What Should You Eat For Breakfast?


  1. what do u recommend for snacks on the road?

  2. You are so annoyingly good looking 🙄

  3. TAP WATER?!

  4. Love the video mike, I eat turkey bacon every morning in a Sandwich is that ok cheers

  5. Bacon. Bacon. And more bacon.

  6. * Great quality again!
    * "Eating oats like a man" 😆
    * First time seeing your house a bit messy in the background
    The intermittent fasting still works like a charm for me! 💪🏽 (always break my fast with a salad 🥗)

  7. He came back from ibiza for a few hours just to film this video then he flew straight back,

  8. Where i live if you eat something like this in breakfast, you will have nothing left to eat later in the day.

  9. Good stuff bro!

  10. Yeah what a stud, I am drooling over his muscles mmmm

  11. zero body fat why bother with the belt!

  12. the way bread makes you feel could imply gluten intolerance, unsure if you've looked into this but if not I would suggest you do

  13. if I'm gonna have milk I drink either raw milk or cream never any false mike that shits poison to your body. no plant is a protein your body can use that's total bullshit. you can not absorb plant proteins and nutrients this is why vegans look skinny like there starving, you'd have to eat tons of plant foods to get very little nutrition.

  14. I love sardines in 100% olive oil but never with bread, right out of the can by itself, 0 carbs you don't need that carbs if your fat.

  15. what do you eat for breakfast? nothing! you don't need that shit! but if you are going to eat it, its simple egg, bacon, ham cheese nothing ells, anything ells is garbage for you body. when should you eat? as late as possible, if you can wait till dinner, that's the best time. what to eat for dinner lots of animal fats and any meats (meats include seafoods, eggs and dairy) plants are not needed they can be eaten for pleasure. I avoid plants foods the toxin in them inflame the body when consumed as a food, inflammation causes illnesses, they spike your insulin with causes obesity.

  16. I have a couple of sweet potatoes (400g total), pop em in the microwave for about 18min, and top them with houmous and poached eggs. Not gonna lie it's a bit of faff preparing but it's so bloody tasty and it doesn't give me the shits like oats do.

  17. I don't know why most [95%] of bodybuilders that vlog their diet habits stress their experience as a "state of fact". Anybody could be easily biased, and you should guide other bodybuilder for the right science ; tested and proven right !

  18. Great and informative vid👏🏾👌🏾

  19. 1ml of test in the morning and you can eat whatever you want. Period!

  20. Attractive beautiful male

  21. Handsome sexy male…

  22. Excellent content as usual, Mike.

    What's your personal reason for using the Vegan protein powder and what's your thoughts on Coco Pops/protein milk for breakfast?

  23. Hey, I have been struggling with shoulders, are you gonna make a shoulder workout or video anytime soon? thx

  24. Oatmeal with a chopped up banana and apple works quite well. I tried it after I got sick of bland oatmeal in the morning.

  25. I eat one week almonds, next week hazelnuts, next one walnuts and so on and on..

  26. anything I put in my mouth, I bloat, have done for years, so cant keep a trim tummy, any suggestions? please

  27. natty?

  28. could you do some vegetarian diet videos with some meal examples??

  29. How’s the hairline going bro? Still recommending it?

  30. You couldn't careless, you said you could careless which means you care at least the minimum amount of caring. Bagels are terrible for healthy eating.

  31. I can’t lie this is kinda dead

  32. Hi can you please be my personal trainer I h8 myself

  33. This guys mixed carbs with fat and fat with carbs in like 4 meals gotta be on steroids

  34. This guys is dead dum lmfao high fat high protien low carb in the morning


  36. I told Mattdoesfitness you have better banter than him bruv…he wasnt impressed 😂😂😂

  37. That fake tan has to go

  38. If you goal is to get big you must eat all meals. #stopskippingbreafast

  39. you know mike is the man when he brings out Mackerel in tomato sauce for brekkie.

  40. Stop couseilling people about health! You do use of steroids so you are a clock bomb and not a person who can give healthy advices.

  41. Mike can we can a Louis Vuitton unboxing video please?

  42. Mad body.

  43. Great topic mike, I needed this. Btw Hairs coming on nicely

  44. Do this for lunch and dinner please

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