WHO: The many paths towards universal health coverage

at different stages throughout life we all need health services but today not everyone has it universal health coverage is the most powerful concept that public health has to offer universal health coverage ensures that all people get the health services they need without suffering financial hardship when paying for it some say it's too costly or limit services but studies consistently show that when well-managed to provide quality care it delivers better health outcomes at lower costs indeed some global trends could create challenges more people are living longer and non communicable diseases like diabetes heart disease and cancers are on the rise together with increasing costs of new cutting-edge treatments the price tag for ensuring all people have the health services they need will inevitably rise if not managed wisely so how do you balance expectations and cost containment while still achieving the best health possible the most important step is to let the people understand the real principle of the UC visit to provide the hill the basic health care benefits to every people or to all because otherwise if they do not understand the principle it will be very danger to the program because there will be a lot of over expectation to the level recovery that the government has to provide to them in 2012 global support for universal health coverage gathered momentum when the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution emphasizing health as an essential element of sustainable development few countries have fully achieved universal health coverage but every country can work towards it to get a better understanding of how to do that let's take a look at some countries already making progress like China Mexico Amman Rwanda Thailand and turkey their experience can provide lessons for countries just beginning the journey as they move forward country should take three things into account who is covered which services are covered and at what level of quality and how the services are paid for first who is covered with 20% of the world's population China is a good place to look to see how to cover as many people as possible in just the past four years 172 million previously uninsured people have been brought into China's health insurance schemes in rural areas coverage has increased from 10% to 97% Indian yele Tongo Tongo Bo Tong Tong fo Tohru chivicoy yen ta âlâ Leon Tian super Dozo Ya Ya ho Subhan Dozo cheese Honda yo Fujiko tilde cuando Jin Zhu Neng gou de jamón Cole Ketchum being th Oh Xiu Qi de fooi liao Wang Baer who is recovering from a fracture in her right hand you may a woman should equal to Adele partying hard acquirement with me or dancing quality to a company bill in Amman despite its small population challenges remain because some of its communities are widely dispersed the population is only around three million but the area is over three hundred and thirty thousand square kilometres more than 95 percent of our population clusters are less than five hundred two hundred primary health care centers have now been established around the country one within half an hour of even the most remote village often a large proportion of a health budget goes to hospital care and treatment of chronic and expensive diseases but in Amman the health centers help reduce these costs by focusing on prevention and early diagnosis for other countries the focus is on expanding the type of services provided and at what level of quality in Mexico for example a comprehensive health package called the peoples insurance ensures everyone has access to primary health care such as vaccinations and skilled health workers during childbirth el rato que tiene el sistema de salud is ver que tenga Mo's Cato la población Tenga access efectivo econ oportunidad a los servicios econ khalida like many countries Mexico is seeing the rise of expensive diseases requiring long term treatment such as diabetes and cancer the Insurance Scheme is expanding to meet these needs posterior meant a la comisión del sistema protección see Alan salut lo que haces defini desde Punto Vista financiero csfac Tivoli oh no Cobras este enfermedades como de CIOs ahmo's con una a CD Sano's yah hora con tamos con más de Sesenta que estan cubierta entrails por ejemplo el cáncer de lima patients like solace on our leader see the benefit firsthand she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 seen el seguro popular me yo creo que mi vida serie moodiest rosante por la falta de recursos porque es una forma darkus muy in weaker and suspense or sadness yearnings winter he intervention in the past the high cost meant one third of patients dropped out of treatment or did not even start until very late since it began reforming its health system ten years ago Turkey has increased coverage to 98% of its people and expanded the range of services available kisser career Jose Alvarez met Levi actin they attract a noted Aviva taki bismuth lead agenda or Gondo coo coo coo Janaki Larry Doran jessica dawn Shaughnessy had to let it be back home segata cups of knowledge prevention and improved maternal and child programs are showing impact maternal mortality has almost halved and ninety seven percent of children are reached with essential vaccines Thailand also began its journey towards universal coverage ten years ago like in Turkey it's not just access to primary and emergency care to meet increasing health needs for expensive treatments such as kidney dialysis the government is finding innovative ways to expand services while containing costs for example this home-based kidney dialysis device allows 37 year-old Rankin to continue her work as a seamstress while caring for her 73 year old diabetic mother at home this saves trips to the clinic three times each week no ninja gayden hang low Covadonga in Bangla summit Mt bandai namco chromosome latency bond with you alone we don't buy Bella PLA chromosome little teeny me who can book a gig up can compare later Nia Coco hi mottely perhaps the biggest challenge on the journey to universal health coverage is how to cover the cost a unique aspect of rwanda x' health system is that 55 percent of the budget is managed at the community level and progress is measured against specific health targets you clearly set how that is going to be measured and then measure it and have people accountable not just accountable to their seniors but also accountable to the population the government covers the insurance premiums for the poorest twenty five percent of the population in the last decade coverage has increased from seven percent to ninety seven percent people are living ten years longer child mortality has been cut by half and deaths from malaria have dropped by two-thirds as you can see from these examples each country's road to universal coverage varies depending on its own health needs there is no one-size-fits-all model countries must take into account their you know historical development their health system capacities and also their ability in terms of the speed and the scope of coverage to move over time but the essential ingredient in all these examples is providing basic primary care to everyone to prevent diseases from ever starting or diagnosing them early when they're much more treatable this is a step every country can take and providing health services and care for everyone creates a healthier community for all of us this is key to making health care affordable and helping as many people as possible live longer and healthier lives


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