WHO vaccinates health workers in Ebola outbreak

that's why I didn't bet root over radio we are targeting to vaccinate about between 50 to 60 people in this community where the family was a resident we shall start with immediate family members over the people were lost and then the contacts here their neighbors the people call contacts of contact those are the people shall also vaccinate and then a few other people in the community who might have come into direct other into contact with the person or died as of yesterday we had listed about 98 people according to the Minister of Health and our colleagues in the district who are leading us on this 98 contacts had been listed so we are following them every day every day to ensure that if anybody falls sick we are managed very well they are put in a proper place where they are looked after and that we stop spread of the virus whereas there are two other people so we are following them currently to them we don't want to move in guttering place so they are they are to their homes where we go said please don't go be there until the 21 days because we charmant are you after the 21 days don't move to two churches don't move to weddings but you'll be at home because there are several teams which are coming to come and see you then you give the information the strategy that has been adopted and recommended by our scientists is ring vaccination where the problem occurs then we go and handle the vaccination there as they define it and when they identify the target people necessary so it's not going to be masked back in the vaccination for everybody

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