What you should know about vaping and e-cigarettes

it gets easier right these are the words I often hear from young parents who are new to the game of worrying about their children I tell them that it doesn't it gets different but there's always something to worry about as parents I remember how I would lie half awake at night listening to my son breathe when he was young and had asthma and then when he was a teen until I heard the front door chime open and I knew that he was home safe worrying about our kids comes with the territory now many of these worries are about basic issues like what they eat where they are who they are with but we also need to keep an eye on new behaviors and fads the latest craze is something that may not yet be on everyone's radar as a serious health concern and that is the newfound popularity of vaping or inhaling sweet air assaults produced by vaporizing a liquids in e-cigarettes a cigarette serve vapes as they are commonly called are flying off the shelves like candy this year the e-cigarette market is expected to drive twenty six billion dollars in sales worldwide over the next six years that volume is expected to double we have a lot of serious concerns about the health impact of vaping and unfortunately not nearly enough answers this becomes even more concerning when you think of who uses a cigarette Ystad reduce at least in the US has grown rapidly among youth and young adults our kids our most vulnerable population there was a 900 percent growth in the use of e-cigarettes by youth between 2012 and 2015 the most recent estimates suggest that approximately 3.6 million high school and middle school students have used e-cigarettes in the u.s. now Easter routes were originally created to offer smokers a cleaner form of nicotine to help with their cigarette addiction in the u.s. these devices come under the FDA jurisdiction as a tobacco product but the science on these devices has not been able to keep up with the rapid market growth so regulations on the components of these devices and eliquids are lagging current regulations do restrict sales of these devices to anyone under the age of 18 but these do not seem to have had much of an impact on the explosion in the use of these devices by teens you know the first time I heard and soften e-cigarette I knew right away that teens would love it these devices are technology on a stick a perfect fit for the smartphone generation small rechargeable easy to use easy to modify nice-smelling some even sync with your smartphone to let you know how much you have vaped even I was very drawn to these very clever devices and since I had spent a long time researching teen and adult addictions I immediately realized that these devices fit perfectly into the teen psyche teens are impulsive and they love to try new things they are also craving independence and they love to make things their own Easter grits meet these needs perfectly by allowing them the chance to both innovate and personalize their reap experience they can choose from over 15,000 different illiquid flavors and multiple nicotine concentrations they can even create their own nicotine flavor combination they can change how much vapor is produced from these devices by modifying the puff volume and the constituents and the power and temperature of the devices they can even use these devices for cloud chasing cloud chasing also called vape tricks or small tricks involves producing large wave clouds with quirky shapes and names like rings dragons ghosts cloud chasers can even participate in cloud competitions and win prizes for creating the most innovative shaped clouds teens can also change the strength and throat it from the vapor by either vaporizing the e-liquid at higher temperatures are dripping the e-liquid directly onto a heated coil they can even use these devices for marijuana vaping and since the devices use lower temperatures and do not combust or burn the marijuana they can do this very discreetly without the distinctive smell of burnt marijuana so they can really make these vape experiences their own which may explain the astounding rise in the use of these devices by youth now e cigarettes are technically a very simple device there is a receptacle for the e-liquid which can be a tank a pod or a plug there is a battery recharges the coil which then vaporizes the e-liquid and then there is a mouthpiece where the user can actually draw from the e-cigarette in 2017 there were 466 a cigarette devices in the marketplace these range from cigarette light devices which are also called cig likes to tank systems which are also called pens and then there are modified devices which are also called mods now mods look nothing like a cigarette and they come in various shapes and sizes with different kinds of attachments and user adjustments they are very popular for cloud chasing the most recent entrance into the marketplace are the pod devices which contain the e-liquid in a pod these are very popular by the way among teens and an example of this is the Joule which not only looks like a USB device but can also be plugged into a USB outlet to charge many teens do not even think that these are cigarettes which has led to the use of terms like dueling instead of vaping many of these devices are so discreet and produced so little vapor the teens are using them in classrooms and hiding them in objects like Sharpie pens their clothes their books now many teens think that these devices produce water vapor and therefore they are safe to use but this could not be further from the truth what is produced is not even a vapor it's an aerosol and let me tell you the difference is quite pronounced aerosols contain many finely suspended particles of liquids and gases that are created from whatever is in the e-liquid so an aerosol could contain propylene glycol and glycerine which are solvents in the e-liquid now these solvents are known to be safe for edible use so for using you know products that you eat but we know very little about their safety following long term inhalational exposure the e-liquid can also contain alcohol sometimes in high levels and inhaling alcohol is known to have toxic