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hey I'm Angie for happy healthy thinking and I know it's been a really long time since we've done a day-in-the-life log so I'm kind of pressed for time right now getting ready to leave the house I'm actually gonna do I gave the class at the gym and he's gonna work out and some come on have a banana it looks like you got plenty I got a stash I like to have a quick banana before I go to the gym whereas I prefer a quick beverage so let me get one super quick and get out of here small stash we got at the expo this year and I only wanted to get stuff I was really into that's what I meant looking for here there we go this was so good it's super quick to yell no time to stop by the coffee house to get a latte oh I can't wait to drink this it smells so good you guys so by the way we actually partnered with four sig Matic so there's a link in our show nuts you can click to get 15% off your first order of any of their products off to the gym go grab one of these for afterwards [Applause] right back from the gym I can't wait to have my smoothie coach but now those strawberries plant-based protein mix too in here yes I've been doing a lot of computer stuff last couple days I'll show you something I hadn't shown you guys our website at loss was calm we have like a little tiny photo arid out here I was just adding in this picture that we took at the super bloom but now I'm thinking I want to remove one perfect um if you guys come to visit you can actually you can see all the picture it's just some selfies that we did to promote our new album honey if I'm in front we just got it like a tripod up Chinatown oh this is the last time there was a super bloom like three years ago anyways the other thing I've been doing is updating Bandcamp they're probably aware that love spirals has a band camp where you can even buy a brand new album both in CD or in digital but what you may not know is I also have an account for the band before I joined and it is less about downward stop band camp calm and so this was music he made before I started singing for him and we recently got like 50 copies of the last album that he's did a self Arliss downwards so I didn't have to do all this work to get like all the audio and stuff listed on here to all these product shots I'm stairs his old singer Suzanne here we go Ryan's been packing up the CDs for the lives Royals downwards fans but we've got high bode we've also got some of the brand new t-shirts reserved 3/4 sleeve that's already dirty so uh Holdings order marina actually ordered this one now this is a pretty nice Arabella in canvas shirt it's like the white and grey when we had before but this one's got that heathered look in the old school logo I know the old school logo everybody loves it and actually makes a lot of sense on a baseball team yeah yeah so here on copy all the vegan or you go to the shop and then behold a brand new shirt is finally available we've been teasing that this was gonna be coming so is Ryan at the super bloom in case you guys don't know we've got this special thing called a community tab where we get to put additional posts like this I like us just one day I go I don't see you guys that we have this new shirt and it looks like I've got some comments going here so you guys can sometimes find out about stuff that's not posted for a happen le vigan but it's still up on YouTube see tons of people click that video because it's got a bunch of new comments on the most part of the video that's awesome oh thanks for listening you guys and while I'm showing you guys all the merch why not just show you the actual CD look jewel-case super old-school this came out was printed in 1999 released like January 1st 2000 and I designed all the artwork for this thing so that's what exactly what Ryan looked like when I met him when we first started doing it that's me in 1998 so excited to see me you want to go outside you do want to go outside he's gonna be a good boy for me he's here so this is my first time ever walking bandit alone without my friend and he's pretty excited I got to say like I'm gonna hit every plant I walk how do they decide when the to fight winner what brian has offered to do the deed have you ever met bandit before Wow the day ends up being really beautiful guys being family hey old guy did you enjoy that walk oh thank you oh he likes you more than he likes me oh my goodness alright well I think my first dog walking experience turned out pretty good bandit had a good time huh got a little workout yeah I'll see you next week a post office it's bad Lawson's I came down here with you yeah we have a sealed box here in Seal Beach right that's the longer you're suppose it's funner to come here hostess dropped off let's see the other thing in a steel box drum roll oh we do have a package if we go oh my gosh the song all that and cold out there at the beach so this time I'm going with a non-caffeinated mushroom beverage with turmeric look at the beautiful golden turmeric colors my water is boiling let's do this it smells so good look at this absolutely gorgeous lettuce that i found a farmers market I am so excited to dig into that so I'm gonna be basically making look the salad that's right on the cover I'm I keep a car baby cookbook which I call the Angie's classic salad ready that ego oh my god that