the news beers can see Hey okay when open veto team Excalibur lose in Seto he does buying you do tell you that hey it's those dinosaurs okay okay pero de Mesquita van you'll arrive in this primero okay good morning everyone welcome back to another video of ours if you're new here hi my name is Natalie today is gonna be a full day of what we eat so if you're interested in seeing what me and my tail eat in a day and just keep on watching so this is my breakfast I have two eggs half an avocado a toast with almond butter my coffee and my tail has one egg happened avvocato a toast with almond butter also in some milk update this is how much we ate still working on the coffee still working on his milk but they though hi he's still kind of working on this but I can tell he's getting pretty full already yeah I think my faith is pretty for now but he did really good eating his breakfast so this is what we're eating for a snack Modell's having yogurt with strawberries and I'm also having yogurt with strawberries and almonds and little pieces of chocolate so delicious so this is what our lunch looks like this is my fails Bowl and this is my bowl all I did was just chop up his broccoli into smaller pieces and now I'm just going to sprinkle a little bit of cheese all right so it's 6:30 now and I have my little dinner served in his bowl ready friends I have made myself a salad this has a mixture of baby spinach and arugula and some cucumbers some mandarin pumpkin seeds walnuts and some orange bell pepper all I'm going to add to this is the ground turkey and will be ready to eat Metheny toes hanging sweet potato ground turkey and broccoli almost the same thing that he had for lunch just as I switched out the spaghetti squash for sweet potato hey guys I just wanted to tell you thank you for sticking around with me all the way to the end if you did comment down below what was your favorite part about this video if you guys have any video suggestions just please let us know down below and don't forget to comment like share and subscribe thank you guys we'll see you next time bye you


  1. love your videos hope you have a good day

  2. everything looked so good! i wish i had my life together this much. i don't eat breakfast and i barely eat lunch. 😂 & my favorite part of the video was when he gave you a hug. 😍

  3. That salad look so good! Also, your son is so adorable ❤

  4. Maria p I love Jesus 🙏 hola hermosa y a mi mateito hermoso me gustó el vídeo 😘😘 I love you

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