What Supplements Should I Take to be Lean and Strong

yeah what's up guys if you're new to our channel thank you for subscribing thank you for being here my name is Scottie I just got done with my day 56 workout down beat strength in a test group for a new program that Beachbody is launching in July of this year so it's called morning meltdown 100 it's been my favorite workout program to date hey gone like I'm one of those guys that started to go to school back in 2010 with p90x but I absolutely love morning meltdown 100 but one of the questions that I'm getting in my Instagram DMS through my emails you guys are watching videos what supplements are you take like on my Instagram I'm sharing that I'm drinking this yellow drink and I'm drinking an orange drink for my post workout so I just wanted to walk through and share with you guys what I'm doing so good morning about that 100 test group that I'm a part of you have the ability to follow what's called the ultimate portion fix to be mindset or the specific meal plan designs and when you're down 100 no iron specifically following the portion fix following as a matter of fact a vegan meal plan I'm a vegan by experimenting with a plant-based diet and eating lifestyle as I go through this program and it's been absolutely awesome I have more energy than I've ever had and my I had some acne problems you guys can watch back on one of my videos but it's been almost 100% cleared up eating plant-based so that feels awesome but I'm gonna share with you guys what I am using so right now for my pre-workout I'm using this Beachbody performance line lemon flavored they also have a fruit punch flavored but I drink this about 15 to 20 minutes before my workout and it's a plant-based pre-workout no it's not I've tried all of the workout i'll poet read all the pre workouts over the last ten years from c4 to explode all of these this is the only one that doesn't give me the jitters and make it feel like there's ants crawling in my skin one thing I love about it as well this doesn't just make you feel crazy it doesn't do that at all it's scientifically proven to make you have more endurance so that you can last longer and put more effort out throughout your workout so that's why I love and use that I've used it ever since that came out this one I'm not personally using this right now but my wife uses it during her workouts and we send it in a little 20 ounce water bottle with the kids to their soccer practice into their Taekwondo workouts Taekwondo Taekwondo workouts this is the hydrate it's a drink that you can use during the workout I just drank a whole 20 ounce of water during my workout and this leads me to the next one this is orange flavored what's called recover shake Beachbody performance line recover shake now if you guys are old school like I am we used to have what was called the p90x recovery shake that was orange flavored as well as this one is so much better I get people asking all the time do wait do you guys still have that p90x recover and no we do not this is what we have the Beachbody performance recover shake now this is a whey protein recover shake but in ten days from now we're gonna have our first plant-based recover so there'll be a vegan plant-based recovery shake which I'm super excited about so I will be switching over my monthly auto-ship of that to the vegan based one now the other thing is if you see the pink shake that I'm drinking or my wife on her Instagram drinking a chocolate one is Shakeology a big misconception when I'm talking to people they're asking is that's not a magic shake it's not a weight-loss shake and it's not a protein shake this is the protein shake of the recover this is the post-workout protein shake that is has BCA's in it and whey protein like I said and soon to be plant-based protein other hand has over 70 different whole food natural ingredients and superfoods from all types of mushrooms and all kinds of probiotics in prebiotics that are gonna help you with your digestion I hope you curb cravings and give you more energy so for me I was a little bit skeptical when I first tried it I'm gonna be honest with you guys back in 2011 but the thing that sold me is I was using rockstar in Monster energy drinks as my source of pick me up on my 12-hour work shift and I simply switched over to drinking Shakeology which is a 100% meal replacement so it replaces entire mill it's not a weight loss shake not a protein shake it's it's getting it's like if you took 70 ingredients from the whole food food natural grocer in your hometown and you blend it up in one shake and have that every day that's what that is and it's only as a customer it's about four dollars a meal so much less about the same as my rock star energy drinks much less than any subway sandwich or whatever you might grab if you're busy on the go type of person like I am on the other hand if you are a coach whether you want to coach other people like I do or not you get a 25% discount it comes about it comes out to be about three dollars and 33 cents a day for that shake so this is what I'm using this is my regimen one thing that I want to share with you guys is it's endorsed by informed sports so absolutely the highest quality like I don't use anything else 100% use this and follow my meal plan and you guys can see throughout the video this is what I look like right now following these workouts they're about 20 to 30 minutes a day and following a meal plan and using these supplements so hope that helps you guys now if you have any questions please just send me an e-mail in the comments below or you can fill out one of the forms and I'll get a hold of you but one thing I want you guys to know is 100% yes I am a I endorse these programs and if you use one of these programs I earn a 25% Commission for being your coach a lot of people are asking me like how much is your coaching how much is it to have you coach me through my mindset through my weight loss and my transformation and I'm gonna show you guys this so if you're brand new to this channel you might not know where I started that's my my one year before after picture right there is one of my current clients Chris Pandolfo over 170 pounds lost in the last year and a half this is my friend from high school lost 107 pounds in one year using these meal plans and Shakeology so hope that helps you guys out and it's so my coaching to wrap back around that doesn't cost anything other than I get paid when you buy our streaming service for the workouts that you can do which is only $99 for the entire year you get every program you've ever seen me do plus the meal plans that's only $99 a year and I earn a commission from that and my jobs to help you get results same thing goes if you choose to use or try any of these then I get paid a 25% Commission as your coach I'm checking in with you once a week in your inbox making sure that you're staying on track and I hear on a % answer any question that you guys have so reach out to me if you have questions I'm here we are building one of the top teams and by top teams I mean we are helping the most people get results with their health and fitness and we're helping other people and other build a business so hope you guys have an incredible day enjoy your Monday and see you guys next time you

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