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hey everybody this is Klaus from black Pixies rats hello yes Adam where's Mike and I'm gonna hold foods vegan whoo and then we're gonna go back home to healthy vegan milk wrap come with us hey guys today I'm with Kirsten I'm with Klaus they're gonna help me out I'm gonna start with some items in the bulk bin and then get some berries and some tofu tempeh soy milk and then Klaus and person are gonna help me with some of the other extraneous items like produce creams etc hey guys so I'm trying to find avocados but I got distracted by this really cool eco-friendly wine section how's it going sir what's your name Siwon vegan three years ago and why do they be in documentary yeah pretty much this yeah learning about all that we are at the Bulge bin section for me this is my focus when I go to the store is it the best way to get a lot of items for a really good amount of money and still get them organic well slot-c is getting the rice I said oh yeah I've been on it I'm gonna get one of these into the basket so we're gonna do four different styles meal and we're gonna start with quinoa then we're going to the brown rice we're gonna need white rice we're also gonna need lentils and the last thing I'm gonna get is the oats so I just do cut and in this case it says that they're about the same amount of calories and about the same amount of protein but sometimes the rolled oats can be actually a little bit more and to me rolled oats just tastes better and if you're adding like protein powder or berries or soy milk it just kind of soaks up a flavor a little bit better okay so I had to find the avocados they're hiding but I found my friends some in the phrasing IO and Dulce told me that she was some rice cakes I think the soap yeah so we're doing this video we're just basically trying to show people how to shop in Whole Foods yeah hi my name is Lee Anne Rice I'm a personal charity person specialist I've been vegan for seven years I love that so what are you in here getting today I'm getting a bunch of yummy vegan treats so I just discovered that pill makes a ravioli now they have amazing ricotta cheese I tried it it's so good so I'm literally so definitely getting both flavors oh my gosh so we're looking for oil free hummert's this stuff I think is but oil in it and it's really expensive we don't you don't get that start if you want to go cheap don't get that stuff but there's plenty here so in order to get over to the meat alternatives the tofu and the tempeh I've gotta walk past the meat session been almost ten years since I stopped eating meat I've actually been vegan for five years now but I've only been doing like the meal prep thing for like the last maybe like year and a half almost two years and really really dedicating it like the last year because I just started doing fitness competitions and I'm really busy for work I travel all the time at least 50% of the time and I found that if I have my meals prepared in the beginning of the week and I can dedicate two or three hours on a Sunday to do that then I am way more prepared for the rest of the week and I don't worry about grabbing snacks on the road I don't worry about coming off my diet so I really like all the organic girl stuff so we're gonna get some spinach and arugula start the baby arugula that's on sale this is Klaus what's doing hope beets and I found these to you meant to each other okay what do we get in baby right check it out okay everybody go the feeds and it came – I blame on you Lottie for gang how much is it broccoli I feel like you know people want to go cheaper on this stuff then just get frozen berries stuff like that here I'm saying that would save another 20 but or like 10 bucks that's not boxed that you wash yourself haha and then you can put it in a Tupperware at home and that's gonna save like at least the dollar – mm-hmm so we're being a bit lazy but if we've been a little more conscious especially after looking at the receipts I think we could have saved like another 15 20 bucks mm-hmm this is all organics so then you're eating organic for like say like seven bucks a day that's not bad no bad yeah Joe's Whole Foods where indication about the recipe so right now we're working with some tofu that we've marinated using fit vegan chefs marinated tofu recipe really good really easy to fly it's 10 minutes to make just written like 20 seconds described like how good they're so we just took tamari some onion garlic powder a little bit of maple syrup made a little mixture and then dipped everything in there real quick threw it in the oven for about 10 12 15 minutes okay so we're just gonna take a bowl I always usually do like the grain which is kind of the base first and right now I'm measuring everything out because this is for my for the week but you know you can eyeball it I mean basically it's a kind of a handful of each ingredient but for these purposes today we're gonna measure it out so we're going with 120 grams of brown rice so I'm just going to measure that out real quick then we go with some 55 grams of the tofu and this is approximately 15 16 grams of protein so pretty high in protein and like class set extremely delicious so 55 grams we just have the strip's broccolini so this is for steaming I usually just lie it on top so that way it's easy to pull out and I can steam it separately or throw it in kind of at the last minute we're gonna do 150 grams this adds about four and a half five grams of protein making it at least like 22 grams or so a protein per meal which is not bad I miss this typically like lunch or dinner it can kind of be flexible so the way I do it is I kind of look at how much protein I'm getting for the day just because I'm training really hard right now so I kind of need to be a little bit more aware of that and I watch my fat levels if you're just doing this for general health it's kind of what you feel like so if you feel like tofu for lunch one day and then the next day you feel like tofu for dinner then you can switch it up which I kind of like you know it's not like traditional meat and dairy where you know