What’s the CogniFit Brain Fitness Program?

Wishing happy birthday on Facebook Replying to 34 chat messages on WhatsApp Browsing through the news headlines Reading work-related e-mails Sending the latest children’s photos to the rest of the family And all within 2 minutes Obviously our brain is overstimulated and it has become critical to maintain sharp cognitive abilities Such as memory, response time, or attention many scientific peer-reviewed publications have shown that the CogniFit brain training software can assess and train our brain to maintain or increase our cognitive skills The CogniFit training program is clinically validated by leading scientific centers CogniFit’s patented technology adapts the brain exercises to each user’s unique cognitive profile and measures the progress made in real time The CogniFit software includes a very accurate assessment of cognitive skills and determines brain strengths and weaknesses to create an effective personalized brain training workout Training 20 minutes a day with CogniFit has been proven to be effective Take care of your brain and enjoy a better life


  1. I joined on Friday and must say that I am pleased. 👍❤️

  2. I too just joined, but am not pleased. I joined to track changes over time only to find that assessments (the whole purpose) are not included and are another $50 each.

  3. F king expensive

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