What to expect at an Orange Theory Fitness Class

hello my name is Kelsey O'Connor and welcome to my channel I'm doing a series called finding your sweat which showcases different types of sports workouts and fitness trends you can do and I'm taking it behind the scenes so you get a little insider knowledge of what you can expect in any of those different disciplines today it's a very very very highly requested one Orangetheory fitness no fun fact we're gonna rewind a little bit of Kielty over on his life if you didn't know I played a University basketball I was going to school for sciences after that I went to school for marketing well I was in the middle of my marketing degree I actually got a job with orange theory fitness and I was a general manager of two of them so I handled that I had no idea what I was doing it was a brand new startup but it was really cool and then of course I went off to finish my degree and they got into the whole ports model YouTube Instagram world shortly after I was the orange series goggles place in my heart some people loved it people don't we're gonna dive into all that and actually this is really cool it's a special event really cool Wow Kelty just so enthusiastic I've got abstract above all if you guys didn't know I just moved to Toronto and in Toronto there's always so many fun fitness and sporting events going on they invited me to the owner founder everyone shared Fitness is here in Toronto they have this special VIP work out meaning green signing then I'm about to go to I don't really know what to expect but I'm taking you guys with me so I'll show you the whole event I'll show you the workout we'll walk you through it and so if you've ever wondered hey when I sign up for a run sugar you kick me scoffs what is actually gonna happen you're about to find out let's go go who was backer is bull oh god yes made it another one was like a weird angle and excuses let's go work out well I am at Orangetheory fitness here in Toronto and we're gonna go through a quick orientation which they'll bring you through on your first workout as well but Victoria is the head trained iron village head trainer this is Victoria eyes welcome earth studio so tell us a little bit about the location here in Toronto where our Yonge and Eglinton it's amazing workout if you don't know anything about it it's a high-intensity interval training workout she's gonna get her butt kicked it's gonna be an awesome day so I'll take you through the orientation inside of the studio here you have three different stations you have your treadmills your rowers and then your personal training stations on this end of the room so you have everything you need here you have your adjustable bench you have your abs only and BOSU ball as well as TRX straps and all of the weight X colitis at the top and then heaviest at the bottom we also have an extra rack of heavy weights that goes all the way up to 60 pounds hook up to that screen up there that's our visual aid screen okay the entire workout is going to be plank on that string during at the 60 minutes however I'm also going to be demonstrating each of the exercises I'll be giving an option exercise for any restrictions injuries anything in the room as well recommending your weight yeah giving you all that info that you need but remember it will be playing on that screen as well and then come up this way follow me towards our treadmills all right so this is our OTP screen okay this is where all the magic happens what everybody comes into class all of your heart rate monitors are going to be posted up on there and you each get your own individual little square with your name on it or five zone high intensity interval training program so you're gonna be working mostly in the last three zones the green orange and red it's also our base push is what record is what represents the green zone our pushes the orange and then you might dip into the red and all your coach is gonna ask is for a thumbs up in the air just saying coach I feel fine we're good to keep going okay so we're always checking in to make sure that you're training at your potential but as well keeping it safe on the top this cute card okay this is your guide for day one especially your coach is gonna use three words to guide you through your workout base push and all out we give guidelines for speed as well as incline for all three of our options here however the important thing is when I say sixty Seconds base pace whatever speed you choose you should feel like it's challenging but doable to be a little different for everybody to achieve the feeling of challenging but doable now when i cue you for a push pace 60 seconds push pace you're gonna increase whatever your base speed is one to two miles per hour this is a pace that should turn your square Orange and this should feel I'm not comfortable you're all out pace this is our final pace you want to think of this as a full-on sprint emptying your tank okay so give it everything you've got the only thing is for power walkers their speed is gonna stay the same however their challenge is the incline that'll make sense thumbs up he rules out on our treadmills here only a couple but they're very important absolutely no hopping the railings let that track come to a complete stop tie your hair tie your shoelace whatever you got to do and they get back to this there's two beam on hands on the hand railings that's gonna reduce your workout by 30 percent we need to chat with me I want you to keep your eyes forward put your hands up in the air I'm gonna come up behind you just like you are to me and we're gonna chitchat through the mirror okay because when your eyes are forward that's a lot safer lastly we're gonna go through the treadmill functions speed is on the right hand side says it right at the bottom incline is on the