you're having steak for dinner or anything like that's really flexible and that's part of where I love the plant-based vegan lifestyle okay we're back with the second recipe which is it's a Satan with stir-fried veggies no oil white rice and some green beads so start with the rice what they say speak without like ah this is white rice this is this is refined I mean here's the thing it's versatile nutrient value in there you need with you supposed to need the carbohydrates especially if you're training hard and to be honest there it's so much there's so much nutrient value in all these foods that we're adding to get a little bit of white rice is not gonna hurt you again like we shouldn't be afraid of carbohydrates some picture battles take you back to of animal products oil stuff like that not necessarily white rice exactly so we're going we going into the greens or the when it goes this sa tan first are good can the mushrooms because that way we can take the beans kind of like we've done with the first meal we can remove those and then steam them separately or throw them in on top so they don't get overcooked and you still retain a lot of the nutrients so just go ahead and take a couple handfuls here this meals a little higher in protein it's probably closer to like 28 grams maybe even three grams of protein depending on the suit an a lot of the time I will make my own out of vital wheat gluten it's a little bit less expensive there's less sodium but today we just bought some from the store still very high in nutrients and pretty much oil free so it's a good way to go and then we're gonna finish up with the green beans I know so it's recipe number three now looks like we're working with lentils quinoa and sweet potato right yep I think this meant to be some asparagus which you wanna start yeah place it so I'm gonna start with about 60 grams of quinoa really really good super nutritious high in vitamins a little bit more nutritious I'd say than the rice for serving because it technically is not a grain but it's a seed so I like to include a little bit of that and I'm gonna mix it with the sweet potato cuz again that's like really really nutrient dense as you're doing that good general question to ask you which I don't feel like we touched on that much like generally your fitness competitions and modeling like when did he sort of get into it and is that what prompted you to do this kind of thing so I got into it just over like a year and a half ago and because of that that's required me to meal prep but the other thing is also like I work a lot I travel a lot so that kind of plays into it as well but I just started doing really like more than fitness modeling and I've done a couple competitions earlier in the year and I've got a couple more coming up so this is kind of getting me ready to get back into the meal prep season cuz they've been a little bit lacks on that been traveling a lot so now it's time for me to get back into it and get a little bit more strict mm-hmm so what's the difference with your feet between offseason and when you're preparing DD this kind of thing year-round I tried a meal prep as much as possible when I'm not like on season but sometimes that is not always like easy to do and sometimes I'm traveling more for work or for pleasure so it could be more flexible and I'm not tracking calories really as closely and I may be eating like a little bit more on like a not so much a deficit maybe like even a surplus so moving onto the next recipe which is breakfast which includes berries and ice yep so we got some organic berries we've got some organic rolled oats that we got from the bulk bin I think in total for I think we got six airbags actually so we got a little bit extra but it costs less than two dollars and 20 cents which is amazing so these are all pre measured out but it's about 50 grams and then what we're gonna do is this will be cooked at a later time but I'm just gonna kind of shake this to the side and we're gonna put in the berries next to it I think we have bananas right but they're not ripe so we chose not to put any bananas in there because you want to let him get a little bit more Brown than this so now I did get the bananas but it was not my fault because there were no right bananas but I guess like with this kind of stuff you just yeah you can be flexible right you don't have to have it with dice you can wait a couple of days yeah I'm sorry so yeah this is really cool so we've got like I'm just looking in front of me which you might both see cameras got like heaps of dishes we've got breakfast now the last sweetener right so what's good what to take home is from this whole like video well the thing is we try to stick to set amounts that we've kind of pre-qualified but we ended up with extra foods so even though we spent just over 93 dollars we got all this organic food and we got for some of the meal is enough for a fifth meal for breakfast even a sixth meal so we kind of overshot it again its bulk bins it's kind of hard to add up but it's nice to have a little bit extra and I feel like we did a little bit better than we thought now with the pricing of everything definitely almost feels like this is the huge thing we've done it is take up so much time from the new week having an already I'll be so much easier it's it it'll save a lot of time and it'll also save you from snacking on things that you may not want to be snacking right that's it that's my issue it's a lot of people's history gonna be my issue sometimes too so that's it so let's get some shots of all these and as its panning over with you have any other like closing remarks where can people find out about you and young social media or I am I'm known by the handle and Instagram is at high-performance vegan and I shared just a lot of general lifestyle stuff a lot of fitness training and then just mostly like lately a lot of meals and meal prepping so you guys can find me there cool and I think that's it looks like there's some leftovers so I'm gonna dig in please subscribe for more plant-based news who CeCe


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