White Women's Workout

hex clues hi I'm ty Bowman and I have created one of the greatest revolutionary exercise DVDs ever through long painstaking research me and my team have combined racism and exercise and have created the white womens workout are you tired of workout equipment that doesn't work are you tired of gimmicks you need to try the trip tub it really works haven't heard of triple-double yet it's Southern California's latest workout craze for just three easy payments you can get your very own black man to chase you around anywhere anytime most exercise programs let you know what's happening let you know and then you become acclimated but guess what the triple dump always throws you off because once you sign up you don't know when the hell I'm gonna come and scare the living out of you what's up white guys I've tried literally thousands of diets and nothing has worked like having a black man scare the out of me the way I was able to create this exercise as I was able to study white woman's activities which are really really stupid like being in the park by themselves jogging when they're not supposed to be jogging walking down the street by themselves and just being plain scared of black people first I start you off with a warm-up right let's sort of slowly follow you and kind of get your prejudice going and as you look behind you you can see that I'm coming and then I turn away as your heart rate starts to slowly build up and then I turn on the blackness one of my favorite workouts is the white girl shuffle the burning sensation goes all the way up to your thighs and you're about to go this is where I have you move laterally back and forth and trying to dodge me it is a wonderful leg worker and I'm telling you it works that buttocks to death like yeah one of my really nice workouts is the purse pool I mean you're trying to work those last trying to pull that person away from me give it back to me white girl give me that damn purse what are you waiting for pick up the phone and dial five five five Brad works every time you


  1. Lolll

  2. Ironically, White women are losing their men to Asian women who are more beautiful, more intelligent, more classy and more feminine.

  3. "Jogging when they're not supposed to be jogging" lol

  4. 37,460 White women and girls were raped by Black men in the United States in 2005. That is more than 100 White women raped by Blacks every day. In contrast, the government figures show that there are almost no rapes by White men against Black women!

  5. Funny right? Check out crime statistics and see the reality of blacks being highly over-represented in rape. It's smart for white people and especially women to be careful around blacks and to avoid black areas.

  6. Lmfao he said "I get your prejudice going" 不不不不不不不不不不

  7. 555-AHHH! 不不不不

  8. Sitting in the park by themselves, jogging when they're not supposed to be jogging, walking down the street by themselves. Funny thing is they really do!

  9. Actually I don't think white girl are scared of you because your black….

  10. This one of the funnier random recommendations, thanks again YouTube.

  11. well its funny on some level, but not when it becomes a reality for women who are attacked and murdered, by a man, nothing to do with race. I wish women had better self defense technology available. In Europe that have anti rape underwear with a a lock / alarm (Its no joke), and they also mad a jack that delivers 300,000 volts but it was banned. there is a safety ring being developed that sends an alert, but I haven't seen a working version on the market yet.

  12. this has aged well…

  13. Not gonna lie he's hot. 不

  14. those crackhead ass faces he's making

  15. I wonder how many white girls became single mothers while filming this

  16. Hilarious

  17. Abolish white women.

  18. this is still funny 9 years later

  19. As a lifelong woman, any man chasing me is terrifying.

  20. Damn I thought this was Renny

  21. Omg

  22. A great idea everyone involved gets exercise , the white woman, the black man, and the cops running after them, don't forget Black lives matter, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson!

  23. And then I…turn on the blackness

  24. His fucking face when he runs is funnier than anything here

  25. 不不不 im dying this is jokes so funny

  26. I shouldn't laugh but不不不不不不不不不不遲遲篤hite girl.might hv a gun thgh…This is america style 不不

  27. The white woman must be aware of the black on white rape stats.

  28. Gotta confuse the body.

  29. Where's the funny part. White women are disproportionately rapped by black men… They have every right to feel engangered around black strangers.

  30. Comedy gold. I laughed out loud.

  31. i know this is a joke but as a woman i would be scared senseless if ANY guy was chasing me, black or not

  32. 1. He fucks them all.

    2. Lmao

  33. So wrong but so funny

  34. Table 21a of the FBI crime stats will show the real reason all people especially black people should be scared of black people.

  35. My bitch will shoot your black ass

  36. no white girls were harmed in the making of this video

  37. What a hot guy, why run away from him?

  38. Black women's workout: twerking

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