Where Food Packaging and FDA Regulations Collide

42 at that time and moving forward in the future you're always free of course to reach out if there's any additional questions that you think of not today but at some point the future so second slide certain introduces the topic today which is where food packaging and FDA enforcement collide how to package our risk on the new food safety bad battleground in our audience today consists of food processors who are interested in what steps they need to take to make sure that the food packaging that they're sourcing is as safe as it can be and that it doesn't create any issues with respect to the safety or quality of their food and also food packagers who are in the business of producing pre-packaging them may be somewhat concerned or have some questions with respect to what are their obligations going to be or what are the expectations the agency in the food industry with respect to food packaging moving forward I also wanna touch touch on some topics today that will also perhaps give you if you are in the packaging business and adds up so to speak or maybe even a little bit of a marketing advantage with respect to some of things that you can be in doing internally to provide additional insurance to your customers that if they are sourcing their packaging materials from you they will be better able to establish with FDA that they've done everything that's necessary to make sure that all of the regulations and laws and again expectations are being are being complied with not only satisfied but exceeded so we go to the third slide oftentimes awesome I as my audiences whether they've seen the episode of The Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel and I do this and I offer the slide to introduce sort of an analogy one of the one of the issues that we as an industry have faced over the last 15 years his realization and has come quite slow in some instances and has been a surprise to us and really coming out of nowhere and others but it's progressed and taken some time and it's the realization that the food that we process and we itself in consume any is really relatively dangerous we are living now in a time where we'll get into a little bit more detail as the presentation progresses but we're living in a time now or it's really for the first time ever in our history possible and now easy to detect foodborne illness outbreaks as they're occurring and what we're finding is the more that we rely on surveillance the more that we test for pathogens the more that we begin testing the environment which food products are produced and this applies to food packaging as well where food packaging is manufactured we're finding that there's a lot of contaminants in those environments that could be on the floors they could be a nativity itself in the structures it could be on the equipment to be aerosolized in the air and it could be spread by employees and if that happens food products and in many cases food packaging materials can be contaminated the compromised and food packaging and that comes in contact with with food food can become contaminated and lead to significant issues we also have come to the realization that we're dealing with microorganism you

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