What To Do With High Deductible Health Insurance

good afternoon everyone this is at Harrison but the Pikes Peak GTD group and what the Pikes Peak strategic group is where our discount healthcare we're not insurance what they are this kind of health care company not insurance reason why we want to share we like to share with you this afternoon with you in particular you individuals who have insurance who have insurance but you have these high deductibles let's talk with my colleagues the other day because we did a presentation at a local Chamber of Commerce and that guy came up to me and says look I I have insurance but I have a ten thousand dollar deductible I said well I'm you're probably hoping that you don't have to go to the hospital he said yes I am because I don't have ten thousand dollars so I introduced him and present him with our our disk our deluxe plus program our mere plan deluxe plus program which is 39.95 a month for your entire household and what I tried to convey to him is the fact that he can get a lot of medical items taken care of with our discount dental 39.95 deluxe plus program what can you get for that well we we cover blood tests we covered cat scans x-rays MRIs and all those sort of things that you get a discount on you also get access to dental vision prescription and chiropractic services and you also get our telemedicine program whereby you can call a doctor 24 hours a day and get advice and or get prescriptions over the over while speaking to the doctor if you happen to have a a minor cold or fever or maybe a blister on your hand or something that he or she diagnosed and it was just consultation there's no cost but that doctors prescribed something to be 25 bucks and he or she will send prescription to the local pharmacy in your local community we also have the hospital advocacy program whereby we can also help you with those outstanding medical bills at over $1500 we can get those negotiated for you but I was willing a little shocked when I talked to this young family man here a couple of weeks ago here in Falcon Colorado about that ten thousand dollar deductible and I also have friends who have six seven eight thousand dollars in deductibles and when you look at some of their financial information you get on the internet or on TV or or over the computer they talk about the average American doesn't even have a thousand dollars in the emergency fund so what does that mean to you as a family and so forth you just hope that you don't have to go to the doctor and bankruptcy can be a real situation so I want to bring on my colleague Bernard Harris to talk a little bit about our 39.95 deluxe plan and I think he can add a few may be other little I a little more information to this program and once again we're talking about people who have insurance who have high deductibles Bernard what do you think I think our 3995 deluxe Plus plan ed and Bill is the right plan for the average American family especially given the fact that everybody is hoping and praying that nothing happens and they're just a stone's throw away from you know tragedy that does not need to happen when you can call a doctor or you can go to a dentist get a prescription and get incredible savings ladies and gentlemen this is what's very important about our benefits there are no limitations there's no waiting periods you have to take a look at what's there for you and for the military folks that are out there you pretty much know what the seven P's are and I'll just give you six prior proper planning prevents poor performance folks you need to stay on top of your health care and like Ed will tell you dental vision prescription copper IP MRIs telemedicine which everybody folks now is going to telemedicine even the VA is going to telemedicine but what do you think about that telemedicine program I'll tell you can't you know even the several agencies are adopting it now because one it's immediate and you get immediate feedback because you're going to talk to a professional in our case you can do it 24/7 talk to a doctor about your issue and if necessary get a diagnosis and just for information that crawled is free but if there's a diagnosis classes on a twenty five bucks and believe me that saves you time two or three hours make an appointment going to a doctor or born joining waiting room sitting there for five hours and most of the emergency room seven seventy percent of them are unnecessary so certainly telemedicine is certainly the issue and I'd like to mention one other thing and we'll will elaborate on this later on but preventive dental care you know we've been doing this for several several years and we've learned a lot and some studies and we can go into much more detail about this later on many issues diseases and medical issues are caused by bad oral habits as we look at what a mere plan offers in terms of services dental services it can prevent a number of serious health complications let me just give you a couple that a research is proven and shown that that oral care contributes to cardiovascular disease yeah bad or healthcare contributes to dementia that all habits contribute to contribute to respiratory infections and number of issues medical serious issues that are caused by oral healthcare and what Ameriplan offers is a way for people to prevent these is at very reasonable cost and saving you lots of money that if you have one of these other issues that caused by or healthcare poor oral health care could cost you thousands and thousands of dollars so again the telemedicine issue generally is up and coming the fastest-growing medical service a procedure in the u.s. many studies will show you that but better oral health care and ameriplan hands down is the way to do that in our opinion so please give us a call and we can discuss that in more detail and some of the issues that I just mentioned we can give you some some facts on that that we found in our research but poor L oral healthcare can be prevented by using the opportunities available with Maher plan so our numbers at the bottom of this video call us if you if you would like to discuss that further and we can certainly assist you thank you

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