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Narrator: Step aside, Atkins, there’s a new fat diet in town. The ketogenic diet or keto for short. Celebrities like Halle
Berry, Kourtney Kardashian, and Vanessa Hudgens all swear by it. And if losing weight is
your goal, keto works. It’s proven to help you shed pounds fast. But there’s more to this
diet than meets the eye. Keto basically replaces carbs with fat. A typical keto diet looks like this. 70% fat, 25% protein,
and 5% carbohydrates. It’s a drastic change from the diet that the USDA recommends
for most Americans, which is less than 30%
fat, 20 to 35% protein, and at least 50% carbs. And it’s a significant change for your body’s metabolism too. Usually, when you eat carbs
like a starchy potato, enzymes in your mouth,
stomach and small intestines break them down into a form of
sugar energy called glucose, which your brain and body use for fuel. So when you first skip out on carbs, the first couple days you might experience some strong sugar cravings. That’s because your
body is switching gears, from converting carbohydrates to the only energy it has left: fat. Once you’re burning fat regularly, you’ll see those pounds
start to melt away. Depending on your weight, you might lose up to 3.5
pounds within that first week. As you burn more fat, levels of insulin, the fat-storing hormone,
will drop significantly. This triggers your kidneys to release large amounts
of sodium into the blood which can actually lead to a common side effect
known as the keto flu. Many keto dieters report
symptoms like nausea, headaches, dizziness, muscle
cramps, and low energy levels. But most of these symptoms will only occur within the first couple
weeks of starting the diet. After the first month, the
scales will look better but some of that lost
weight isn’t actually fat, it’s just water. Because some of the carbs you metabolized include glycogen which retains water and therefore helps keep you hydrated. As a result, you’re
likely to pee more often which will lower your
sodium levels even more leading to dehydration,
constipation or diarrhea, and bad breath. Once you’re a couple months in, you might hit the notorious keto plateau. It’s a common term in the keto community. It refers to when people
find it progressively harder to continue to lose more weight. One study, for example,
found that overweight people lost an average of 15
pounds in the first month. Another 11 pounds over
the next two months, but after that, they saw
no change in body weight despite sticking to the keto diet. At this point, many people
will just quit keto. That’s why researchers
often find it’s so hard to study the long term
effects of the diet. But, as it turns out, there’s one group that typically sticks to
keto for a really long time. It’s unclear why, but keto is proven to reduce the symptoms of epilepsy and studies show that epileptic children who stay on a very restricted
keto diet for several years can suffer from kidney stones, high cholesterol, and bone fractures. But a typical keto diet
won’t be nearly as strict. And if you wanna try keto, you should talk to your doctor first. In the meantime, go
ahead and get that bread, and remember, the best
diet is a balanced one of fat, protein, and yes, even carbs.


  1. Still doing this down 80lbs in 6 months was 280 now 200 and feel great

  2. Don't do Keto, I lost my gallbladder by doing keto.

  3. Burning fats instead of carbs is not a fad it's a biological function.

  4. I lost 65 lbs in 5 months with keto and exercise. My opinion if you are fat and fed up with it you should try keto and not give up on it (I watched thomas delauer, gravity transformation and ket connect on you tube for science info, and tips to keep me from making common mistakes) and. I've tried several diets before keto and they all sucked and made me feel like crap.

  5. It's not keto flu, it's carb withdrawal. Drink water with salt and lemon juice. I have been eating less than 30 grams of carbs for nearly 15 years, best health ever. Total bs to ask your doctor, they (most of them) have no clue about nutrition, they mostly know how to prescribe pills as indicated by their pharma rep. Our food pyramid is totally corrupt and paid for by big agro and pharma money. Good try my friend, go educate yourself.

  6. The ketogenic diet is not a fad. It was designed in the 1920s as a way of treating epilepsy in adolescents. I love it when someone who has no idea what they’re talking about decides to make a video.

