What's For Dinner! ~Quick & Easy/Healthy Meals~

hey guys welcome back to another week of what's for dinner I know don't judge my kids bleep we don't have any other plates apparently up tonight for dinner we are having some homemade garlic parmesan wings and Asian chicken no Asian cashew salad from Costco so that's what's for dinner I will link this recipe down below I had it in another what's for dinner video and they're they're delicious but I will link it down below so yeah that is what's for dinner tonight for dinner tonight is cooked pork gotta meet that tacos it's essentially just what like pork butt roast is that where it comes from I don't know I'm the dress cook them anyway they came chopped already for tacos we and he just left him a little chunky we have some avocado in there and then I put mine on corn tortillas are you doing flour are you doing corn too I think everyone did corn and I'm probably going to throw some picante sauce on it but yeah it looks delicious hold on baby that's what's for dinner dinner tonight is meatloaf green beans and the girls I'm home other girls have mac and cheese so I have about four and a half ounces of meatloaf choose servings of green beans and I just put some olive oil on I'm psalm pepper and roasted them in the toaster oven and then the girls are having mac and cheese but I am opting out of that tonight so a pretty light pretty simple dinner for me tonight I had kind of a late lunch and the girls have their Slurpee straws that I know they're wanting to show you they think those are super cool so that's what they're so that's what's for dinner tonight cool tonight's dinner is kind of a repeat of yesterday I went ahead I did this is 6 ounces of meatloaf and it got a little bit dried out so I'm just trying to finish that last bit hi have about a cup of broccoli that was roasted high and then I ended up getting a quarter of a cup of mac and cheese just to give myself a little bit of carbs I'm feeling a little weak today I donated blood and so my body's feeling in a week so I'm just trying to eat a nice nutritious meal drink lots of water but this is a small plate it looks it actually looks like a lot of food but as one of my smaller plates so it looks delicious I'm ready to dig in but that's what's for dinner tonight left over for dinner tonight we are having blackened tilapia typically we have blackened taco fish tacos are black and chopped tilapia in fish tacos hi but today we're just doing fish with some salad and in my salad and in green beans I have iceberg lettuce and no not iceberg romaine chopped up with cucumber cucumbers feta cheese bacon bits and some croutons with light ranch dressing and then I did a half a cup of green beans and that is what's for dinner tonight for dinner tonight is stir-fry we actually have beef stir-fry so this is stew meat that the sale means that I got at Target I have broccoli and we could have done cauliflower rice but instead we just made regular rice so I have a cup of white rice with some veggies tossed in it has some corn in peace about four and a half ounces of meat and probably about 3/4 to a cup of broccoli we put a little bit of the low-sodium soy sauce on it tiny bit of sweet and sour and that is what's for dinner tonight all were missing is egg rolls which we die have but if we did we would have that as well for dinner tonight we are having homemade pizzas with some salad so the salad has usual things that we put in it romaine lettuce cucumbers some carrots and bacon bits this one doesn't have cheese croutons and then for the pizza we did the flax roll outs these are the Loeb cart low-carb ones from Costco a little bit of marinara sauce mozzarella cheese some turkey pepperoni so an easier healthier way to have pizza at home that's what's for dinner tonight


  1. It looks all very yummy, hope y'all have a great weekend

  2. ❤️❤️

  3. I really enjoy these videos

  4. Looks delicious!

  5. Everything looks amazing 😘😘

  6. Hi Melissa! I love your videos!! I watch your videos everyday, I am a long time follower of both of your channels. What I eat in a day videos are one my favorites, I am sooo glad you’re doing these videos. I love your recipe videos too. 😊

  7. that asian salad looks really good. oh and can u please post your recipe for the meatloaf. it looks delicious.

  8. For my meatloaf, I use ground turkey breast and layer the top with cheese and bacon 🙌 its so good and it keeps it moist.. Not the most healthy but hey.. Its delicious 😋

  9. Nice dinner video

  10. Have you tried the meatloaf recipe thats all over pintrest? I love pintrest recipes! Lol Its just one box of stuffing into the meatloaf. I add an egg, some milk, and tiny tiny diced onions. Its so good. I never liked meatloaf before trying this recipe.

  11. Yum!! Everything looked so good!

  12. Hi,looks delish, tfs,peace and love!

  13. Love all your videos! Could you do an updated skin rotinue? You are glowing🙂

  14. Does the 4 oz fell you up

  15. Looks yummy 😋
    Lots of love from Michigan XoXo 😘 🤗

  16. Do you have a recipe for your meatloaf? It looks sooo good!

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