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hey what's up guys Steve Kukla here team all Mac's coming at you with a1 supplements super excited to be doing part 2 last time you guys were out we had a little offseason training and some lifestyle stuff but we're pre-contest now and I'm gonna be showing you guys what I'm doing training supplements life just tell you about what I'm doing how I'm doing it I'm excited to share this information with you so first I want to lead off showing my favorite supplements when I in pre-contest is it's what I use on a daily basis and hopefully you guys could take something from it that you may not know about supplements or something that you guys want to try and haven't tried yet but I'm gonna go into some detail of how I lay it out throughout the day and I kind of did it in chronological order starting with my morning regimen I so first thing I do I wake up in the morning I make a cup of coffee and I fill up a big glass of like 32 ounces of water and when I do that I throw in that water I throw a scoop of the saito greens it's it's by a nova form which is an all Mack's company so I get my greens in right away I throw a scoop of Amino core and then I throw in I cracked three other carnitine pills I like the carnitine tartrate pills it's about 2 grams of carnitine and I throw them in about 10 to 15 grams of glutamine in that mix it all up and you and I do a shot of apple cider vinegar with it so at that point you're like that is one heck of a cocktail but I'm gonna tell you what it hydrates me I feel kind of awake it feel really good and it's helped my digestion it helps kind of kickstart everything throughout my day so big fan of that I posted about it a little bit in my Instagram stories of how I like to you know do that supplement regimen in the morning but something I recommend and I started doing the greens and in the glutamine and it just my digestion really been not a factor of having any issues and that's important when you're eating so much food especially being pre-contest eating you know six seven meals a day all that takes in the factor I mean you your body is a fine-tuned machine you have to make sure that everything's working properly so the next thing I do after I eat breakfast is I take a Vitus stack which the it's the multivitamin pill pack from all Macs that's pretty much the for me its ultimate convenience because it's got everything you need a vitamin wise mineral wise and it just helps you know if you're on the go you just take it and you go when I'm on vacation I gotta sit and pack all these different pills I take I'm gone for three or four days I take three or four packs and that's that's perfect you know there's days I do take to from training extra hard or feel like the diets really wearing on me or but the vitamins and minerals are super important and something that sometimes people neglect in it will affect energy levels and if everything's not in order you know kind of going back to making sure your body's that fine to machine I also include CLA when I diet and I've noticed you know I be some may say for SIBO effect but when I use it I used three grams a day so I take one like say breakfast lunch and dinner three times a day one pill and I do notice an increase of body fat loss in my midsection lower back that's kind of the area's I noticed that when I take it that you know I do have accelerated fat loss so I'm a big fan of CLA it's you know it's a it's a fad so it's not something like you know stimulant or anything you take it that night for your bed just one of those things you know aids and weight loss and you know helps with the body composition and then going into the pre workouts I think everybody wants to know what's going on pre workouts there's a million out there you know I'm very simple when it comes to my pre works I don't like to go definitely crazy and stimulants there's there's a lot out there with way too many stimulants you know feel like you just bugged out you can't go to bed you're up for 12 hours all that stuff like I like to be focused when I train but I don't want to be over stimulated to where feel like my heart's gonna explode so what I like to do pre-contest is I am excited about the impact it's the new pre-workout bio max is something that I started incorporating during my prep definitely days that I need that extra boost calories are low need the energy full scoop is 400 milligrams of caffeine it's a lot so I do about half a scoop to 3/4 of a scoop of the impact and it's just enough for me but some people that you know are coming off some of the extreme pre workouts that are out there you know you may need a full scoop and people that you know have switched over really liked it and there's other times where I just need a little bit and that's where aid cuts comes in it's the amino blend of what some caffeine green tea CLA in it taurine and it that just helps just a little boost you know when you kind of like taking a cup of coffee but you know throw a scoop in my mouth are you doing some water down it and I feel excellent and then going into post-workout everybody's super crucial games you know the time you want to capitalize and all that hard training so what I like to do post-workout first thing I do when I get done training is I mix a scoop of the C ball it's the creatine blend bio max and then I use the car buy on I use depending on where I'm at my prep may be one scoop maybe three scoops you know it's a high carb day or if it's a leg day or something I need the extra extra carbs I may do the you know three scoops right after my post-workout and then when I kind of get settled and into the car I have a protein shake waiting and I use the ISO Flex it's the pure isolate protein very easy to digest there's no lactose there's no issues digestion I'm pretty lactose sensitive so anybody that's afraid of whey proteins and you know it upsets their stomach I do not have any issues when it comes to using ice so flex because the the purity of it the ISO Flex flavor I prefer especially been addicted through dieting peanut butter or the chocolate peanut butter flavor absolutely especially when you're dieting everything takes a little bit extra good because you're hungry here you know craving things but that just hits the spot and they must try they got a lot of new flavors that they've come out with recently they got a whole variety of flavor so there's definitely flavors from the tomatoes to the pre-workouts eight cuts there's you know there's a flavor to fit everybody but this is the all max supplement stack that steve coock love takes pre-contest I'm excited to share this with you guys so check it out go to any what supplements make sure you get your home ax


  1. I stopped watching as soon as he said about using CLA for fat loss….. that fat loss in reality will be from tren t3 hgh and clen / anavar

  2. Hey man can u tell me the better supplement for
    Age 21
    Weight 51

  3. STOP ⛑️First thing In morning have distilled water on a empty stomach then half hour later have detox drink in a glass of water add 2tbs of apple cider vinegar 1tsp of turmeric 1tsp of cinnamon half squeezed lemon & pinch of cayenne pepper and 1tsp of maca honey factor 20 or above , see dr Josh Axe YouTube channel for top watch detox drink recipe being made, THEN do what you do You Have to balance and detox your body before you start hammering it throughout the day good luck ☘️👍

  4. Juice g and insulin. Creatine is the only one that works

  5. Isoflex that expensive, I used to mixed it with milk or regular whey

  6. Chocolate peanut butter isoflex is the best

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