Why Choose a Career in Public Health at Shenandoah University

it's not just straight stick I guess anatomy and disease it really does cover it gets to the root of the problems that we see in the healthcare field it deals you know with the starting phases of diseases and it deals with population issues that we see a lot in healthcare an epidemic it really is just insight into the health industry that you can't get otherwise the reason why I'm studying public health is that it's a rewarding profession you know it involves like improving people's life so from where I came from like from Africa I mean a lot of women a lot of children died so I just want to go there and make a difference train students to be our next generation of problem solvers to tackle public health problems that are affecting large populations of people in the u.s. here domestically but also globally and so the coursework is multidisciplinary it combines core Public Health coursework with basic sciences and social sciences that's also grounded in liberal arts training I found Public Health because I was a biology major and I was doing a lot of international travel and I was trying to find some career path that kind of merged those two passions of mine I guess and public health was the perfect fit for that I just want to go back and work in an ad developing country that meets that meets this kind of intervention it's one great thing about public the public health field as you are not pigeon-holed into one specific discipline you get a very broad-based training that allows you to go into fields like clinical medicine but also epidemiology and biostatistics which are the disease hunters in the public health field but also you can be trained in public health administration and the business side of healthcare and healthcare models students who graduate from this program are ready to go straight into the field and work as community health workers or public health advocates and other various roles in public health departments insurance companies and other clinical offices as well and they also have good success in getting into clinical advanced graduate degrees as well like physician's assistants occupational therapy nursing so that's also a path for public health students as well I've always been told that the public health degree of this umbrella of opportunities and since I've been a part of the major I've actually seen some of the career opportunities out there you can do political work you can work epidemiology the possibilities are endless a lot of times we'll work with a lot of nonprofits in the area and luckily Winchester has a really great network of nonprofits I I did an internship at AIDS response effort in Winchester and I've also worked at Boys and Girls Club I've worked with in the schools and I've done just like a broad range of projects within the community

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