Whip/ Nae Nae Elementary Cardio Workout


  1. Oki first this is totally so stupied and dumb if I was their i would not do it cause it ain’t cool and embrassing this is just a massive fail

  2. What grade are these kids in cuz i feel bad for them 😂

  3. The fact that I went to this school is insane

  4. whip ur children

  5. Cool! Great Job 😁

  6. Wow

  7. i like it its funny….

  8. seriously when they said ow i was like what the heck

  9. I did this in 1st grade

  10. 1:14 why would i break my legs

  11. 1:14 the girl in the back with the blue shirt LOW-KEY BROKE HER LEGS

  12. I. Like that

  13. hahaha sooo cute love it

  14. had to do this in 4th grade 🙁 i'm now in 7th

  15. Legends

  16. Cringe

  17. Nous sommes une école de la ville de Québec en quatrième année. Nous aimons beaucoup faire cette pause active en votre compagnie! Thanks!

  18. The kid with the shirt that says I'm next or what ever he deserves a metal he did awesome

  19. Wow I did the same thing 3 years ago but when this was relavent

  20. This is pretty creative!

  21. Girrl

  22. I can name some of those kids

    7th grade and this is my legacy

  23. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

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