effects on the brain I told you earlier that the liquids contain over 15,000 different flavors here are some examples somewhat very catchy but familiar names like skittles and Froot Loops and others with more exotic names like Dragon's milk and Tigers blood and eunuch on puke the eel a liquid or the aerosol can also contain metallic particles like chromium cadmium and lead now these are generated from the heating coil in the devices and are also known to have many toxic effects on vital organs so know let me make this very clear what is produced is definitely not water vapor exposure of the teen brain to nicotine through a cigarettes is also very concerning the teen brain is very sensitive to even low levels of nicotine and gets very easily addicted in fact we have known for a long time that ninety percent of smokers start smoking cigarettes prior to the age of eighteen those who start early are more addicted and have a harder time quitting smoking in other words and to court an FDA a past FDA Commissioner nicotine addiction is a pediatric disease now e cigarettes can expose teens to a lot of nicotine many of these devices contain the amount of nicotine that is in a full pack of cigarettes the more recent part devices contain a nicotine salt which has a smoother taste and is much easier to use and can produce rapid increases in brain nicotine levels teens who use e-cigarettes regularly report symptoms of craving feeling anxious when they don't have their east cigarettes all these are hallmarks of a behavioral addiction now e cigarettes not only can are toxic to not are not only addictive but they also affect many other organs in the body so nicotine which is an e-cigarette for example binds to a receptor called the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor which plays a key role in the functioning of almost all organ systems in the human body and chronic exposure to nicotine changes the functioning of these systems so as an example chronic exposure to nicotine decreases the flexibility of the blood vessels and changes how the heart responds to acute challenges like stress the teen brain is not only sensitive to the addictive effects of nicotine but also to its toxic effects in adolescent animals nicotine is a very well-established neurotoxin and it decreases learning memory and attention processes and increases hyperactivity symptoms teens who use tobacco products are more likely to use marijuana and alcohol and also develop depression and anxiety as a teen or as an adult so nicotine addiction through cigarettes could be leading them down the path of other addictions and other mental health problems now in adolescent animals nicotine also produces epigenetic changes or heritable changes in gene expression for example in the genes involved in asthma so teens who use a nicotine may not only be harming themselves but they could be harming their future generations you know the very existence of e-cigarettes could have led to an entire generation of nicotine addicted youth easy access to these devices could have led to more experimentation with marijuana and many other vaporizer both substances by youth while there is no doubt that providing smokers with the cleaner form of nicotine is and should continue to be a critical goal we still do not know if these devices help smokers quit smoking and we know very little about the long-term effects of these devices what we do know is that youth lots of youth are using these devices in fact the FDA recently used the term epidemic to describe a cigarette use in the US while trying to solve one huge public health problem cigarette smoking we may have created another colossal one our lack of vigilance in the earlier years around cigarette smoking led to a cigarette epidemic and many many cigarette related diseases we do not want to repeat the same mistakes with cigarettes so now is the time for action for regulations that address the appeal and access of these devices to youth do smokers really need 15,000 kid-friendly flavors to quit smoking do they need so many different kinds of devices is it a good idea to have devices which are so easy to hide and so easy to use we recently heard that the FDA plans to introduce stricter regulations on sales of these devices that contain illiquid flavors in retail locations like convenience stores and gas stations and also introduced stricter regulations on sales of devices to minors over the Internet is this going to be sufficient to change this rapid increase in youth uptake we need to ask and answer such critical questions now is also the time for a serious public education campaign teens and their parents need to know that while cigarettes may contain less toxins and cigarettes they are certainly not benign exposure of their bodies to the chemicals produced by these devices could be changing them in ways they may not like and setting them up for future unknown toxicities and health problems you know when I said earlier that e-cigarettes were a perfect fit for the smartphone generation I was not kidding we live in a technology crazed world where the latest device and technology gets a lot of attention just because it is technology and because it is the latest thing more and more over the next few years and for the rest of our lives we are going to see technologies coming into the marketplace that may not raise any health flags at first simply because they don't look on el-tee are there not a medical device for example we could see devices that may make it easier to go longer without sleep or help us lose weight a personal goal of mine or achieve any number of other goals that we as consumers are very very interested in but many of these devices may come with unacceptable risks to our own health so if we want to protect our health and the health of our children perhaps we should get out of the habit of automatically celebrating such new technology and get into the habit of looking at them with a critical eye perhaps even through a medical lens because you know something our health the health of our children and our future generations is far too valuable to let it go up in smoke or even an aerosol thank you [Applause]


