When is the Best Time to Take Supplements on Keto and Intermittent Fasting?

hey guys in this video we're gonna talk about when is the absolute best time to take your supplements okay well the best time would be the maximum absorption time and that would be at your first meal of the day if you're doing in a minute fasting okay that could be 12 o'clock 1 o'clock 2 o'clock in my case 3 o'clock so I don't need anything until 3 o'clock and that is when your insulin sensitive okay so the more you fast the more you become insulin sensitive and realize that insulin is the key that opens the door to allow not just fuel but amino acids vitamins and especially minerals and trace minerals yeah insulin has a lot to do with absorbing nutrients so when you consume 3 meals a day the more you spike the insulin the more that your insulin resistant ok so that means you're not going to absorb as much so when you eat a lot of times you you won't feel satisfied because stuff is not going into the cell so that first meal of day is when you should take your supplements and also consume the highest nutrient foods because it's all going to go on like a rocket ship and your cells are going to be the nuts happy at that point alright so there's a couple exceptions when you're consuming certain nutrients that need to be consumed in an empty stomach like l-tryptophan for example there's some other ones also if you're taking a supplement that you need to take right before bed to help you sleep of course obviously you wouldn't take it when you're eating ok so I hope that answered this question thanks for watching hey guys a lot of you already have my book some of you don't but this new edition called a new body type guide is an upgrade from my last Edition called the 7 principles of fat burning it has a hundred and fifty six images 378 pages full glossary I talked about keto in a minute fasting the body types in detail I have a new stressed chapter I'm going to show you exactly what to eat any comprehensive FAQ I put a link down below check it out


  1. Dr berg does nutritional yeast break a fast? I only eat one meal a day now and your nutritional yeast product I just purchased says take 3 times a day

  2. Good to know I've been doing it right. I take after 1st meal with fish oil. 4 pm.

  3. I came onto youtube to (hopefully) find a quick answer to my question of when to take my vitamins when I'm doing a 20/4 IF. And I'm very grateful for your super-short, to-the-point video, thank you! I enjoy all of your videos, I'm just grateful in this moment for the short one as I need to get back to work. Thanks!

  4. Dr. Berg's kale picture in the back ground looks like the pictures you jump through in super mario 64

  5. I need certain supplements to be able to walk comfortably so this kinda sucks

  6. Short and straight to the point, tyvm for the info πŸ˜‰

  7. Hello Dr. I am female I am 40 and have a low level in T4 T3 and very high TSH level ( it is 20) since 10 years (after a tubal ligation operation). When I saw your video I started to take 400mg selenium per day for 3 month and my test result did not change to better level what can be the problem? Thank you for your help.


  9. How many do you take at a time and how many throughout the day? I just got these today and want/need to try. Thanks in advance:)

  10. My husband is taking before he eats, I guess is ok.

  11. Everytime I think of a question,I put my question into Youtube and Dr. Burg has already answered my question. YES,THANKS DOC….

  12. Dr Berg does this include the vid D3?

  13. Could I take one 400 mg dose of SAMe and one capsule that has B12 (133mcg) / B6 (10 mg) / Folate (450 mcg) – without breaking my fast? I tend to eat my first meal until around 3 pm as well (usually eggs, kale and grass fed ground beef) – the fish oil, k2 MK7 and D3 are consumed with that meal. Would the small two part SAMe/B complex vitamin combo spark that liver response or would it be absorbed in the intestines? It is important to me to stay in a fasted state for the 16-18 hour range.

  14. Hi Dr. Greg I was just wondering if having the omad diet in my age 16 is effective in terms of its benefits of fat burning also when you do the omad diet and choosing 12 pm of your eating window, can you still drink a glass of lemonade to boost up your metabolism?

  15. During of after meals? Sorry Dr berg

  16. During of after meal?

  17. During of after meal?

  18. During of after meal?

  19. During of after meal?

  20. During of after meal?

  21. During of after meal?

  22. During of after meal?

  23. Is it safe to do intermittent fasting if we are iron deficient ? Thank you 😊

  24. My question is, when I need take the medicine, after a breakfast or before the breakfast??????

  25. Thank you!! I needed this information

  26. What about supplements that you advise to take 3x a day? Especially if you eat OMAD?

  27. How about drinking collagen peptides one scoop every morning? My meal it’s at 1pm but I do drink lemon with ACV and a scoop of collagen in the morning will that break my fasting?

  28. What about supplements that you take twice a day? Will it break my fast?

  29. Love your book Dr. Berg

  30. My question is when do I take my probiotic first thing in the morning? It states to take on a empty stomach. Will this affect my insulin level

  31. Thank you Dr. Berg!

  32. Hi Dr Berg.. is it possible to make a DEDICATED video on just minerals and vitamins ONLY on ' how to, when to and how much dosage generally to take'. So no details of their use as I know you have pretty much covered all that.
    Thanks Doc πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ

  33. What about taking hormones?

  34. I have some questions.

    Does a Bulletproof coffee count as a first meal when taking supplements?

    I take multivitamin, krill oil, vitamin d3, probiotics and magnesium. Two of them CAN be taken without food, but is it better to take them still with food?

    Also, I'm not sure how this works when taking all my supplements at one go. Isn't it better to divide them throughout the day? For example I take my first two multivitamins after my Bulletproof coffee around six thirty in the morning. Then around one thirty, after a meal I take D3, krill oil, probiotics and then after dinner, around six o'clock I take my second two multivitamins and magnesium. Is this okay?

    thanks! πŸ™‚

  35. I think one of your videos on K2 and Vit.D said take on empty stomach with a little fat cheese or something buttery.,I do this and will start taking the rest at my first meal 1130 and the rest at supper around 5 to 6 PM SOUND RIGHT?

  36. I can't take anything in the morning I can't keep anything down

  37. I was told not to drink more than a couple sips of water 1/2 hr before eating. Do I take my supplements a 1/2 before eating even if they are fat soluble? Thank you.

  38. I get odor from every food that i eat, including green vegetables, avocado and tomatoes.

  39. Never knew that the morning was the best time to take supplements. Usually would take it with foods just to avoid any sensitivity issues. But will experiment with taking it first thing in the morning πŸ‘πŸ»

  40. Do supplements like DIM and sea kelp, wheat grass juice power and electrolyte powder break the fast?

  41. can you send me book for free? I am broke and fat πŸ™

  42. Hello doctor, I’m 31 yeas old women and i m doing β€˜IF’ eating twice a day and I have hypothyroid and hair thinning problem . Could you please tell me what kind of supplements should I take. Thank you.

  43. Im this video you say that your first meal is at 3 o'clock. In another video I thought you said you ate eggs and bacon at 10, a large salad at 2, and another meal with salad and protein at 5. Did I miss something?

  44. Sir plz make a video on lipoma

  45. Is ensure powder good???will it increase hair growth??

  46. Does this include wheat grass?

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