Why did Brenda Watson write the Skinny Gut Diet?

Well i have been involved in digestive care
for many years and i went to a symposium well over a year ago to look at the new research
on probiotics and weight management. And it began in 2004 when they were taking the gut
microbes from obese mice and putting them into normal-weight mice and the normal weight
mice got fat. And then, lo and behold, they started doing that in humans and say the same
trend. And so, as a result of that symposium, my brain started churning. I thought, “Wow,
I want to try this myself.” Because I know how to test the gut microbes with a stool
analysis, so I went about getting together 10 people to do the program over a period
of six months, working with them weekly, changing their diets, testing their good levels of
bacteria, and so I was so excited, they inspired me so much, that we wrote the book!

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