  1. I keep looking but cannot find how these millions of kids are getting their vape juice, mods, tanks ect…. Maybe a vape store or two will sneak a unit out but the price of getting caught it much too high for many stores to risk it. Where are they getting the equipment?

  2. Geez  I wonder how many people have been saved and not died from real cigarettes because of vaping

  3. 4:30, the photo I never knew, I never wanted to see.

  4. A few points this speaker got wrong:
    – If there are laws and regulations in the US to prevent minors from buying vapes, then how is it that there is a 900% growth of underage youths in vaping in 3 years. That is because, these regulations are new in many states, and up until a few years ago, there were states where 16 year old could legally buy vapes. This "epidemic" exists because the US government did not take action to limit access to nicotine products to minors. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2014/12/12/more-than-16-million-children-live-in-states-where-they-can-buy-e-cigs-legally/?utm_term=.22d3d94ce095
    – Nicotine is not a required compound to vape.On all nicotine products, there are big labels stating that "this products contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance", so unless all those teens, part of the "900% increase" don't know how to read, they should know if there is or not nicotine in their vape juices.
    – Inhaling propylene glycol and glycerin have actually been studies for years as not only are they also found in cigarettes, but also in many other aerosols, such as hair spray or the fog machines used in theme parks or clubs. Most juices for vapes do not contain alcohol. https://www.churnmag.com/news/1942-study-uncovers-incredible-health-benefits-of-inhaled-propylene-glycol/
    – The metal particles the speaker talks about are also found in the air in any house in the US. The difference, is that they are in much lower levels in the aerosol from vaping than in indoor air people breathe. https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/es60016a001?journalCode=esthag
    – Chronic exposure to nicotine is as bad as chronic exposure to caffeine. Btw, caffeine is also sold to minors, with many different flavors and alters the body as much as nicotine does. And isn't it interesting that nicotine replacement products such as gums or patches can be sold to minors, over the counter, and come in different flavors, and not be considered dangerous? https://www.rsph.org.uk/about-us/news/nicotine–no-more-harmful-to-health-than-caffeine-.html
    – teens using nicotine are not more likely to use other drugs or alcohol. More likely teens who use other drugs and alcohol are more likely to use nicotine. If it were how the speaker describes it, then there would have been a lot more drug addicts and alcoholics, considering the volume of smokers in the 40s, 50s and 60s.
    – Many studies have shown that the increase in asthma is due to air pollution more than anything else. What was the excuse for the increase in asthma before vapes became popular? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4465283/
    – vapes won't necessarily lead to more experimentation of marijuana by the youth, but legalizing marijuana will.
    – Studies have proved that vapes are an incredible part of the incredible drop in the numbers of smokers not only in the US, but also in many countries in Europe. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1808779?query=TOC
    – Yes, people who want to quit smoking need a large offer of flavors. But perhaps we may also also the question: do adults really need all those ice cream/cookie/cake/candy flavors which incite the youth to eat junk food which leads to obesity and death? Do adults really need all those flavors in alcohol, which a also marketed towards children, like cake or chocolate?
    – Yes, people who want to stop smoking need an offer of different devices. Do adults need so many different car models, which pollute the atmosphere, leading to an increase in asthma to our beloved children, and children's children?
    – Yes, people who want to stop smoking want small and portable devices. Do adults needs small and portable mp3 players that children can also hide in the classrooms and consequently not listen in class?
    – A good question to ask is why is there a vaping teen "epidemic" in the US, and not in other countries, like those in the EU?

  5. This focuses on the effects of vaping tobacco and other chemical substances, not natural herbs with nothing added. Same old information.

