WHY A Healthcare "Public Option" WILL NOT WORK!

so Seth Moulton was on lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC and he apparently is not for medicare-for-all he's for a he's not for a single-payer program and lawrence O'Donnell asked him about it and this is what he had to say and then we're going to go over why this is definitely what he has to say is a horrible idea and it and it's a common idea and it's something that we need to be able to combat so I'm going to give you all of the ways that we will combat this horrible idea here it is I'm the only candidate in this race who actually get single-payer health care because I made a commitment to continue going to the VA when I was elected to Congress I said as long as my fellow vets are going there I'm gonna go there too because we know it's a broken system and I'll tell you I've seen the good the bad and ugly there are some things the VA does well like they negotiate prescription drug prices Medicare could learn a lesson from that Medicare doesn't do that so the VA prescription black guerrilla printed by law from correct yeah correct would you change that law well absolutely but I would also not force Americans onto a government plan designed in 1963 if they don't want to give up their private health care plan and why because I think competition is good I think competition is so you open Medicare to people who want to exactly this is exactly what President Obama called for in a public option a public option that competes against private options and you know what if it competes them out of business and so be it but the point is competition brings down prices for everybody I think about the US Postal Service I mean does anyone if the next president went to Congress and said we are going to put UPS and FedEx out of business so they no longer compete with the u.s. postal system is there any American who thinks that that would be good that that would improve efficiency or lower prices no I mean just in the same way that competition is good for delivering packages competition is good for delivering health care and I and I say that knowing what it's like to get single-payer health care to sit in VA waiting rooms where people have literally died waiting to get care the first time I got surgery at the VA they sent me home with the wrong medications so we got to do better than that and I think that's what the American people want okay first of all the VA is not only single-payer health care it's also socialized medicine and nobody is talking about socialized medicine not even Bernie Sanders the person that everybody thinks is the biggest socialist in the race nobody is talking about socialized medicine what that means is you okay single-payer means one entity is paying for all of the bills for a certain demographic of people so what we're wanting in this country is for the government to take on that responsibility essentially and negotiate the drug prices negotiate the service prices and basically everybody is in the same insurance pool and the government is the one paying out the providers not a single payer yes the VA is also a single payer program in a way but the VA also on top of that single payer provides all of the medical services so the government is owning the hospital's owning the clinics paying the doctors paying the nurses paying the providers that is very different than Medicare for all Medicare does not operate like that Medicare is a government insurance plan but all of the hospitals and all of the doctors and all the clinic's are private they run themselves they are not run by the government so first of all Seth Moulton is wrong right then and there out of the gate the VA is a different system than what we are proposing the majority of us are saying we just want the government help the government to pay for the health care because they're in they're going to pay less they're going to do what they can to lower the prices we're not saying we want to go to government doctors and hospitals secondly you know on the surface his argument sounds fine right when he says oh the Postal Service nobody wants to just go to the Postal Service to have packages delivered we like to have the option of UPS and FedEx and all of that yes that is true we do like to have those options so when he talks about competition I think that resonates with a lot of people a lot of people here that may think yeah I like competition competition makes things better here's the problem nobody really cares about the competition of the health insurance company you don't care if you have a great insurance company the person who files your paperwork you're not sitting there thinking wow they filed that paperwork way faster and this other company filed the paperwork know you're looking for a great doctor you want a great hospital you want a great clinic you want great care not great insurance necessarily so the competition really is more about within the hospitals within the doc amongst the doctors the clinic's the hospitals the actual care is where we want that competition to be focused not on the insurance so so there's you know that and I think that's where people get really confused and I think that's where most people are starting to use this argument they say why not competition as healthy that is true but nobody cares about their insurance they care about their doctors so right now what we've got actually is you are very limited when you select an insurance plan which many people don't even get to select their insurance plan their insurance is provided by their employer so most people actually have very little choice and there's very little competition going on your boss tells you which provider they're allowing you to which insurance provider they're going to offer you as an employee then inside of that insurance provider they tell you which doctors hospitals and clinics are in their network so you don't have all the choice in the world you actually get a very limited choice when we have Medicare for all actually all the choices open up if every hospital every doctor every clinic is all going to accept the Medicare for All system because that's the only system to accept then you as a patient get to pick anybody there is nowhere that's going to say no sorry we don't accept your insurance because they do there's only one insurance company so actually eliminating all the private insurance companies creates more competition because now you get to go to any Hospital any doctor any clinic any provider that is why it is so much better for competition now there are some downsides we'd have to work on how do we incentivize hospitals clinics doctors providers to perform better and there are ways that we