WHO: Bringing health to life


  1. the who

  2. which item has no polution in environment?

  3. don't beleives these globalist liars

  4. If you go to a economically poorer country you can see WHO employees from economically richer countries driving around in brand new land rovers. They eat highly nutritious food with educated people from the economically poorer countries discussing how they could improve the health of those that clearly have less than themselves. You can't plonk a rich person in a third world country thinking that they will navigate around the other rich people who want a cut of the high life to effectively support the poorest of the poor that don't even speak the same language. Most countries in this world are corrupt and nepotistic, people who come to power don't do so by merit but by association. Most intelligent educated people who don't have family members who could appoint them to a position of power to make real change leave the country, thus not improving the country at any level.

  5. a really inciteful video, great job guys!

  6. Dear WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION I don't belong to you but their is a big health issue in Africa and Asia specially in India and China these 2 countries are the biggest consumer of medicine but the person who take antibiotics without any serious reason can spread superbug virus this is just a simple fever but if we take more and more antibiotics to stop this this can convert into a superbug virus superbug virus means that the virus knows how to fight with antibiotics so if we don't have medicine to cure that it can firstly starts in India and China the world most populated countries then spread all over the Asia and Africa too start a campaign to stop it

  7. this is a corrupt organisation

  8. To whom this may consern there is no health provided for me in Spain Malaga They have cut my right thumb. DO NOT TRUST ANY DOCTOR.

  9. WHO lives …..Physically….. Mentally … in World Human body . …. thanks allot
    every modification need each country to get physically ,mentally with GOOD NUTRITION as humanism "

  10. Could you tell me about how much litres of pure water is currently available in earth and from this for how many years we could servive

  11. Is this true that WHO makes a rule for the health security??

  12. ……………….

  13. Credit to the World Health Organisation for aiding the process for providing these seemingly essential needs to all individuals around the world. I do however, think that this video suggests a lot such as 'clean drinking water' and 'safe and modern contraception' for everyone. We know not all people have access to these things especially in impoverished and rural communities around the world. The WHO's target should be these populations to ensure they are getting the quality that many others in the world are receiving.

  14. Thank you, WHO.

  15. I like the sound effects. haha :p

  16. sir,
    I want to know hepatitis B infected person can get job in abroad specially in gulf countries.?
    please tell me.

  17. sir, with regards
    we know who is concern with and very efficiently working for the shake of worldwide health. but don't you know about the disease Japanese ensephalities ,which has taken about 100 children's life in India's odisha States malakangiri district.the central & state government are unable to control this disease since last two months. l am just a common women living in a small town of paradip port though I egerly want to do something for these everyday dieing two to three kid's and there families. but l am helpless please do something. l request you. l can't see any more dead body and crying mother And father everyday in news channels. please please come to India and our state odisha. rescue these children.
    thanking you
    Sukruti mangal ,paradip port.

  18. nice one!

  19. who?

  20. I'm glad that WHO is helping people around the world. Clean, uncontaminated water is very important, too. ML, Stevie ** Sweetpuppy*com/BigBekey **

  21. this video was kinda scary

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