left hand side now these are quick touch so as soon as you touch it it's gonna move up to that speed we have our fan settings in the center we have our start button and our stop button unless that safety key is in there so don't forget to pop that in there now we're moving all right I'm gonna take so when you sit down you want to make sure that you're putting both feet into the straps before you pull it's a universal strap so if you don't to lock yourself out pull it take the in it should sit across the widest part of your foot to press the most left button on the monitor that's e on but from there grab your handles at the widest part promising young instead of tall coming through your orientation your coach is going to demonstrate the rower rowing is a three-part move you're gonna drive up legs you lean back with your core and then you finish with the arms on the way forward it goes arms the core and then the legs return the other legs corn arms arms core legs and then you've just on your first row thank you welcome let's go do this just going to incline everything tell you where you got to be on the growers where to get as hard as we can reassure it selves all warmed up our job is to make sure you get a great workout here you got a charge no matter well everybody sizes that what is free Big Bob three random easy and our way up right over I am back at home it's a lot darker out hence weird lighting now and I saw they're trying to cap up on the orange theory fitness so if you couldn't tell by the format how the format usually work is half the people will be doing a bit more of a strength training component and the other half will be doing a running so usually you'll be alternating between the rower and the resistance training so the different circuits or you'll just be doing a cardio treadmill workout cardio treadmill workout will be just different changes between pushes pacing so it's pretty much between walking jogging and if it faster jogging and sprinting or if you're someone who's doing the walking you're gonna be at the same speed but you're just gonna be changing inclines and then if you are on floor like you said in resistance training yours you're gonna do blocks as you can saw so you might do five different exercises and they'll tell you how many reps you have to do and how many times you have to run through each of those and then you'll hop on the world where in between they might give you a certain amount of time you do it an alternate and then depending on the Orangetheory fitness correct me if I'm wrong but sometimes you'll alternate between the rower and the treadmill and then but usually it's between the rower and resistance training on the floor and then the treadmill separate so whoo this workout would be for is it really is for anyone I find it's really great for beginners who want to get into resistance training one a personal trainer but can't really afford one the nice thing is this trainer is on the floor with you you're not going to get as much one-on-one attention as a personal trainer and not quite as one-on-one tangent as something like an F 45 I found I got a bit more but this is still really good it's nice that you get all components of a workout you get the cardio and you get the resistance training weight training all in one there for someone who doesn't want to have multiple different group classes it's good for that I don't personally think this is for high performance athletes now a high performance athlete can get a good workout here they get all is as much as you put into it said I just find if you're someone who's training for the NBA or Olympics that you have to be a lot more sports performance if ik and this is kind of more general improve anaerobic aerobic muscle mass all that kind of stuff a high-performance athlete can get a good workout it's just not if you're like oh I'm high performance athletes should I train here know some tips it is gonna be sweaty workout you are sprinting you're running wear sweat resistance clothing so that's gonna be you know Lululemon I love wonder under leggings as you saw I was wearing and here's your bra a Nike Pro you want a good pair of runners and in terms of runners I would recommend something they can make you free you want something that you can run on a treadmill with instead of having something that's like just strictly for strength training some other tricks a belt or injure your fitness you have to register ahead of time so that's typically other memberships were is that you buy either an unlimited month pass or you buy like one time a week so it's like four classes in a month or you eight classes or you can just do punch passes who they by 10 and you register ahead of time they have an app that shows all of your performance and how many calories you burn what zones you're in it has all that it is a franchise every one is a little bit different so the ground don't mean it was really cool I got to meet the girl who created the idea behind we're into your fitness I've gotta meet a few the owners a lot of their biggest trainers and it was a good workout and I got to meet a bunch of other fitness influencers and people in the city in Toronto which is always fun if you guys have any other questions wear the orange theory fitness workout comment below I'd be happy to answer them they usually offer one free class you can go just see if it's for you that's kind of it and so I've got a lot of other workouts coming here guys this way I've been doing a ton here in Toronto I'm really excited to bring you guys through them I got some look books coming up some legging hauls got some different sporting events we're going to so if you're new to channel feel free to drive I will see you guys next week or in a couple days Aug upload every Wednesday and most Fridays so he then thanks to chainin bye