could come up with that work we're clever we're smart people aren't we you know this is the United States like I feel like we've done some good things in the world and we've been very innovative so I think we could probably innovate a way to ensure that these hospitals these doctors these clinics these providers are all competing in a way that they provide excellent exceptional care so you know right now we're working in a very limited system you're not getting a lot of choice right now what it's really similar to I know he was using the package delivery services what you've got right now is when your employer says look you're gonna get Blue Shield Blue Cross that's all you're getting from us and then you call them up and they say well here's your list of providers and this is in networking you have to choose from this this is like only being allowed to shop at one store and that one store is only offering you a certain number of choices you don't get all the choices in the world you get the choices that that one store offers for you and you don't have the option of going to another store so right now we're very limited on our choices and we're very limited you know so another point and this is what a lot of the candidates who are not really for Medicare for all need to understand is that if you continue to allow private insurance to compete in this market a suit at the provider level at the doctor's office at the hospitals the paperwork is not reduced now all the sudden you know they're still dealing with all of the insurance companies plus another one right they've got now an expanded Medicare system plus they've got all of these various different insurance companies so they're still dealing with the paperwork reducing that middleman and reducing that paperwork is essential to reducing medical costs that's one of the aspects of reduction of that cost now what do we do with all those employees well many of the plans call for retraining these employees or early retirement for some of these employees but also we're gonna need more doctors we're gonna need more hospitals and more clinics because we're gonna need because now everybody has the ability to get care rather than some people just going away and dying and becoming sick we now would have a system where everybody could get care that means we need more providers so all of these people who are pushing paperwork on the insurance side could then maybe go and get a job at a clinic that's popping up because new ones will need to and they can start working on the you know the management side of those clinics or the paperwork cited the clinics because there of course would still be some paperwork just not as much so reducing the paperwork at the insurance level and at the provider level with all of the different insurance companies is essential to reduction of the cost also if you allow the private insurance to continue going private insurance companies are going to take all the healthy people at really low prices and the hem its that will leave the government with the government insurance company plan with all of the sick people and that will surely bankrupt that system it will make it fail and that is ultimately what those who are against Medicare for all that's what they want they want the system to fail because they want to revert back to the private insurance companies the way that it was ten years ago where many many people quite literally and even still today end up dying from their illnesses because they can't afford the care so you're surely gonna crash it you're sure now you could say well we could put in some protections like we do now with the ACA where private insurance companies can't deny people they can't deny you for pre-existing conditions and etc etc etc but that is easily dismantle it dismantled and that is what those who oppose and those who work very hard full on behalf the insurance companies they work very hard to oppose this and they do try to dismantle these things we've seen this already with the ACA the slow chipping away at some of the various protections and to keep the system going in to keep the system thriving so you're gonna see that chipping away the system would surely crash that's what the private insurance companies want that's what the the people who accept money from them want of the content of people in Congress accept money from them so that is a bad deal we can't do that we can't leave all of the sick people with the government and all the healthy people with private insurance companies that's not the way this can work so you know so Seth Moulton you know he's running for president really flimsy on this it's there's he sounds like a Republican quite frankly on this issue and we've been able to prove for many years now why Medicare for all is a great system why it would work for everybody it would it would bring more competition it would lower – it would lower medical prices it's all all-around good no one's talking about socialized medicine with having government-run hospitals clinics and and doctors even though that is what they do in the UK and you know some critics will point the UK and say oh we don't want their system but you know when was the last time you went to England and you saw sick and dead people lying in the street when was the last time you opened up British news and you read about all the sick and dying people you don't read about that you don't hear about that maybe it takes a little bit longer than it would here in the United States – for a non-emergency a surgery but you know in order to ensure that the person who really legitimately has an emergency can get in you know I'm willing to I'm willing to wait if that means an extra month I'm willing to wait if that means somebody who really desperately needs the care can get in before me I think that's just a normal human thing to do and I think if you were standing next to that person quite literally you would let them go in to the doctor before you if you saw that they were really truly in need you would say please please help them first at least I would like to think that you would so you know guys Medicare for all is the only solution that's it we can't go half-ass into it we can't slide our way in or ease our way in we've just got to go full-bore medical medicare for all now if you want to phase it in year by year and say okay we're going to lower the age lower the age lower the age and within three years everybody has it okay fine but we got to do it it's got to be full full steam ahead into it none of this pansy you know around and saying oh no competition no no Seth Moulton no you're wrong everybody who agrees with you is wrong on this we need Medicare for all period