  6. 👏👏

  7. Total bullshit, vaping cbd has helped my anxiety and depression… there are positives if used correctly, omg a kid got some beer last night, let’s ban it! I am tired of complete scare tactics about these things.

  8. Vaping contain 3 to 4 ingredients and are not dangerous when heated (except diketone, diacyl and some sugars but if you mix yourself you can avoid it). Cigarettes when burnt create more than 1500 chemicals…. Vaping is not good for your health but it's 95% better than smoking.
    Nicotine, like caffeine and sugar is addictive but quite safe.

  9. Does America not have nicotine free e-liquids? I use those and I love watermelon, cotton candy and maple syrup flavor and no, I'm not a teen. I also never smoked.

  10. This pile of 'I'm a worried mom' crap shouldn't be on TedMed. It's a waste of our time, classification of vaping forms and application are not medicine. This is a disappointing video, and mainly sounds like an over protective mother tries to educate the world.

  11. Here's a lady that loves her carbs yet she thinks e-cigs are the issue…hmmm

  12. Funny how she's worried about e-cigs but doesn't give s shit about the fact that she herself is suffering from carb addiction and will probably die from it…

  13. 6:36 minutes in, still sounds like an add for vaping…no more watching, my vape friends tell me how bomb it is with cool clouds.

  14. Bringing up the "issue" of smoking weed was distracting for me. I don't smoke anything, but I think there are bigger issues with experimenting than smoking some weed in high school.

  15. Love this video. I currently vape and I have been cutting back significantly on using my vape unless I absolutely need to smoke it and have gotten my use down dramatically where I’m almost off of it completely. I have been doing so much research in the last 2 weeks reading forums and watching videos and looking into the devices and the juice itself and how dangerous it can be. I know some pro-vape advocates will jump down my throat for this comment but people need to be more educated and open minded about what is really going into their body and the long term risks.

  16. "Kid friendly flavors"? Adults like flavors too. There's like a thousand flavors of vodka for crying out loud, and that doesn't seem to be a problem. Do something about the marketing, the packaging, the underage sales, but don't tell a grown person they can't have strawberry shortcake vape because some kid also likes strawberry shortcake.

  17. (FOR EVERYONE TO LAZY TO READ THE RANT)… if I had to choose between a world where kids being experimental with either cigarettes or vapes, I choose vapes. Also adults like nice tasting things aswell ….

    ok, I hear you. But, Nicotine is bad for developing brains … as are all stimulants, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar included. I'm not saying kids should vape, and I have discouraged it in specifically younger people BUT I have also convinced teens who smoke to rather vape. It does less damage than smoking by a substantial margin. A lot of teens will experiment with smoking and drinking whilst still in school as anyone who's ever been to a high school can tell you. Kids should be protected against any unnecessary stimulant exposure (again including sugar). If you take away all vapes right now kids will still be experimenting with cigarets (which will inevitably cause a plethora of health problems short and long term) so if it is between teens trying to smoke (where the 18 or 21-year-old age tag has never stopped them in the history of these things existing, in case no one noticed) and teens trying to vape, I say let them vape. There is much we don't know about long term effects but no studies have been able to find any evidence that the damage caused exceeds that of cigarets.

    AND A SIDE NOTE, in case you have not noticed adults like skittles and dragon's milk flavors too. By that logic why don't we find a way to make sugary food bland so that they appeal less to kids and adults alike, actually a good idea Elon hit me up I have a plan (watch me piss of everyone and solve the obesity crises in one go), or make all sodas taste like water because it's obviously aimed at kids with exotic flavors like "coke" "mountain dew" "red bull" and "cherry", because we all know adults prefer bland tasting things. cakes should taste like cardboard and candy bars like sponge … this is a stupid argument, stop discriminating against adults and assuming none of them like tasty things so we should take it away because little billy bought a juul.

    ANOTHER SIDE NOTE, TedMed , you need to include qualifications of speakers ESPECIALLY if it's medicine (and related fields specific), we don't let random people treat patients because they lack proper training for that as should people speaking about medicine without the proper education in it. I'm assuming she's a behavioral psychologist or something "…researching teen and adults addictions…" but I don't know because you did not add it…

    that is all, as you were 🙂

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