 years. Thanks for posting this message. Many of my contemporaries see no use for strength training and think of it as a young man's thing. If we believe the stats that most of us will live into our late 80s and 90s we need to prepare for that by staying strong. I want to show that strenght training is not just to look good but that there are some very pratical every day life functional benefits to being stronger. Case in point getting up off the toilet. I've lost 20 pounds off my 5'7" frame and am now at 143. I hope to gain 6-7 pounds of muscle and get up to and maintain 150. Thanks again!

  45. Caveat: EVERYBODY has a best-before date, and NOBODY knows when that is.

  46. I realize how important fitness is now more than ever as I recently tore my ACL and have arthritis in my knees and bone spurs . Just makes me more determined than ever to become more fit as good health doesn't last forever if I don't become more fit. Thanks for an amazing insightful video.

  47. You nailed it! My parents always told me if I worked harder at work I wouldn't have to "go to that stupid gym". I took off from work this fall and had to stay with them because they both needed help walking and couldn't get off the toilet. My father passed away last month and we had to move mother to a care facility. I use to do the 2 hour gym workout, now it's 30 min. I hit it hard and i'm out. I do get 10,000 steps a day in also. I am leaner and better shape than 20 years ago. Great vids keep it up!

  48. Nice. Thanks

  49. Do you have a video for this exact purpose?

  50. Still your best yet… more of these Mike.. so powerful

  51. Fantastic message. Thanks for this. I agree with you. Your video will spark movement I hope – in this older generation and get others to move for the "right" reasons. Thanks for making this video.

  52. Hi, I hit 58 a week ago. I start doing Yoga and a small amount of gym work.

    This video is so on point. Your 100% right.

    58 or 78 is no longer old. It's just in your head. Upgrade your wellness and I'll see you at 105…

  53. i just watched this video 6 x.

  54. 🏆

  55. great points. Research shows that even teenagers like us can have super high triglycerides and high cholesterol and fall victim to heart disease and diabetes. It is important that we do these things all along isuch as the exercise you advocate plus ncluding eating high quality organic food and making sure we get all of the vitamins and minerals and herbals our bodies need as in depth research has exposed is absolutely increasing longevity and wiping out disease. Big pharma pushes aside these natural super health, cancer and heart disease preventing and curing micronutrients and calls nonmainstream doctors quacks because they cure stage 4 brain cancer for a fraction of there life shortening so called cancer treatments. Research shows that simply supplementing natural nongmo micro nutrients will greatly reduce incidence of all kinds of disease and improve the quality of life at every point.

  56. Dude, what an amazing intro. Holy shit. Good stuff. I came here from some Gary Vee vids. I'll keep watching.

    Would love to send you an email about recovering from ACL/MCL surgery.

  57. Truth 100%

  58. Just had to share this on my facebook. Your belief is so in line with how I have always felt

  59. Thank you so much for making this video, Mike! I saw it last Christmas (2015) and thought it was really good. But when I watched it again this Christmas in the ER with my dad, it really hit home for me — spent 4 more days in the hospital with my dad — helping him get in and out of his hospital bed when the nurses weren't around. Saw this reality firsthand, and it made me worry about my dad (and my mom) (and made me think about myself and my health too). Thanks for keeping it real.❤

  60. I love your videos man!!

  61. Such a positive Video Mate. I posted it on my site so other can get the message. Your right we are not all 28, as we get older we MUST maintain fitness.

  62. I just want to say thank you for this. I'm dealing with this in my family right now, and I really hope that sharing it with them helps to give them a little more of a push to try to get better. Thank you.

  63. +Mike Vacanti You Are So Right! I've been doing CrossFit at the box "CrossFit Medis" here in Stockholm, Sweden for some 18 months now, and I'm loving it! Okay, but that's nothing too uncommon, you say? Well, I'm 48 and I've had Parkinson's Disease for 22+ years! CrossFit hasn't cured me in any way, but I get to practice the muscles in my body during the good (or ON as we say in Parkinson-speak) hours of the day, which helps me loads during the bad (or OFF) hours. Also, I feel like the movements we do in Crossfit, burpees, deadlifts, wallballs, box step-ups, … , are reprogramming my brain, helping it "remember" day-to-day movements (or you might say it's refreshing my muscle memory, if you like) when Parkinson's is breaking down those same neural pathways.

  64. Hey Mike, Wow! This is first video we have even seen talk about this topic! That's a powerful message. We would love to share your video. 🙂

  65. I saw your stuff through Gary Vee. Really great video, it's never to late to start. I've gone to the gym since I was about 20 years old, I'm 32 now and everybody thinks i look 25-27.