  7. Again with the "balanced diet" shit. Hasnt the US been speaking this same shit for decades? This is why obesity is a problem in America

  8. Here we have yet ANOTHER victim who's been brainwashed by the USDA & BIG food who upholds all of their lies and spreads them amongst society

    sorry won't be responding to all the haterz who are slowly and unknowingly poisoning themselves with GMOs, FAKE FATS (AS IN CRISCO CANOLA VEGETABLE OIL: DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE IT WAS NOT MADE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION IT WAS ORIGINALLY MADE TO RUN MACHINERY AND NOW YOU INGEST IT ON A DAILY BASIS) who are on the standard American diet… FYI this video is presented on one person's unknowledgeable opinion of Keto.
    Dr. Eric Berg & Healthy KETO knowledge 💚 get ya some!

  9. This video is simply dumb. Nothin’ else to say.

  10. The standard American diet is around 40 to 65 percent carbohydrates. No f*cking wonder obesity is skyrocketing!

  11. Do some real research!

  12. Lol the condescending tone of the narrator turned me off in the first 30 seconds

  13. Love the cartoon animation, the mumbling sounds… Even heard one of them say: Wanna get bread? Cracked me up! 🤣🤣. Aside from that, very informative.

  14. I smell a big business sponsor behind this, trying to stop the world finding out how to stop the decimation of the population with obesity and diabetes heart disease and all the other constructs of the fast food and factory foods from the corporations.

  15. Could you please tell me what is the information source!? The water part

  16. In my research , the thing I learned the most never take nutrition advice from the government.

  17. I'm celiac. That is why I've been eating keto. The best way to avoid keto flu is to add salt to your water. It balances the procsss of ketogenesis. You also feel less hungry & have a little more energy. Much more to it than that though

  18. This video is clearly designed to discourage people that will NOT do real research about Keto. I would call this protection propaganda….Why mention some of the Keto negatives and not discuss the simple things to prevent them….unless you have an adgenda….to discourage people from Keto. Either way it is a very poor delivery of the facts….if you are being honest.

  19. people should stop overeating and blaming it on a high carb diet and give you're body 14 hours minimum to process the carbs you have eaten during the day i recommend eating from 9am to 7pm this way shou make you energized and satisfied.

  20. and here I am never gaining over 10 pounds or under 10 pounds in a week or even months no matter what I eat

  21. Just make sure you are aware of keto flu and the things to get rid of it. As far as plateaus go thats part of life , does not mean you need to quit keto , just that you may need to do things like change your marcos , carb up or find what works for you. Most of the time would say consult a doctor , but with Keto would not. Keto might work for you and dr might just be anti Keto. That being said Keto is also not for everyone , nothing is. So would say if Keto works great , if something else is better for you , also great. Play around with things and find what works best for you! Also forgot maybe people plateauing need to change work out routine to loose again , may not always be diet.

  22. Give in to your sugar cravings! Your brain and the Government will both be happy!

  23. Another divisive and confusing subject! Yaaay!!!! Please talk about religion next!!!

  24. HAHA. I didn't have the keto flu I did this shit with ease.

  25. "And yes even carbs" 😩😞

  26. WTF? Where is the Study that reduced cancer cells when she was on keto diet? Why is there hasn't been any bad reports of this diet, besides this RETARD channel. And there are way more evidences of benefits then this guy is describing.
    Are you just searching for what's bad about this diet then what is good. Did you ask your Dog to do this research for you?

  27. This is so stupid lol literally EVERY diet the first weight you lose is water weight. And even a "balanced" diet can also hit a plateau after a month. I guess that means no one should ever try to lose weight because any diet can have those side effects.

