What Your Gym Gear Says About You

lifting is the most basic of activities all that's required is you in gravity but nobody wants to be a basic bitch so make sure to dump a bunch of your hard-earned money that your parents earn into intensely necessary gym gear forget trying to lift harder just buy shit to look hard the gear you choose will determine the type of lifter you're going to be choose wisely lifting gloves so maybe you're lifting and you're thinking to yourself ouch these rugged iron weights are hurting my frail velvet hand skin maybe I should start wearing lifting gloves so I can continue to give my boyfriend smooth hand jobs with my buttery man cause in that case lifting gloves are for you but if you want to feel what it's like to grab thunder and all muscle Zeus's dip with your butt in like a totally non-gay way no homo then lose the gloves earn your calluses and contribute to the historic skin medley that collects in the knurling of the bar this this is your heritage this is your Ellis Island get hard go raw hashtag Ronald Reagan president of raw nation hashtag Rossum wrist wraps wrist wraps are like spoilers on a car yeah you're probably going to be a spoiler if you're driving a Formula One racecar just like you might need some wrist support if you power clean 315 ha but you're not getting the big-ass fucking wing on your car just drive to the mall and you're not going to need wrist wraps the dumbbell curl 35 pounds but wrist wraps do make you full arms look bigger and spoilers mickey dick bigger I highly recommend a bull toed shoes shoe serve two purposes to protect your feet and so I don't have to look at your fucking toes yeah yeah thanks for the double dose of fucking eye poison do you really think having a toes move individually is giving you the edge oh here's a thought how about you just start lifting harder and stop creeping everybody out with your exposed toe cocks you look like some sort of amphibious douche ninja give it a rest guy with no friends lifting belts yeah sure all right weightlifting belt for heavy exercises squats deadlifts whatever fuck you want to do but don't walk around with it on the entire time look you're about to bust out in the way have you lift at any moment if you're wearing a lifting belt for every exercise you're probably a fat old dude who wears it to keep his gut it if you spent more time actually working on your lower back then you did walking around with a lifting belt on then you wouldn't need a belt in the first place this bracelet or works it beats by dre when beat headphones to the gym has its pros and cons on the upside everybody can see how sweet your beat headphones off on the downside you can't hear everybody talk about how sweet your beat headphones are compression clothing if you're going to be doing box jumps wearing compression leggings under your basketball shorts you might as well be wearing a sign that says oh look at me I'm training for sports I don't even play you might as well also be wearing a sign that says Peter Pan is my fuck day super should wear compression clothing to the gym makes you an athlete they're wearing a girl's span purse on my face makes me a gynecologist I am 100 b gy m ly nice snapback hats I go to the gym they look good and I look good to go to the gym you dress up for your birthday in your funeral right so why not for the gym because if you're a true bro that's where you like really begins and ends snap backs and bang tubes all my friends are rich Jews what don't work out too hard or you wish sweating the pricetags stickers and street cred off you had elevation training mask s– question have you ever thought to yourself I should be training on a mountain right now that makes two of us but now you're probably thinking oh but my gym doesn't have any mountains in it what the hell did I sign up for well now you don't even need a go to a mountain you could just bring the mountain to your face for 80 bucks a pop elevation training mask will respect your oxygen so it feels like you're training on a mountain which simulates breathing through a straw not on a mountain now have you also asked yourself how can I look like an asshole faster and more decisively than ever with this mask you no longer have to waste time irritating people with your personality and conversations about grunts now they'll just know you're an asshole from a distance headbands headbands an anabolic secret Brutus I could have slit into my forehead and marinate my headbands in pre workout Yolo powder please subscribe to my youtube channel new videos every week coming soon to it out


  1. When I'm working out I watch these videos. Mainly during my asscesory work and the first minute made me stop completely cause I was laughing too much and I lost my concentration 😂

  2. I wear gloves. No shame 💪💪

  3. I’m looking for a secret bitch

  4. You crack me up. I love your vids. You say everything I've been saying long before the existence of you tube. Thanks for enlightening the masses of douches of their douchieness.

  5. 3:16 Make a shirt that says "Peter Pan is My Fuck Daddy" and I will wear it to the grave.

  6. If I lift my 260 dwadlift without gloves, the blood makes the bar far too slippery. Call me out for it but that's the way I workout.

  7. Love watching you (not in a stalker way). You're so fuckin funny and very informative. Love your show.

  8. You are fucking hilarious

  9. Jockstraps?? Funny no mention??

  10. You talk like a 3 year old

  11. I do martial arts and awhile back our instructor told some of the guys that they needed to bulk up. The Monday after, they all came into the gym wearing those forty pound weighted vests. It was hilarious

  12. That was really funny about the gloves but I don't want to get HPV

  13. What a shit talking lil bitch…

  14. That’s dyno from Tyler perry boo

  15. Sick halfreps

  16. I feel like every one of your video just SCREAMS "I'M INSECURE WITH MY MASCULINITY" no homo

  17. hahaha fuuucken hell! This dude one of the funniest channels on Youtube!

  18. Nah my hands barely have any normal skin left, I wear gloves so my skin won’t file the grips off the bars

  19. it seems i'm not to only one who doesnt want to see strangers toes

  20. pretty sure toe shoes are designed for running anyways

  21. "I cut a slit in my forehead…."
    I spit up my morning coffee
    Fucking hilarious!!😂🤣😂🤣

  22. Eff you, my bf rather likes my smooth velvety hands when I rub him so the gloves are staying, hun 😝

  23. Yall hit home a little too far. I’m never wearing gloves to the gym again

  24. This guys funny as fuck

  25. but since ima fuckboy that does calisthenics wrist wraps are essencial cuz i keep beeing upside down like a bat at the gym doing handstand push ups

  26. Dude you are stupid

  27. OBGYN NOT M🤣🤣

  28. I wear gloves when I cut myself, or a blister forms.
    You might think I'm being a tryhard, but consider my consideration that you may have not considered the prospect of lifting a bar that has been marinated in my blood. To not wear gloves in that regard, would be considerably inconsiderate.

  29. I wanna point out that belts supplement your abs, not your lower back

  30. I wear the mask for aesthetics, I admit it!!!

  31. 4:20 easily the best part of the vid

  32. 6.2k pussies that wear gloves disliked the video

  33. my only piece gear is a vest

  34. Bro logic: the unnecessary $350 beats are fine but $20 gloves that would protect ur hand are for pussies.

  35. Lifting gloves are a great workout acessory and workout fashion accessory. They make you look cool. Like you're lifting serious.

  36. Lol. After making these videos you will never be taken seriously again. You know that?

  37. Bro your funny af . Buuuut hitting 85s with a dumbbell chest press with my small ass wrists and no wrist wraps ain't no joke . Safety first fellas

  38. #toecocks

  39. What about the wankers that wear full gym shark gear lmao cringe

  40. This is the best video I've ever seen

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