What should singers eat and drink? | The Singer’s Diet | #DrDan 🎤


  1. Thank you very much Dr Dan for this i really needed this informative post… 😊😊

  2. I found that dairy FOGS up my throat; I have to clear it constantly!

  3. Another thing about alcohol is that people might be less careful not to talk loudly.

  4. I'm with you Dan. Dairy items can really gunk things up for me.

  5. Thank you so much Dr Dan, this is actually a very great and big reminder. Yes, it happens to me when I drink milk especially it kind of makes a layer in my throat. I usually don't use anything(food or drink) that contains acids e.i. lemon, orange, etc when I have to sing or I do my vocal exercices because it kind of irritates my throat, using head voice is a bit harder in times when I use(food or drink) that contain some fruits that have citric acid especially. Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to learning new diets for singers.

  6. What about port Dr Dan? I recently heard another singing coach( on YouTube) say she loves it and has a bit to help her with a rough feeling throat..of course not huge amount, but does it soothe to some extent?( apart from being yummy).
    Thanks as always,

  7. I avoid Dairy every time I sing since it causes so much mucus! Also since I have acid reflux, I can’t have coffee! Thanks Dr. Dan!

  8. Awesome… I Drink Half a Cup Water before eating Breakfast. I eat Egg and Tuna and Rice. Then Take my Vitamins and then Coffee and then I take CR then 30min. Later i Warm Up and then Practice my Singing to Keep Developing my Voice…

  9. I Love all Your Videos Dr.Dan very Helpful to Me… 😍😍😍

  10. Thank you for this sir! Gonna share it right away 😊

  11. Wow thank you dr.dan

  12. Hey Dan, what about salt? I was reading it has effects on mucus production as well as obvious dehydration. If I try and counter act the dehydration with more water can I counter the effect? Also, what about spicy foods?

  13. Great video…what about all the processed food and harmful chemicals we are in contact with everyday? Also, what about flour and sugar?

  14. Hi Dr. Dan, thank you for that wonderful video but I have a question in my mind. How to recover voice that was lost or idk after puberty. Most people today loses their voice after puberty. Do you have any advice to recover our voices?

  15. Everyone is so different. Great video 😊

  16. Milk in no way causes me to create more mucus.
    I got off of milk for 1 month and then tried drinking a large amount of milk (about 4 cups) and I just had to pee a lot. lol

  17. Apparently, going by what E.N.T. once told me, acid reflux can also lead to a condition called "Barrett's Esophagus"- (which, for the record, is a pre-cancerous mucosal change which may or may not occur in the throat over time, due to acid reflux.) Now, while not everyone who suffers from acid reflux lands up with this condition- (it's actually a bloody rare condition), it IS still a risk, and those who develop Barrett's are apparently, more at risk of throat and laryngeal cancer than those who don't suffer from it- (and we all know the bloody damage them two buggers can cause!) I'm just passing on what E.N.T. told me, 'cos I thought that information might be beneficial to y'all. Peace and love.

  18. I'm in my mid-fifties. Since I gave up meat and dairy I can sing much high and lower ( much expanded range ) than I could in my teens and early twenties. Huge difference.

  19. I love your videos 😘😘😘😘

  20. is.it ok if i drink green tea everyday with one cream

  21. Damn you came out here with the facts

  22. Can pineapple juice be a good drink for singers? Please answer thanks

  23. Hi singing friends, I have a music lesson channel for singers that focuses on a little bit of a different niche than Dan—more songwriting and performance oriented. I’d love if you would check it out as a supplement to his great videos! Thanks in advance, and hi, Dan! I love your channel and all your great content.

  24. I would like to buy that gadget you sell to clear mucus from the throat on my next payday — would you please give me info concerning how much it costs, and where I need to send pymt? Thanks!

  25. Dairy is my holy grail! Before a gig or rehearsal, I always eat ice cream before and it lubes my pipes up real well. I do sing primarily raspy and heavy. Do you think that’s why dairy helps my throat? Because I need more lubrication to keep good vocal health when doing high cost vocal qualities..?

  26. I don't have any dairy because I'm vegan, I drink soy milk or almond milk

  27. How can I sing the high parts of jess glynne take me home

  28. Beautiful!! Lovely information

  29. Is peanut butter good for our voice? I sometimes feel like my throat is getting drying after eating it

  30. Tnx for videos. I try to do as you say. I hope I can improve my voice

  31. I make my own tea (ganger, lemon, and honey). I wonder if thats actually good for my vocal cord?

  32. Louis Tomlinson.

  33. Hai, Sir you have provided to everybody a quite valuable advice and information that how in a balanced moderation of the intake of hydrated foods e.g., vegetable etc., and controlled consumption of alcoholic beverages can direly improve the quality of your singing vocal performance and physical health in general. I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for this endeavor !! And keep going…

  34. Subtitulalo en español pls ;-;

  35. I can only speak for myself, but I just realized that I can’t eat snacks like pretzels if I have a performance. I only found this out after I had some pretzel snacks and then later on I went to do some Warm Ups later. It was weird because I had drank plenty of water after my snacks but I could still literally feel some snack crumbs come up with every breath I took to sing and I had to stop my warm ups due to the affect of the crumbs on my voice. I’m thinking that perhaps I simply did not wait long enough after snacking to sing, but from now on, I’m just going to avoid that type of snack at least 24 hours before any of my performances or practices. I love the Singers Dietary suggestions in this clip and it seems easy to follow too. Thanks Dr. Dan:)

  36. Are Green chillies or Dry chillies bad for voice…Or Vocal chords…Plzzz answer n help me out…

  37. All my life, I've heard research change when it suits the industry. Coffee dehydrates you. Coffee doesn't dehydrate you. Eggs are bad for you, eggs are good for you. Don't drink too much. Red Wine is good for you. Reminds me of the guy that watched his health every day. Ate right, exercised, etc. He died at 40. Enjoy your life and your singing. One thing I see in ALL activities, people just OVERTHINK just about everything. Do you think Frank Sinatra didn't drink hours before he performed?How many professionals do you really think follow these rules, especially the alcohol one? If anything, it will help any stage fright you might have! Enjoy yourself.

