What is the single best drink for your health?

hi I'm dr. Mike Evans and I want to introduce you to a new drinkable product that is super cheap refreshing and is better for your health and any other drink out there now I know you get a lot of pressure for other drinks such as quote 100% fruit juices performance-enhancing special electrolyte drinks and of course sodas and pops and and I get that sometimes you have another hour of exercise to go or or you just feel like a certain flavor but most of the juices I see aren't actually healthy better need the actual fruit and it's not just one teaspoon of sugar any soda it's not even four or five it's often eight or ten or more there is no sugar or artificial or natural sweetener in my drink if you care whether your food is organic local pure and/or gluten free my product is all those things in wood another great thing about my liquid is that you won't gain weight in fact I can actually guarantee that if you drink my elixir instead of your usual you will actually lose weight yeah baby and the recent well name choose healthy options consciously every day or choice randomized trial people who chose my drink were two times as likely to achieve the 5% weight loss in the six months of the trial they also had the best blood sugar readings and we're the most hydrating compared to the other drinks the National Institutes of Health found a study a while back to fall about 20,000 seventh-day Adventists to track their habits and to see if these led to more or less heart problems compared to people consumed a usual North American diet now it turns out this group drank a lot of my product among other healthy behaviors in and when they track these people that averaged only two glasses of my liquid refreshment versus three or four or more than five glasses a day and then controlled for a whole bunch of other things that affect heart health they still found the people who drank more of my libation had about half the rate of heart disease my liquid refreshment not only rehydrates but it's good for your skin reduces headaches and fainting helps your bowels stay regular treats fevers and diarrhea reduces kidney stones and even is quite possibly the best cure for hangovers is celebrated by many ancient cultures ranging from the Aztecs to the Celts to the Chinese and Persians its potency was celebrated and worshiped then but that a since Lassa fever now I know what you're thinking this stuff must be expensive well I can pretty much give you the doctor might guarantee that we will not be undersold my beverage can be cheaper than whatever else you're buying so what is this miracle drink well it's water h2o from your tap fountain a bottle however you can get it how much did you have well the science points not to a number but but more of the genius of our bodies if you are thirsty you need to drink more especially if your pee is not clear what if we are active is water good enough well a 2012 study comparing sports drinks to coconut water to tap water and men who exercised heavily for an hour and lost 1.7 kilograms or 3 and 3/4 pounds of sweat well when these athletes were fall for markers of performance or hydration plain old water was as effective as fancier drinks with much better marketing programs your 70% water so so let's keep it that way like simple solutions that work for many things and so I'm prescribing one thing here replacing some of your color drinks with plain old water that's it so fill up your water ball before getting to the car look your server in the eye and say I'll just have water please get a bigger glass we know that seem to cut more than half-full can lead to better health just make sure it's your cup thanks hope this helps and here's to you you


  1. Good video

  2. This isn't misleading, but it is shockingly incomplete. There are a whole host of herbal teas which are measurably more healthy than plain water because of antioxidant quantity. Juice from tons of things are more healthy than water, assuming that you don't throw the fiber away or add sugar. Then if you call a smoothie a drink (which it is), you can have thousands of recipes which are healthier than water. Some simple options to prove my case? Hibiscus tea, lemon water and green smoothie. While water is good for you and necessary, it is nutritionally flat. Water + Antioxidants + phytochemicals + fiber is far better.

  3. Warm rail gin

  4. Awesome video

  5. wow I feel stupid for watching this I drink pH perfect water everyday. was hoping for something better but it's okay good video people need to be promoted or reminded about their health because there's too many things drinks Foods ect. it's easy to forget about what you need. and it's even easier to forget about your health.

  6. Unfortunately, many cities and areas don't have safe drinking water, including my own. I am on well water and nearby cities have terrible tasting drinking water. Too over treated with chemicals, so buying treated bottled water is the only option.

  7. Captain obvious lmao ur elixer

  8. am i the only one who got thirst from watching this video ???

  9. Of coarse water is the best but what is a good way to continue drinking water when you aren't really feeling it? Water becomes a boring taste for many and that is why they decide to drink all of the other options. Along with that most athletes have sports drinks instead of water for the electrolytes not just the hydration factor. Does that make a difference or is water not far behind those drinks in that aspect.

  10. brilliant message..yes plain old water is the best.

  11. just make sure it's your cap….tahaha

  12. I knew it from the beginning dr mike😊

  13. These videos are great. Thanks.

  14. Brilliant!  I am a BIG water drinker and can testify that drinking just water instead of fruit juices (too sugary for me), sodas (not a fan) caffeine after 3pm puts me in an all night wide awake state of cleaning and organizing everything in my bedroom ( I know that's awful…) is the way to go!  H2O is a BIG key to keeping myself healthy in a lot of ways w/o having to DO anything but turn on the tap!!

  15. Simple and clear – I'll be drinking more water from now on for sure!! 🙂

  16. Nice Video!…I always felt the same!

  17. Good info

  18. Cold Club Soda is also really good.

  19. Okay… But what's the 2nd best?

  20. now if he said pure steam distilled water he wouldve gotten two thumbs up instead of one

  21. Sure, love the stuff. Now all I gotta do is find some that doesn't have industrial waste product deliberately added to it. I sweat an immense amount working outdoors in the tropics and thus I drink well over twice what the average Joe does. Is all that extra Fluoride helping my teeth twice as much or just poisoning me twice as much? What happened to informed consent?

