What to Do With An Exercise Science Degree?

my name is Beaudry azuz I am a clinical exercise physiologist I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor in exercise science and I have been in this field for two-and-a-half years whenever it came down to choosing my field in college I knew that I wanted to do I hated school so I knew that I had to do something that was going to make me excited and I had a passion for it and I was always very active whenever I was younger I was very involved with sports so I kind of knew that I wanted to be somewhere in the exercise field so originally I had thought that I wanted to become a physical education teacher or a PE teacher and I also wanted to coach so that's why I majored in exercise and sports science and then I had my minor was in English so I had my teaching certification route that I was gonna take but then I ended up substituting for a year and I realize you know what maybe this is not the field for me I substituted from K through 12 for a year and I just decided I didn't really enjoy sitting behind a desk sometimes and just working in the education field I felt like maybe wasn't for me so then I decided to drop my certification so I dropped my certification and finished college and then I went and did an internship in a corporate wellness program at USAA and so I also decided you know what maybe this is not for me because during the downtime I was sitting behind a desk I was trying to recruit people to utilize the fitness facility I did get to teach like fitness classes and personally do some personal training which I really really enjoyed but I just kind of decided that I didn't really like the corporate wellness field either so I was searching for something else that I could use my degree for so then I decided you know what maybe clinical would be a little bit better for me because when I researched cardiopulmonary rehab I saw that I was gonna be able to help people it was a very active setting a lot of moving around multitasking and that's not my type of personality I always have to be doing something and being a clinical exercise physiologist is a lot of multitasking so I decided to take on a clinical exercise physiologist internship and I just completely fell in love with it the hospital that I did my internship I worked with some really great people that took me under their wing and just kind of opened me up to something that I have now found a really big passion for and I'm really thankful to be working in this field so I think that anyone who is majoring in exercise science I think the best thing to do is go out and get experience ask if you can shadow in a hospital setting ask if you can shadow in in a fitness facility ask if you can shadow in a corporate wellness program to find out exactly maybe what route that you want to take they're all very great fields to work in but if you you may think that one is for you and and really may come to find out that maybe something else is your calling so that is how I got into clinical exercise physiology and yeah let me know if you have any questions if I can help guide you in any way I am here don't give up because this is a really really great field and it's very rewarding


  1. I wished someone told me not to do exercise science when I chose my major seven years ago. Now I would be the "someone" to alert all of you not to do it and really not to become an exercise physiologist. the field has no regulation, no authorizing body, no state license, and are confirmed "death" by professors who held positions in ACSM before. if cardiac rehab is your love, pursue either nursing or PT is more viable

  2. I wanna study BS exercise and sports science major in sports management but i have a doubt cause I'm not an athlete and sporty, I'm just thinking if it's okay tho?

  3. I’m thinking about physical therapist or a athletics coach, o getting an aquatics minor. I haven’t told my parents as I do not think they’d be very thrilled, I’m also looking into nursing. Good thing I’m still in high school!

  4. hi my name is Badr from Morocco and this year im having my baccalaureate and im really into sports and health in general i really could use some advice in what should i do next year and where can i find the best universities for pursuing my dream outside Morocco,really hope you reply and thank you for the video

  5. After the BSES degree a MA in Applied Exercise Phyisology or a PhD

  6. Thanks….. But I found by doing Grad diploma level 7 in Sports and Exercise Science is wasting my father's money cuz I haven't got any Job. I am Physiotherapist and further continue my study in Sports and Exercise Science from New Zealand. And got nothing after doing it. Not even in NZ , Australia and even at in India. So depressed now

  7. Hi! I currently attend Texas State University and am an ESS major! My concentration is pre-physical therapy, but I am interested in doing clinical exercise now. Did you have any trouble because your concentration wasn't in clinical exercise? I don't want to have to change concentrations which would change the courses on my degree plan

  8. Hay

  9. What is your job now

  10. Thank you for sharing your story ! It is really inspiring you have helped me so much!

  11. Great Info!
    Currently a Clinical Exercise Physiologist in a hospital out patient cardiac rehab setting, and I 100% agree. This is a passion driven field.
    If all you out there looking to get into Exercise Science, ask yourself, why? To make a ton money? To help others achieve a better life? Because the question you should be answering yes to should be the second of the two.

    For those looking to drive further financially, pre-med school, nursing school, or even clinical sales are all careers in which income will take a step up, keep in mind the costs that come with that.
    In all, ideally you want to be happy and excited for work everyday, or else things get old and boring real fast, regardless of income level.

    Just my two cents,

    Good luck out there!

  12. whats required to become a Exercise Physiologist? like education and certification process

  13. Thanks for the video. I have a bachelors in exercise science. I recently decided to go back for my masters when PT school didn’t work out. I want to do exercise physiology and personal train.

  14. Great video!!! Can you update us on what exactly you do as a clinical exercise physiologist?? Please!!

  15. Like me

  16. How do you go about internship for clinical exercise physiologists in hospital?

  17. Would I be able do the same kind of work with a physiology degree?

  18. I have a question, I'm thinking about taking a Kinesiology major for a associate degree, can I use that degree to make me eligible to take the Physical Therapy Assistant Exam and become a PTA?

  19. Wow Badriah. You’re so well spoken 😁 Good job!

  20. Hey, i also want to study sports science. Is Germany a good country for it??

  21. Thanks for making this video! I graduated with an Exercise Science degree 2 years ago and am wondering if you might have any recommendations for becoming a certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist and what that process looks like?

  22. I was wondering if you knew if I could major in kinesiology exercise science and do occupational therapy? Or do I have to do the kinesiology health major?

  23. Thanks so much for uploading this. I graduated last summer with my bachelors in exercise science and it’s felt like I hit a wall ever since then as far as trying to figure out what the next step is in my career. Just recently I’ve been doing a lot of research on this particular career and I’m really interested in what it has to offer, as far as the correlation it has with my own personal values. I definitely plan on doing some shadowing soon enough and hopefully, things start to clear up a bit and I don’t feel as stuck as I have been ever since graduation. Thanks again for this 🙏🏼

  24. This video was very helpful! I am a senior in high school and I'm currently deciding on what path i want to take in college, there is a lot of controversy when it comes to an exercise science major but your video was very positive and inspirational!

  25. very informative video, where there any regrets as far as which major you choose? perhaps a different one that may have served you better in the career you ended up loving. I was wondering because Im looking at a few similar degree plans such as exercise science, kinesiology, athletic training, and physical therapy, I'm sure there's pros and cons each depending on specific career you want to get to, but in your experience what is more practical. again thank you for opening up about your experiences post grad, gives me and I'm sure others a little more to think about.

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