What To Do When You’re Stuck At Home, Social Distancing & Self-Isolation – SimplyPodLogical #5

Cristine: Menchie, dance
Ben: Hey, what’s up everybody, welcome back to another episode of simplypodlogical, a simplynailogical podcast Cristine:Hello, everyone.
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Ben: Well, I mean do you like cereal? too bad Because this white polish is not milky white Cristine: It’s not milky white thats right Ben. Good ad read,
Ben: Thank you, thank you. So available right now. I mean for The time being
Cristine:Actually maybe not As the time of filming we’re already over 50% sold out of the limited edition collectors box Ben: Yeah, but there are plenty there. There should be no issues with stock of the individual items but you’re right that the collectors box is selling quickly
Cristine: If the collection box is gone Then you can still get all the polishes individually for now until those eventually sell out, but I think we’re good for a bit Ben:We should probably also acknowledge that as of right now holo taco is taking orders Normally
Cristine: As of when we’re filming this podcast. Yes.
Ben: Yeah. So right now it’s the evening of Sunday, March 15th Everything is normal right now from an Operations perspective Christine: Nothing is ever normal but yes We’re monitoring the situation closely we’re aware of what’s going on, obviously and The priority of you know the health of the employees working there and the customers is a top priority So if anything changes We’ll let people know and if we have to suspend operations we will but for now, we’re still taking orders and fulfilling Cristine: yeah, and if we get word from our shipping couriers that there is gonna be a Significant or a known amount of delay as a result of all what’s going on in the world Then we’ll definitely let you guys know on socials Ben: So today’s podcast was going to be about something else Random like our jobs or I think maybe it would have been about Holo Taco But it just felt strange for us to talk about anything other than what’s going on in the world
Cristine: When you’re stuck at home for two weeks What the hell do you do with yourself? Ben:Yeah
Cristine: Right, Ben? Ben: like please like We’re not gonna be offering any sort of like You know medical advice or advice on how not to get sick or anything like that we just want to take a more lighthearted approach to this and Maybe give some advice on what to do if you’re stuck in the house for a while Cristine: Yeah, Ben, or I are not medical health professionals or public health experts Ben: I feel like we’ve had to say that a few times now
Cristine: Big surprise, but you know Just putting it out there just like I’m not a licensed nail technician. I’m also not a public health expert Ben: Yeah, if you want some actual public health advice go Who’s that cute doctor on YouTube? You must know
Cristine: Doctor Mike, cute doctor, you think he’s cute?
Ben: Well I know Phil told me he’s cute Cristine:Oh, yeah, that’s right. Correct.
Ben: Well, this is my issue with Phil DeFranco. So on his podcast he interview, right?
Cristine: wait what? Ben: So he interviewed Doctor Mike and he goes, Doctor Mike, What’s it like being such an attractive man? And they all laugh and he gave some answer. He has Anthony Padilla on Anthony what’s it like being so attractive and Anthony jokes about it with like 20 rings on his hands Why didn’t he ask me what it’s like to be so attractive.
Cristine I don’t know Ben, maybe you should they just asked you what’s it like to be so smart Ben: Anyway, but Doctor Mike seems like he’s actually I haven’t watched any of his videos but I don’t even know if he finished med school
Cristine: Is he a doctor? Or is he like Dr.Phil? Ben: I’m not vouching for him
Cristine: I have no idea. I’m just sorry. I just I have no idea Ben: He appears to, I think he’s made a few videos now at this point about like Media hysteria versus what you should actually know about this So I think he’s he’s one of the few resources I’m aware of on YouTube who you can maybe refer to Cristine: Who you can trust? Wow theres not many of those on there shocking
Ben: Maybe you can trust
Cristine: Youtuber you can trust
Ben: Can’t trust anyone that good looking Maybe you’re probably better off just referring to your local Health Authority for updates on the current situation. That’s what I’ve been doing Cristine: That’s what we do. Yes
Ben: So yeah I thought today we would just give people our perspective on what this experience has been like from our perspective up here in Canada and then just in the second half or Transition to we ask people online to give some suggestions of what you would do if you’re stuck in the house for the next two weeks
Cristine: So we curated some Of them. We’ll share them with you well laugh at them together and you know, maybe try and smile a bit through these times Ben: Yeah, so first of all, how how are we doing Cristine? How are you feeling?
Cristine: I’m fine because I never leave the house Ben: Well, that’s the meme out there right like introverts everywhere. Like I’ve been training for this my whole life
Cristine: Rejoice Ben: But it’s it’s a different thing though right? Like I get it I’ve been I’ve been the person who stays home for long periods of time just watching Netflix or whatever, but there’s a big difference between doing that by choice and being told or Instructed that it is a bad idea to leave the house. Right? Just the psychology of it is different Yeah, like maybe I’d stay home by accident for three days straight If someone tells me
Cristine: Staying home for three days
Ben:Is that a challenge?
Cristine: Now it’s staying home for two weeks straight challenge not clickbait Ben: Yeah, but if someone tells you you have to do it that’s different than accidentally Doing it. Yeah, but I think we’re fine. We We sort of saw this coming I think a little bit before the rush of panic and people rushing to the store Cristine:That was our fault because we watched the movie Contagion yeah, like three two or three weeks ago before this was kind of wild and everywhere Ben: Well, we knew what was going on in China Cristine: Yeah, we saw it in China, but it definitely wasn’t in North America as it is today. We watch contagion We got freaked out. We went to Walmart at 10:30 at night And just like bought canned food because one thing we don’t have much of is canned food. Because we’re usually just getting like fresh vegetables or hummus, or you know?
Ben:Yeah, we didn’t clear we didn’t clear them out of toilet paper just for everyone out there Like I guess it’s too late at this point, but I’ve seen so many clips of people buying Baskets full of shopping carts full of toilet paper how much
Cristine:maybe they’re gonna eat it
Ben: Did they buy any food? You need to buy food to poop like like all they seem to be buying is toilet paper Cristine: I hear if you boil toilet paper, you can actually turn it into rice. So maybe that’s what they’re doing Ben: What? Cristine: It’s a joke Ben: Great joke
Cristine: Honestly Cristine: Hey Menchie
Ben: I mean like yeah, and there’s I’ve also seen some articles now that are super descript like things like Events like this bring the worst and best out of people. I think that’s my theory Cristine: I think it’s really interesting what we’re finding out about people during these times Ben: So there’s an article in the The New York Times a few days ago about this guy who bought I think 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and his plan was to resell them and make a bunch of money
Cristine: Now everyone’s just ridiculing him Ben: Well now eBay and Craigslist Kijiji those third-party Sites have basically put a stop to this because they realized how messed up it was and there was this article he’s like basically complaining That he doesn’t know what to do with it. I just like I could it’s just shocking like I mean Just looking at this as an opportunity to make money off of people’s desperation to buy toilet paper and hand sanitizer There’s some like real scumbags up there.
Cristine: His parents probably bought a bunch of beanie babies 15 years ago, so Ben: That’s the first thing, you think of? Cristine: You know those people who bought a bunch of beanie babies thinking they would like make hundreds of thousands of dollars off of them one day Ben: Yeah, I remember that being a thing So is that just a fancy way of saying his parents are probably really stupid
Cristine: I never said that Ben: You know, I did see a funny tweet though about this where it’s like hey Are you really mad at people like taking all the toilet paper for themselves? It’s actually a good analogy for our broader society where there’s huge inequality between who owns stuff I thought it was kind of interesting. Not sure if that holds up. But yeah, you know, even if that person got that toilet paper or hand sanitizer by Legitimate means or maybe he inherited a bunch of hand sanitizer from his parents It still doesn’t mean an affair in just society There should be so much concentration of toilet paper and hand sanitizer in the hands of so few people, right? You know what I mean? Cristine:We should equally distribute the toilet paper during these hard times Ben: So anyway, we bought a reasonable amount of toilet paper Just a reasonable amount.
Cristine: We did buy canned food just to make sure we had that we bought some like frozen veggie burgers Ben: yeah, and I feel like this is this is like I think a lot of people were looking at this as if it was gonna Be like a blackout scenario where like you need to go into emergency survival mode
Cristine: like where you need bottled water Ben: Yeah, like the lights are still on
Cristine: To be fair. You might need bottled water if you live in an area where you can’t drink tap water Ben: I guess, but you can just buy a filter
Cristine: Right? Theres other situations Ben: I’m just saying I guess I’m still, I don’t know if this means I’m optimistic, but this isn’t like some civilization You know, hello there. This isn’t some doomsday type scenario, you know And I get like excited of the prospect of that sort of thing and I like like planning for it But this isn’t that right. I don’t want to freake people out, too We should be mindful of the fact that I think a lot of people are really stressed out now and It’s really messing up like it’s easy for us to say this we can work from home. Well YouTube we can certainly do from home We’re going to be working from home for our desk jobs as well Cristine: Yeah, that is also something that I guess has sort of affected us the Canadian government recently Said that they encouraged federal government employees to work from home Ben: I think there has been some confusion on that point but department to department It seems like there’s a lot of agreement going on that Cristine:All the schools in at least Ontario public schools are closed for two weeks following March breaks So anyone who has kids Right, and I know schools are closing across the US and internationally as well, but for us in Ontario They closed last week already Ben: Yeah I guess what I was trying to get at though is like we’re in a situation where we can stay And we’re going to be mostly staying home for the next two weeks. Yeah, I think there are people in positions where They work in like the food service industry or something, or maybe they have an employer They need to keep going to their job and I have a lot of sympathy and I feel for those people right now. Who are Feeling like they have to leave the house, even if their judgement tells them if they would be better off staying home
