What's Going On With The American Health Care System

hello everybody I just want to talk about health care today why it's terrible so I've got three articles that I want to show and read to you guys so the first one it's just about US health care and why it's so bad today so health care industry is only dominated by a small percent of companies so let me give you some statistics for this so 52% of dialysis centers 75% of IV solutions 69% of syringe manufacturing 63% of orthopedic proc manufacturing and 47% of health care consultants those percentages that just gave you are run by only two companies that's ridiculous only two it's crazy so this market concentration contributes to the high prices within the US healthcare system so if you know the health care system as it is you know the u.s. pays way more than any other country but no one really uses it because it's so high so you have the health care price is so high and then only a small handful of people that actually use it even if they need it and they can't afford it it's like what can you do right so hospital systems continue to merge with each other so they can charge more money so let me picture a scenario for you so let's say there's two hospitals hospital one in hospital – they're both like pretty average hospitals so you have hospital one talking the hospital – like a hospital – I see you doing pretty good over there oh thank you hospital one oh you know maybe we should merge together and you don't have a bigger company oh that sounds like a great idea then they merge together and they have this huge company they have more workers you know that sounds good in theory but since they have a bigger company now they're gonna need more money they're like you know let's charge people more you know because we have to keep this business running and keep going you know which is just isn't good just isn't good so that's basically what the first article is about let me go to the second article so here's the second article so it says rising healthcare costs continue to erode the American standard of living for a typical American family of four the annual cost of health care now surpasses 28,000 now much 28,000 s2a regular family that's a lot of money families pay more than 12-thousand of this amount premium and out-of-pocket charges that makes sense so let's read this part this one's interesting from 1999 to 2016 health economist Martin Gaynor notes workers health insurance premiums increased by two hundred and forty two percent over the same period workers wages only increased by 60% let's talk about that for a second that's interesting so if you look at that statistic right so like workers wages doesn't really increase besides you know minimum wage and let's talk about that for a second minimum wait so minimum wage is basically something that's supposed to help people and the lower income families you know so they can have more money so they can you know pay for things like food shelter all the necessities right but in reality it doesn't do that you know it sounds like a good idea in theory but it's not so essentially what so each term and the presidency almost each term in the presidency minimum wage has increased you know so what happens is when the minimum wage increases you get more money and when you get more money you pay more taxes essentially so you're essentially it's essentially having higher taxes and then companies see oh these people have more money now now we can charge even more for our products so you may have like a $700 like iPhone let's say minimum wage increases to life ten dollars you know they're not gonna charge $700 for that same iPhone they're about to charge 800 850 so essentially you're at the same situation why do you think every time minimum wage increases everyone still complains it's the same problem it's essentially what's happening here with the health care no they're thinking that merging is gonna be a good idea and then once they merge they charge more and then people can't pay for it so it's like doesn't make any sense but let's continue back on to this article so why do Americans have to pay so much for health care that's a good question to ask and no one has the answer so often we're told it's over utilization the citizens and other countries like Germany see doctors more spend more days in the hospital and undergo procedures at roughly similar rates while paying far less for health care and living long that just sounds like germany's health care's far better than ours no they spend more days in the hospital because it's more affordable and the procedures cost less so it makes sense that they would go see doctors more so let's get through let's see rather than over utilization and later prices or what drive US healthcare costs so much higher than other peer nations and oacd countries the median cost of health care Stan 2014 was ten thousand five hundred and the US was basically double of course it was basically double and that price is just gonna keep increasing year after you have to by 2017 approximately two-thirds of hospitals in the US have been subsumed by a chain they basically can't go anywhere they're stuck where they are as the industry becomes dominated by corporate entities many communities are losing their independence local hospitals that's that that's just terrible well hospitals closed for a variety of reasons brief review of the 21 Hospital closures in 2018 those are over half were closed by their parent corporation typically for not providing enough revenue well of course if companies are just gonna merge together then how are they gonna build how are the companies that are are not gonna merge and just be independent gonna have enough money they see a bigger hospital they're gonna go towards that one it's more well known than just an independent small type of company so of course you're not gonna reach enough revenue and then they have to close so then the only ones are left are these giant ones that cost a fortune here's a good one so many provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act Obamacare having kurtz hospitals to merge since the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act hospital consolidation has more than doubled with the record-setting number of mergers occurring in 2017 so we all thought that the affordable healthcare was something great you know we got Medicare and Medicaid you know for the low-income families basically we all have healthcare that wasn't the case it just made more people merge together so they can charge more so it's basically like going to square one but now we're even in a worse situation with that Obamacare so it's best to get rid of this Obamacare and have a new like policy or just fix the Affordable Health Care Act altogether this is basically an article about what President Trump should do for the health care system so this is since the Affordable Health Care Act was enacted Hospital consolidation increased by 70% in 2014 alone 95 hospital mergers happened in the country that that's insane 70 percent so you can just see that something I was supposed to turn out good doesn't turn out good same thing with minimum wage and stuff like that there's a good thing there's a good thing according to so hospitals health care health systems and physician groups have more power to exploit the public because they can charge high prices freely and without accountability that's saying something so with this monopoly they can basically just charge more money because of their bigger so we're merging together we have more employees we have more staff more resources so we're gonna charge you instead of $30 let's charge you $50 $50 seems too small let's make it a hundred it's just gonna go up and go up go up and then when people can't pay for it they're gonna be like well it's not our fault you know we need this money health care monopolies victimized the ordinary people every year America spending up to half trillion dollars on health care alone than the rest of the world but what most people don't know is that the excessive spending comes out of the pocket premium payers without their knowledge so basically people know people don't even know that this is like like the spending and like where it goes so essentially you know the money that goes to health care is gonna go to the bigger companies the mergers right so since they're bigger you know they're gonna get more of the pay since they have more staff more doctors you know they're gonna get more money so it doesn't even matter like let's say a small light company small like hospital is doing like the best service better than the bigger companies doesn't matter because they're not gonna get as much money as the bigger companies would so the bigger companies get way more money and let's say they're not even doing anything not great they're just they're just they're so they're gonna get all this money and they don't necessarily need it just because that they merged that they're gonna get this he like huge amount of money and just use it on whatever and you see like there's not really any improvement in like health care or like or like medical in any ways right now you know people say like you know they don't get enough money you know like health care doesn't get enough money but doesn't even matter like with this it doesn't even matter like like if they got more money cuz if they got more money oh just go to the same people that already have majority of the money so all the other small people that might be looking for like for looking for like better like options for people that need like help and medication like all those people that are looking for like better resources they're still getting paid they're still getting like less money and the money's not really going to them so it just creates this whole cycle where all these big companies are just getting more of the money and it's just creating this monopoly where they charge more money and people can't pay for it so it's like the only thing that you can really do is lower the lower the prices if can't if they can and stop the merging so if they all just went back into the independent selves then it wouldn't be such a problem and healthcare wouldn't have to go up two hundred and forty two percent right like who's gonna pay for that you have like operations that are like ten thousand dollars like you might as well just keep like you might as well just walk out and just like deal with it and that's what most people do they just deal with whatever they're going to that's why so many people's health are just in shambles like like what are they supposed to do you want them to like go to a bank or can I take a ten thousand dollar loan you know I need an operation it doesn't make sense so that's basically the end of the video guys know you should hit the subscribe button down below you know more videos coming soon you know this is just the first video comment leave a comment down below tell me what you think about this whole health care Fiasco type them I will leave all the articles and the description down below you know check my Instagram at mental health truth underscore and yeah see you guys later

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