What You Need to Know About the Cruise Control Diet


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  9. Usually I don't eat salads because I don't like salads because I'm not salad fan so yeah

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  13. Such a scam guys. Please don’t fall for this!

  14. Everyone seems to be a celebrity trainer these days.

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  21. Say whaaaaat?

  22. I do intermittent fasting and there's no way you'll lose a pound a day eating whatever you want lol. You want the real secret? It's simple. Intake less than what your body burns through metabolism and exercise. That is all.

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  24. Funny thing is you’ll never see this guy using this diet
    Also every person is different some people shed pounds faster than others

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  26. Am I the only one who thought the guy in the thumbnail was jacksfilms?

  27. Who needs this when you can starve yourself and lose 2 pounds

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  29. Its not working if in those 8 hour eating u eat three pizza and cola and fries 🍟 so u can’t eat anything like he said … u can only eat low calories meal and healthy …

  30. This is common sense.

  31. There's no secret to losing weight and being healthy. You could potentially (and most likely temporarily) lose weight through other methods such as this, but never be healthy. The only way to have both, is to eat a balanced diet and exercise.

    The only thing that should be malleable is your fitness goals. So different sorts of nutrition intake may be suggested like tracking macros for specific meals when body building or just eating controlled portions of a whole range of foods for a healthier lifestyle etc. But that's generally as far as it naturally goes.

    Everything else is a fast paced scam for doctors and greedy fitness gurus to make money of lazy people.

  32. Omg this guy is an idiot,……..” u can eat whatever u want there is no starvation”………yet fasting for so many hours means there is a chance u will be hungry starving for many hours! Get the tuck out of here u scammer!

  33. Any diet is the eat less calories diet. Just eat less calories people! You may not be healthy, but you'll lose weight.

  34. That reporter looks like Tom hiddleson

  35. Sh*t I've never heard of till watching Inside Edition

  36. You will fast next month

  37. Butter in coffee ☕️ SAY WHAT??? is that a thing now? 🤢

  38. Never heard of butter in coffee. 🤢

  39. The only way you can loose weight is by eating less calories,

  40. I’m on the meth diet, it keeps me going and going and going

  41. Butter in coffee? That looks disgusting

  42. As much as I love butter, I am NOT willing to put it in my delicious coffee

  43. I go to gym 4 to 5 day my diet is I eat breakfast 9:00am gym after 3pm to 5pm dinner at 6pm. I skip lunch cause I don't need it and low cards on cardio days simi high cards on heavy day low sugar or no sugar during the days.

  44. I fast Ramadan and lose a ton of weight, but I eat healthy.

  45. I've done this. It works. Though the butter in coffee thing, don't even. You're suppose to only drink water when on fasting hours.
    EDIT: On more details of what I did. I combined it with calorie counting. I ate my calories for the day between a 4 to 7 hour eating period, fasted the rest only drinking water. Trick to making it easier to do is to eat in the middle of the day, like 4 hours after you wake up(as long as it's been at least 16hrs since you last ate) so that way you don't go to bed hungry.
    Calorie counting is when you find out what your resting metabolic rate is, which you can find hundreds of calculators online, then you look at calories on food labels and plan your meals for the day to total up to under 300-500 calories your resting metabolic rate. BUT while doing intermittent fasting, you can actually eat the exact amount of calories as your metabolic rate

  46. Everyone is trying to lose weight while I'm here trying to gain weight. Let me tell you, its not easy having a really fast metabolism cause I can eat a whole box of chocolates and I won't gain any weight

  47. Losing Wight that fast is dangerous you should only lost 1 pound a week

  48. Eating without gaining weight what

    Ugh that’s called bulimia

  49. seems sketch

  50. Develop a cocaine addition so you won't have to eat

  51. Nothing new

  52. Stupid

  53. If you eat 5000 calories in that 8 hours- you gonna get fat. Period

  54. Nahhh… he just mixed keto & IF

  55. Move over exercising and proper dieting and hello butter coffee 🤤

  56. That sounds like the keto

  57. Even if this does work, I still ain't putting butter in my coffee

  58. I like his name : ) .

  59. The salad looks super delicious but the butter in coffee is a bit…

  60. butter in coffee. what could be better?


  61. I don’t really eat much processed food cause I’m athletic, but imma think about doing that🤔

  62. Intermediate fasting is old news yall

  63. just don’t eat it’s not that hard to lose weight

  64. Smh … this guy tryna get people fat .

  65. Does vaping while fasting break the fast?

  66. Gamers fast for 24 hours not 16

  67. I really have a hard time waiting until lunch ugh. I think I would do better with a one meal a day diet

  68. He better not be a Bariatric and plastic surgery patient stunning for money!

  69. Coffee with butter? You crazy!

  70. Cruise control? school please!

  71. 1st ad I actually watched

  72. Whos ready for Ramadan

  73. This is nonsense. You can't just lose weight easily: it requires a change in lifestyle.

  74. I saw this on the news yesterday

  75. I have been fasting on 800 calories a day for a week. Lost 1 pound a day and down 7lbs already. The first 3 days were hard but now I'm rarely hungry. Getting ready for swimsuit season 👙

  76. I'm on the mom diet: I run around between my kids, college, and work… I eat maybe twice a day then I forget to eat…. the mom diet

  77. So you combine sugar and fat in large meals and then don't eat for 16 hours?  Good luck with that when blood sugar levels drop 90 minutes afterwards…lol. This would take tremendous willpower. It's better to be Paleo/somewhat Keto + IF. But then you wouldn't be original, or the first, just another copy cat.

  78. Just because you lose weight doesn’t mean your getting healthier. You can’t just “balance” out the unhealthy food.

  79. Only person that writes 25 diet books is somebody who knows the ins & outs of the diet book game lol he scamin scamin

  80. I only ate one meal a day for like 2 weeks.

    I was 134
    Then 123.
    Please do not try it it was torture.

  81. I absolutely hate that he jumps on every bandwagon of what everybody else is talking about. Coconut cream in your coffee is going to break your fast. Butter in your coffee is going to break your fast. Anything with calories is going to break your fast. I hate that he will say anything to sell a book.

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