Cristine: Yeah it’s it’s tough because if everyone truly did stay home like Everyone then we would be lacking in a lot of services and things that people still need like everyone’s going out and buying food Who do you think selling it to you? Like how do you think the food is getting on the shelf too?
Ben: Yeah When we stocked up on groceries a while back. I was just thinking of all the cashiers and what a Terrible position they’re going to be
Cristine: Also Students right now anyone in university the university that we went to Carleton has completely suspended it’s on campus classes Ben: They’re doing it all online now.
Cristine: Most of Ontario universities I’ve seen that but I specifically got a message like from Carleton I guess I’m still on their mailing list from like seven years ago But yeah, they’re all switching to online classes and I still think exams Exam season is coming up soon, right? That’s still kind of an unknown for a lot of students They don’t really know how they’re gonna do that cuz I don’t think there’s ever been fully like entire classes the curriculum’s online exams Ben:I think what this is also proving though is that there’s a lot of stuff that we could be doing online and remotely that we Just haven’t out of stubbornness like even the working from home thing. I think this is gonna be You know unintentionally, this is going to be a giant experiment and how many people could be working from home and not having to work in an Office space right?
Cristine: Yeah, it’s gonna be a push for innovation. Technological innovation Figure it out, you got no choice
Ben: Yeah there is a bit of a silver lining to some of these things I guess Right just like you were commenting on there’s some country. Is it Iran? Maybe that basically just let a bunch of people out of prison Yeah, so it was like wait a second
Cristine: Tens of thousands of prisoners were apparently released I think it was around from this was like two or three weeks.
Ben: It’s a while back yeah Cristine:And I remember thinking like there’s a few things to unpack with this headline Ben: well is it basically an admission that those people didn’t need to be Cristine: That’s why I read further into the article like who exactly are these prisoners because anyone who reads that things like oh my god now We’re all gonna die because prisoners have been let out but that’s just you know Clickbait trying to do its work there If you read into it, it says that the government there specified that they were either low-risk or nonviolent offenders So don’t worry. Basically, they they don’t pose a risk to the general public It’s just better for health and safety of everyone if we don’t contain them in this spot and let it spread so Yeah, so it makes you question. Okay. So now we have we’ve just released people who don’t need to be imprisoned But they’ve been in prison for years.
Ben: Yeah Well, if your argument is that people should only be in prison out of a risk of public safety and not from a more Cristine: I guess we’re not getting into like an abolitionist argument here it’s just it brings up. A lot of other questions a lot of social questions.
Ben: Yeah, absolutely But yeah, and I also feel that Back on the student thing you mentioned as well It’s not just like like the interruption and the confusion of doing things remotely, but I saw a few posts I’m into sports and just thinking like there are college students or seniors that are just like Losing those sort of big end of high school or end of college moments, you know
Cristine: Like what about prom? When is prom normally? Ben: I don’t know, it’s later
Cristine: Isn’t it April?
Ben: I can’t remember It’s been a while since I went to a prom Cristine
Cristine: Proms might be affected and that’s a huge thing for young people Ben: Yeah, yeah. Yes Menchie, I know But yeah Cristine:It’s easy to say and especially as the meme goes and I know like cuz I’ve definitely made this joke on Twitter at least once That oh great. I get to stay home or like or I’m encouraged to stay home. What’s different? This is great, but Generally speaking. Most people Still leave the house sometimes even if you’re an introvert like me like I love staying home painting my nails you know getting shit done here, but I still Like a lot of other people I go to my office You might go to school. You know, you might go see family or friends. I see my sister. I Like we go we leave the house We would like to go for walks we go to the grocery store we go to the gym. We do go places So this is a major change. Ben: You’re a creature of habit too. And I think there’s probably a lot of people out there who feel like they have a routine they really like to stick to in life and if that gets thrown off that can Kind of make you spiral out and affect your mental health as well Cristine: Yeah I think even though obviously the goal is to Practice social distancing so you don’t spread it and hurt people who are most vulnerable to it such as elderly people or people with compromised immune systems I Guess the reality is that like most young and healthy people might be unaffected by it but still the unintended consequences of of this aside from infecting others is when you are told to stay home for that long and A bunch of events or maybe things you were going to are canceled. It changes your routine and all of a sudden you might be faced with certain like Routine struggles mental health issues of being isolated. What if you live alone, too? Sometimes if you live with someone else say there’s a power outage. It can be kind of fun Let’s just say I think like you can turn it into like, okay well Let’s just play board games Like in the dark version for two nights
Ben: light some candles Cristine: Right like you can kind of have fun with it If you live with other people Assuming you like those other people you live with But if you live alone and now you’re told like everyone just stay home that can be extremely literally Isolating and just like not good for a lot of people’s mental health to not be partaking in their usual activities that bring them some joy Ben:Sure, but I think that if I want to leave people with any thought here It’s that if you are a young healthy person, you’re not staying home for your benefit. You’re staying home for the benefit of other people like you said, older people, immunocomprised
Cristine: Yeah, I know that I’m just I also want to acknowledge the people who are staying home and they’re like it can be tough Yeah, I get it. It can be tough to not see your friends or go out are all these things you’re planning to do Ben: I just I can’t when I hear you say that I agree But I also can’t help but hear like I’ve been seeing on Twitter a lot recently clips of like young college-age kids going out to the bars still like everything’s fine and think a lot of them are just acting like, you know, I’m not worried about this this isn’t gonna affect me and I just that I find that infuriating, you know you you can’t take a two-week break from you know, having your craft beer downtown and mingling with a bunch of friends like Please I understand There’s some people were like the social isolation is going to be an issue and one good thing you could do and I’ve seen some groups popping out and here’s the bringing the good out of people side of it is you see Some people reaching out to like the vulnerable people who can’t leave their house and trying to offer some assistance or like food delivery to those people
Cristine: That’s a good idea
Ben: That’s a good thing but yeah this idea that you can take a two-week break from Going out to restaurants in the weekend and going out drinking with your friends and hanging out that shouldn’t be that difficult if that is going to make the difference between Just slowing down the spread of this to flatten the curve as they say, right? Cristine: Statistics
Ben: Yeah, yeah the survive, the literal survival curve Yeah, it’s not like we’re going to avoid people getting it’s just if you slow The the rate at which people get it. It won’t overwhelm the health care system as much at least that is the objective Cristine: Yeah, speaking of people who’ve been. I mean not directly affected, Ben or I Know no one so far who’s actually contracted the disease COVID-19 I don’t think we’ve even mentioned it
Ben: I mean Justin Trudeau’s wife Cristine:We don’t personally know her
Ben: We do not personally know her but I think I think it the seriousness of it changed in a lot Of people’s mind Because in the span of a few days you had the basketball season being canceled You heard Tom Hanks had it I think that’s when most people went crazy Then I think it was just a few days later that we see this breaking headline on CBC saying that Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie
Cristine: So our Prime Minister’s wife was found COVID-19 positive Ben: Apparently she’s doing fine
Cristine: Fine and recovering Ben: Yeah, it’s when you see people in super powerful positions
Cristine: But Donald Trump is negative Ben So it’s not that bad right?
Ben: Do you believe If he had it, would he tell anyone?
Cristine: I don’t think so. I don’t know
Ben: I don’t know He always seems kind of unwell, too. So it’s hard to tell he always seems short of breath
Cristine: Doctors still don’t know Ben: Yeah, I think it’s all the adderal he does though. Maybe that’s Cristine: Alright lets not speculate Ben:You don’t want to get political? But yeah speaking of people in our lives personally affected I think where you were going with that is
Cristine: Yeah, so my sister is not COVID-19 positive But she three weeks three weeks ago three and a half or two weeks ago something like that. She left on a cruise before It got too crazy at least in North America. It was overseas already, but it wasn’t the case yet Really in the states in Canada. And so her cruise went to I think they they docked at Fort Lauderdale or something So it was around the Florida in the Caribbean
Ben: Nowhere too exotic Cristine: Yeah So when they were coming back this was before Canada passed a ruling saying no cruise ships docking until July 30th. So she managed to get off fine there wasn’t any cases on her cruise ship but there was on another one that had recently docked like the day before in San Francisco, yeah, so I was freaking out because I’m like is she gonna get home? Like does she have this disease because all I hear is this cruise ship headline at the time and so she got home everything was fine but her employer just at her and plus she works for the federal government to I Would have an abundance of caution as is the line these days. They told her to just stay home Even though like she didn’t have any symptoms and there was no one on the cruise ship
Ben: Stay home for two weeks probably Cristine: Yeah, so it’s been more than a week now Ben: Okay. So, how is she doing?
Cristine:She’s fine. Yeah, we FaceTime.
Ben: Yeah, she going a little nuts though.
Cristine: She is. Yeah She is going a little crazy. Yeah, it’s like really dry in her apartment, too. So that’s been bad. We have eczema So it’s it’s hard Ben
Ben: The Rotenberg girls and their bad skin
Cristine: Yeah But yeah, so she’s found that tough. But I mean, I think it makes sense. Her employer was kind of ahead of it This is before the government was actually telling people to stay home Um, and before the public health expert who spoke recently in a press conference for Canada said cruise ship people should all stay home They hadn’t said that yet.
Ben:Yeah, you’d be kind of crazy to go on a cruise ship