  66. I felt honestly pretty alone in the fitness industry that I'm lifting for my retired self. Telling people to stop chasing abs and start getting stronger for their long term selves. This video confirms my beliefs. Thank you for the vid man, subbed

  67. This was great. Im wanting my parents and soon to be in laws to start moving more. #hodgebody

  68. Good looking out yo~!

  69. Your words to those advancing in age are so important Mike.

  70. Love this video!!! Well said…

  71. Hi. I'm in Uk and for some reason can't see this video!? Wanted to share with my friends. 🙁

  72. Just sent this to my parents hoping I can explain why its not too late and why this matters SO much, they don't want to pay for personal training. How do you recommend they get started? Dad is 70, has back and shoulder pain and Mom is 61, and has knee and joint issues.

  73. Awesome stuff!!! Will comment and like all your stuff.

  74. like the videos! nice content!

  75. TRUTH. My most FULFILLING experiences training were usually with my OLDER clients. This is because many of my older clients were training to stay ALIVE and FUNCTIONAL, as opposed to getting more shredded abs or a bigger "Instagram booty".

  76. On point long-term thinking. Grounded, practical and inspiring. Thank you! The baby boomers will need us…they already do.

  77. great words! Thanks for sharing!

  78. I am overweight and I am scared of diabetes and high blood pressure, everything else is cosmetic. I know I can do this, but I need to remind myself that I am cheating myself when it comes to nutrition.

  79. This is great. I just turned 59 last month, and this video was one of the deciding factors in joining a gym and hiring a good training team. (I really needed someone in person!) Much, much gratitude to you!

  80. This is the video that put you on my radar.

  81. the most real fitness YouTuber

  82. Awesome that you made a video covering this topic! Respect 🙂

  83. This video is absolutely GOLDEN. I’m a registered nurse and I’ve saved it as part of my wellness arsenal to show to patients, family and friends. It’s absolute TRUTH and a treasure. It’s also the straw that broke the camel’s back and has given me the forward volition I’ve needed to attend to my own personal fitness level. God bless you Mike!

  84. damn, next time I go to the gym im bringing my mother with me. She is 55 years old and i couldn't stand seeing her going thru troubles as simple as walking. Great message

  85. You're amazing!

  86. Hey, Mike, saw this video a year ago and was inspired. Was having trouble getting out of bed and could job 1-2 minutes. Completed a sprint triathlon yesterday and am 40 lbs. lighter. THANKS for the push to get started!

  87. I love this video and message so much! I was just talking with my niece about why it's so important to do resistance training. My 65 y/o grandmother with Parkinson's had a physical therapist when she could afford it, that would encourage resistance training. From floor exercises like glute bridges to band work. It matters. It makes all the difference. Thanks for posting this! ❤

  88. Preach! That's what I've been noticing as a young personal trainer and a group instructor for my older clients. I also preach this to my younger clients, quality of workouts for longevity. Thanks for this message! It confirmed a lot for where my thoughts have been going for working with my older clients!

  89. <3

  90. Brilliant 🙂

  91. Well said

  92. Exercise is most definitely the fountain of youth. I didn't start lifting heavy stuff until the age of 62, I'm 70 now and I'm proof it's never too late!! Good video man as I've really never thought of it that (can't get off the pot) before but I knew that's the way I was feeling at just 62 it was coming my way!! Respect! By the way never give up your vanity either because we always have our ego which helps our commitment. This is me, really! Not lying and I really am 70 years old. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfag2c9tiw2fo60/20180105_085523%20%284%29.jpg?dl=0

  93. Millenials suck

  94. Who wants to live those extra years

  95. I am 32 years old a male person. My weight is almost 92kg and height is 5.10". I want to share my winter sleeping experience. I want to tell that I feel very severe pain in my shoulder joints whenever wake up in the mooring I am not able to move my shoulders. I want to heal up with some exercises do you have any <a href="http://www.wiz-paper.com/">fitness suggestion</a> for me

  96. Mike, I shared your video in 2017 and I re-watched it today. You are wise beyond your years and you understand something that I would never have understood when I was 28. I'm the 57 year old woman you talked about. I'm not overweight but I'm losing muscle mass faster than I can keep it. Your video made me realize that I need to be strategic, I need to learn how to weight train for my age. Thanks for caring about all of us who are aging.

  97. Wow. This is so true! Wow. Loving your channel!

  98. Omg I had a 60 year old trainer tell me this 19 years ago and now I'm 55! I am going to the gym 3 days a week and I found your macro app! 👍😍🤩⭐🥰

  99. Had to watch this again….truth be told…this video inspired me to a great length. It was posted on Facebook a couple of years ago, and I knew I had to make a change, and it was the first time I believed in someone in fitness. It’s been a long journey but I have substantially changed my physical health and mental well-being.

  100. Great video bro

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