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what's up you guys welcome back to my channel my name is Cherise and if you end in here welcome to the family for today's video I'm so excited I don't know you notice but we are in additional tation today I am standing in front of my fridge because we are in my kitchen I hope you share with you guys what my fridge I just want grocery shopping and I didn't know I loved living a healthy lifestyle I love eating healthy it makes me feel so good and a great benefit of that is hair growth I bought a bunch of stuff at the grocery store Evan mentioned and most of it was to restock my fridge so these are items that I will typically buy on a weekly basis so I hope that you guys find this video helpful if you do give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment down below letting me know that you enjoyed it and let's get through it oh and really quickly I do want to mention that I am a vegetarian so there's no meat or seafood in my refrigerator just full FYI alright let's go so welcome to my friend on the top row here I have my main beverages so the first one here is my water filter which I recently purchased this and I've been loving it so far I got it from Bed Bath & Beyond I'll have a link to that down below if you guys are interested in trying that out we also have a little white wine back there and here is my almond milk I use this is a Whole Foods 365 brand organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk I use it in my smoothies and to make oatmeal all that good stuff so that's definitely a staple I also have this organic 365 not from concentrate 100% lemon juice I love to add this in my water and in the morning I warm up some water like I would for tea and then I just add a little bit of lemon into it to get my digestion started and I also have this little mini kombucha that I picked up I thought it was so cute and then behind that really random I just have two marinara sauces for pasta not sure why they're on the drink shelf but it's okay and then moving down I have my bread I like to refrigerate my bread because you know I don't really know why but I have to put my bread in the refrigerator and I like to brand Dave's killer bread these are the thin sliced organic bread 21 whole grains and seeds so the slices are thinner than usual which I really like and then I also love hummus this is my favorite one recently by Cedars their organic original hummus I've tried their other flavors and I just keep going back to the original which is really good really flavorful and then I have some garbanzo beans some black beans and it's all added and I like to throw those and some vegetarian dishes that I like to make and then I have some butter lettuce over here which I use for salads and then this is just a little Arm and Hammer fridge and freezer thing must keep your fridge smelling nice and fresh right so as we move down I have two packs of organic tofu I like this super firm tofu because it's not super soft and mushy so I like really firm tofu so I have two of those kind of Nair I have my Earth Balance vegan butter which I use to cook food in place of oil so I have that one and then I also have which is my favorite one at the Earth Balance coconut spread I also cook with that and I love putting this on my toast it tastes so so good and then next to that I just have a little prepackaged tofu spring roll with peanut sauce that I got from Whole Foods just for a little quick grab and go thing if I don't have time to make something those are really really good and then I have this vegan pesto sauce which is very free but fact I didn't know pesto sauce is typically made with dairy so I wanted to try this out I saw this today and wanted to make a little pasta with it or something like that behind the pesto sauce I have some staples for cooking these are just some pre chopped onions and pre-opened garlic pre open does that how do you say that either great because they're really easy for quick cooking I'm all about quick and easy meal so that's great and then next to that I have a giant bag of organic carrots I'm a huge master and these are amazing just for something to grab and quickly eat on the next shelf I have a giant container of baby spinach which I love putting in my smoothies in the morning you can't even taste it and spinach is so so healthy for you very nutrient dense so I love keeping spinach in my fridge and I go through it pretty quickly so I get a giant one and then next today I have two mini watermelons I don't know if these are seedless but these are great as a snack I will just cut one in half and just eat it with a spoon and it's really really good and if in fact an easy way to tell if your watermelon is ripe is if it has a yellow bottom on it so moving down towards the bottom of the fridge I have my two favorite beverages for when I'm just sick of drinking plain old water and these two are my favorite and there are healthy options so I highly recommend so the first one right here is look Roy and I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly if anyone knows how to correctly pronounce it let me know in the comments below but my favorite flavor is melon pomelo and then on the side I have this eesti unsweetened soft floral Rose green tea which my friend actually recommended to me and I'm absolutely obsessed with it it is a little bitter because it is I'm queen so if you guys don't mind that I highly recommend it tastes so good and I love that it's uncanny because I try to cut out as much processed sugar from my diet as possible and this is a great option so in the store is where I keep my fruit and my snacks as well I have these sumo oranges or mandarins which I've been obsessed with they're like kind of ugly looking they're kind of like lumpy and weird but they taste so good they're really sweet and they're really easy to peel so I love those I also have two grapefruits that I bought today either great for breakfast and they're really great for your metabolism really healthy for you so next to the fruit I have two like on the go snack options it's also great for school if I have class I can just throw some of these snacks in my bag and take them with me they're really easy to eat on the go and they're also healthy which is really important if you guys can already tell I love snacking so I do my best to give myself healthy snack options so the first one on the left here is the perfect bar which is non-gmo the flavor is almond acai and it literally you guys I am obsessed with this it tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a bar and it's super healthy for you and the ingredients are really clean I find you that Whole Foods I haven't really seen them anywhere else so if you are a whole food shopper definitely check them out they are in the refrigerated section though so yeah so that's why I keep them in the refrigerator and then I felt these which I love these little neck pouches I typically go for the mama Quilla ones but I saw these today and thought that I would try something new with it by a brand called Once Upon a farm and I think that's such a cute name and they have just a bunch of different mixtures so I tried to find ones that sounded good to me so this one has blueberries apples with sweet potato and coconut oil so it's just in a quick convenient snack pouch so I thought I would try these out I have a bunch of different flavors to try out and they were inexpensive in my last drawer is where I have more of my veggies and underneath here I have a smaller container of spinach similar to the giant one up there I just haven't finished this one yet so I'm trying to get through that before starting the giant one and then also have a container of block we probably is definitely one of my favorite vegetables it's super easy to cook and it's just so versatile you can draw it into so many dishes next to that I have my other favorite vegetable which is definitely my number one favorite brussel sprouts I am absolutely obsessed with brussel sprouts they're just so savory when you cook them next to the Brussels sprouts I have a bunch of cucumber they're great as a snack especially with hummus so I'll just chop up the cucumber's and dip them in hummus and I know it sounds really lame and boring and maybe not tasty but I think it tastes so good so I can literally go through a whole cucumber as a snack with hummus and it tastes so so good and of course cucumber is also great in salads so that is my bed 2 drawer alright guys so that was everything in my fridge I hope that you saw in that video helpful and maybe a little entertaining feel free to leave down below in the comments any other healthy videos you guys would like to see from me again if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I'll see you guys next time


  1. OMG! you are so cute and you've inspired me to go full-on vegetarian. Last year I decided to do a complete lifestyle overhaul and because of that I have lost the little bit of excess body weight and I feel incredibly good and my outlook on life has improved too. My diet mainly consists of plant based foods now, but I really love seafood and poultry. I will try and ditch these too because I just don't trust the quality of meat in the stores today. I don't believe a lot of the meat is ethically sourced and so I wanna stop eating it. Thank you for the video I really appreciate it.

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