Cristine: Well now yeah Ben: That industry is just wrecked. And also we should acknowledge that we canceled our We were supposed to go to Florida two weeks from now To visit Rob and Corinne our good friends from ThreadBanger and also your grandmother Cristine: Our family vacation is ruined because of this virus Ben:But it was yeah, I mean, I think we recognized kind of early on that We were probably gonna have to cancel. I think our original plan was it go to like Disney World? Cristine: Yeah with Rob and Corinne just like kids for a few days and that got cancelled pretty quick and then there was a period of time where Ben and I Decided okay, maybe we could still go just visit my grandma, but we’re not going to you know big amusement parks Yeah, and then it just quickly turned into. Yeah, we’re not leaving the country Ben: Yeah, really and and not even just for us but like Rob’s Immune-compromised do the health things he went through last summer And your grandma your 90 year old grandmother too is also not someone we would want to expose to this as well Cristine: So my grandma is currently trying to get home. Yeah, because she normally comes back to Canada to live here for six months Ben: You’re a YouTuber why don’t you get the private jet? Cristine: It’s bad for the environment Ben Never been on one But so my dad was gonna go down to get her he was gonna go down right after we were planning to be there He goes down for a bit a bit of golfing and chopping and then, you know comes home with her But now he’s not gonna go down and is trying to get her on a rush flight back So because she’s Canadian, so if anything were to happen to her she wants to be in Canada for just health care and family reasons She’s fine, but it is a huge risk and it’s just yeah It’s causing a lot of distress on my ninety year-old grandma who you know doesn’t know how to use a cell phone Ben: Although I don’t want to out your grandmother, but it seems maybe I’ll just speak more broadly anecdotally I’ve noticed a lot of older people who don’t seem to really be taking this So there’s like the two poles. There’s like the college kids who still want to go out drinking I’m noticing quite a bit of and then there’s like the boomers and older who just like I’ve lived through I remember the war this doesn’t seem so bad and I feel like it’s all of us in the middle who are actually taking this really seriously Cristine: I’m surprised that the older population the ones who are Either about to retire are going to aren’t taking it more seriously when they look at their investment portfolio hello Ben: I got a keep on holding on to those Millennials jobs a little bit longer Well, I make I think they’re taking it seriously from a seeing the economic impact of it But
Cristine: Did you see that hashtag trending? Hashtag boomer remover? It’s okay to laugh at these things for like a couple seconds Ben: Just a few seconds
Cristine: My dad is a boomer and I still laughed Ben: Yeah, okay Cristine: I’m sure he would laugh if he had Twitter but he doesn’t cuz he’s a boomer
Ben: Good thing. Okay boomer All right boomer. So let’s see what people suggested you could do if you’re stuck at home for the next two weeks How about that?
Cristine: Let me know. I need some ideas Ben: All right snuggleloaf on reddit says
Cristine: we could snuggle we could forget what she actually wrote.
Cristine: Let’s just snuggle and make bread Ben: They suggest spring cleaning or at least organizing all the random stuff I bought this winter looking at you overflowing nail care drawer
Cristine: Organizing my nail polishes. I could take all 3,000 of them off the shelves dust them and put them back Ben: Yeah I have to say I’m someone who’s been complaining about like not having enough time to do stuff around the house and just clean up So yeah, I think this is kind of boring and very practical suggestion but actually makes a lot of sense Cristine: This is a good idea Ben: Also Catching up on reading binge watching old favorite movies to keep spirits light baking and napping. Cristine Why don’t you start baking?
Cristine: Ben this sounds like you wrote this Ben: Does it sound like me?
Cristine: Catching up on reading Binge watching favorite movies like The Godfather. Keeping spirits light. Oh, you’re gonna float away
Ben: The Godfather? Cristine: I’m just making fun of how Ben talks.
Ben: No, I like this Yeah there’s I think there’s only so much like I Think a lot of the suggestions are gonna be in a lot of what you’re seeing Oh, there’s people just assuming they’re gonna sit at home Listen to music reading books watching movies. I think there’s a limit on how much of your day you can just spend consuming things I think you also have to like, you know, feel like you’re doing something productive as well I think a lot of people will be working from home but even if you’re not and you’re just sort of self isolating and you don’t have like some job you need to be doing I feel like you need to give yourself something Cristine: A mini project. Start a YouTube channel. I’m just kidding. Maybe don’t do that Ben: But I also think yeah, this is a nice opportunity to like Yeah, I might reread my favorite book or something or I might just hang out listening to music It was just something I don’t really do as much as I used to I feel like I used to just sit around and listen to music and not distract myself with other things But these days I started only listen to music Passively while I’m doing other things
Cristine: See I think that’s the more practical approach though, play some music while we spring clean Ben: Yeah, if you’re just trying to be like efficient, but sometimes there’s something to be said for you know Slowing things down and just being a little bit more in the moment You know You don’t need to be on your phone on Reddit while watching a movie while also having your computer open looking at something else I know I’m calling us out right now Maybe we should just read. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I read a book I feel like I do so much reading online. Sometimes I’ll listen to audiobooks. They’re like long-form podcasts But yeah It’s been a while since I actually just picked up a book and actually actually read
Cristine: I don’t read books unless they’re on Netflix Ben: Divorce Actually, so here’s a fun game sometimes you hear like people say if you are stuck on a desert island That I guess has a VCR and a record player
Cristine: A desert island without the coronavirus Ben: If you were stuck on an island you could only take one book one movie and one album What would they be?
Cristine:Can I take an iPad as the book? Ben: No a book, you need to take a book a paper book. She’s going to take Where’s Waldo or something Cristine: The book that I cut open in my school hacks video three years ago and I put cereal and food inside Ben: You would hide food in the book and take that to the deserted island. Okay? I see how you’re here. We’re all playing checkers in you’re playing chess right?
Cristine: Checkmate bitch All right. What album would you take What what yeah what music if you could only listen to one record also like I guess you’re not really
Cristine: My YouTube music subscription Ben: You’re not an album person Cristine: I don’t listen to music anymore by albums. I used to when I was forced to go to like sunrise records and buy albums
Ben: Forced? Who was forcing you to go? Cristine: I just mean that was your only option to consume music
Ben: Oh, I see Cristine: It’s like you would just have to buy the album before no such thing as getting one song So now I don’t think of it in albums anymore.
Ben: That’s kind of something We’ve lost actually yeah, a lot of people just talked about the new single from ariana grande. There isn’t that experiencing, you know? Cristine: I have no idea what album it’s on.
Ben: You should see it if you if it looks good from the front you should see it from the back But when you used to get an album, I mean I’m not old enough for this but like the experience of getting a record too Cristine: Oh you have records Ben Ben: I have a record collection because I think there is a difference in the sound you get from playing a record There’s a warmth to it that only kind of matters for some
Cristine: So what album would you bring to the island? Ben: We’re not done with your answer yet. So you didn’t give us an album. You didn’t give us a book Would you at least give us a movie you would take to this deserted island that has a VCR Cristine: Does my Netflix subscription count?
Ben:We’re not getting any real answers out of you
Cristine: How about “Charms for the Easy Life” Ben: So you can watch yourself Cristine: So bad, so it reminds me that things aren’t as bad as that movie Living on the island isn’t so bad because look at that movie Are we having fun though?
Ben: We’re having fun we’re stuck at home Cristine: Okay, cuz we’re gonna do this for the next two weeks Ben, we’re gonna have a podcast everyday
Ben: Just pump out podcasts Cristine:Let’s film our lives for the next two weeks Ben: Here, I’ll give you my pretentious answers for what
Cristine: Can’t wait Ben: Yeah So I think the strategy here is you want to take works of art that can be interpreted on multiple levels so I’m not saying it’s my favorite movie but a movie like Inception by Christopher Nolan that I really enjoy and I really like that I think you can interpret a few different ways Would have more replay value if I’m stuck in an island until the end of time it can only play one movie over and over again, right Hmm. Yeah, like spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen them it came out like 10 years ago You shouldn’t have to say spoiler alert right? But the movie really hinges on whether or not you think Cobb the main character is Awake or in a dream at the end of the movie But then if you go beyond just that there’s actually a few different paths that can take you to that point and a few actually different and very emotionally different Interpretations of the film when it comes to his wife and whether or not she was right or wrong About his dream state
Cristine: So you want to stay mentally Stimulated on the island?
Ben: I do that is what I’m trying to say. Well, you’re just gonna get bored on the island I didn’t sneak food in my book.
Cristine: Well like I’m just gonna try to get off the island y’all got a boat?
Ben: So that’s that’s my movie my book would be my favorite book anyway, but it kind of works on the same level is a Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov and It’s a book about It’s kind of its meta in a way like you you read a poem the book starts with just a long poem and then In the poem there are notations and footnotes so the story is told through the footnotes to this poem, but the footnotes are written by a different author and I don’t I give it away for anyone but you come to learn that the the author leaving the footnotes is not a reliable source of information so you have to sort of pick up on the story hidden within the poem and the footnotes and It’s it’s basically a puzzle of a book but it’s so beautifully. He’s also he’s just such a good writer Cristine: Is that like Mr. Robot? You have an unreliable narrator? Ben: Yeah, actually, that’s so I mean that is true of mr. Robot Although I feel like they didn’t that is an excellent show, by the way, I would recommend mr. Robot to anyone I don’t want us to give away the ending but I feel like the ending has a very interesting twist that they probably didn’t do a good enough job of Leaving you clues – it was a bit of a cop-out in a way. I thought No watch mr. Robot, that’s a good show if you’re stuck at home watch. Mr. Robot watch Breaking Bad and mr Robot are the two best TV shows we’ve watched recently.
Cristine: Yeah, not The Good Wife Ben: Well, okay we got to talk about the good life after I tell you the album I would take just to tie it all together Would be blood on the tracks by Bob Dylan released in 1974
Cristine: Of course Bob Dylan