  38. Can i eat potato chips?

  39. But i think milk with turmeric is good for throat ,as turmeric is a natural healer , it soothes our voice but obviously we shouldn't take it before a performance

  40. And the old adage of swallowing a raw egg before singing????

  41. If you are a local singer in a regular bar, people rather have an artist that can raise the glass to the crowd and play some good tunes, than a water stiffy.. just saying. Regular people out on town just want to have a good time, dont analyse the vocalist.

  42. I know your aren't physician but I will never accept this English s culture that use word "moderation " ! Alcohol is nocive and poison! Maximum closer to is about 10 meters to me! Yucky!!!!!!

  43. I love the facts you share.Thank you.

  44. thank you so much for this video – super helpful!!! I am battling with what was silent acid reflux and isn't silent anymore – I can feel it now not just after waking up but sometimes after eating, and fear I may have to give up coffee totally even though I am down to one cup a day. Baby steps! 🙂

  45. New subie on your channel tanks to @FreyaCasey who lately mentioned how qualified you were. I'm grateful for this. Cheers from Paris, France!

  46. Dairy products increase production of mucus in bronchial tubes. That's a fact. I learned this at university (I am pharmacist). Now-thinking more about it-for example, most of the expectoration drugs work in brochial tubes as well as in nasopharynx and sinuses, so maybe also diary products can cause increased production of mucus in these areas, if they do it in bronchial tubes. That explains why some of you feel mucus in your throat after drinking milk. But this is just my deduction.

  47. Well, of course the Dept of Agriculture would recommend dairy. lol wtf.

  48. Does eating the bad foods only apply to short term say like 24 hrs. Or will these effect your voice forever?

  49. god bless you all

  50. Somewhat related to this topic is being in good physical health and exercising. I've found that combined with a healthy diet and training my vocal stamina and has increased greatly in my first year of vocals.

  51. How do we train our lower registers and grow our range downward?

  52. I thought that alcohol might be good, because it can clean the thought and loosen the muscles, but it also makes sense to stay sober minded for a performance

  53. Thanks for your video. I used to be drink one bottle of beer before singing . I won't drink anymore beer now I've watched your video.

  54. I love your videos. They have helped tremendously. Thank you so much.


    POST MALONE- sipping them bud light

  56. Is he trying to damage our voice. .

  57. I cut out dairy and meat and eggs! My voice and body feel SO much better!

  58. I never had a problem with milk till nw !

  59. Hello Hello You seem to explain things with your videos by cons it's a shame not to put the translation into French during the video thank you if you can do something continue

  60. bonjou Bonjour Vous m'avez l'air d'expliquer bien les choses avec vos vidéos par contre c'est dommage de ne pas mettre la traduction en français pendant la vidéo merci si vous pouvez faire quelque chose continuer

  61. This question is from curiosity rather than personal issues. I remember Before Whitney Houston died she gave a performance and her voice was much less than the stellar performances she was known for. I am sure there would be many circumstances that could account for that but do you think her cocaine habit may have been to blame? Or do you think it more likely to have been an unrelated issue?

  62. Another great vid, Dan. I am on medication and gave up alcohol completely over 2 years ago (not that I used to indulge every day anyway). I also cut down on milk because of the mucus/phlegm and have noticed a marked reduction in these. The singer's diet sheet on your vid is pretty much in line with my own diet, not just before singing, but generally, so even though this may be classed as a virtue that could be shunned by some, "I am pretty pleased with my little self!" Thank you once again.

  63. I really like Australians. Hello from geemany 🙂

  64. Lol when you start referencing the fact that agricultural companies suggest 3 glasses of milk a day.. I'm out lol

  65. Thank you

  66. I haven't drank alcohol, for 2 years, I don't smoke, and most of my days consist of eating things like eggs, chicken, vegetables and muesli/oatmeal. Heck I don't even drink "soda" or pop, as we call it, nor do I eat "candy" or chocolate. Hope I'm doing good!

  67. My vibrato gets weaker & so as my high notes. What can I do???😥😥😥

  68. meh diary is not even meant for the human body so i don't think the lack of evidence matters … i dont have diary but still get that mucus .. any advice ?

  69. Brendon urie begs to differ about the Alcohol thing 😂

  70. It was eating fresh fruit that gave us colour vision, not to mention the juice hydrates, the best fruits are antioxidant rich too.. and here i am still being a damn carnivore 😂🤣 still blueberries, blackberries pineapple mango are brlliantly juicy and SEEM to help.. so unless you have any allergies havin some extra fruit never hurts..

  71. Good thing I'm lactose intolerant


  73. USDA and the FDA are a joke since the 60's when the food and pharmaceutical lobbies infiltrated them. They've been recommending high carb low fat diets and America has become the most obese, diabetic country in history. Avoid heavily processed carb foods like the plague!

  74. thank you!

  75. Dairy is bad in general

  76. Before I started this video, I saw that pizza was one of the things you're not supposed to eat, and when I started it, I immediately got an ad got Dominoe's pizza 😂😂😂

  77. I don't have vocal nodules but whenever I try to sing a falsetto or head voice I sound like a person with vocal nodules or like a whistle not or a polyphonic thing, why?! 😭😭😭😭😭

  78. Can i eat ….bananas,protein shake,honey,and oats plzzz tell urgent

  79. Ya one more thing can i eat spicy things as i am from india. …

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