WHEY KING University Episode #5 – Choosing your STACK!

hey everyone welcome to another episode of waking youth now summer is right around the corner and that means longer days better weather and quality time with friends and family at the beach now summer hasn't officially started until you get that summer buddy goal you've always wanted and one thing that can really help you achieve your goal faster is by adding supplements in your daily diet together with an effective workout recipe on our last episode we talked about the importance of supplementation and why we should consider adding supplements in our daily diet so in this episode we'll give you wakings most recommended supplement stack that will surely give you outstanding results and will definitely make you a head turner this summer getting the right supplement can make a ton of difference in achieving your summer body if taken right together with a healthy diet and workout plan but choosing the right stack is hard to do especially when you just started your fitness journey you've likely heard conflicting information about supplementation and we know it might get a little confusing sometimes with thousands of multivitamins protein shakes and unpronounceable supplements lining up on supplement store shelves it's no wonder people are so confused that's why we created a solution that will surely help not only those who have just started taking supplements but also those who have experienced the great benefits of supplementation now if you're ready let's get started you what's up wit nation and coach Justin and I'm coach arias welcome to weekly you the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers is what type of supplement should I use to achieve my goal faster well for you easy and straightforward understanding we created a solution that will give you the basic to the most advanced supplementation process that will fit their fitness goals we divided this process into four stages each stage will focus on a specific goal and can change depending on your progress let's start off with stage 1 building foundation everybody starts somewhere whether overweight under each or not a stone person who goes to the gym there's nothing wrong with being a beginner nobody starts at the top that's why if you're the type of person who started working out in the center and EQ on while supplements work you can start with stage 1 in stage 1 you get to choose from either whey protein or mass gainer if your goal is to lose weight or have a leaner body whey protein is the best choice for you whey protein for weight loss yeah you heard it right the reason is simple the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn per day having muscle mass will help your body burn more calories at rest when combined with a proper diet this will increase your metabolism and aid you in burning off excess body fat at a faster rate so building muscle will help you achieve a leaner and more toned appearance also whey protein is effective for weight management as it helps you feel full longer and thereby lessons are up that way protein is a mixture of proteins isolated from whey which is the liquid part of male that separates during cheese production whey protein doesn't taste very good on its own which is why it's usually favored you can choose from variety of flavors such as chocolate vanilla and strawberry and because your body easily digests and absorbs whey protein it's often taken after exercise for muscle building and recovery for the skinny guys we recommend mass gainers the main reason any person is looking for weight or mass gainer is because they're having trouble eating enough to actually gain pounds I think a weight gainer can help you hit caloric requirements that might otherwise seem out of reach mass gainer could be taken in the morning to fuel you for the day and instantly boost your calorie intake so you don't have to constantly worry about getting enough calories throughout the day it is also important to remember that to increase muscle growth when taking a mass dating supplement you must be training hard and regularity or else you will be consuming a high number of calories which can lead to an increase in body fat the next stage stage to advanced as we said the while ago supplementation can change from time to time depending on your progress and goal that's why we have stage 2 advanced if you think you're ready to go to the next level you can try having these recommended supplements on top of your weight or mass gainer if your goal is to achieve a leaner body we recommend you to add VCAA on top of your whey protein we see a K stands for branched chain protein is composed of amino acids and BCAAs refers to three of the 20 amino acids leucine isoleucine valine each of which cannot be synthesized by the body and must therefore be provided in the diet or supplementation so why is BCA important to ask BCAAs is responsible for stimulating protein synthesis it can also improve each cell's ability to perform its own protein synthesis also the three branch chain essential amino acids are widely used to improve athletic performance alleviate fatigue and stimulate muscle recovery after exercise now if your goal is to gain mass what we recommend is for you to add 3:18 on top of your mass gainer creatine is a top sports performance supplement available in the market creatine is found throughout the body with 95% being stored in the muscles and provides increased energy for high-intensity exercise so if you want an extra boost whenever you're lifting heavier weights this supplement is definitely worth the buck you can also obtain it from meat and fish and can also be produced in the body from amino acids and for those of you who wants to shred some extra pounds we recommend you to add some fat burner supplements on top of your protein shake some of the key ingredients used in fat burners are designed to stimulate harm another actions in the body and to begin breaking down body fat and using it as a fuel source along with your nutrition and supplements you should follow up apprehensive training program maximizes fat loss while also minimizing muscle loss but sustainable weight loss is the goal Marcel is your friend it burns calories give your body shape and allows you to stay active and feel good doing it at first stage 3 we have stage 3 complete stage 3 complete is for those guys who have already used stage 1 and 2 but still wants to maximize their full potential using supplements for mass lean you can now add test a booster on top of your mass gainer and creatine Festo booster is a herbal supplement that is aimed to naturally increasing your testosterone levels low T levels are actually quite common as guys start clogging up the years our testosterone levels starts to naturally decline after the age of 40 levels decreased by roughly 1 to 2 percent each year the Storen plays a key role in our mood and quality of life stronger bones gamer muscle mass facial and pubic hair sex drives body development of deeper voices verbal memory and thinking ability first age three weight loss complete you cannot add BCA on top of your protein shake and fat burner working out traits and stress on your body when your body is under stress it is more susceptible to illness viziers reach that gap between stress and recovery by boosting immunity no matter the case anyone looking to lose overall body fat can get the chisel Tommy they desire by incorporating the best be seeing into their fitness routine if you're incorporating facet cards with your fitness routine make sure you're drinking viziers to give your body the fuel it needs to burn for the best possible results BCA prevents catabolism from happening so just have to focus on finishing yourself and for a much leaner muscle we have stage 3 lean muscle complete on top of your way and VCAA you can now add up l-glutamine l-glutamine is an amino acid that aids in muscle growth and muscle recovery glutamine increases leucine which helps lower muscle fatigue and increase growth hormone levels a very important key for maintaining muscle l4 last stage we have stage 4 flexible pro stock in this stage you can now choose your own combination of supplements at this point you can now mix and match from this variety of supplements you can choose from whey protein mass gainers pre-entry post workout supplements creatine casein protein aminos bc8 fat burgers testa booster and but always remember to incorporate these supplements with your current body type and progress also we need to make sure that the supplements that you're using is still aligned with your fitness goals to be the best you must take every advantage you can in order to maximize your muscle growth now that you have an idea of what combination of supplements you can use you can now start using these supplements together with an explosive workout plan just remember to follow the supplement plan provided above for at least three months and if you want you can try to quit all supplement use for further 3 months and see what happens sure most supplement marketing involves hype and some companies make outrageous claims that's why waking is here to give you the best and quality supplement you will ever find anywhere else there is no secret as to why the supplement industry is booming because supplements work there you have it once again I hope you enjoyed our video just remember you can actually skip stages depending on your current progress if you've been using stage one supplements for a long time now it's time for you to try using the supplements provided for stage 2 advance for stage 3 complete stats supplements are important because they're responsible for providing you with the right nutrients you need in order to build muscles forget a much leaner buddy remember that your dietary intake must include calories and other nutrients and the best way to fill in those leaves is by regular intake of supplements now if you have any suggestions or a combination of supplements type that you would recommend you can comment them down below again in our comments section and if you haven't done that so please do click the subscribe button and notification button so you'll be updated on our following videos again that was waking you and see you on the next video

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