Ben: Bob Dylan my favorite musicians because mostly because he’s a poet Cristine: Because you think you look like him when he was younger There’s a picture of him that looks like you
Ben: The very first, Bob Dylan’s first album Which was not successful and isn’t very good There’s a picture of him that kind of looks like me when I was a little chubbier and a little bit younger. I Think people have told me this. Anyway, I maybe will put it up right here. What do you think? Maybe maybe a little bit? Anyway, so 1974. He released his blood on the tracks. This is right after he’s had a not-so-nice divorce with the wife who he had children with Sarah and he has never admitted that it’s about his divorce, but There’s a famous quote from one of his children saying like listening to the album’s like listening to his parents fighting. But anyways
Cristine: Thats awful Ben: So it is a sad album. So maybe I think I think I’d be pretty sad on that desert especially if I’m alone Usually you’re alone. I don’t have you with me
Cristine: You would be sad, watching movies, reading a book about a poem with footnotes Ben: So I’m listening to blood on the tracks, a very sad album because I miss you so much
Cristine: But I would be there wouldn’t I?
Ben: I think usually the scenarios you’re stranded alone on the desert island Cristine: Well, I’d have food you wouldn’t Ben:Anyway, just to complete the thought the album I think similar to why I chose the movie in the book works on a level where Dylan had just gotten into painting and had a teacher who taught him this technique of painting where you show multiple perspectives at the same time and When he went into writing blood on the tracks, he also applied this to his music So the first track for example “tangled up in blue” is a song He once introduced at a live concert Saying this is a song about three people who were in love with each other at the same time But when he says he and she and early one morning she woke up. He was laying in bed You never really know exactly who he’s referring to out of those three people Let’s say so it leaves a lot of room for interpretation and also is just an amazing album. Probably his best lyrical album from Yeah from a lyrical standpoint. I think it’s his strongest album as well So there would my sincere answers Cristine. I’m not sneaking Netflix or Cheerios in a text book Cristine: I’ll outsmart you and your weird complicated scenarios.
Ben: How about you tell us about the good wife Cristine? When Christine was on her youtube break and just sort of shutting off her brain Cristine: I decided to start shows that I’ve just never watched before Because I don’t know like I just feel like I missed out so The Good Wife came out like so many years ago. There’s like a million seasons of it and a million episodes in each season it’s really ridiculous And I always thought it was like Grey’s Anatomy but for lawyers Ben: Is it? Kind of?
Cristine: Kind of yeah
Ben: In the sense that it’s kind of like fluffy Like a soap opera almost
Cristine: Kind of yeah I mean to their credit there was some cases that were relevant during that time like they include like they did one about about Bitcoin when that was a big thing a few years ago Yeah, there was a lot of things that they were trying to pull in like current social context and culture So I thought that was interesting especially when you’re watching a show that started in like I forget 2008 or just like a really long time You notice these things and you think like wow, this was made a long time ago Ben: You know, what’s funny about that show that so Cristine would watch this at night We have a TV in the bedroom, which probably isn’t a good idea but I Would often just like watch these episodes with you and I would laugh
Cristine: And laugh. Ben would just start laughing in the middle of the show Ben: But there’s like so there’s this guy in the lot of the show Will? Will Gardner right? Yeah, I can’t believe I know this Who’s supposed to be like this attractive guy that all the other women want to sleep with What?
Cristine: And you don’t want to sleep with him?
Ben: He’s no doctor Mike That really throws me off in a show you have like beautiful women Fawning over this like kind of schlubby guy didn’t make any sense to me Cristine: Don’t judge Ben: Hey, I’m not above watching trashy TV shows
Cristine: Are you calling it trash?
Ben: Oh, absolutely, this, Grey’s Anatomy It’s trash but that’s okay.
Cristine: Do you know what happened in the last episode? It was so unfair Ben: Of Grey’s Anatomy? Cristine:Alex would never, he would never leave Joe Shonda Ben: No, but like so like I used to watch Jersey Shore and we just watch that that the Netflix dating shows
Cristine:Love is Blind Yeah watch Love is Blind for the next two weeks.
Ben: It’s okay to consume trash. Sometimes. It’s like junk food You just can’t have too much of it right and you don’t have to be someone like I used to say like, oh, I like Jersey Shore, but I’m watching and ironically like No one’s watching it sincerely. Everyone’s watching it cuz like they’re making fun of them.
Cristine: I dont know I watch Teen Mom sincerely Ben: Really?
Cristine: Yeah Ben: But like out of sympathy for Yeah, that’s a different I’ve seen some episodes of that show Yeah, it’s pretty depressing watching that show and it’s interesting like I think later on after the first season or two It seems like the show was a little more self Referential and they sort of acknowledged the fact that all of them are basically just making a living now from being on the show Cristine: They broke the third wall. As they say So now you see like all the producers on the show and how the logistics kind of work Which I think was this very smart move on MTV’s part.
Ben:So the third wall or the fourth wall?
Cristine: The third wall Okay, I don’t know I used to be a child actor and I still have no idea Ben: Love is blind was was a good trashy TV show. If you’re looking for something to watch
Cristine: Love is Blind And so are you without your glasses? Ben:You write that down?
Cristine: Let’s see what other ideas people got, enough of our trash TV Ben: Hannah Bell on Twitter says invent new tea combinations Cristine: That’s a smart – Thank you Hannah I mean, I’ve already done a video mixing all my tea’s together But I could just mix like a few tea’s together and invent things Ben: Yeah, so you have like, how many kinds of tea do you have downstairs? 500?
Cristine: I haven’t counted Ben: So if you multiply them by all the other ones you have you can have like 250,000 combinations of tea or something.
Cristine: Yeah. I like that idea Ben: Hannah also suggests you could cross stitch.
Cristine: I don’t really know what that is. It’s like it’s not knitting right? It’s Stitching on a on a board.
Ben: Yeah, so you have a canvas a white Sheet that has a bunch of little holes in it and you’re basically stitching thread through the holes and usually an X And then just making by making each square a color or each unit Cristine: How do you know this?
Ben: I used to cross stitch
Crstine: What?
Ben: Yeah, I’ve never told you that about me Cristine: What did you stitch? Like what patterns? Was it bananas?
Ben: I was a weird kid. No it wasn’t bananas Don’t demean my passion for cross stitch I’m kidding.
Cristine: So what did you make?
Ben: My mom was like super into knitting and stuff So I think I very briefly like tried long stitch and cross stitch Cristine: So, what did you make did you make yourself a little scarf?
Ben: I can’t remember, some tiny little thing I was really young. It was probably like a tiny little tapestry type deal.
Cristine: Why did you give it up? Ben: Cuz I probably realized I’d rather play basket ball than cross-stitch Not to say there’s anything wrong with being a little boy who wants to cross stitch or I used to garden a little bit Too I would help my mom in the garden so That’s something you could do. You gotta leave that You can leave the house. Just you got to stay away from other people. Yeah, so yeah
Cristine: Why are we in the same room? Ben: Why wouldn’t we be in the same room? Cristine: You just said stay away from other people
Ben:Oh, well, you’re not a person to me. You’re my non-person
Cristine:What am I an alien? Ben: Yeah
Cristine: I can’t contract the virus cuz Just not human.
Ben:No like When you’re in a relationship like this like you sort of make a deal that you if we’re if we’re gonna get sick together Yeah, we’re in this together, sweetie Cristine: We’ve been sick together many times Like over Christmas
Ben: Although we’re not married so like we’re not in in sickness and in health Cristine: oh, yeah definitely not
Ben: So if I get sick you could just
Cristine: I’ll just fuck right off Ben:Game over You know Hannah Bell is also Or lady dork Asgard as she likes to be called also suggests that maybe you should start baking Cristine: i’ma bake some protein balls Ben: Is that a joke? Are you actually gonna do though?
Cristine: I think I actually want to do that. I saw on Instagram. Someone made Like it’s like oats but little balls basically, you know like the oats I make but protein balls and then you put them in the oven and then you put like a little bit of cinnamon or cocoa powder on top Ben: Cristine the other days sends me this link saying “This looks so good” and it was sweet potato brownies Cristine: It actually sounds so good cuz sweet potatoes are sweet right And then you just put cocoa with them and instead of using flour and a bunch of sugar And butter you use the sweet potato which like mashed up kind of is like a nice patty, you know, like potato mash potato It’s just so genius.
Ben:All right, let us know in the comments if you’ve ever made sweet potato brownies Let let me know if they’re any good.
Cristine: Send me a recipe Ben: All right on Instagram mizzfitNYC. I would maybe spend the time learning a new skill maybe start learning how to knit draw or play an instrument
Cristine: play an instrument, you do that
Ben: I do. Maybe I should I haven’t picked up my guitar much since We started dating many years ago.
Cristine: Yeah, cuz he just serenaded me and then you know after he got me its like never play this again Ben: I used to play music I think more is like an Expression of my unhappiness. I think it might be fair to say
Cristine: But so you don’t play it as an expression of your happiness Ben: No, and that’s also why some of my favorite albums and records are I literally gave one of the saddest albums ever that’s like my favorite.
Cristine: Why were you so sad Ben? Because you haven’t met me yet? and now you’re just so happy you have no you don’t do anything you don’t play music You don’t listen to Bob Dylan
Ben: You know, I’ve been thinking for a while of learning to play the piano. Yeah, but you know music Here’s the thing. I was mostly a drummer and I can play guitar. Alright Those are like the two ways of being an OK musician without really learning musical theory So I think it would be a real challenge at 31 years old to try to learn an instrument and to really properly read music Cristine: You could try and become a TikTok star Ben: Alright next question This might sound stupid but play chopped find ingredients around the house that you don’t use and try to make a meal out of them I used to play with my friends when I was younger It wrecked the kitchen which upset my dad. But you know, this is from WyndePlatte on Twitter
Cristine: Sweet potatoes in cocoa powder.
Ben: Do we have it? Cristine: Yeah, I’m playing chopped. I’m gonna make sweet potato brownies Ben:isn’t chopped This doesn’t sound like a game to people who can’t afford to just have a lot of food in their house Cristine: I think it’s just trying to make do with what you have. So say you have like a can of beans and rice and Salmon Ben: Okay, maybe we’ll try this