  2. hayyy fellow Torontonian! I’ve tried Orangetheory before, but now workout from home and do my own 20 minnute Orangetheory inspired workout. Just posted a video with my own workout- great for busy mamas!

  3. Ahaha your funny 🙂

  4. I can not for the life of me find a real review on the DB method. Do you have access to one at any of the gyms there? They seem to delete some comments on facebook, so Im leery, but need something to rebuild my glutes since a herniated disk injury from lifting at work. Help!

  5. Not to be critical but I was expecting more. OTF seems good for those who do not know how to work out or are just starting out (which could be a sizable number) or need the motivation of a structured class. If you know what you're doing and you can stay self motivated then you don't need OTF, unless you want the social part of it. And the room is small for the number of participants. They really cram you in there.

  6. Do you recommend OT to someone who wants to lose fat and tone muscle?

  7. I tried Orange Theory after watching this video Loved it since it was similar to some of the workout routines I do @ BodyModebyShay. I even went back for a 2nd visit.

  8. OMG you're gorgeous, and thanks for the insight.

  9. Bull shit

  10. I'm taking my first OT class this Saturday so I looked this video up just to get an idea of what to expect. 😊

  11. Cool video! Thanks

  12. Like I haven't fapped enough already today

  13. You went to young and egg!! Matt taub is my boss, im a coach in toronto as well. This is so cool!!!

  14. They don’t even have foam rollers…what kind of theory is that?

  15. Just curious how many splat points did you get on your first class?

  16. Informative…however, what is the deal with the over-editing trend? Makes it so choppy, it's hard to watch.

  17. Talking about orange fitness… gets distracted and starts playing with a ball… keltie you are my spirit animal 😂😂😂

  18. My location is just opening and my first class isn’t scheduled yet, I except another two weeks. This was so helpful!

  19. Great review! I am curious about the warm up, as I did not really see much of a warm up. Do they do anything specific, or is it just a slow start at the station you start at? Also – is there any mobility work done with a foam roller or massage ball?

  20. Literally just watched your video and signed up for my first class! I tried spinning a couple weeks ago because of you too! Such an inspiration!!! xo

  21. I hate the treadmill and refuse to do it. Is the elliptical an option?

  22. Come check out The Gym in the North!!! really awesome gym 🙂

  23. You should join the new Fitness Social Network, Athletes Mingle!

  24. Looks like it’s only for young people and for NOT for beginners!

  25. Thanks for saving me from going! Not my type of training.

  26. I can’t wait to try OT out! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, this video helped so much make me feel more sure on trying this place out!

  27. Go Keltie! Thanks for representing hot basketball players!

  28. If I let go while on treadmill, I tend to go towards my left, I feel like I’m out of balance. Ima
    Ways have to hold on. I don’t know why this happens. Perhaps one leg is longer than the other.

  29. this girl is ridiculous hott!

  30. I love orange theory! I have been going for 6 months!

  31. Who did you play uni basketball for? Said you went to MacEwan, I played there, just wondering if you did too? I also did Major in Science at MacEwan but minor in Psych. Your story is similar to mine lol

  32. The creator of OTF, was that Ellen? Great video. Ty!

  33. The "orange zone" is simply what running, swimming, and other endurance coaches have referred to for decades as threshold or tempo pace. It's basically the first heart rate zone where the activity becomes stressful enough on your body to be considered a hard workout. Beginners will see significant improvement from this type of training because they are relatively untrained, but if your goal is to increase your endurance long term you should only enter that zone once or twice per week. That being said, if you just want to lose weight orange theory is probably fine.

  34. I love my Orange Theory! I'm on my fourth year & have dropped overall 40lbs. I should've dropped more but I've had my bouts where I still fight temptation with sugar; especially when I was out with an ankle injury(completely unrelated to OTF), so I gained a lot of it back. I can't speak for all studios, but I love our coaches as they always have energy & intensity in their own way. I love when we have our themed days as those really increase the intensity & motivation with everyone. Everyone cheers each other on, so it's a really friendly environment.

    I encourage anyone who may be on the fence about it to give it a shot. If you're out of shape & can only walk or use light weights, there's no judgment whatsoever, so feel free to use what you feel comfortable with. It's a blast & you have nothing to lose but a ton of sweat & calories.

  35. Orange theory is good for people with basic goals. If you've never been serious about fitness and need to get over a plateau, Orange theory is great., For people who want more intense and personalized training with serious results, I like F45. There are two trainers instead of one and you don't spend half your class on the treadmill, like you do at Orange Theory. Plus you can burn over 1,000 calories in 45 minutes depending on the class.

  36. This lady must of came from heaven 😍🤗

  37. What did you say is a good running shoe or shoe in general for this workout ?

  38. Freaking love OTF 🧡 I’ve been a member for over a year and it’s really worked for me!

  39. Love orange theory and zumba!

  40. so I'm looking more into toning up would joining orange help me with is?

  41. Love the detail in this video! I'm a OTF fanatic and think you did an excellent job explaining it. 👌

  42. I'm so tired of retraining Kim and not getting paid. Thanks ladies and gents but you only give me more power everytime you open your mouths

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