What To Eat On The Carnivore Diet | Important Details

In this video, you’ll discover what to eat
on a carnivore diet. Hi, I’m Dr.Zyrowski from nuvisionexcel.com. If you’re new to the channel as always it’s
a pleasure to have you. Be sure to subscribe. Hit that little notification bell to join
our community, and I’m going to help you excel your health and your life. In this video, we’re talking about what to
eat on a carnivore diet. It’s really intriguing for a lot of people. For one, it’s a diet that is based on a
lot of meat and animal products. The other thing about the carnivore diet,
is that make people are reporting that they’ve seen very incredible health benefits from
following this. Many people who have had health conditions
followed everything trying to solve it and got no results. Then they followed the carnivore diet and
we’re able to reverse it. That’s very intriguing as well. The other thing intriguing about it, is that
it has not been formally studied in science but. Yet many people are using it and out of sheer
necessity or desperation and seeing great results with it. Anyway, when we look at the carnivore diet
we’re going to talk about what to eat and then I’ll add a couple different bonus tips
at the end, that are going to be very important for you to know if you’re going to follow
this diet. First thing that we need to know about the
carnivore diet is that many people do intermitted fasting. Now the reason for this isn’t because they’re
paired together or, that they have to be done together. It’s because eating a lot of meat is satiating,
and you don’t feel that you have to eat that often. The other thing about the carnivore diet,
is that there’s not a particular amount of meat that you’re supposed to eat based
off your size or anything it is just literally just eat until you’re full, and eat as much
as you want. When we go and look at the carnivore diet
and the foods that we’re supposed to eat we’ll start with fish. This is a diet that doesn’t really include
too many foods. This will be really simple to cover. When we look at eating fish we want to make
sure that we’re always eating wild-caught and the best quality fish that we can find. Many people are eating salmon and sardines. Many people are also eating Mackerel and anchovies. The reason they stick to these different fish
sources is simply because they are high in fat. When we look to the meat once again we’re
thinking high-fat meats like hamburger and steak. We’re also thinking a lot of red meats here,
and when we look at eating meat we want to make sure that we’re sticking to pasture-raised. We’re also wanting to stick to grass-fed. Once again the best quality meat, and sustainably
raised meats that we can find. Make sure that we’re eating good quality
eggs. This is a very staple food on the carnivore
diet. Eating eggs; making sure they’re good quality
once again pastured raised. Not many people eat dairy while on the carnivore
diet. Where the people who are eating dairy consume
they’re consuming it in typically low amounts. Many people also are not consuming dairy. You know I really find that it’s about 50-50. Now, the reason that many people aren’t
consuming the dairy is because first of all, they don’t feel like they need it. Secondly, they react poorly to it. If you are someone who reacts poorly to Dairy,
then cut it out altogether. But if you’re someone who is not, then consume
it in only small amounts when on the carnivore diet. We also want to consume organ Meats, the reason
for this is because they’re very nutrient dense. When we look at the ancient tribes that were
following this diet, like the Mesa or the Intuit. Basically, one of the things we know is that
they were consuming a lot of organ meats that were very high in nutrients like the liver. They would also consume the whole animal. We also want to think bone marrow here. If we want to drink bone broth while on the
carnivore diet that’s also going to be very positive. When we look at the different condiments that
you can use salt, pepper, herbs; and spices. Pretty much all of the thing’s you would
also would put on the meat. Many people are reporting also, that they
are using horseradish sauce and also mustard because. They like to put it on the meat as well. Now beyond, this right here, here’s couple
things we want to mention. First of all there’s a huge concern of people
who don’t really understand the diet. Worrying about vitamin deficiencies such as
Vitamin C, is a very popular one talked about because it’s not very high in meat, But
what has been found. Is that people who are following the carnivore
diet don’t have a problem with vitamin C deficiency. Simply because they are not consuming a diet
high in glucose. Vitamin C is very much used up in the body
glucose metabolism, but, also fights for the same receptor as the glucose does as well. When we aren’t consuming a whole bunch of
sugar in the diet, vitamin C isn’t needed in such high amounts. When it comes to all the other different vitamins
discussed, it’s the same thing if we’re not consuming anti-nutrients and we’re not
consuming a lot of carbohydrates and sugar all those different things are depleting our
body of vitamins that we don’t need vitamins and such high amounts. So you know, eating organ meat and consuming
bone marrow are really going to give us a lot of nutrients, along with the diet that
is high in meat. Now the other thing to consider here when
following the carnivore diet, is that if you want to, if you feel more comfortable about
it, you can go and take a multivitamin and mineral. Once again, many people who are following
are not having nutrient depletion issues, but on the same hand, if it makes you feel
more comfortable a good multivitamin with mineral is going to really support you. Last thing I really want to mention here. Is when we talk about the carnivore diet,
is that many people are consuming plain old water. They’re not consuming coffee, they’re
not consuming tea, they’re not consuming all of the other types of drinks out there. They just stick to water. Sparkling water and any other variation of
water. you can think of. When we look at the carnivore diet it’s
a very very intriguing diet, and very interesting. If you want to learn more about the health
benefits, I did a video on that so please be sure to check that out. Other than that, be sure to give this video
a thumbs up. If you have any questions about how I follow
the carnivore diet post it in the question section; and I will get back to you. Other than that, subscribe to my channel,
check out other videos on fasting and ketosis, and from there, I’ll see you in the next