Cristine: Well if you have Kraft dinner and cheese, I used to just always throw those together It was a fancy meal Ben: Kraft dinner and cheese does go together
Cristine: No but like extra fancy cheese like aged cheddar.
Ben: I found cheese and I found kraft dinner Wow, that’s amazing Shadowlynx516 sort and delete all 5,000 of my emails
Cristine: This is where it’s at. This is actually what I should do Ben: Tell them and tell me right now how many unread emails are there on your phone. Has it gone up? Cristine: 78211
Ben: Wow isn’t there a limit to how many
Cristine: I’m testing it every day Cristine: Also a good reminder if you find Cristine’s email address Don’t expect her to see or read your email
Cristine: Yeah sorry guys just tweet me Ben: AmandaC on Twitter says clean and do house repairs play with my kid paint my nails Oh wow Who would have thought of that? Play with my cat and Study my medical terminology book for exams.
Cristine: These are all really good ideas Yeah a little bit for you know the house a little bit for the kid a little bit for yourself the nails Your cat don’t forget about your pets and studying. That’s for you too. That’s great well-rounded answer.
Ben: Yeah Amanda I might study your medical terminology book, too Cristine: We’re gonna study at the, how do you pronounce it? Epina me all?
Ben: Epidemiology?
Cristine: Epidemiology Ben: Alright from veganlovebunny Start learning a new language You could use this to talk about French learning in Canada test levels for the government how cities vary and how bilingual they are indigenous languages Quebec culture France versus Quebec French My French is not like I can read French and I can mostly understand when I hear someone speaking French But my ability to communicate myself in French is very poor. Cristine: That’s common in the government at least in Ottawa or if you’re outside of Quebec lets say Ben: But I think what veganlovebunny is getting at is a lot of jobs in Canada or Ottawa specifically if you’re gonna be working for the federal government It really helps in is an asset to if you can be able to communicate in French Cristine: Right. But I think it’s at a certain standard right like there’s government testing that determines to what degree you are bilingual And I think Ben could pass Ben: Well, yeah, I could get my B’s if I needed to I’m not in a position where I need Cristine: No but if you did if you took the test, I think you would still be considered bilingual even though you’re not fully fluent Ben: No, you’re right. I would probably get the lowest level You’re right.
Cristine: The threshold is different But it’s like you just need to be able to understand others and like read an email in French And as long as you can communicate back and forth Even if one of you is speaking English and one of you is speaking French as long as you understand each other That’s generally pretty good Ben: Yeah I mean once you’re a manager there is more of an expectation that you can Communicate with an employee who could only speak French to you. For example right, so but we’re not neither of us are at a point or interested in a career path that would lead us to Supervising other people, so I think it’s less important. Although your French is quite good Cristine: It’s cuz I went to French immersion, so that definitely helped me Growing up. Yeah from grade 1 through 8 it was French immersion Yeah in high school was half French.
Ben: So what what is your language profile? Have you done the tests recently? Cristine: Years ago.
Ben: Yeah, you’re like CC something
Cristine:I think it was BCC I don’t know but no one knows what we’re talking about But see actually A is worse than C.
Ben: Oh, that’s right.
Cristine:It’s reverse So CC is better C
Ben: Doesn’t it just go ABC and then exempt. Yeah if you’re so good They’re like, oh, yeah, we never have to test you. Cristine: Yeah, that’s if you’re completely fluent, but Ben: I don’t think I have a comment on France versus Quebec French or Quebec culture.
Cristine: I’ve never been to France But I have heard that they have completely different types of slang there so even if you are like Quebecois and you go to France and you try and communicate and you go speak French It’s like you’re just speaking a whole other language. That’s what I’ve heard Ben: Yeah, or like France French kind of looks at québécois French as slang relative to the more proper French they speak Cristine: Good point. Yeah, I guess maybe there’s a little bit of like your language is subpar two ours
Ben: And I’ve had friends who have gone to France on like Exchange programs and they try speaking French over there and the like the people they interact with there We’ll just start speaking them in English which is kind of rude in a way right? like you’re trying you’re making an attempt to speak to them in their language and they’re like Oh tourists. I’ll just speak to you in English
Cristine: That happened to me once when I went to Montreal Cuz my French is very like Anglophone It’s obvious *Cristine speaks French* Ben: Yeah, it’s obvious that Cristine isn’t a native French speaker because her accent isn’t very good Cristine: My accents not very strong not very strong. Yeah, but thank you for translating. You understand French but um So I went to Montreal and just like for fun ordered food in French and then the waiter just spoke to me in English But then I just out of because I was practicing so I just kept speaking him in French like I wanted to speak French and he just like didn’t want to humor me and just like wanted to get it over with and would only speak to me in English even though I Was trying to speak to him in French
Ben: Thats weird in Montreal although there you can get away Montreal is a very interesting City to visit if you’re interested in visiting Canada and you do not have to speak French to get by
Cristine: Right there is a lot of English there too
Ben: Yeah, absolutely All right. I mean I guess that’s something, there must be about learning a new language Cristine: Why don’t you just go on this podcast and see if there’s other languages where people have Entered community captions for because right now it’s open to multiple different languages So people have translated our past podcasts videos in German and Spanish. It’s kind of cool. Hey, you want to learn languages? Ben: I’m not sure that’s the best way to learn a language but there’s probably other free resources online
Cristine: sure yeah Ben: Alright, What else we got from leftwichkelsey Learn some basic programming. There are a lot of great resources online. So this is really an extension of the language question Why learn some dying language like French when you could learn computer language of the future? Cristine:Sure, okay Ben: I’m being flippant there by the way, French people. Don’t get mad at me But there’s a ton of value in learning how to code
Cristine: Oh yes, I wish I learned that in school. Mm-hmm It wasn’t really available when I was in school like computer programming Wasn’t a thing.
Ben: Yeah. Yeah, and we use it daily in our jobs now Cristine: People always ask what, people who are into computer sciences ask me what computer language we use. So we use SAS and SQL Ben: yeah, so I prefer SQL and I’ve noticed lately there’s some departments that stat can who our state as one or our Yeah R is one more people are seeming to get into because I think it’s not like a more open source anyone Cristine: Do you want to just explain for just the common layperson listening? Like what is a computer programming language? Ben: Oh I’m not qualified to give an explanation here just to give an example where I guess in our role We’re somewhat data scientists and that we’re manipulating large data sets to find trends and manipulate the data into a storyline. So Often the level of programming we’re doing isn’t like computer science programming It’s more like if this condition is met then do this and then that will spit out Maybe you just want to condense your data set into a smaller one That’s easier to manage or you will want to run frequencies on how often two variables interact We’re doing some pretty basic stuff when it comes to the programming We’re doing I would say
Cristine: Yeah, but I mean programming is used in so many different avenues from like websites like that’s all computer programming language to what we do, which is basically just Telling a computer how to pull out the data we need and present it in the way that we want So you have to ask the computer to do that and it’s always like if this variable is this then this variable should do that Mm-hmm, but if it’s this way then do this way. It’s basically the single image Ben:It’s logic. Its closer to math
Cristine: Logic languages. Simplydatalogical SimplySASlogical Ben: All right, I like that suggestion Then from Thunder child on Twitter, it might sound crazy, but you could paint your nails What do you think? Are you gonna do that in the next two weeks you think?
Cristine: I think so this manicure has been on for a week I need to peel it off
Ben: Due for a change. A week. That manicure is so last week Cristine: It’s so pretty look at it unicorn skin
Ben: It is quite nice. You did a little nail right there. Thats sweet Cristine: I was showing off that Not Milky White, you know, you can do one stripe down the middle Ben: Okay, there’s no mid-roll ad for
Cristine: It’s not an ad, its just my life Like Holo Taco isn’t just an ad of mine. It’s like my whole life in pageants Ben: Next one from dad logical
Cristine:that’s not my daddy Ben: Do a hundred layers of nail polish Cristine:You know what?
Ben: Now might be the time Cristine
Cristine: You know what dadlogical that’s not a bad idea Ben: A hundred layers of Holo Taco maybe Cristine:Yeah I could take two weeks and see how many layers I could get.
Ben: That’s right All right, next one From nnickeymouse. I’m blown away by how PG all of these suggestions are Eye emoji, crying emoji
Cristine: Are we gonna get any corona baby boomers? Ben:So I keep seeing this joke out there that like a we’re gonna see a bunch of baby nine months from now Should we unpack this?
Cristine: Christmas? Ben: Yeah, that would be a bunch of Christmas babies. But is that a bad thing? I don’t know Cristine: If your birthday is around Christmas Are these rounders from Christmas? I mean for the child, maybe they don’t want their birthday at Christmas cuz then you get gypped Ben: Yeah, you only get one gift
Cristine: Don’t do that to your children Ben: But this gift sort of implies to me. Like is this like a married person thing?
Cristine: What does that have to do with it? Ben: Maybe you’ll see where I’m going with this Do people only have sex during like blackouts and natural disasters. Is that the implication? Cristine: She’s just saying that if you’re bored at home What else do you do then? screw I Don’t know Ben: Yeah Okay, I guess
Cristine: But I guess it only makes sense if you’re already living with the person because if it was just someone you’re dating Or random people. Well, that’s definitely not happening there. There will be no Tinder hookups Ben: That’s that’s not you know, you can love yourself and that’s okay next question Cristine: What about all the Tinders? Ben: The Tinders Cristine: Tinder activity is going down cuz you can’t hook up with random people anymore. You have to practice social distancing Ben: Yeah, it’s really hard out there.
Cristine: What if the app is just losing all of its members. Right?
Ben: Thats right Well that, uber all those sort of
Cristine: lyft, Yeah
Ben: Yeah bumble Cristine:What’s that one?
Ben: Grinder Cristine: How do you know that one?