  1. Medicare for all exists alongside private health insurance here in Australia – M4A is the safety net for people who can't afford private cover… paid for by a ~ 2% levy we pay with our taxes…

  2. why is he comparing package delivery services with services THAT FUCKING KEEP PEOPLE ALIVE??

  3. I’m not with Medicare for all it’s gonna bankrupt and fail regardless. The tax hike alone will be rediculous.

  4. Kim, exactly, you hit the nail with this piece. I have been hoping that more people will say this. With the public option the private insurance will get all the healthy people and push the sick to Medicare public option and in the long run Medicare will fail and that is what the companies and the Republicans want. And we will end up with the privatization of Medicare. With single payer we will get economies of scale and prices will be reduced.

  5. Overall a good perspective. But you are wrong about socialized medicine. Read the book "The Best Healthcare Anywhere" (If your wondering it's at the VA.). It's about socialized medicine which you acknowledged in the video occurs in the VA. What you missed as you dismissed it is that not only is dramatically cheaper than Medicare (40% from 1999 to 2007), it provides better outcomes. What I care about is getting access to the VA system (or VA like system) where my chances of not having a second heart attack after my first is 40% less than with the best private insurance. Isn't better survival rates (in addition to everyone getting healthcare the real goal of healthcare?

  6. The private companies already make the government take the expensive patients. Why do you think the government covers old people and veterans? Same with flood insurance for homes.

  7. American's are children . The problem is the CURRENCY , the Federal Reserve is a scam . The Government has the power to CREATE money , but they BORROW money at interest no less , creating perpetual debt making it impossible to pay for things like Universal Health care . Until the brain-dead and Ms Iversen take the time to understand " fractional reserve banking " they are just blowing hot air . Post Office ? The Post Office is actually the legitimate National Bank . Ben Franklin , the First Postmaster General was a PRINTER . Think about it . He printed the Nation's money and the Government distributed it to the people via the Post Office . The Government's money is the PEOPLE'S MONEY . The Government didn't LOAN the money , the King of England did that , they DISTRIBUTED the money . Franklin , Jefferson and the Founders created a system in which all could enjoy perpetual prosperity , which is why the Banks and the gullible try to discredit the Founders .

  8. You could have a mandatory single-payer system without outlawing private insurance. It works very well in Japan. Insurance companies essentially no longer compete with the public health care, and it's just a baseline.

  9. I can not agree with you on this one, I do care about my health insurance company, and I have left insurance companies in the past because I did not like something that they were doing and went to a different insurance company. With your system, I would not have that option. Having all healthcare paid for by the other taxpayers IS Socialized Medicine, I don't care what label you want to put on it.

  10. If a president were to go to the Congress and put private couriers out of business, I would vote for it in a heartbeat. I would also vote for more funds for USPS to expand and widen its coverage and keep money grubbers out of it all. I would also free USPS from all the shackles that are put on it by the government in the name of competition.
    Ditto for health coverage.

  11. I was just watching this TEDx Talk and I think maybe if these ideas were implemented we wouldn't really need to worry about high costs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ws4IxdAdyM&t=

  12. You are so pretty Kim! Im not really paying attention that much about your reporting 🙂 I just can't stop watching your face!!! You're a Goddess!!!

  13. Pass! Yet another candidate to fail to appeal on the level of Bernie Sanders.
    There seems to be an endless parade of corporate shill candidates spouting absurdist rhetoric as to why we shouldn't support the policies Bernie Sanders supports, and they all fail miserably.

  14. I live in Norway. We can choose our primary physician, and what hospitals we want to be treated at. The hospitals here are run as health corporations, designated Regional Health Authorities, of wich there are four. They are subordinate to, and reports to the Ministry of Health. The government allocate funds on annual, biannual basis and also through five years long term plans, from the annual state budget where funding and lawmakers debate, negotiate and process by party their notes on the health budget, before being signed into law, and made effective every Jan 1st of each year.

  15. Kim: you are simply out of this world! You are the best.. I wish I can clone you to have another Kim in my country

  16. This is a super important conversation. It's a no brainer to espouse free healthcare for all, that is until the healthcare and big pharma lobby shills come out with their BS. When it is going to come to crunch time, they are going to come out kicking and screaming and will try pull every trick in the book. It is super important to educate people on the mechanics of this issue. Good work!

  17. Please speak of one of tge biggest scandals of our time. Too much silence already. Acosta. . Trump… Epstien.. Sex trafficking. https://youtu.be/M-zNZN6XxBc

  18. In Taiwan single payer system, to avoid everyone race to medical center to exhaust medical resources. Government set the visting fee 4x if regular paitents do not visit local clinic first before he grand the permission that this paitent can not be treated by local clinic. Still, if any paitent feel the urgent, he can stil pay4x to medical center. Giving time, paients will stop rush to big medical center and reach a balance.

  19. Kim, you probally have some Taiwaness friends, you can ask them regarding the pro and con on single payer medical system in Taiwan. The way I see it, it sequeeze certain fields to benefit the majority.

  20. When you have a smarmy smile like Ramsey Bolton, there's probably a good chance we shouldn't listen to you lol

  21. I just cant take my eyes off of this woman. Good vid too.

  22. I'm Australian we have universal health care. I went to MY DOCTOR this week for a problem cost to me $0 I am having quite a few blood tests  and radiology scans cost  to me $0 I I needed several anti biotics cost to me $20 Yes I pay more in tax but I know I will not be bankrupted by poor health. Our system works

  23. Kim has viking blood .. she cant help it …
    if you want a decent future .. listen to this woman

  24. in Denmark .. i have acces free to help… but they destroyed the system .. the past 18 years

  25. I was charged around $3.5k bcz a doc took 15-20 mns w me. All she did was ask questions. Inject me w numbing fluid. Cut abt 1 cm open on a penny sized bump on my body. Squeezed out a lil puss. Apply glue. Bandage and tape. Prescribed 2 weeks antibiotics and a cream.
    -A Citizens of the USA.

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