  28. Life hack just say F*CK YOU ho ever sayd you need keto diet

  29. Your info is v shallow , insufficient,,

  30. Wow!!! So much bs in this video. I've been keto since 11/2018. I am type 2 "diabetic".. Let's begin.. I've gone from 250 pounds now down to 195. From a size 44 waist to a size 36 waist and even 36 is starting to fit me loose. I was on 1000mg of Metformin twice a day. I was on the verge of being put on insulin by my endocrinologist. My A1C went from 12.2 down to 5.9 last time I checked on 6/2019. At 5.6 or less I will no longer have diabetes or as my doctor likes to put it "your diabetes will be in remission"… I have lots of energy, my sex drive is through the roof and I'm 44yrs old, yup I had E.D. due to the high blood sugar condition, well no more problems in that dept. My blood sugar was constantly in the 300's and now it is between 90 and 120. Yup my endocrinologist took me completely off the Metformin. Still have 3 bottles that I got refilled in January that I haven't touched. Finally I have gained lean muscle and my testosterone levels have gone up.

    Now on this video. The Standard American Diet is what has this country with an overweight and diabetic epidemic. Keto is not 5% carbs. It all depends on the person. In my case I kept my carbs at less than 20 grams a day, plus intermittent fasting. Now I have 50 grams or less a day. Sugar and processed carbs like bread, pancakes etc., are extremely dangerous to the body in the long run. I still get my carbs from vegetables that are also high in fiber.

    I will end it here because I feel myself about to go on a rant about the garbage that's been peddled to us by the government known as the Standard American Diet. Good day everyone.

  31. ''Balanced diet''. No dude, there are good things and bad things for humans if something is bad why would you need to eat it at all.
    We evolved on animal foods, we dont need carbs to be healthy.

  32. It works, it works great , it is not a FAD .. It heals people

  33. Better educate yourself before you post something. You just misled people with your poor nutritional and health knowledge. I think you need to watch Dr. Berg videos mate. Then review your clip again.

  34. The introduction was wrong right out the gate. Keto is not the latest fad diet. Its humans returning to what the human body did for almost 2 million years, eat meat and vegetables and fasting.I lost 70 pounds of "water" doing this so called keto fad…ha ha ha. Of course your cholesterol will rise…your good cholesterol (HDL) . The increase in broken bones in children is from doing more activities outside after losing all that disgusting fat. Meat, proteins, and dairy actually makes your bones much stronger than a sugary carb diet…but they twisted the data some how.

  35. Keto dieters are more dogmatic and annoying than those raw vegans

  36. stupid propaganda

  37. Bread isn’t even good for you

  38. No

  39. Mostly wrong. Won’t be subscribing

  40. Keto is actually extremely beneficial. My doctor does keto and is healthy as a horse and in extremely good shape for his age .
    Keto is mainly where you cut out sugars and carbs. That's just bread, gluten and sugars. All unnecessary carbs and calories. The keto diet is especially beneficial for women with PCOS (which I am one) who can't eat bread, sugars or diary . Not only does it help insulin sensitivity. it helps us lose weight, regulate our hormones so our periods and testosterone level out, and INCREASE fertility. Women with pcos have trouble conceiving and keto has proved to help. Do research before you believe everything on the internet.

  41. Yeah, this video is full of incomplete information.

  42. This is uninformed beyond reason, you don't know what you are talking about.

  43. Lies

  44. Keto has changed my life.. never going back.

  45. They are being paid to say all that.

  46. More "scientists" pushing high sugar diets. Shame on you.

  47. USDA. Lol

  48. this isnt meant to be a lifestyle, ur body needs carbs. you can still loose weight with carbs in ur diet but u just gotta do it in a healthy way

  49. It works. But be careful.

  50. 3:25 oh I see? fat is important due to "essential" fatty acids, protein is important due to "essential amino acids" and carbs are important due to um..um…nevermind there is nothing like essential carbs or essential glucose so that statement might be wrong sir.

  51. Vegetables anyone??

  52. I'm a kid and I'm fat thanks for the info

  53. Sugar equals cancer. Carbs are sugar. Get on board, low carb/sugar free.

  54. Why would you spread misinformation?

  55. Jenna Jameson is a big keto fan, too.

  56. And the USDA high carb/low fat diet is why cancer, diabetes and heart disease has quadrupled since the 1960's when they came up with this idea. No clinical trials were ever done. The evaluation was always about how well it was followed and not about whether it was healthy or not. Carb loading is why we are seeing 300 pound 12 year olds and children with Type 2 diabetes. Carbs are sugar and sugar causes inflammation in the body that leads to disease. Think of sugar's effects on the body the same as how rust effects metal. I would look at the actual science of it and not something that the federal government recommends (USDA).

