Whole Wheat Naan without Oven Recipe By Healthy Food Fusion

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  1. Good job healthy fusion. But just reply if we can skip soda as me n my husband both are hypertensive. Thanks

  2. Background music ka naam kiya plz tell me

  3. So much of baking soda?

  4. Zabardust 👍😍

  5. Which ata?

  6. Wah

  7. Shayari wali Meethi double Roti ki recipe please

  8. Aryyyyyyyyyyyyyy wahhhhhhh😋😋😋😋

  9. Please put more healthy recipes on this channel

  10. Wow hats off to you.👌
    Please bring more such recipes..

  11. Can the naan be made on electric stove?

  12. Wow a perfect healthy naan recipe👍👍

  13. Plz make seed bread

  14. plz share more healthy reciepes for diet

  15. wow that's why I really love you food fusion… perfect healthy… I really like you didn't use yeast 😍😍😍😘😘😗😗

  16. Show granola bars recipes and granola

  17. Jite raho food fusion

  18. Can we use all purpose flour instead of aata?

  19. Aray Wah

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