Ben: All right next question Peerson on Twitter says puzzles. Honestly, my dream is to just puzzle for a couple weeks So imma go out and buy some so I don’t run out if it happens. What do you think? Are you a puzzle person Cristine?
Cristine: I mean like I I thought I was the puzzle Remember we bought what have
Cristine: we bought a holographic puzzle once or maybe someone sent it me now I can’t remember I might have it might have been both
Ben: But it’s like it’s a thousand-piece puzzle. That doesn’t have any Illustration or anything you’re putting together. The whole thing is just just a holographic flat surface So you have to use like
Cristine: Well, it’s not actually flat. It’s like those tiny little Like plastic divots that shift when you change it back and forth. Ben: So you can kind of tell by how it reflects Holographically on that specific piece of where it should kind of fit in but that’s like such a hard puzzle Cristine: You would lose your goddamn mind, but maybe that’s what we could do during these hard times Ben: when I was a kid speaking of weird things I was into I Used to be really into a free 3d puzzles, do you remember 3d puzzles? so the pieces were kind of like foamy Cristine: You mean Lego?
Ben: no, no so is like as Lego is more Lego is probably cooler Okay, cuz like 3d puzzle pieces you fit together, but like fit it into a structure. So like you build like a castle You never heard of a 3d puzzle. They kind of thats right you didn’t have a childhood I forgot All right, maybe maybe we’re gonna complete that holographic puzzle. I might be into that Thank You Peerson for your suggestion Ben: pikalikoo on reddit says Animal Crossing animal crossing animal crossing animal crossing animal crossing animal crossing and so on Cristine: What is animal crossing?
Ben: so animal crossing is a video game coming out soon that I guess a lot of people are excited about and I only Cristine: Well why are they excited if it’s not out how do they know it exists?
Ben:It may have just come out.
Cristine: What’s the hype? Ben: Well, so the reason I’m including this cuz I was surprised how many people I saw commenting that they wanted to play this game Cristine: What am I missing out on? Is it like Menchie crossing?
Ben: so its a video It’s a Nintendo game So you can get it on the Nintendo switch
Cristine: like the thing you have in bed? Ben: Sometimes I play Nintendo switch in bed Cristine:Every night when we’re watching The Good Wife Ben: But uh, so this game kind of people will get mad at me for comparing it but kind of similar to the Sims in the sense that It’s an open-world game like there’s no linear Like I’m trying to beat the bad guy at the end of the level Like you live in a town full of animals and like you’re collecting things and you build a house
Cristine: That sounds way more fun I should’ve played that instead of the sims Ben: Probably. Yeah, it’s probably a better game.
Cristine: So should we get addicted to games during this time? Ben: Maybe we should
Cristine: How are we ever gonna get out of this phase though? What if we all just get like addicted to knitting and games and baking? The world is like okay everyone go back to work
Ben: productivity just plummets no one ever works again Cristine: Just put Animal Crossing is soaring.
Ben: Maybe I’ll get Animal Crossing. Maybe I will Yeah, maybe you could play it
Cristine: Maybe I’ll steal your switch Ben:Alright thanos_minion on reddit says banana life hacks obviously Cristine: I upvote
Ben: that’s a great use of your time Cristine: I’ve only made like three of those videos, but you know, what’s a fourth? Ben: Last thing make a video just you know, you got two weeks at home Just you know, you know do some hacks with bananas
Cristine: practice peeling bananas Can you use them? Can you use a banana to protect yourself from the coronavirus?
Ben: What is TroomTroom’s take on COVID-19 They’re crazy enough to do it right? and they would make no sense and put people in danger like use a banana peel as a face mask You can’t get infected if you eat ten bananas in the morning
Cristine: throw bananas and other people to maintain distance Ben: We really gotta get a hold of the TroomTroom people
Cristine: We’re not going anywhere
Ben:I want to go to Ukraine
Cristine: we’re not flying anywhere right now Ben: We’re gonna – I found you guys on Instagram. I know where you are.
Cristine: They’re not listening. Or are they? Ben: All right Manning second on reddit says I’ve been considering adopting a cat for a while that should distract me for two weeks
Cristine: Do it Ben: Actually really like this one. I don’t think you should adopt a cat just cuz you’re like Oh, I’m gonna be home for a while But if you are already thinking of adopting a pet
Cristine: it is a good time because you want to spend the most time You know getting your cat accustomed to the home and making them feel comfortable before you go back to work and live your life That’s important.
Ben: Yeah, like when we got Menchie We kind of altered our schedule in a way We’re like at least one of us is home for like at least the first month of her Cristine: And one of us always slept in the tiny guest room in the condo We gotta raise our little baby Ben: And we only like,I think we’re gonna have a whole episode on cats at some point So we’ll get into this. But yeah, the way we had to slowly introduce Menchie and Zyler to each other Menchie just stayed in her own room. We were always like we were there with her like all the time You’re right. And you mostly slept with her for that first month.
Cristine: I think you should adopt a cat Ben: You should adopt a cat and you should baby it because you can’t over baby a cat right?
Cristine: No Ben: So I remember early on when we got Menchie I would like pick her up a lot and you’re like you shouldn’t pick her up too much she’s always gonna want to be up on your shoulders
Cristine: And she is Now we can’t have dinner without Menchie on Ben’s shoulders.
Ben: That’s right Cristine: Little baby. I’m just glad that cats can’t get the virus Apparently Ben: Yeah there were mixed reports early on about whether or not a dog could get it cuz I guess one dog
Cristine: if you come after my children, I will destroy you Ben: I guess at one point there was a report out of China that a dog tested positive for it But it wasn’t clear if that was just a false positive test against the dog was owned by someone Who was
Cristine:I got an email from our vet saying that they had no real reason to be concerned about our animals. I was like, okay. Thank god. Humanity is saved. I mean, well, not really but the animals are Ben: All right next question Sally Shipton says Pilates Great for beginners and easy to do with nothing, but a yoga mat floor So yeah Like you acknowledge that when you were just first getting into fitness a lot of what you did was just like yoga. Cristine: Yeah, I think that’s a great idea.
Ben: I might do this actually, you know, my flexibility could be better Maybe I’ll
Cristine: let’s try and reach our toes tonight Ben
Ben: I can touch my toes, baby Cristine:Can you put your palms flat on the ground?
Ben: Oh, let’s not get ahead of ourselves Cristine: Yeah, well we’ll get there, we got two weeks Ben: I’ll tell you if I can touch my palms to the floor by the end of the two weeks and from Jneuandcats Check YouTube for a video series about a topic you want to learn more about I’ve been homebound on and off for the last three Years due to severe anxiety and OCD and during that time. I’ve learned a lot of information about historical leaders from Europe and Russia how to refinish furniture How to make different crafts etc. There are even whole college lecture series uploaded Cristine: Wow I’m impressed.
Ben: How about that? Cristine: At the productivity and the self-discipline to like go and learn all of these different skills Ben: And there’s like actually educational content on YouTube. Not just simplynailogical and TroomTroom videos Or they could just watch simplynailogical videos, you know keep the, keep that ad revenue up It’s funny Cristine: I think it’s no matter what you you watch and what genre I think it’s important to watch a variety of things Do you know what I mean? Like from different channels from different people so you can just get kind of a better Grasp on what’s out there rather than just only watching one person or listening to one person view points on a particular topic. I Feel like that’s a good practice in just anything in life It’s like when you’re doing research for a university paper You don’t just cite the same authors over and over right? You got to go to multiple authors and find multiple sources to kind of Substantiate your argument and ultimately like your thoughts on something. So I feel the same way with just consuming content Ben: That’s fair. So someone wants to learn how to do nail art. They shouldn’t only watch simplynailogical videos Cristine: But yeah, no you should watch a bunch of different nail channels If you want to learn how to do acrylics, you know, don’t just watch Suzie nail career education Although she is amazing and I love her but you would watch a few channels similar to hers to learn about the process Ben: Yeah, I think this is also This is a good reminder to me that outside of the bubble of like YouTube personalities Who are mostly making content about themselves and increasingly just content about the fact that they are famous youtubers There are tons of people out there putting a lot of work into content that you could learn a lot from and they’re not getting millions of views and they’re not being invited to YouTube conventions or VidCon or creator summon or things like that, but There is there are some hidden gems on YouTube if you want to learn some specific niche topics, right?
Cristine: Absolutely Yeah. Yeah learning go learning Take this time and learn some shit, you know, yeah Ben: All right. Well, that’s it. I hope I hope you have some idea of what you want to do if you’re stuck at the house Cristine: I think I’ve got some ideas, I’m gonna bake some stuff. I’m definitely gonna paint my nails Yeah, and you know, maybe I’ll throw banana in the bed have some fun Ben: Okay, we’re on the same page On a more sincere note, I hope everyone’s okay out there that you’re doing alright your mental and physical health, please Uh wash your hands stay safe. Do all that stuff and
Cristine: respect other people too during this time Yeah, and how other people might be more afraid than you Ben: Yeah, we’re all in this together. Hopefully this sort of brings out a more kind of the Community in our society that seems to be lacking most of the time.
Cristine: Yeah. We’re all in this together mmm, cuz we all might get the virus so We’re all in this together Ben: Alright so on that note, I just want to apologize really sincerely to LaurDIY We were supposed to have her on the podcast today but we ran out of time and we we just wanted to maintain some distance between us Cristine: I like her Ben: Yeah, that’s fine I do too. That’s why I wanted to have around the puck Cristine: I don’t understand what you’re doing with these end of these like sorry apology things.
Ben: So thanks so much for watching everybody We’re gonna see you next Taco Tuesday and talking about something probably a little bit less serious.
Cristine: Don’t forget if you’re bored You can catch up on all of our podcasts. We already have four out now This is the fifth got hours of content hours and hours. You can just listen to it again There’s hidden gems in each podcast. I hear if you listen to it again, you’ll pick up on a different version of it Ben: Probably not. You can probably just listen to it Alright everybody. Thank you so much for watching or listening and we’ll see you all next time