  57. Eating low carb reduced my anxiety levels in ONE DAY. Eating more fat helps keep blood sugar levels more even. Eating more carbs does the opposite. Your choice!

  58. Keto flu is solved by increasing your salt intake. The keto plateau is simply something you go through and then suddenly your pants fall off…and while your weight hasn't changed, your body has. Sorry, Charlie, but your video is BS. EPIC FAIL.

  59. Well this was a load of crap!

  60. this was incredibly biased and misleading. please do better research. check out information from Dr. Jason Fung.

  61. No science…? Need to change the channel name 😂

  62. I see Asian people living longer than all other people on the planet and they eat mostly rice. Americans have tons of heart disease, so they come up with a new diet fad for more fat? Hahaha good luck everyone. I'll eat my rice, fish and greens and live long.

  63. Low tier propaganda. Try harder next time.
    -pretending that high sugar diet is the "natural" way of life, even though harvesting carbohydrates in nature is incredibly inefficient. Ancient man might have been able to eat some berries every once in a while for energy, but they were much lower in sugar content than what we have today. Babies are born in a ketogenic state and their natural diet is keto.
    -literally only talking about the potential negative side effects, but stating them like they are guaranteed. You might as well do the same video on quitting heroin. "Oh, some people don't continue. Oh, it might be hard. Ohhhh, you might get saaaaaaaad. So you better not even try!"
    – "don't forget to drink your Ovaltine" moment at the end. I had to lol. It was so out of place. I wouldn't have been surprised if you said "heart healthy whole grains".

  64. Balance is key in life!! IF is a better way of eating, for me personally. It's more straight forward with far more benefits.
    Yet without all the headaches of obsessing over macros, portions, carb loading, electrolytes, micronutrients, calories, glucometers, keto piss strips, meal preps, and restrictions… ugh. Also no racoon eyes with UFC weight cut, grizzled dehydration face is another cool bonus!
    IF just seems way more logical too, since it promotes balance between eating time and fasting times.
    Eat real food for a maximum of 6-8 hrs a day and just don't eat at all 24-36 hrs a couple days a month. So simple and so rewarding.

  65. I was able to get off of epilepsy medication on the keto diet.

    Carbs and sugar kill.

  66. Screw celebrities, band wagon junkies. Ive been doing keto for 4 years. Before the fad

  67. The government recommends that diabetics eat carbs and fruit (sugar). Its a great business model but a terrible diet. Feed diabetics carbs and sugar and they’ll have to use big pharma drugs for ever. Fuck’n government living scum.

  68. So many people in denial its hilarious. Keto helps you lose weight yes but it has many negative side effects that make it much more healthier to just eat a well balanced diet. Stop eating processed carbs and eat whole grain carbs WITH FIBER and you will feel a million times better.

  69. Misleading half-truths

  70. People are losing their minds. Europeans and Asians are on high carbs bread rice pasta since ages and healthy AF.

  71. First of all – keto diet doesn’t say 0 carbs !!!! Your video is a fluff

  72. This guy is clueless. Lmao

  73. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uptETdDvDzQ

  74. It’s not a fad it works!

  75. This video infuriates me. Just knowing the thousands of people who watch this and will never try keto makes me so upset. This is coming from a woman who has lost 85lbs on keto and was able to fix my fertility and get pregnant after years of trying to concieve and was recommended keto to fix fertility.

    I eat cheese everyday, eggs bacon, steak nuts, pizza, fudge, cookies(made from almond flour, erithrytol etc), and i feel SO GOOD and my adult acne even went away completely and now I have soft glowing skin and hair.