  22. good video

  23. Before watching this video, I figured water was going to be the drink that Dr. Mike was alluding to, which I think is great! Now days with so much emphasis on “healthy, organic, natural” I feel like so many companies are doing so well with their marketing campaigns by using those terms and making fancy waters and drinks. I always wonder how wonderful and pure most of those drinks are, especially the fruit drinks. If these fruit drinks, like orange juice or apple juice were really all that natural and pure, wouldn’t every bottle taste a little different? If you pick up an apple or orange and eat it no two ever taste the same, so why does every bottle of “all natural” and “pure” Tropicana taste exactly the same? Something about it makes me feel like all the flavored beverages out there cannot be as “good” as they seem. Water though however I feel is pretty foul proof. I also agree with Dr. Mike’s statement on how he can guarantee people who drink more water or replace their juice and soda drinks will lose weight. I also liked how he highlighted that each person according to their bodies needs different amounts of water, not the typical eight glasses a day for everyone.

  24. I completely agree with this video that water is the best drink for your health. Water is the best thing to help rehydrate your body and keep you healthy. It does not have any sugars or anything bad for you mixed into it. As for how much of it you should drink a day that is for you to decide. I think that when people say you should be drinking around eight glasses of water a day that is not correct. Everyone's body is different and everyone needs a different amount of water. Plus, drinking water is not the only way that water gets into your body. You can get water from foods that you eat and from other things that you drink too. Water really does help you lose weight because it doesn't have all of the extra sugars and things added into it like pop and juices do. Now I don't agree that you have to only drink water all day every day to see he results from it. You can occasionally drink other things like juice and pop and still see the health effects of water. Water does have a lot of good side effects to it, but it isn't the best tasting thing all of the time. Sometimes you are craving that sugary drink and it is fine to have those every once and awhile as long as you are drinking water most of the time you will see the health effects of it.

  25. Water is a great source of everything because, like Dr. Mike said, we're made up of 70 percent water.  I have heard of people saying that they are going to switch from soda to juice to lose weight.  The problem with that is that most juices have just as many calories and just as much sugar as the soda, so they really aren't changing anything except for reducing the amount of carbonation they are ingesting.  The best liquid supplement for weight loss is, I agree, water.  If the weight is still not coming off, then they will have to look a little deeper into their eating habits and the amount they're moving and burning on a daily basis.  I really enjoyed learning about your elixir, Dr. Mike.

  26. As everyone already knows water is the best drink for your body. It was put on the earth for that reason exactly. It is not full of sugar, or fat. It actually can make you lose weight if you cut out the sugary drinks and drink water instead. There are so many good things that water does for the human body. Water is good for skin, kidneys, heart. People who drink water have better health, lower rate of heart disease, diabetes, lower cholesterol. I agree that water is the best liquid a human could put in their body. It reduces headaches, rehydrates, help bowels stay regular, and reduces fevers, diarrhea, kidney stones, even the best cure for hangovers. Overall, water is here for a reason. If a person wants to be healthy water is key.

  27. It's no surprise that water is the best drink for you. Everything nowadays (with the exception of water) is loaded with sugar and bad ingredients. What about when electrolytes are lost though, wouldn't something like gatorade be better in those instances? I do agree though, water is all that we will ever need. We don't need those expensive enticing drinks. Most companies advertising their new products don't care about your health, just about what's in their pockets.

  28. Water. Duh

  29. real men drink nail polisher

  30. Water is the strongest drink because you can't dilute it.

  31. Propaganda at it's finest. Scientists have proven that 100% of rapists consumed water at least once a day. Your turn Christians..


  33. This is just propaganda at its finest. What they fail to mention is water is the leading cause of death in drowning cases.

  34. Actually, I had to stop drinking so much water because I was diluting electrolytes. I would buy 1 gallon jugs for the day, each Sunday. I eat pretty well too


  36. wtf is the point of this

  37. I agree completely that water is the best choice in hydration, but if you are in a high intensity activity with no chance of having a break you will find a simple carb beverage is more refreshing than anything you can grab hold of be it during a competative sports match or intense labour.

  38. Water is my drink too!!

  39. There is no cure for a hangover so you cant say that. Water does not help. you have to just wait for it to get out of your system. jessica

  40. I drink a lotta water, like half a liter for every hour that I am awake and I always feel thirsty! 
    I drink so much water when I'm awake and then sleep for 8 hours or less and when I pee after waking up my pee color is orange!

  41. OH YEAH WATER!!!!!!

  42. I spent my first 17 years of life living in a village in North India. I never drank any juice or beverages except Indian chay (tea with milk) and sometimes milk (when my mum would insist). I never felt urge to add flavor to my water. It continued even when I went to university for higher education (Mumbai). In 2011, I moved to England. I feel that during my last 4 years' stay in England (for higher studies), that my life style has completely changed. I have gained 12 kgs and I always have an urge to drink only flavored drinks. However, recently, I have tried to change myself and reduced soft drink consumption significantly – maximum only 1 or two liters a month. I am no more a regular tea drinker, despite that fact that English weather encourages you to always have a hot cup of tea or coffee on your desk. Now, I always keep a small water bottle with me and refill it whenever required. It is sad to see that drinking water taps for public use are not available in most developed counties and people in public places have to buy drinking water at exorbitant prices. I think everyone should have free access to safe drinking water. 

  43. I LOVE water as is. Nothing healthier. Easy way to lose weight, as well.

  44. what if you can't stand the taste of water i hate it 

  45. It's misleading to say "my new beverage"

  46. نريد ترجمة جميع هذه المقاطع لهذا الدكتور من دكتور فاهم

  47. its green tea isn't it?

  48. gaaaaaaatorrrrraaaaaaaade

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