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    French varies greatly from country to country, and even in France, it varies from region to region. I love hearing the different accents and slang of Francophones around the world, it's quite fascinating to me!
    I think that when Francophones respond in English to foreigners, it's mainly because they think that it will be easier for foreigners to speak to them in English directly rather than "forcing" them to speak French. We know how difficult French is for foreigners! But of course, I understand why it might be annoying :/

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  13. Those sites stopped his 'business' lol because it was illegal not just because it was extremely immoral. You can't price gouge like that and not expect repercussions. I love how he tried to paint himself as a 'family man' and made sure to tell everyone he's doing this for his family as if al other people with families will resort to the same scuminess.

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    And I'm sorry, but some of their slang is just odd and it doesn't translate from country to country. Just like you think I have an accent, you have an accent to me too and even on some basic words, it doesn't come off as understandable. It's rude to assume that it's because "you are an american, so I must speak to you in english now" When that is not true!
    Example: at the French airport, they were giving out instructions that didn't make sense to me in english or in french. I was super confused. When I asked someone they just repeated the word instead of trying to explain. Then when I was still confused, they switched to english. STILL confused! So I just made a guess as to what they meant and got it wrong. Later, trying to get on my flight, the flight attendant tried to speak to me in english (assumed). I had no idea what she was trying to say, between her accent and her way of phrasing stuff, I was lost! She seemed frustrated until she took a look at my passport to see where I was born, and quickly switched to english. Lo and behold! I could understand her! She made a lot more sense and when confused, she just explained what confused me.
    Like why was that so hard? Could of saved a lot of trouble if you just didn't assume (ask me what I prefer from the get go) and gave me the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming I was a "dumb american".