    Yeah tell me how keto isnt good for me when it saved me life, since i was pre-diabetic back then. This advice can kill people, people like me who use to be naive and believe whatever their told without doing their own research. Who knows how much longer my life was with the way i was eatting.

    Ditch this video and go check out Dr.Berg and Dr.Berry.
    Listen to REAL doctors that have your care in mind and not doctors that only care about your money.

  76. LOL doctors dont really know anything about keto tho

  77. Keto is more than just a weight loss "diet" There is SO much to it. I'll stick to keto and being healthy and not eat garbage the government throws at me.

  78. Screw all these diets I’m losing weight by just reducing the calories I’m eating and it’s coming along nicely

  79. Good

  80. I took excellent diet guide from WooPep.

  81. YAH! You know what else thrives off sugar? CANCER. I got the Keto flu, It's nothing. Very clear runny nose for a few days. I lost 10LBs in one week eating 5 to 7 times a day, I'm a big eater! The swelling in my ankles and feet that I kept getting since 2010 completely went away. I'm sleeping good again. On the keto diet I notice I could go ALL day without eating and not notice it. Fat is a MUCH better energy source than SUGAR, And last much longer. As far as weight goes, Your going to lose only as much as your supposed to, Unless you lower calories, And why. At some point you have to start eating normal again. Kidney stones can be caused by many mixtures of foods- Just drink plenty of water. HIGH cholesterol IS GOOD- Our brains are 100% Cholesterol and need rejuvenating just like any other part of the body- Did any one every hear of ALZHEIMER's disease? Eating calcium is not good for your bones-look it up! Fats with greens and even meat protein AND mostly COLLEGAN from bone broth put minerals in your bone marrow to create calcium your self. Science Insider IS! Science My Ass.

  82. 1:25 non-retard units please?

  83. Ketogenic diet was found effective in a study in shrinking brain tumor.

  84. It is the keto a odd yet tasty key to happiness.

  85. Русская версия 🙂 https://youtu.be/wZG7NaAOA_w

  86. talk to your doctor, yeah right as if there was any point to that

  87. This video was recommended. I've got epilepsy and have being eating ketogenic since I was 12 I'm now 42 and perfectly fine my seizures still happen but not as often as they would I'd I ate carbohydrates. I don't use it for weight loss. I eat enough to maintain my weight. This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle.

  88. Very misleading video. The proper keto diet allows for carbs in your veggies, calcium from dark green veggies, cheeses and butter. To prevent the kidney stones simply drink lemon water once a day.

    Remember we as a people were skinny until we were told suger and carbs are ok. They lead to inflammation and many diseases.

  89. The Standard American Diet. How’s that working for y’all then??? Sicker than ever.

  90. The side effects you mentioned for epileptic children were TRANSIENT according to the study. The four who died had brain abnormalities likely caused by the epilepsy, the study did NOT relate the deaths to the diet. Your research is shoddy.

  91. Just go to sport,its more fun than diet

  92. I Got a add about a Keto diet before this vid

  93. The "Balanced Diet" with recommended 50% carbs is the reason for the obesity plague that began in 1982, with the American Food Recommendations for a Low Fat, Carb Diet.

  94. U S diet is better than the keto diet

  95. There is a significant amount of research to support the Keto nutrition approach for long term. Yes, it is counter to what the FDA and Big Pharma say we should be doing – but, we are now a population of obese, diabetics that are addicted to sugar. So – not sure what the standard american diet is stating is working. Check out Dave Feldman's research on cholesterol. Shouldn't we be measuring our HDL and Triglycerides? Cholesterol isn't the enemy!

  96. I've lost 20 pounds my first month on Keto and feel and look healthier. A woman I know lost 110 lbs in 4 months on keto.

    This is anti keto propaganda.

  97. Hey guys I think i can help https://youtu.be/bQg1WFXGcUA

  98. Came for the comment wars

  99. When you hit the plat start installing fasting protocol

  100. I don't trust ANYBODY that is hating on KETO they either stupid or have an agenda

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