looks so good right now yeah it really does huh they gave you a ton of beans I gave you a couple of tomatoes I have dates in mind well come on do you okay well I've been handling yourselves a long time mm-hmm thank you what's this well tumeric in a tea that's red yeah Kirk humans hmm I like it tastes kind of Indian it does say it's kind of Indian huh well I should have made you some chai oh love some dinar so you can see my crazy garden has extremely butterfly and be friendly so these are my Harlequin flowers Bure axis tricolors their real name yeah this is how I know the spring is coming when these are back I know we're good pretty sure these started with seeds from my neighbor's yard and they just brought them over for me one day so those spread throughout the entire garden it's a very aggressive vining plant bees and all types of other winged insects really love to feed in these well looks like you're requesting some kind of lunch huh Oh Joe oh it's just like the pink through the curtain what do you see Joe Joe oh my goodness there he is he's come right to the welcome mat oh oh all right already at the feeding station already you're gonna really love this so this avocado was like way past its prime it doesn't taste good but these guys still like it delicious guys just so many butterflies and everything out here smell nice working on some dinner now this is going to be my green chili chowder which I did a recipe demo for I will definitely put that as a link at the end of this video so you can watch that hey babe hey what's going on I was coming back to let you know that I'm working on dinner cool appetite for sure smells good well hey we're out oh man nice I didn't even see you make that that's really good member when they gave it to us at Expo yeah you're blown away pretty much yeah so hey did that ever is that good website because they said it was a brand new product uh-oh can our viewers get and you film this see my screen oh yeah let's see how we even mentioned it's for stigmatic by the way the Forsyth Matic and let's see it's a latte and I notice it's really easy to just like navigate by a type here so let's see away from coffee you don't drink coffee on try not to here with turkey tail and these are mushrooms guys turkey put the tape on my shirt Wow began a lot of our viewers know I guess I never talked about what I did in the 90s I stood coffee houses a lot but the guys know I'm not a big fan of caffeine but I was had try there which is an Indian tea not with mushrooms like how for Sigma dick does this is yeah it's got yeah the reishi in there and I mentioned to my though they have a she – you lazy mushroom elixir which is actually one of my favorite shows the first thing I had of there is and it just made me like makes me what I chill out at night as it says there chill crazy so yeah that's what I would be drinking right now if I wasn't doing a little work here the reason she's like what I'm done working and just chilling out in the couch mm-hmm and another little bit of story time a lot of people don't know when we're experimenting with superfoods before we start our Channel oh my god you didn't tell him I'll tell him I really wasn't too impressed with most but I remember I I really enjoyed racing mushrooms back then that's like 20 so it's cool to drink reishi again and just you know without having to put all those hard dried mushrooms into a pot and leave them stewing on the stove all day so how I do that's how we used to do it dude that's why we stopped it was a big pain in the butt it's easy so if you want to check out any of for sig Matic stuff just go to our link in the show description to get 15% off your first order oh my god it smells so good right now well hey mr. Boddy sounds like he's still working on love spirals hey guess what I got what is this that is my New Mexico inspired green chili child it's a few times it's always delicious is this in keep it car baby no actually this will be in the next cookbook which god I hope I can finish out this year no I'm gonna make sure well she's got some good stuff in there oh thanks but anyway um you look pretty tired and so be I'll take is all right now great perfect so leave your questions and comments down below anything you want comment about on this really big guy can't believe just you know we've been we went to the gym this morning seems like another day or two ago yeah I know I'm so exhausted and then walk the dog and then take the walk on the windy beat yes very tired free Sun shaft I'm a muscles are sore so I think it's time for us to chill out so I guess that's it guys so until next time remember we didn't like being vegan look at this great stuff [Applause]


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  2. You are so lucky to have those nasturtium reseed in your garden! Both the peppery leaves and the flowers are edible and delicious. And the brugmansia is so fragrant and beautiful. Love your garden so much. Great video as always.

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    i have the exact same dog but I don't know what breed is that.

  4. Did you know you can add the nasturtiums to your salad? They are kinda peppery and delicious! Try it!

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  8. You both are such loving souls big hugs

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