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    I am seriously not living my life any different than I do. I work from home fully in home office, so I only go to the supermarket or post office, that's all. The only difference is that my bf is at home with me too. To be honest I only feel anxious because HE himself is anxious about not being able to go outside. I would be totally OK by myself.

    Yes, please talk about how French is in Canada, I never understood it as a foreigner looking at Canada.

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    It's just nice to hear someone acknowledge that. I think it helps immensely with the isolation this is causing. And I am just as grateful that we have the internet to boot. There are silver linings to all this, despite all the chaos going on outside. I need to remember that. <3 We all do.

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  87. I live alone and I am unemployed so the self-isolating in the UK is pretty crappy. I have been trying to get a job since last August so I am already not too great mentally. Normally I volunteer at a museum in Sheffield as a way to get out of the house. However, the number of cases in that area has led to the museum shutting down. I am meant to be on a gap year too and I have been having major issues with my applications for my Masters. I applied to two universities and they had issues with strikes before the coronavirus so the applications just keep getting more and more delayed. I am concerned that I won't be able to get on a course for this August because of all the delays. I really don't want to have to wait another year as I really miss studying.

    In regards to what you were saying about the issues with boomers still going out. My mum is a chiropodist and there are a lot of over 70s that are still going to her shop to get their feet done. They all say they want to make sure their feet look good before they self-isolate but then she sees them around town. My sister is a barista and they are still doing drive throughs which can still spread the coronavirus. I know my family really needs the money but after looking at how bad it is in Italy and Iran I am really surprised that the UK has been allowing all of this.

    As for what I am doing in my spare time. I have been applying to jobs as per usual but there are only so many jobs you can apply for. I decided with the rest of my time that I would help out the museum I normally volunteer at from home. I am really worried at the moment the museum could end up shutting down for good as they rely on volunteers logging their hours to get funding from the government. Consequently, I emailed them to ask if I could create a research project focussing around historical board games (we were already doing some work before the coronavirus so I thought this could just compliment it). It is at least giving me something to do as my cats have already been going crazy about me being at home all the time. I have done about 30 hours now of researching and I am now hoping to use the information to create an event for the summer holidays with all the research I have been collecting. To be honest it has been really good at taking my mind off everything and relaxing me a bit. When I get tired of researching I just play one of my steam games where I am trying to get all the achievements. I think once I have got bored of all that (after all they are saying in the UK that this could be an issue until summer) I am probably gonna do some research preparation for my Masters and finish reading the Sherlock Holmes collection.

    Sorry for such a long comment. You can probably tell I am already getting some cabin fever.

  88. This is BS.

  89. I have over 150,000 unread emails

  90. I was really happy to see you mention students. I’ve felt very isolated and tearful over the past few weeks because all my plans I’ve made to get through grad school and into medical school are, well, destroyed. My class is currently in the hardest semester of our program, and they are almost entirely based on lab work and group work. Now we’re over halfway through the semester and I don’t think I can finish these classes online. I can’t learn this way, especially in classes like this where we all lean on each other. All my study buddies have gone into “every man for themselves” mode. No one else seems to be having the problems I have and I feel dumb. I’ve emailed my profs asking about my options and I have gotten no response. If I don’t pass my classes with Bs at least, I will not be eligible to teach for a year, and I can’t get paid. Im crying a lot and it’s been rough. I feel for everyone going through severe stressors right now. It takes a toll on your mental health.

  91. Omg, PLEASE play animal crossing 🙏🏽🥺

  92. Dad this cringes me to say but u wanna hear it – WHATS IT LIKE TO BE SO FUCKING HANDSOME???

  93. I'm from France and I don't think that French people intend to be rude when they switch to English when they meet a foreigner (especially from North America). First, I think it's because when we hear someone speak English with a non British accent, we tend to think he/she is from the US and we tend to think that American people can only speak English. Second, French people are not very good at speaking foreign languages and switching to English might be a way to show off or to practice.

    About the difference between Quebec French and France French, we understand each other I think even if some words are different. The main problem might come from the accent because Quebec French can be very tricky to understand from a France French when the accent is too strong. French authorities tried for many years (and it still is a problem nowadays) to eradicate local languages and only one accent was considered to be the good/right one. My generation (I'm one of the old viewers…) does not have strong accents and we are not used to them.

    By the way, Cristine speaks French with a slight Quebec accent, as a French person, I find it very sweet! I like to remember that French exists in many countries and is richer than what we think in France!

  94. Re: the sweet potato brownies: As one Canadian to another, you gotta try making Maple Sweet Potato Blondies. I'm usually a brownie girl myself, but there's a local bakery that sells maple sweet potato blondies with caramelized pecans that are just chefs kiss

  95. My unicorn skin got sent so fast! I got it in less than a week. I was so happy <3 Doing my nails right now as I listen to the podcast.

  96. If you're going to adopt, do it quickly, because the shelters in the UK have started to close, to protect their staff from contact with the public. Also, consider fostering if you can't adopt. There's going to be a pet crisis if people get evicted or get sick

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    Also: do those ppl have a home now?

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