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  2. Can anyone tell me what tests I should get done and how often if I’m going to do the carnivore diet? I’m going to reverse my leaky gut and autoimmune syndrome by using the carnivore diet for some time as an elimination then slowly add certain whole and natural foods back into my diet one at a time. I want to go to my dr and ask for the tests to keep an eye on everything properly. I’m 20 years old and antibiotics did a number and I’ve tried everything I only eat whole natural foods. Insight please 🙂 thank you!

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  5. What's also crazy is workout recovery. With a bit of cool down stretching and eating carnivore, I don't have a single feeling of soreness no matter how intense the workout!

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    Isnt the carnivore diet a diet based on solely protein?

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  51. I've learned over the past several days that milk (in all of its forms aside from cream, pretty much) throws people out of ketosis. If you care about sticking to a carnivore-heavy keto diet like me, I'd suggest you don't drink milk. Plain probiotic yogurt is the only dairy I'm allowing into my diet, and it happens to be the only sugar in my diet (leaving me only at 6g a day of sugar (lactose, in this case)).

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  60. I've had a cranky colon for 8 yrs, and I'm tired of running to the bathroom every 5 seconds sometimes. I just started carnivore to see if I can improve. I just had a SIBO test done but if it's positive, that may be only 50% of the answer, so it's complicated. I do love white and green tea in the morning since I do intermittent fasting – do you think having a little lemon or lime in my tea is ok on carnivore? What about organic heavy whipping cream? Thanks,

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  74. Though I really like milk, it's very easy to screw up one's carnivore diet by drinking too much of it, as 1 glass (250 ml / 8 ounces) = 12 g sugar carbs (broken down to glucose & galactose, so no fructose though). I'd say rather stick to 100 grams of sugar free yoghurt per day for optimum gut health, containing about 8 grams of carbs. If you're on OMAD, it makes for a good variation as well.

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  88. Thought id try carnivore. I was great for 3 full days but, on the fourth day CRASHED!! Very sick, stomach ached, dizzy, fatigue etc When I broke, I had 2 slices of toast and a cup of sugarless tea and felt so much better!
    I take meds: folic acid, vit D 2,000, iron, allopurinol 100mgx2, atorvastatin calcium 80 mg, metoprolol sucvinate 25 mg, and losartan potassium 50 mg
    Went to doctors recently because, I've been having severe deep pain in both knees, even hurts to get out of bed, my legs throb soo much. I was diagnosis with having start of arthritis in both knees radiating down to ankles.
    While on carnivore for 3 days the pain seemed minimal and didn't hurt as bad. Please help!

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  91. I'm all for eating meat. I have never been a vegetarian in my life but I love veggies and fruit. The people I have known personally who have lived the longest are a family of farmers in Missouri. The first owners of the farm, a husband and wife, both lived to be 102 and 99. Their son and daughter-in-law, who worked on the same farm since they were teens, lived to be 101 and 104. THEIR daughter and son-in-law lived to be 98 and 96. THEIR son and daughter moved out of of South to 2 different major cities to work and make their own families (farm life was dwindling). The daughter died last week at age 78, had poor health since living in the city. The son, my favorite uncle, is still alive and is 84 and in great health because he's always been a health-nut. The one thing ALL of these people in this family had was they ate meat daily, as well as dairy and home-grown or locally bought fruits and veggies and dairy. They all were also very physical every single day of their long lives. They worked their farm. They hired no one to d oit for them. So what I'm getting at is that we probably should be eating the healthiest meats we can find, and some plant foods, too, dairy if your system can handle it. And a huge part of it is to EXERCISE DAILY.

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