WHO DOES THIS LOL? | Cyanide & Happiness Compilations Healthcare Reaction

they're supposed to be all coin Mexico way today we're here we're back for another video another reaction today we're looking at asana and happiness healthcare compilation now this is the first time I've actually watched or heard of this channel a friend of mine told me about this to break a minute down look at it vishay – and we're gonna check out see if did if it's funny or not and hopefully you guys enjoyed nonetheless that being said alright what the hey loke I'm on my deathbed I want this triangle at sea that's that's kind of fiery but it's it's messed up like you did you're gonna die you're gonna die you're dying you're gonna be dead but at the same time you have like a quartet singing or I have like a quartet singing before you died that's kind of lit cuz that's that's different you know that'd be late it's hidden Haven so he had no cheese he had no chance no burn wait wait what was he wiping no no wait was he wiping so he so he was the one okay I could tell these type of light little short animated joints where is where you expect one thing and it turns to another that's what it seemed like that's kind of built cuz it kind of leave you like what wiII happen doctor I'm sorry mrs. Henry but your husband is suffering from a rare rapidly advancing form of arthritis in his rib cage for Needy bones are eroding at an abnormal rate is there anything we could do nope well we could do this haha imagine mom and dad going through this she bought the diet it's all serious you got the whole family around here right everybody's sad everybody crying the doctor come in yo y'all went to see some cool that's mr. Haley scooped it easy got put to good use before you a body got put to good use I guess brush your teeth mr. Murphy is ready to see you Joel right this way all right if you'll just have a seat right here the dentist will be with you momentarily whoa haven't seen you for a while free dinner degree progress is the row diploma yeah oh so he's a fake he's a fraud oh you're gonna miss him up yeah you gotta get out of it yeah yeah I get out of it all right is it not even connected okay oh that's the sky that's nasty oh no word better there are a lot of hurt feelings in this room you're both talking and you're both hearing but I don't think either of you is listening I want you to try something a little roleplay to help you understand how those points of view that's crazy how you just had the puppies ready for him to is somebody in the room playing piano these animations is fire though I can't allow these animations are really know what so I just gotta keep going and going and yeah yo what yo it just don't end uh yo I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure he was the oldest of the three how did he live how did he live the longest wait white hat okay all right cool I guess nonsense that's the finest mahogany double coated with sealant guaranteed against termites for five years at the fifth-year is he gonna lose his other leg yeah okay nose but add well this one was unnecessary there is another option you gotta take his head off to be honest with what I'm about to suggest isn't legal in the state and I could lose my medical license or even anything yo what is wrong as dis imagine goes here darkness upon me you have like a musical every time you go there well doc what I got heat is bustin musical Mike I was wondering like bro he's listening off oh okay he did all that for nothing okay where is that IV doctor we couldn't find any more IV tubes but we did find these crazy straws from the cafeteria that's one that the word John crazy stride yeah just might be crazy enough to work this is so dramatic but they haven't poetess too late hey Lisa have some fun of I can't be meditating about it see what happened was it's the video that is sigh not happiness compilation okay this is fine I love the animation I love the dark humor I love like the direction that it takes to joke like you think could go one way but in the swervin yagi to a whole nother scenario this is fine this is though this is dope I'm hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did you know what to do also link a description down below to the original creator I don't say it interviewed in videos Nick is always in description so yeah I think that's watching to appreciate it in to that Manson come on


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    Posted on may 31
    But for me its june 1st
    What the fuck

  2. Your awesome

  3. Dude do you get copyright notices bc whenever i make reaction video i always get one a few seconds after it goes online

  4. Ooo i used to watch this a long time ago 😀

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