What It Takes To Be A Contortionist For Cirque Du Soleil

many people ask me where questions and one of them is Alexa do have bones and I often say yes I do have holes but before I go to work I leave them at home this is Alexi Gila Baraka the world's best contortionist I change 3 to 5 hours per day to maintain my flexibility and my other disciplines that I have in my act I control my body in all the shapes on the positions and so on it is awesome it's like feminists of development Alexi is a contortionist for the traveling circus company Cirque de Soleil he's one of 45 performers from 19 different nationalities travelling with the show Lucia Alexei grew up in Tula Russia and has been practicing contortionism since he was just 4 years old when I was a kid I asked my parents to take me to the circus show just the watches were fun and the next day I asked my mom to take me to the circus studio I told her that I fell in love with circus and since then have been doing commotion it's almost 20 years I started when I was 4 now I'm 24 Alexi began performing with Cirque de Soleil Lucia three years ago his show celebrates the culture history and mythology of Mexico by bringing to life a surreal Mexican themed dream it was the first Cirque du Soleil show to incorporate water into the set design and Alexi has been traveling and touring with Lucia for hundreds of shows across North America and he quickly gained fame for his mind bending movements excuse responsibility to be the best and tortillas in the world to be the most flexible male in the world because I have many fans and it's responsibility not to drop your level from here to there because if you drop a level you disappoint them and I feel like I don't have rights to disappoint my problem I don't rise to disappoint my people we caught up with Alexi during his warm-up before the premiere of Lucia in New York City my channel is called dancing contortion it's a mix of different disciplines the base is contortion being vendian flexible and other disciplines such as unbalanced elements of rhythmic gymnastics laments of ballet dance elements of modern dance I maintained in my accent Alexi warms up for about 40 to 45 minutes before each show it's one of five stretching and cardio sessions he has throughout the day he has to keep his body limber and loose so he doesn't hurt himself all practice for training I'm very aware of each movement I do because when I stretch I have to keep everything under control not injure myself but when I perform I must think about my character in the act I think about my presence on stage not only does Alexi constantly have to strengthen his body okay Horsham ISM also demands a steady mind it's similar to yoga and he has to learn to control his thoughts be present with his body through each movement the hardest part is to maintain the balance between flexibility and strength because if I get too loose too flexible and I don't care about my strength I cannot control properly what I do on the other hand if I get too strong I gonna start losing flexibility it's now about three hours before the show and Alexi begins his makeup routine these 45 minutes helped him get into character Alexi portrays a mythical creature called an elaborate it's a Mexican creation that combines in itself many different animals such as Swan hunter scorpion snake and all these animals are all in one is a lubricant and this is me it's my interpretation of this creature he worked with a choreographer for six months to bring the creature to life and as the skills have developed through the years so has his act once makeups done Alexi is ready to debut his alibi his persona to New York City but before he comes on in act 2 other master acrobats take the stage there was hoop diving on treadmills adagio acrobatics steer wheel and trapeze hand balancing masts and poles aerial straps and juggling and finally a dark form on a platform is rolled out onto a candle at stage the crowd goes dead quiet slowly Alexi unravels and people Street many different directions I received sometimes they are just mesmerised I can see complete silence in the audience I can hear almost nothing but it performed besides music it's very impressive you just perform in in the silence is amazing and Dothraki when they go crazy and they scream and sometimes people scream so hard that I cannot feel access in the music I always been mesmerized repress twists and flips and you're unsure which body part is which he fluidly contorts into shape after shape the best contortionists in the world strikes his last pose head between his legs chest on the floor and the audience erupts because I realize how much I can express myself with my body and I don't need anything else just money and this


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