What is Urban Health?

my name is Joe Buford I'm president of the International Society for urban health and clinical professor of public health at New York University College of Public Health I'm here at the regional summit at Kish Island in Iran presenting on urban health we were delighted to have the topic included in this very important scientific conference and I think it acknowledges the recognition that in urban health is becoming more and more important we think it needs more attention especially putting the words urban and health together there are a number of organizations and groups and scholars looking at urbanization and the urban life but very often they don't think about the importance of health impact and health result of the decisions that they're making our presentation involved looking at the broader determinants of urban health urban planning built environment natural environment social activities transportation in other areas it's by definition interdisciplinary and working across sectors with government with the private sector with academia and with civil society and communities themselves to develop solutions that really work for individual cities

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